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Total in a sentence

I was a total idiot.
A total of 20 mil-.
The total rho of +12.
It is the sum total.
The total cost of $7.
The total cost of an.
It's a total net loss.

The total bill is $150.
The new total was $550.
She was in total denial.
The total theta of –1.
Now, it’s a total mess.
I considered it a total.
In Total and in Complete.
The result is the total.
The total cash flow of 24.
Our total loss will be 1.
It reported a total of 3.
The ad lasted a total of.
Maybe thirty cars in total.
The Globe was total power.
Mimi is a total wild card.
His wife was a total bitch.
The sum total of her life.
It wil last a total of 5.
I have total faith in you.
The total refund was $38.
Know yourself as the total.
But a total commitment to.
Whenever there is a total.
Total roasting time is appr.
Total calories for the day.
This included a total ban.
I had nineteen arrows total.
It had been a total success.
The panic became total, then.
We offered a total solution.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

There were totals but few details.
As part of that, he had the sniper totals.
His totals shot up at one point, pulling ahead.
The point totals we came up with read like this.
My totals shot up, and there was no catchin’ me.
She sat behind a table, counting the day’s totals.
His totals shot up at one point, pulling ahead.
She was subtracting purchases and putting totals in her.
Totals include stocks, bonds, and cash but not home equity.
We’re never touching spreads, totals, over/under, parlays etc.
Are those the updated totals? He nodded to the board behind her.
This collection totals 52,000 words with something hot for every taste.
In each study, Burt reported sum totals for the twins he had studied so far.
Soft Hand – A soft hand is a card combination that has two possible totals.
He couldn't get into Operations, whether or not he wanted to alter batch totals.
Compare the year-end totals in 2006 (when we retired) to the year-end totals in 2012:.
The old man takes the money from Suzy's hand and totals the till as he puts the money in.
She punched them lightly with a vindictive forefinger, ringing totals on cash registers.
Thus it offers a quick way to check your totals and track your progress on a regular basis.
The crew totals seventeen minus the shut ins, four or so rotating out in cycles of wellness.
The difference between the two totals showed whether the institution was gaining or losing money.
I merely put the numbers into the cells and the totals are calculated, once I set up that feature.
The city detected it, and this information formed totals which scurried down to total other totals.
Pakistan and France report similar totals, with a pattern across the board for our other Western allies.
I was busy marking up a map showing home totals delivered by a TV station in each county of its coverage.
Our team is busy recounting to verify the exact totals, but there is absolutely no question of the results.
If you are measuring totals (which we are, since this is mass transit ridership data), the values are radically different.
To get the totals for January, select all the elements in the column, including the cell where you want the total to appear.
I didn’t think much about that in my early business career as I was tabulating balance sheet totals or profit-and-loss totals.
It often proves much more difficult to continue to grow at a high rate after volume and profits have already expanded to big totals.
By the time shareholders see the totals, the figures are largely irrelevant because in the intervening months everything could have changed.
The USA have won a total of 275 medals at the IAAF World Championships (inaugurated 1983): 132 gold, 74 silver and 69 bronze (all record totals).
We go inspect his cargos together now, I tell him totals and margins, he tells me what he thinks he’ll get per pound in the areas where he sends it.
Like any good Systems Programmer, he could make up a set of batch totals for the bundle that suddenly included his own "Request for Cheque Issue" form.
But in the late 1930s the Brookings Institution published a study of odd lot behavior as shown by monthly transaction totals over the 1920-1938 period.
Extra or missing cheques, higher or lower dollar totals would be picked up as a discrepancy in a flash, and processing halted until you resolved the mismatch.
This liquid mass totals 2,250,000,000 cubic miles and could form a sphere with a diameter of sixty leagues, whose weight would be three quintillion metric tons.
Interrupting her he asks for two bottles of Jack Daniels; she totals these and asks for Simon's money, not giving him the bottles of whiskey which are behind her.
You can see the totals for both years are almost identical, but the allocation of investments has shifted towards more money in our 401(k) and Roth IRAs and less in our taxable account.
We extended the month-by-month financial plan for the station to three years, by adjusting annual totals by a modest 5 percent increase in expenses, a 10 to 15 percent increase in revenues.

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