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Consume in a sentence

They use consume.
Consume more fish.
For all to consume.
Both consume the man.
It wishes to consume me.
to consume their choices.
threatened to consume him.

consume them without fear.
Consume within 3–4 days.
I consume! Therefore.
consume the branches of it.
were kept to consume these.
may consume them instantly.
medicines that you consume.
The Propensity to Consume.
threatening to consume me,.
evil will consume the globe.
Whom the Lord shall consume.
be most reluctant to consume.
They consume it, and at all.
consume in the GRAVE (sheol).
love juice for her to consume.
to consume his boiled flesh,.
Then: they consume themselves.
His fire consuming.
He is a Consuming Fire.
It was alive, consuming.
It is time consuming to.
an all consuming defeat,.
into the consuming void,.
consuming those who laugh.
consuming fire of the Lord.
this time consuming project.
will be very time consuming.
consuming his mouth and nose.
consuming a very tasty snack.
Starvation was consuming him.
'Our God is a consuming fire.
collapsed into consuming death.
consuming the putrefying flesh.
fire – consuming them wholly.
user, consuming 54 mtoe, about.
-it's time consuming to set up.
’ 'Our God is a consuming fire.
consuming the berries as he went.
consuming large portions of food.
consuming all who worshiped Baal.
Her job is all consuming for her.
you’re consuming blood and puss.
very stressful and time consuming.
Being a doctor was time consuming.
consuming all of her with his eyes.
consuming evil that is taking over.
consuming enough of something else.
I was consumed.
It had consumed him.
consumed by the body.
Relief consumed her.
The worms consumed.
to be consumed by her.
Sadness consumed her.
I consumed the flame.
consumed by the horror.
The need consumed him.
being consumed by fire.
She was consumed by a.
Consumed by it perhaps.
The peace consumed the.
It finally consumed her.
the oblation is consumed.
We had consumed lots of.
Consumed Or Not Consumed.
that cannot be consumed?.
flame consumed the wicked.
be consumed at every meal.
consumed by the quicksand.
Gehenna was soon consumed.
calories you have consumed.
All are consumed by the.
and being consumed by fire.
it consumes very.
" The Fire that Consumes".
Q: Time consumes the world.
it consumes it own culture.
is that it consumes itself.
Fudge, The Fire That Consumes.
All that it nears it consumes.
I hope the guilt consumes you.
stance, consumes around 2 watts.
Not heat flames up and consumes,.
them as heat consumes the snow.
fire consumes, devours and destroys.
His bite consumes within the hour’.
The more it consumes the more it becomes.
It must therefore be a fire that consumes.
During the standby period, the iC consumes.
but never devours, fire that never consumes.
Notice that this goal also consumes seven.
Edward Fudge, "The Fire That Consumes" 1982.
consumes 17% of gross domestic product (GDP).
in his classic book "The Fire that Consumes".
Verse 22 And consumes the earth with it yield.
Expect the chief consumes the parts of honour.

Synonyms for consume

consume have ingest take deplete eat exhaust squander ware waste demolish devour down