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Tactics in a sentence | tactics example sentences

  1. So often I see tactics.
  2. He decided to switch tactics.
  3. Then, she changed her tactics.
  4. It was time for scare tactics.
  5. Military tactics adopted by the.

  6. But they were dangerous tactics.
  7. For a while these tactics worked.
  8. Fear tactics were used to sell Mr.
  9. Nice tactics Cameron, very subtle.
  10. Is that part of your tactics?
  11. You may have to revisit your tactics.
  12. Chris decided on a change of tactics.
  13. I blackmailed her with my own tactics.
  14. They had their tactics and I had mine.
  15. He knew, he used such tactics himself.

  16. This was the key to the English tactics.
  17. Not all of Graham's tactics worked out.
  18. Satan is a liar! His tactics are meant.
  19. Connecting the Strategy and Tactics DOT:.
  20. Now, as to the tactics of our struggle.
  21. Greg’s journal is full of such tactics.
  23. It is one of the many tactics used in SEO.
  24. We’re using his own tactics against him.
  25. Below are some of the tactics you can use.

  26. Isn’t that the secret of tactics, sir?
  27. Once again, he began to consider his tactics.
  28. He definitely had to give new tactics a whirl.
  29. They had a strategy and tactics to support it.
  30. Our Army platoons were unaware of these tactics.
  31. In negotiating terms, this is one of two tactics.
  32. Here are the tactics and the positions for each:.
  33. He didn’t last long under her bullying tactics.
  34. Through superior tactics and sheer bravery, the.
  35. But the tactics utilized had proven wisely chosen.
  36. Brass Tactics had pointed the way out of all that.
  37. I have a few ideas on the training and tactics.
  38. The training wouldn't all be fighting and tactics.
  39. It is only a question of organization and tactics.
  40. The Power Tactics of ]esus Christ and Other Essays.
  41. They are specially trained for hit and run tactics.
  42. But this time around I decided to change my tactics.
  43. The importance of understanding tactics, associated.
  44. Understanding where the risks are and what tactics.
  45. So they use scare tactics? to scare the buyer into.
  46. The tactics then are going to be related back to that.
  47. Removing their food source is one of our tactics.
  48. We want to see what tactics worked and which did not.
  49. That was when Buzun ordered the infiltrative tactics.
  50. Those are mafia tactics they’re using, I said.
  51. For a moment, I contemplated changing tactics for the.
  52. It takes a lot of preparation and very good tactics to.
  53. It will help you prioritize the tactics you want to use.
  54. The Gestapo tactics of the IRS put a death nail in our.
  55. Luther forced the elite to change their age-old tactics.
  56. Gowr gave his vocal disapproval to the tactics involved.
  57. I was not adapting to the new tactics the two were using.
  58. Although ARM's tactics were effective, the actions were.
  59. He knows what should be done, tactics trained for, but.
  60. Such tactics are an irritant, a slightly costly nuisance.
  61. He was blessed with a brilliant mind for tactics, which.
  62. The abuser seeks tactics to control and dominate the child.
  63. The following techniques are used for the adopted tactics.
  64. I have known Joanna too long to be surprised by her tactics.
  65. But, don’t fall for the fear tactics used by politicians.
  66. He is a high pressure salesman, and tactics are his method.
  67. It is always a good bit of tactics in knavery to pretend to.
  68. What he lacked was experience in strategy and grand tactics.
  69. Surely it would be a test of their trollish hunting tactics.
  70. Create a list of tactics that you can use to build your list.
  71. Mind you, Kennedy wasn’t above using dirty tactics himself.
  72. He’d call back later and use a few more persuasive tactics.
  73. I knew what you would do because your tactics are well known.
  74. Unlike the tactics of those who quote so-called scripture to.
  75. The way you developed new air tactics especially interest him.
  76. Once it is learned, you can develop your strategy and tactics.
  77. A brief discussion of tactics and the search for Colton began.
  78. But I wonder about these tactics on the future psychological.
  79. As it formulates its list of Tactics, the planning team should.
  80. His intimidation tactics were absurd, but they’d also worked.
  81. Taken alone, these simple tactics will have very little effect.
  82. Ngo grudgingly acknowledged the soundness of the French tactics.
  83. On one level he was angered by her tactics, and yet on another.
  84. But has this made them change their tactics, their policies? No.
  85. They all feared delaying tactics on the part of the authorities.
  86. They taught their soldiers tactics before they ever held a sword.
  87. Use the same traffic tactics discussed earlier on to promote the.
  88. Ewen uses and espouses tactics that are far from boring or normal.
  89. Is he using the same kind of tactics with the City Papers?
  90. They use criminal tactics to maintain and increase their control.
  91. The only possible difference is the tactics you use to market it.
  92. Kaavas, who was unfamiliar with such tactics, was placed in the.
  93. It is not the place for any kind of traditional marketing tactics.
  94. Strategies should then be further broken down into Tactics by the.
  95. Air tactics call for a number of ships to carry out a given design.
  96. I used my money power and all the tactics that I had learnt so far.
  97. Lieutenant David Jensen, Special Weapons and Tactics, he said.
  98. Louis used last-minute tactics such as acting as though he was Mr.
  99. With difficulty, I reined my anger in and tried a change of tactics.
  100. But the underlying technology, strategies, and tactics are the same.

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