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Fleet in a sentence

Star Fleet out.
fleet at Hawaii.
fleet off guard.
Star Fleet ship.
Fleet Command out.
The Slicer fleet,.
Star Fleet is still.

Pacific Battle Fleet.
fleet at Pearl Harbour.
fleet in response to ours.
It was not fleet of foot.
"A perfect fleet," said he.
Hell yeah! Fifth Fleet!.
Raid on the Whaling Fleet.
A star Fleet Officer was.
His entire fleet followed.
Fleet admirals five stars.
Only the most fleet of foot.
But so was the British fleet.
toward the center of the fleet.
ago committed himself to Fleet.
The fleet departed on schedule.
We have six vans in the fleet.
The explanation Star Fleet.
They had sent the entire fleet.
They even contacted Star Fleet.
Inform Star Fleet that Captain.
eternal fleet toward the open sea.
A fleeting thought.
That it was fleeting.
His pain is fleeting.
The taste is fleeting.
fleeting and hollow glory.
cafeteria in the fleeting.
a year or a fleeting moment.
lost in fleeting moments of.
Fleeting approval, the love.
looks frail, if not fleeting.
The fleeting memory was gone.
It was but a fleeting thought.
It's our love that is fleeting.
With a fleeting glimpse, Cloud.
is the most fleeting of emotions.
and value of the fleeting seconds.
And in a fleeting moment learned.
For a fleeting of all his muscles.
For a fleeting moment he saw, in.
That means getting into Fleeting.
fleeting need like hunger or sleep.
With a fleeting glance, Barret.
However, the fleeting reminder of.
reality to things which are fleeting.
the Fleeting Image Advertising Agency.
and crying fleeting tears she spoke:.
for the raid on Fleeting Image neared.
The happiness of the dream is fleeting.
with a thing of the same fleeting value.
Another day of hiding and a night of journey had fleeted by.
The vision of the ejection seat exploding Donny Higgens into crushed oblivion fleeted behind Court's eyes.
Lydgate, certain that his patient wished to be alone, soon left him; and the black figure with hands behind and head bent forward continued to pace the walk where the dark yew-trees gave him a mute companionship in melancholy, and the little shadows of bird or leaf that fleeted across the isles of sunlight, stole along in silence as in the presence of a sorrow.
France’s best fleets wasted.
We have two more fleets arriving.
They're crack assault troops stationed with Russian fleets.
Orion Metals is too cheap to properly protect their fleets.
The two fleets finally met off the coast of Jutland in Denmark.
In the meantime, the rest of our fleets need to be notified of.
One ship versus 108 fleets of war ships is not a very good fight.
Are there any fleets nearby that you can call on for help? I asked.
The Stygians did not base their glory and power upon ships and fleets.
The captain reports that he�s observed both fleets on their way out.
American fleets were always shadowed by these suspicious fishing boats.
they themselves change little, and all else fleets by: it is a grief to.
The admiral had left him in command of all three fleets until his return.
A few seconds later, the bulk of both fleets were in range of one another.
All the space fleets would be heading back to their respective homeworlds.
The Swordsman carrier ships deployed their fleets of small ships unhindered.
His fleets of purple-sailed war galleys had made Vilayet an Hyrkanian lake.
He obviously thinks that our great battle fleets will be rendered impotent.
We’ll rendezvous with our collected fleets where the current waters start.
Saturn provided most of the warships in both the Federation and Swordsman fleets.
Back to the fleets of Fralgoth! I screamed, as if leading a charge into battle.
our fleets to returning to Terran space, but in the long run, we knew we had no choice.
Fleets and armies are maintained, not with gold and silver, but with consumable goods.
But the kind of folks that are crew members in luxury fleets are not great independent thinkers.
The persons employed in the finances, fleets, and magistracy, are instances of this order of men.
The captain had moved the fleets so that they completely surrounded the enemy in a sphere of death.
They were supported by entire fleets of small and medium class ships as well as convoys of freighters.
The carriers were lightly armored and depended on their fleets and their lasers to keep harm well away from them.
In comparison, Paccar’s competitors sell to large truck-leasing businesses or customers that operate large fleets.

Synonyms for fleet

fleet dart flit flutter fade pass swift