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    1. And he’s a very accommodating man as well

    2. accommodating the needs of others, refining ourselves,

    3. Thank you for accommodating my requests for materials and the delivery and such

    4. They were accommodating the inner structural octaves' notations

    5. strange way and he be accommodating

    6. By accommodating the maturity level of their children by adopting their children‘s adolescent manners rather then setting themselves up as (proper) role models, parents have seemingly lost their proportional standing vis-à-vis their children

    7. Success in warfare is gained by carefully accommodating ourselves to the enemy's purpose

    8. The Procrastinator Militant sat at a simple stool which was much more accommodating for a soldier in search of a few moments of peace for resting his legs, rather than a man of such an office as a Procrastinator Militant

    9. However, when Colling showed him his roll of zlotys, he became very accommodating, and suggested additional items of women’s underwear, stockings, and kerchiefs to cover the hair

    10. The church is certainly capable of accommodating

    1. Since then we’ve been running rehearsals on the set which meant that some of the moves had to be altered to accommodate the furniture, which was confusing at first, but it all seems reasonably comfortable now

    2. As soon as I accommodate myself, I sit down and wonder: What am I doing here with these two nitwits?

    3. So how do we avoid sublimating the word of God into the existing framework of our values and interests and not accommodate it to that?

    4. Abery is large enough to accommodate you both … ’

    5. Daniel was only too happy to accommodate her

    6. social life and so with these online dating site services growing to accommodate their needs for

    7. – row after row of tiny houses build to accommodate the workforce

    8. Now he saw why although the spacing of the actual Scale 0 octave was an eighth, a quarter, a third, a half and so on, that was not the way these were laid out to accommodate all the charted inner vibrations

    9. The elf said, that if needed, they could quickly adapt the bridge to accommodate a sudden influx of heavy traffic or loads of supplies

    10. The mass of those metals may gradually and insensibly diminish, and their value gradually and insensibly rise, till the annual importation becoming again stationary, the annual consumption will gradually and insensibly accommodate itself to what that annual importation can maintain

    1. I am only grateful that Alastair, being of a typical artistic temperament, is not overly bothered with practicalities and can camp here without going insane as long as the one or two things which are important to him are accommodated

    2. The Spelmans and Kaitlyn were handsomely accommodated as well, with Kaitlyn's room adjacent to Chloe's boudoir

    3. Our manufactures for foreign sale, instead of being suited, as before the act of navigation, to the neighbouring market of Europe, or to the more distant one of the countries which lie round the Mediterranean sea, have the greater part of them, been accommodated to the still more distant one of the colonies; to the market in which they have the monopoly, rather than to that in which they have many competitors

    4. The industry of Great Britain, instead of being accommodated to a great number of small markets, has been principally suited to one great market

    5. By suiting, besides, to one particular market only, so great a part of the industry and commerce of Great Britain, it has rendered the whole state of that industry and commerce more precarious and less secure, than if their produce had been accommodated to a greater variety of markets

    6. The effect of the monopoly has been, not to augment the quantity, but to alter the quality and shape of a part of the manufactures of Great Britain, and to accommodate to a market, from which the returns are slow and distant, what would otherwise have been accommodated to one from which the returns are frequent and near

    7. The first reformers found the Greek text of the New Testament, and even the Hebrew text of the Old, more favourable to their opinions than the vulgate translation, which, as might naturally be supposed, had been gradually accommodated to support the doctrines of the Catholic Church

    8. However, we at the CHA feel your needs will be best accommodated at one of our centres

    9. The rest of the Alena crew were confined in the topgallant forecastle while the officers were accommodated

    10. Honolulu with as many prisoners as could be accommodated

    1. the conscious counterpart of the intellectual mind, accommodates two sets of emotions—primitive and ad-

    2. model, forming a new one that accommodates the previously ill-fitting experience

    3. therefore accommodates not just some, but all, extents of expansion)

    4. megauniverse therefore accommodates not just

    5. and the megauniverse therefore accommodates not just some, but al , extents of

    6. mother accommodates all of this for a nominal fee

    7. Not so much because you thought really long and hard about the metaphysical concerns associated with your ideology, but because it accommodates your perversion

    8. too, rejects this idea; he accommodates it by suggesting that many

    9. create a society that accommodates humans as they are, with the full

    10. accommodates at least 40 adults

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    Synonyms for "accommodate"

    accommodate adapt conciliate reconcile oblige lodge fit suit admit hold quarter entertain house aid assist help abet provide supply agree adjust concur conform harmonise harmonize temper have receive

    "accommodate" definitions

    be agreeable or acceptable to

    make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose

    provide with something desired or needed

    have room for; hold without crowding

    provide housing for

    provide a service or favor for someone

    make (one thing) compatible with (another)