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Fleet in a sentence

It was not fleet of foot.
Raid on the Whaling Fleet.
A star Fleet Officer was.
Only the most fleet of foot.
But so was the British fleet.
We have six vans in the fleet.
The fleet departed on schedule.

They had sent the entire fleet.
They even contacted Star Fleet.
Inform Star Fleet that Captain.
Love is a fleet footed creature.
Her parents were Fleet, and had.
The Fleet was eventually covered.
That’s two Star Fleet ships.
Undine, contact Star Fleet Command.
Pacific Fleet on December 7, 1941.
My fleet will be right behind you.
You made it to Star Fleet Academy.
Intel Wing contradicting the Fleet.
The fleet was at the gates of Branga.
The size of his fleet now amounted.
Sorry, Star Fleet, Torres said.
I took a small fleet to the planet.
Command bomber of the 11th Air Fleet.
A fleet of jets waited on his orders.
Neither of the Fleet men was placated.
I do not know how to command a fleet.
The enemy fleet pulled back even more.
Don't splash out on a fancy car fleet.
The entire Orlandian fleet was though.
They’re in a band called Star Fleet.
In the case of Emma Fleet, Dr George C.
Star Fleet and the Federation President.
He built a fleet upon the Sea of Reeds.
Maybe even save your Star Fleet career.
Whole fleet of them at the White House.
The Dedov fleet had transported 60,000.
There is something wrong with the Fleet.
He was the youngest driver in the fleet.
We had five boats remaining in our fleet.
The fleeting memory was gone.
It was but a fleeting thought.
It's our love that is fleeting.
With a fleeting glimpse, Cloud.
And in a fleeting moment learned.
That means getting into Fleeting.
For a fleeting of all his muscles.
For a fleeting moment he saw, in.
My joy in youth was fleeting e'en.
However, the fleeting reminder of.
The happiness of the dream is fleeting.
And it also felt fleeting and temporary.
They only heard it for a fleeting moment.
They arrived at Fleeting Image about ten.
It’s only a fleeting , temporary demise.
But Edwin’s sense of relief was fleeting.
The date, his fleeting years how long—.
I’d had the same fleeting sensation then.
A gleam of sun through fleeting clouds fell.
I gave one last fleeting glance at the other.
The fleeting moment had passed, beyond recall.
A fleeting thought shot through his brain…was.
But it was real, and escapism is fleeting at best.
It's not a fleeting state of consciousness, it's.
He had only closed his eyes for a fleeting moment.
Can a subconscious fleeting thought be nurtured as.
Although it would only usually have been a fleeting.
Suddenly, he saw a fleeting image of her in his mind.
Ignorance could only ever be the most fleeting bliss.
For a moment, a fleeting instant, a being of absolute.
Between those fleeting spaces of time, much had changed.
She spared a fleeting wistful thought for the naughty red.
There was one fleeting moment after dark, when the forest.
That was a fleeting moment, but it was real – it did happen.
In such a scene none had leisure to note the fleeting moments.
Also, divergence is often a temporary and fleeting condition.
It will have been a fleeting moment of existence that in the.
I catch a fleeting glimpse of the many magical moments to come.
We should plan to move on Fleeting Image in about a week’s.
With one fleeting glance at Hope, she threw herself under the.
Another day of hiding and a night of journey had fleeted by.
The vision of the ejection seat exploding Donny Higgens into crushed oblivion fleeted behind Court's eyes.
Lydgate, certain that his patient wished to be alone, soon left him; and the black figure with hands behind and head bent forward continued to pace the walk where the dark yew-trees gave him a mute companionship in melancholy, and the little shadows of bird or leaf that fleeted across the isles of sunlight, stole along in silence as in the presence of a sorrow.
We have two more fleets arriving.
Long live France, Russia, their fleets, and their armies.
They're crack assault troops stationed with Russian fleets.
Orion Metals is too cheap to properly protect their fleets.
The two fleets finally met off the coast of Jutland in Denmark.
One ship versus 108 fleets of war ships is not a very good fight.
In the meantime, the rest of our fleets need to be notified of.
With all her fleets she is destined soon to lose her independence.
The Stygians did not base their glory and power upon ships and fleets.
Are there any fleets nearby that you can call on for help? I asked.
The captain reports that he�s observed both fleets on their way out.
American fleets were always shadowed by these suspicious fishing boats.
A few seconds later, the bulk of both fleets were in range of one another.
This I will prove by reference to the distribution of her fleets in 1801.
The admiral had left him in command of all three fleets until his return.
All the space fleets would be heading back to their respective homeworlds.
The Swordsman carrier ships deployed their fleets of small ships unhindered.
His fleets of purple-sailed war galleys had made Vilayet an Hyrkanian lake.
The fleets of Great Britain now sail triumphant over every wave of the deep.
He obviously thinks that our great battle fleets will be rendered impotent.
We’ll rendezvous with our collected fleets where the current waters start.
Saturn provided most of the warships in both the Federation and Swordsman fleets.
Back to the fleets of Fralgoth! I screamed, as if leading a charge into battle.
Fleets and armies are maintained, not with gold and silver, but with consumable goods.
Still England will have owed to her fleets her redemption from invasion for ages past.
Why did the Dutch in De Witt's time have admirals of their whaling fleets? Why did Louis XVI.
But the kind of folks that are crew members in luxury fleets are not great independent thinkers.
The persons employed in the finances, fleets, and magistracy, are instances of this order of men.
The captain had moved the fleets so that they completely surrounded the enemy in a sphere of death.
They were supported by entire fleets of small and medium class ships as well as convoys of freighters.
The carriers were lightly armored and depended on their fleets and their lasers to keep harm well away from them.
In comparison, Paccar’s competitors sell to large truck-leasing businesses or customers that operate large fleets.
The expense of those fleets has crushed the industry of her subjects, and must soon reduce her to national bankruptcy.
There are other security service fleets out there and the future will be determined by who they choose for their allies.
Then Rex turned his gaze toward the gallant white fleets that nearly blinded him with their reflection of the nearby star.
The Swordsmen and P A F must have known with enough time to redeploy fleets from their previous missions to intercept you.
The seven of us stood there floating in the hard vacuum and looked around to see what was left of the three fleets arrayed around us.
Even with the containers, entire fleets of interceptors were able to leave their bases and Rachel prepared her group for the attack.
Well, two complete fleets, what was left of the first one, and a dozen or so ships forced into service from various dominated worlds.
With whole fleets at her fingertips what could possibly be a danger to her? And why did she choose to contact him? He couldn't help her.

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