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Enumerate in a sentence

1. They can enumerate the.
2. I won't enumerate; there were plenty of them.
3. I have attempted to enumerate those high-priests.
4. I will be able to enumerate their strengths and weaknesses.
5. The main purpose of the CAPM was to enumerate these risks more.
6. The Professor then proudly went on to enumerate the many miracles.
7. Among other things, it provides the ability to enumerate and locate.

8. But the Baron cleared his throat and began to enumerate contrary facts.
9. After this he sets out to enumerate some outstanding instances of his.
10. LIST, ENUMERATE: give a series of point and number them 1, 2, 3…….
11. The symbology and wisdom that flow from The Apocalypse enumerate the rules.
12. I will not attempt to enumerate all the things of which our century is proud.
13. To reiterate, the purpose and functionality of this core symbol group is to enumerate four.
14. Number–To enumerate and quantify the character of something by reasoning, calculation, and.
15. He began to enumerate: The drought in the state of Rajasthan, the unspeakable famine in India.
16. Below we enumerate factors that ought to be weighted in the determination of capital structure.
17. A girl was asked by the visiting Inspector of schools to enumerate the Seven Wonders of the World.
18. I shall not enumerate the mistakes that started decades earlier when I took over the business from my father.
19. Erskine nor his Government enumerate this knowledge of our Government as one of those essential circumstances.
20. And now you shall repay me what you borrowed; and I will enumerate the rewards of justice in life and after death.
21. Of course there were many incidents over those years - too many to enumerate here, but we did see some growth in him.
22. I need not enumerate the many reasons for my difficulties which may sound as if I am exonerating myself from any blame.
23. To give the reader some insight into what these can consist of, we merely enumerate possible factors under three subheadings:.
24. They are twelve in number, but she tells us that they are taken from a list of seventy-three, to enumerate which would be useless, as they.
25. I enumerate but a few-a very few-of the many fields which are open, and only those in which great or considerable sums can be judiciously used.
26. It would take a dozen pages to enumerate all the reproaches the historians address to him, based on their knowledge of what is good for humanity.
27. Tea is an unnecessary and harmful drink; it has been condemned by medical men so often that to enumerate its evil qualities here would be waste of time.
28. By intrigues and forays too numerous and devious to enumerate, Gorm became chief of chiefs, the nearest approach to a king the Picts had had in thousands of years.
29. Appreciating what causes your stress -Then, instead of blaming yourself or failing to cope, you enumerate and end up pinpointing the sources and then tackling that.
30. What imperfections in a perfect day did Bloom, walking, charged with collected articles of recently disvested male wearing apparel, silently, successively, enumerate?
31. I shall enumerate them by their fore-castle appellations; for possibly such a list may be valuable to future investigators, who may complete what I have here but begun.
32. Senators, one hundred and nine Representatives, fourteen state governors, hundreds of rabbis, priests, and ministers, a score of admirals and generals, and far too many others to enumerate.
33. Dawn surprised me and I was eager to run towards The Fortaleza to confess my sins, once for all, before the members of the Wizards Council, hoping that this was the last time I had to enumerate the faults of my character.
34. Against these considerations, weighty in themselves, your committee felt themselves constrained to decide, influenced by existing circumstances of a character too imperious to be resisted: these I will enumerate before I sit down.
35. If he means that this House ought, at this stage of the proceeding, or any other, to enumerate such violations of our rights as we are willing to contend for, he prescribes a course which neither good sense nor the usage of nations warrants.
36. To determine the total number of possible orders of finish, we could enumerate them all one by one or we could use the following trick: We choose a winner (nine possibilities); we choose a second place finisher (eight remaining possibilities), and so forth until all positions are assigned.
37. Stoddert, who acted as Secretary of the Navy, at that period, when advising the President on the same subject, says—That the Secretary is clearly of opinion that it is better to have no article, and meet all consequences, than not to enumerate merchant vessels, on the high seas, among the things not to be forcibly entered in search of deserters.
38. Who has not frequently reflected on all the momentous things that we get out of that modest animal, the ornament of poultry-yards, that provides us at once with a soft pillow for our bed, with succulent flesh for our tables, and eggs? But I should never end if I were to enumerate one after the other all the different products which the earth, well cultivated, like a generous mother, lavishes upon her children.
39. The readers of THE ENGLISH REVIEW, who cast a friendly eye nearly six years ago on my Reminiscences, and know how much the merchant service, ships and men, has been to me, will understand my indignation that those men of whom (speaking in no sentimental phrase, but in the very truth of feeling) I can't even now think otherwise than as brothers, have been put by their commercial employers in the impossibility to perform efficiently their plain duty; and this from motives which I shall not enumerate here, but whose intrinsic unworthiness is plainly revealed by the greatness, the miserable greatness, of that disaster.
40. Again, is it not the agriculturist who fattens, for our clothes, his abundant flocks in the pastures? For how should we clothe ourselves, how nourish ourselves, without the agriculturist? And, gentlemen, is it even necessary to go so far for examples? Who has not frequently reflected on all the momentous things that we get out of that modest animal, the ornament of poultry-yards, that provides us at once with a soft pillow for our bed, with succulent flesh for our tables, and eggs? But I should never end if I were to enumerate one after the other all the different products which the earth, well cultivated, like a generous mother, lavishes upon her children.
41. We will not enumerate the remaining dangers and disenchantments which our hero underwent that evening: how, instead of the firing, such as he had seen on the Volkoff field, according to the rules of accuracy and precision, which he had expected to find here, he found two cracked mortars, one of which had been crushed by a cannon-ball in the muzzle, while the other stood upon the splinters of a ruined platform; how he could not obtain any workmen until the following morning in order to repair the platform; how not a single charge was of the weight prescribed in the Manual; how two soldiers of his command were wounded, and how he was twenty times within a hair's-breadth of death.
42. It would take a dozen pages to enumerate all the reproaches the historians address to him,.
1. Therewith the manifest trinity commenced enumerating in drone:.
2. One major problem with capital structure analysis is enumerating the cost of.
3. I could fill a volume by enumerating such combinations, not mentioned by science.
4. On the contrary, they constantly omit it, when formally enumerating those circumstances.
5. Jackson, though expressly enumerating the only causes which led to a disavowal, does not suggest this.
6. The first step in any policy is identifying the needs and enumerating the methods to satisfy each need.
7. How many martyrs have suffered for the doctrine of the world torments that I should find difficulty in enumerating!.
8. Six, enumerating all the coins bearing the names of Datames, mentions only those of the ordinary type of Sinope, with a Greek inscription.
9. Very early next morning, Roger got up and wrote a letter to Josie, enumerating the effects that her decision would have on each of the children.
10. Why or when does a person experience pain? Does pain serve any useful purpose? These questions can best be answered by enumerating some of the functions of pain.
11. One of his distant relatives, Madame la Comtesse de Lo, rarely allowed an opportunity to escape of enumerating, in his presence, what she designated as "the expectations" of her three sons.
12. I finished up by mentioning that there was some talk of switching formally to our unofficial calendar based on the founding of the Khanate or perhaps enumerating the years as years of the reign of the Khakhan.
13. Audited financial statements, including footnotes, are particularly useful in describing and enumerating many of a concern’s encumbrances, albeit some potential encumbrances, such as necessary or desirable capital expenditures, may not be disclosed.
14. Jackson, also, in his letter of the 23d, when formally enumerating the causes of the disavowal, says expressly, that the disavowal was because the agreement was concluded in violation of that gentleman's instructions, and altogether without authority to subscribe to the terms of it.
15. It is simply a declaration of the causes of the disavowal, so far from including the obnoxious idea of a knowledge in our Government of the incompetency of Erskine's powers, that in a manner it excludes that idea, by enumerating violation of instructions and want of authority as the only causes of the disavowal.
1. But We have enumerated everything in writing.
2. He has enumerated them, and counted them one by one.
3. Would he have enumerated the prophetic qualifications.
4. Scores of illustrations of this sort could be enumerated.
5. The investigations enumerated above are far from being all.
6. Thereafter, Krishn has enumerated attributes of the devotee who.
7. This list merely illustrates some of the enumerated first degree murder.
8. But Arjun’s physical eyes could see none of the glories enumerated by.
9. This is the refinement of the doctrine enumerated within the Community.
10. They flow directly from the dualism enumerated by the Doctrine of Two Spirits.
11. Roger Chillingworth possessed all, or most, of the attributes above enumerated.
12. Then to partially set my mind at ease, he enumerated the best way to hitch hike.
13. This refers directly to the wisdom enumerated by the Doctrine of Two Spirits and.
14. Common sense and coordination of several factors (some not enumerated) will be the.
15. It is admitted that to levy and collect taxes is one of the enumerated powers of Congress.
16. The qualities which characterise this ray Lord might be enumerated in the following phrases.
17. But it is said, that the enumeration of certain powers excludes all other powers not enumerated.
18. Hebrew calendar, proved it was they who knew this long kept secret enumerated in Genesis’ story of.
19. Doctrine of Two Spirits are succinctly enumerated is in the Dead Sea Scrolls’ Community Rule.
20. Altogether no less than ten genera are enumerated, which include species that imitate other butterflies.
21. Had they been enumerated, it would be proper to exclude them from the capital denominator because they.
22. And indeed, now I think again, I have a strong impression that I have another good card here, not yet enumerated.
23. The only question is, whether it be necessarily incident to the enumerated powers given to the General Government.
24. It is admitted that Congress has all power necessary and convenient to carry its enumerated powers into execution.
25. But 10b-5 is the catchall of the antifraud regulations, covering situations not otherwise enumerated specifically.
26. Crawford) of the exercise of a power by Congress not enumerated in the constitution, was the erection of light-houses.
27. You change the means to attain the end, but the end itself, the enumerated power in the constitution, remains unchanged.
28. He enumerated the warriors of the party; their several merits; their frequent services to the nation; their wounds, and.
29. Besides the elevated and more solid individuals enumerated, there were present a few younger though not less elegant guests.
30. Because—emphatically—I imagine her, rightly or wrongly, to be the possessor of those qualities I have enumerated.
31. Thus he avoided the quadruple trap which was set for him in the darkness by the four labyrinths which we have just enumerated.
32. In the sixth chapter I enumerated the chief objections which might be justly urged against the views maintained in this volume.
33. Then, a variety of articles which had paid an ad valorem duty were specifically enumerated and charged with duties conformably.
34. This is not controverted, but the implication must be necessary, and obviously flow from the enumerated power with which it is allied.
35. Asa Gray's "Manual of the Flora of the Northern United States," 260 naturalised plants are enumerated, and these belong to 162 genera.
36. Impressment is there enumerated as among the causes of war, as it was in all the public acts of the time relative to the causes of war.
37. The gentleman proceeded to remark, that in taking a review of the constitution he found general as well as incidental powers enumerated therein.
38. Then the voice of the speaker fell, and lost the loud, animated tones of triumph with which he had enumerated their deeds of success and victory.
39. In objection to this it has been said, that to carry into effect an enumerated power is one thing, and the right to incorporate a bank is a distinct power.
40. As Dana Rox enumerated the animal species, a picture of each animal appeared along the periphery of the screen, attracting a concert of interested whispers.
41. If the means be not enumerated, you exercise discretion as to the means, having a regard to the existing state of things when you legislate concerning them.
42. He evoked his children’s names, his troubled wife and enumerated his fears, but asked that the Lord’s will be done… with the hope that his home be saved.
43. Half a year of separation had improved her a little, he thought as another bailiff enumerated the fields of ripening corn and bemoaned the shortage of reapers.
44. These commodities having been enumerated in the act of navigation, and in some other subsequent acts, have upon that account been called enumerated commodities.
45. In the bodies of representatives this Kingdom besides elementary particles of enumerated above five Plans there are also the particles of sixth Plan – Monadic.
46. And they will say, "Woe to us! What is with this book that leaves nothing, small or big, but it has enumerated it?" They will find everything they had done present.
47. They that are with him–Refers to those who walk the same path and thereby share the goals and inspirations enumerated by the Lamb, which are the Seven Spirits of God.
48. As long as the constitution exists, you must select the means most proper for executing the enumerated rights at the precise moment at which you legislate respecting them.
49. It is also susceptible of the clearest definition; and not being among the enumerated powers, it seems to me that Congress can have no fair claim to its exercise in any case.
50. In his commandments, Jesus has enumerated clearly and unmistakably the temptations that interfere with this natural condition of love and fellowship and render it a prey to evil.
51. And why is that? Well, it reserves to the States respectively, or to the people, those rights not enumerated and specifically delegated to the United States by the Constitution.
52. This refers directly to the wisdom enumerated by the Doctrine of Two Spirits and the Seven Spirits of God, which is the same as originally given to Moses and symbolized as the.
53. The enumerated commodities are of two sorts ; first, such as are either the peculiar produce of America, or as cannot be produced, or at least are not produced in the mother country.
54. Well aware that most newspapers in Latin America and in Europe were predicting McGovern’s victory, Roger enumerated what he thought were compelling reasons why McGovern would lose.
55. It wants that connection, affiliation, and subserviency, to some enumerated power, which are clearly pointed out in relation to the two powers, to which it has been said to be analogous.
56. All the invidious restraints which at present oppress the trade of Ireland, the distinction between the enumerated and non-enumerated commodities of America, would be entirely at an end.
57. The only means by which this object is to be attained are specifically enumerated in the constitution, and if they are not ample, it is a defect which Congress are not competent to supply.
58. Taramis seems to have gone quite mad; whereas formerly she was famed for her virtue, justice and tranquillity, she is now notorious for qualities precisely opposite to those just enumerated.
59. In Tecuhltli the floors were named The Eagle's Tier, The Ape's Tier, The Tiger's Tier and The Serpent's Tier, in the order as enumerated, The Eagle's Tier being the highest, or fourth, floor.
60. But all this doubt has arisen from its being a separate and independent power, although it is no more of that character than any other law passed to execute the enumerated powers of Congress.
61. And if you descend into the bowels of the various leviathans, why there you will not find distinctions a fiftieth part as available to the systematizer as those external ones already enumerated.
62. When he had enumerated the many different occasions on which the Hurons had exhibited their courage and prowess, in the punishment of insults, he digressed in a high encomium on the virtue of wisdom.
63. The brutal affectation with which you have enumerated and classified your crimes calls for a severe reprimand on the part of the court, both in the name of morality, and for the respect due to humanity.
64. Sugar was originally an enumerated commodity, which could only be exported to Great Britain; but in 1751, upon a representation of the sugar-planters, its exportation was permitted to all parts of the world.
65. The principal contractor should add to his bids all these subestimates while in the architect’s office, and should sign a tender in which the names of these above-mentioned subcontractors should be enumerated.
66. Many other theories, as ingenious as fanciful, might be enumerated; but without commenting on their comparative merit, I must acknowledge that none of them have yet impressed my mind with a conviction of their truth.
67. The remark is perfectly correct, and I am very ready to admit that there is no such thing as carrying into effect enumerated powers in any instrument whatever, without the intervention of certain derivative and implied powers.
68. In the next place, the gentleman remarked that there was a number of cases in which Congress had departed from the particular enumerated powers in the constitution and had resorted to implication or construction for the derivation of its powers.
69. The same successful war put the country most productive of beaver under the dominion of Great Britain ; and beaver skins being among the enumerated commodities, the exportation from America was consequently confined to the market of Great Britain.
70. Among the enumerated commodities which can be sent to no other market but Great Britain, there are several of which the quantity exceeds very much the consumption of Great Britain, and of which, a part, therefore, must be exported to other countries.
71. And also to confer on the General Government "all the means necessary and proper" for executing its own laws in relation to these enumerated powers, without any dependence upon requisitions from the respective State Governments for this indispensable object.
72. Some idea of the prodigious development of this branch of literature in the sixteenth century may be obtained from the scrutiny of Chapter VII, if the reader bears in mind that only a portion of the romances belonging to by far the largest group are enumerated.
73. Of the three individuals, which has the greatest experience of all the pleasures which we enumerated? Has the lover of gain, in learning the nature of essential truth, greater experience of the pleasure of knowledge than the philosopher has of the pleasure of gain?
74. This Grand Provider who created what He created of which He enumerated to you in the previous verses, says to you: on that day when I will separate between the good man and the bad one and judge among the creatures is the fixed time to execute what I had promised you.
75. By the constitution it is expressly declared, that Congress shall have power to pass all laws necessary and proper to carry into effect the powers previously enumerated, and all other powers vested in the Government of the United States, or any department or officer thereof.
76. The unqualified extent given to its general powers, and the inclusion of incidental powers, as flowing from and belonging to particular enumerated grants, have constituted the essential points of difference among those who have divided upon the principles of the constitution.
77. Besides these, many of every age, sex, and condition, were slain in the war, who are not reckoned; but, of those who are reckoned, the number amounts to upwards of 1,357,660, which would have appeared incredible, if their own historian had not so particularly enumerated them.
78. It is not sufficient, say they, to show that it is a convenient instrument to carry into effect an enumerated power, because it is an independent authority of itself, and the genius of our Government prohibits the derivation of any powers by implication with scrupulous limitation.
79. Is the incorporation of a bank of this character? It is not among the common, necessary, and proper means of effecting either of the foregoing enumerated powers, nor of any other enumerated in the constitution; still less is it incidental or subservient to any of the enumerated powers.
80. Poll taxes were levied on adult males and sometimes on slaves; property taxes were collected on enumerated items such as land; faculty taxes were charged to taxpayers based on their earning capacities; tariffs were collected on goods imported or exported and excises on consumption goods.
81. The hides of common cattle have, but within these few years, been put among the enumerated commodities which the plantations can send nowhere but to the mother country ; neither has the commerce of Ireland been in this case oppressed hitherto, in order to support the manufactures of Great Britain.
82. Both these powers I conceive are given to Congress by the express words of the constitution; but if I should be mistaken in this idea, they are certainly comprehended as incidental and subservient to, or in other words, "necessary and proper" for carrying into effect some of the enumerated powers.
83. But it is said the advocates of the bank differ among themselves in fixing upon the general power to which the right to create a bank is incidental, and that this difference proves that there is no incidentality, to use a favorite expression, between that and any one of the enumerated general powers.
84. A pleasant land it is in sooth of murmuring waters, fishful streams where sport the gurnard, the plaice, the roach, the halibut, the gibbed haddock, the grilse, the dab, the brill, the flounder, the pollock, the mixed coarse fish generally and other denizens of the aqueous kingdom too numerous to be enumerated.
85. In construing the Constitution of the United States, when legislating on the enumerated powers of Congress, I lay down this rule of construction: that the only limitation to the power of Congress is either some positive or implied prohibition in the constitution itself, or the exercise of an honest and sober discretion.
86. It is an uniform and unalterable principle, that Congress have the power to lay and collect taxes; they have the same positive, unchangeable right to exercise all the enumerated powers, the only rule of construction relating to them being that the means you use have a necessary relation to the power on which you legislate.
87. Parents and tutors are always telling their sons and their wards that they are to be just; but why? not for the sake of justice, but for the sake of character and reputation; in the hope of obtaining for him who is reputed just some of those offices, marriages, and the like which Glaucon has enumerated among the advantages accruing to the unjust from the reputation of justice.
88. If at the time of adopting the constitution it was necessary and proper that Congress should possess it, for the exercise of any of its enumerated powers; if the foregoing result is undeniable, and I think it is, I would interrogate, if Congress, on the adoption of the constitution, possessed a power to establish a National Bank, what has since deprived that body of the power? I, Mr.
89. Monte Cristo examined him with the same look that, at Rome, he had bent upon the execution of Andrea, and then, in a tone that made a shudder pass through the veins of the poor steward,—"The Abbe Busoni, then told me an untruth," said he, "when, after his journey in France, in 1829, he sent you to me, with a letter of recommendation, in which he enumerated all your valuable qualities.
90. And there are also acts of luxury which save men; for many who do good indulge in luxury being carried away by their own pleasure: this luxury however is beneficial to the servants of God and gains life for such a man; but the injurious acts of luxury before enumerated bring tortures and punishment upon them; and if they continue in them and do not repent they bring death on themselves.
91. While on this subject, I beg leave to read a clause in the constitution, which I find among the enumerated powers, and which has been construed by some, as intended to convey a general grant of powers among the enumerated powers: Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defence and general welfare of the United States.
92. From this short history of the origin of the constitution, and the causes which produced it, it evidently appears, that the General or Federal Government is in its nature and character a Government of enumerated powers, taken from previously existing State Governments, enumerated and conferred on it, reserving all unenumerated powers to the State Governments, or to the people in their individual capacities.
93. It is sufficient for me to say that it is a power of primary importance; that it involves as many incidental powers in its exercise as any one of the enumerated powers; that it is equal, if not paramount, to any; and, therefore, in my judgment, cannot be assumed by fair construction as incidental and subservient to any; and, of course, not as among the necessary and proper means for carrying any into effect.
94. President, proceed to examine those instances which the gentleman has presented of the supposed aberrations of the Congress of the United States from the enumerated powers, and I think it will not be difficult to show that there is not a single instance quoted, but which is deducible from a fair and correct interpretation of the express words of the constitution, giving them their common and appropriate meaning.
95. This kind of reasoning, sir, cannot be admissible, and is in hostility with a most manifest principle of the constitution, as it is evidently a prominent feature of that instrument that the General Government should have within itself all those powers necessary and convenient for the execution of its enumerated trusts, entirely free and independent of the interference and agency of the States, their officers, or ministers.
96. Admitting that on both these points my views are erroneous; say that the establishment of the bank, at its commencement, was improper, still, if it be demonstrated that the existence or re-chartering of the bank is indispensable, or highly expedient at present, to the due exercise of enumerated rights of Congress, that which was improper or even perhaps unconstitutional at first, because it was not necessary, becomes constitutional and proper, because now expedient or essential.
97. The power to make rules for the regulation and government of the land and naval forces, I have shown to be strictly incidental to the power to raise armies, and provide and maintain navies; but, according to this rule of construction, all incidental powers are excluded except the few which are enumerated, which would exclude from all claim to constitutionality, nearly one-half of your laws, and, what is still more to be deprecated, would render your constitution equally imbecile with the old articles of confederation.
98. These two powers are indispensably connected with, and subservient to, particular enumerated powers, and are therefore among the means which are necessary and proper for their effectuation; and as such are given to Congress by the express words of the constitution, which are: Congress shall have power to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof.
99. Is it to be imagined that a power so vast would have been left by the wisdom of the constitution to doubtful inference? It has been alleged that there are many instances, in the constitution, where powers, in their nature incidental, and which would have necessarily vested along with the principal power, are nevertheless expressly enumerated; and the power "to make rules and regulations for the government of the land and naval forces," which, it is said, is incidental to the power to raise armies and provide a navy, is given as an example.
100. Having mentioned the same numbers,—over nine millions in active service and fifteen millions in reserve, and the enormous sums required to support these armies and armaments,—he says, in substance: These numbers represent but a small part of the actual expenditure, because outside of the expenses enumerated in the budgets of the nations we must take into consideration the great losses to society from the removal of so many able-bodied men, lost to industry in all its branches, and moreover, the interest on the enormous sums spent in military preparations, which yield no returns.
1. Duryodhan thus enumerates to his teacher about a score of names.
2. The Doctrine of Two Spirits enumerates the definition of good and evil, a.
3. While it enumerates the separate risks of both sales and income, it seems to create.
4. GCCI (2006) enumerates the following as the reasons why a firm should own a website:.
5. Rafinesque enumerates over again several plants which have been said to be, and which he appears to believe to be specifics.
6. The book of rates is extremely comprehensive, and enumerates a great variety of articles, many of them little used, and, therefore, not well known.
7. There is no doubt that money does possess the inoffensive properties which science enumerates; but it would have these properties only in a society in which there was no violence,—in an ideal state.
8. Spicer, whose dahabiyeh accompanied mine, photographed the inscriptions in which Mentuhotep-Ra-neb-kher of the XI dynasty is mentioned, as well as the one which enumerates the names of three kings of the XVIII dynasty, Amenophis I, Thothmes I, and Thothmes II.
9. Shourie’s book enumerates several illogical and regressive fatwas (though he has also ridiculed several fatwas, which may not be considered regressive by believers of any faith, such as those enumerated in pages 673 to 677 (which are about whether it’s appropriate to cut nails on a certain day or travel on a certain day, and by the way, as Shourie himself mentions, there are ulema (Muslim clerics) who themselves branded most of such queries to be baseless in the light of Islam, but there are indeed Hindus with such beliefs too), among several others mentioned in the book, and certain fatwas he has highlighted are based on the clergy’s own cultural notions – for instance, there is nothing in the Islamic texts prohibiting celebrating birthdays, but since Prophet Muhammad did not do so, a cleric has dismissed it as a European practice antithetical to Islam, though having said that, very many Muslims enjoy celebrating their birthdays, and different clerics also have different perspectives!), and though he acknowledges the existence of progressive clerics, he contends, like that apostate of Islam, that the latter are the ones who are not correctly interpreting Islam, while the regressive folk are.

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