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Tailor in a sentence

1. He had seen the tailor.
2. To the head tailor, Sir.
3. A notice from the tailor, Mr.
4. So the tailor picked up the.
5. The tailor had done a fine job.
6. The tailor finished with me.
7. The tailor! He made me this suit.

8. That’s why I want this tailor.
9. Vic always put the tailor on edge.
10. Tailor it to your own requirements.
11. My cousin Alex Galinos was a tailor.
12. As a hiding place for radicals it is tailor made.
13. He makes foot wear and he’s also a great tailor.
14. Fox," called out the little tailor, "it is I who.
15. Tailor learning content and style to the needs of the.
16. The Giant looked with scorn at the little Tailor, and.
17. Hymie is an old friend and an outstanding tailor, sir.
18. The philosopher leaves the cut of his coat to the tailor.
19. On the door was inscribed in chalk, Kapernaumov, Tailor.
20. Ah, the black, magenta and blue, approved the tailor.
21. When you need a shirt, you buy cloth, call a tailor and so.
22. The vnervous tailor followed her and kept watching around him.
23. His pants were sewn of leaf and threaded with stems, tailor fit.
24. Disappearing into the backroom of the store, the tailor returned.
25. Cosmo Gordon Lennox, has been the tailor that made the plays fit.
26. The tailor was trying to explain to the heavy-set maid of honor.
27. The tailor was amused with the antics of the fellow, and thought.
28. Zarko enquired whether the king’s tailor had arrived as promised.
29. You're lucky that much is covered, the tailor said, disgusted.
30. I thought… well… I heard what you said… to the other tailor.
31. The tailor dropped off her dress in a black dress bag and shed been.
32. Chevalier brought in the palace tailor and requested something western.
33. A tailor was still on his knees making the last alterations to my dress.
34. Thus the Tailor became a King, and so he lived for the rest of his life.
35. The tailor said, We must bear whatever is done to us, and not resist.
36. I entered the town, and stopped at a tailor s shop to inquire where I was.
37. She is your tailor, again anything you want, and she will make it for you.
38. He was an elderly, dignified man, who worked part of his time as a tailor.
39. The tailor and seamstress jumped at the chance to outshine the court Tailors.
40. I had visited two (2) tailor shops and prices are depending on the materials.
1. Tailoring is a lost art.
2. He spent money freely, tailoring.
3. I happen to know what he looks like without the tailoring.
4. Tailoring is more of pre-analyzed and pre-approved in nature.
5. Nemia carried a large basket of barbering and tailoring supplies.
6. Roger Inman, of the Birmingham Inmans, and he is need of tailoring.
7. Tailoring: Process planning is responsibility of project team and SQA.
8. Proponents of learning styles claim that tailoring instruction to students’.
9. I already worked as a seamstress and I could be of use for his tailoring business.
10. He had left his tailoring tools in the wagon and without them he would not have any type.
11. As a matter of fact, he had attained, if not perfection in tailoring, yet remarkable skill.
12. The shorter of the two officers, he had a slim frame and his uniform could’ve used tailoring.
13. Normally this tailoring needs the Software Quality Analyst approval, who is assigned for the project.
14. And they took Joey by his arms and escorted him out of the room and down the hall into the tailoring room.
15. He had inherited his father's gift for tailoring and people started coming to the shop specifically for him.
16. Phil was handsome as always, shaved head, expensive tailoring, tidy with a capital T, an urban lawyer in command.
17. Our thinking designed under a plan What we have to say has language in the past time for tailoring thinking.
18. Organizational level defined processes may not be suitable to all projects as it is, and hence we have the concept called tailoring.
19. As the chickens finished tailoring Peter's uniform, they told Jane the uniforms would be ready in an hour and would be delivered promptly.
20. Personalization is about tailoring suggestions of which accounts to follow based on information that Twitter gathers about you around the internet.
21. Their immaculate tailoring probably concealed a variety of weapons and body armor as well as a physique honed for defense, if not downright killing.
22. However in software industry considering the uniqueness and tailoring, mostly I-MR (Individual Moving Range/ XMR) charts are used for all kind of data.
23. So projects can select the tailoring based on tailoring guideline, by considering the characteristics of project and client given requirements on process.
24. All in all, tailoring your strategies to catch spring bass that are spawning or that are in pre-spawn mode can produce some exciting bass fishing adventure.
25. Some proteins in one compound interact with the oxygen uptake of cells suggesting tailoring as magic bullets, for many cancers, by effectively suffocating them.
26. Certainly Fred's tailoring suggested the advantages of an English university, and he had a graceful way even of looking warm and of pushing his hair back with his handkerchief.
27. This is because at organizational level there will be tailoring guideline created and available on when tailoring can be performed, the different segments of projects and allowed tailoring for them are documented in that.
28. After repeated attempts to get Joe started in his education, the Yankee school ma'am set about clothing her protégé, but was soon put to her wits' end to find a pattern for boys' pants; and as tailoring was not her forte, there were several obstacles to be overcome.
29. Organizations mostly classify their projects based on Size of the projects, technology and type of projects, and for each segments given here the allowable tailoring in terms of each process (activities tailoring and template tailoring) is pre identified/guidance given.
1. It does not wear a tailored suit.
2. A man dressed in a finely tailored.
3. Our MARY, tailored a bit by poor Toby.
4. It’s tailored fit to your skills and.
5. Like all Quinn's suits, exquisitely tailored.
6. It was elegantly tailored and very sophisticated.
7. The suit, tailored for him, now felt like a cage.
8. Rather, treatments will need to be tailored to the.
9. And those industrial jokers in their tailored suits.
10. They would indeed give tailored and personal advice.
11. She worn a tailored designer label pantsuit in navy.
12. He loved white women, fast cars and tailored clothing.
13. The tailored cut of his trousers was making very little.
14. His suit was black and gray leather, and expertly tailored.
15. We will be wearing what we had purchased and tailored in.
16. He wore tailored suits, had a handkerchief tucked into his.
17. She was dressed in an impeccable hand tailored business suit.
18. Toby unwrapped the package and held up a tailored flight suit.
19. Remember, these stem turns can be tailored to the situation at.
20. The room had been tailored to his needs and was sparsely furnished.
21. They have tailored everything, including the holy books to suit them.
22. He drove me to work every day in a posh car, wearing tailored clothes.
23. She wore a blue dress made of expensive cloth and tailored beautifully.
24. His dark blue pinstripe suit was immaculately tailored and a gold Rolex.
25. Skin types vary so as the type of treatment tailored to meet their needs.
26. It’s important to have a good study guide that is tailored for the exam.
27. Whatever it was it would surely be tailored to work to Blauner’s advantage.
28. Standing up in his tailored executive suit, he began to undo his tie, slowly.
29. He folds his suit; hand tailored for him in Hong Kong, and packs it in his suitcase.
30. His expensive tailored evening suit hampered him, as Max did his best to fight back.
31. His trench coat was nicer, his suit was better tailored, and his face was clean-shaven.
32. The clothing was from another time than his, very well tailored and the fit was perfect.
33. Your attorney should be working hard to find the right solutions tailored to your needs.
34. By asking the prospect what they want, you can deliver a tailored sales pitch according.
35. It is science that is cut, trimmed, and tailored to serve a pre-determined political end.
36. He was a short, wiry man, well dressed in tailored wool clothes and a charcoal gray cloak.
37. He had a rough looking beard and his suit though tailored looked worn out for some reason.
38. The advice is tailored to people who want to make a website that may support them long term.
39. The teachers often integrated these methods, yet tailored to the needs of individual devotees.
40. The lessons are secular in nature and can certainly be tailored to Jewish educational settings.
1. That’s another trip to the tailors.
2. It raises the wages of journeymen tailors.
3. He had a fleet of tailors who handcrafted a dozen suits.
4. The university of smiths, the university of tailors, etc.
5. His father and uncle were tailors and so was his grandfather.
6. Tailors laboured over the creation of a wardrobe such had never.
7. Journeymen tailors in Baltimore received a weekly wage of about $9.
8. In small towns and country villages, the wages of journeymen tailors.
9. He was well dressed in the finest bespoke clothing from tailors in San.
10. The tailor and seamstress jumped at the chance to outshine the court Tailors.
11. Ambrosius left the tailors five pounds poorer but with a feeling of importance.
12. And to him came two tailors, who promised to make him some extraordinary clothes.
13. In February 2012 at the Super Bowl, the tailors apparently did their job, but Rapper M.
14. He might have a little too much of what tailors call a fine presence, but his height carried this off.
15. I already had suits made by other, superior, tailors, of a better class, and I even ran up bills with them.
16. You listen to me it wont be those tailors dummies in the cavalry that will win this war it will be the P.
17. The very next day, guided by the hotel concierge, the soldier went to the finest tailors and shirt makers in Saville Row.
18. A little farther out were the homes of moderately prosperous traders and craftsmen, goldsmiths and tailors and apothecaries.
19. The courtiers come to see the work of the tailors, but they see nothing, as the tailors stick their needles into empty space.
20. They had created a rage among the female population, and the Hold Tailors had improved on them to better suit the female Ogatu.
21. One of the tailors adjusts his baldric, then as one the crowd around him steps backwards and he's able to see himself in the mirrors.
22. Lord Justin was master of Tailor Hold; his people provided clothing for the population; seamstresses and tailors for the different Holds.
23. In the crowd were sailors whose pride lay in the fact that they had heard Captain Morgan curse; tailors who had fitted breeches to his legs.
24. The courtiers came to inspect the work of the tailors, but could see nothing, because these men were drawing their needles through empty space.
25. The point of the fable is this, that to the king, a lover of new garments, there come some tailors who promise to make him an extraordinary garment.
26. In the past, the tailors had been conscious of her modesty and had made dresses that were not revealing and had high collars and loose fitting bodies.
27. Our two Russian tailors were disguised as Chinese; I as a boyard (Russian nobleman), Flamand as a marquis; in short, we all assumed a different dress.
28. The tailors were thrilled when she asked for a full skirt with many layers, but only because they didn’t realize that she was using it to stash weapons.
29. Which of the following two testimonials is more believable to you? The first is from our tailors and a second is from a seller offering printer cartridges.
30. The tale tells of a king who cared enormously for new clothes, and to whom one day came two tailors who agreed to make him a suit woven from a wonderful stuff.
31. Smiths, carpenters, wheelwrights and ploughwrights, masons and bricklayers, tanners, shoemakers, and tailors, are people whose service the farmer has frequent occasion for.
32. A certain Aug—, chief of the Society aid for tailors, Rue Mondetour, had the reputation of serving as intermediary central between the leaders and the Faubourg Saint-Antoine.
33. The king hires the tailors, and they begin to sew, having informed him that the peculiarity of their garment is this, that he who is useless in his office cannot see the garments.
34. The tailors had dropped off a delicate pair of black shoes that she was sure would fall apart if she had to run through a forest, so she’d replaced them with her boots of speed.
35. It was a good thing he spoke up at the convenience store a few days ago, though he still did not know what had possessed him to ask that Arab at the counter if he knew any tailors.
36. Incidentally, and just for the record, I would like to note that there were tailors specializing in undoing, unstitching an entire suit, turning it inside out and sewing it back again.
37. He being behind, was very cheerful, and laughed at the trick, and presently began to sing the song, "There rode three tailors out at the gate," as if the carrying of trees were a trifle.
38. He probably suspected--as I supposed, and I supposed right--that I wanted to steal some of the cloth, led to think so by his own roguery and the bad opinion people have of tailors; and he told me to see if there would be enough for two.
39. O'Halloran stood tailors of malt, hot, all round and told the story of the retort he had made to the chief clerk when he was in Callan's of Fownes's Street; but, as the retort was after the manner of the liberal shepherds in the eclogues, he had to admit that it was not as clever as Farrington's retort.

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