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Surcharge in a sentence | surcharge example sentences

  1. They'll be a, um, surcharge.
  3. The amount withdrawn would attract a surcharge of £1, which would show up on the customer’s next statement.
  4. It certainly should have done, and I’m very pleased, said Robin thoughtfully, but I will be interested to see if I have to pay the surcharge twice.
  5. Every item you purchase with the use of your credit card can add more to your existing debt and your monthly surcharge; thus, it is time that you leave them at home when you go out to shop.

  6. Fighting was going everywhere and what added fuel to the fire was that the French government was informed by way of its spies that there was a Syrian country which formed a surcharge for France in Syria, and that it was a grave center and a big shelter for the rebels.
  7. Only, at intervals, there suddenly came to him, from without and from within, an access of wrath, a surcharge of suffering, a livid and rapid flash which illuminated his whole soul, and caused to appear abruptly all around him, in front, behind, amid the gleams of a frightful light, the hideous precipices and the sombre perspective of his destiny.
  8. The unexpected discovery of an object of great monetary value (precious stone, valuable adhesive or impressed postage stamps (7 schilling, mauve, imperforate, Hamburg, 1866: 4 pence, rose, blue paper, perforate, Great Britain, 1855: 1 franc, stone, official, rouletted, diagonal surcharge, Luxemburg, 1878), antique dynastical ring, unique relic) in unusual repositories or by unusual means: from the air (dropped by an eagle in flight), by fire (amid the carbonised remains of an incendiated edifice), in the sea (amid flotsam, jetsam, lagan and derelict), on earth (in the gizzard of a comestible fowl).
  9. He talked a long time about his age, his infirmities, the surcharge of years counting double for him henceforth, of the increasing demands of his work, of the great size of the garden, of nights which must be passed, like the last, for instance, when he had been obliged to put straw mats over the melon beds, because of the moon, and he wound up as follows: "That he had a brother"—(the prioress made a movement),—"a brother no longer young"—(a second movement on the part of the prioress, but one expressive of reassurance),—"that, if he might be permitted, this brother would come and live with him and help him, that he was an excellent gardener, that the community would receive from him good service, better than his own; that, otherwise, if his brother were not admitted, as he, the elder, felt that his health was broken and that he was insufficient for the work, he should be obliged, greatly to his regret, to go away; and that his brother had a little daughter whom he would bring with him, who might be reared for God in the house, and who might, who knows, become a nun some day.

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  1. The atmosphere was surcharged with awe.
  2. In some unaccountable manner the air appeared surcharged with electricity.
  3. He knew that she did, and the words had no serious intent; but she was surcharged with emotion, and winced like a wounded animal.
  4. Post-blast emotionalism, surcharged TV debates on the threat to Modi’s life and consequent disillusionment with administrative measures began to gather momentum.
  5. I realized that in a surcharged political atmosphere, journalists are better off not getting entangled in murky dealings where the political stakes are blood-curdlingly high.
  6. If also left exposed, attractions of moisture would take place from the atmosphere, the gunpowder would remain surcharged with humidity as before, and the lime would be only an inert mass.
  7. But still again his anger burst like a bubble surcharged; and still, when he saw her eager, silent, as it were, blind face, he felt he wanted to throw the pencil in it; and still, when he saw her hand trembling and her mouth parted with suffering, his heart was scalded with pain for her.
  1. I have already spoken about real estate taxes and we can’t overlook all the taxes and surcharges on the telephone bill.
  2. Allcock lifted the bill and went over the listed items of fare with Harry, After establishing its accuracy, he offered pointers for determining the appropriate surcharges and tip.

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