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Accommodate in a sentence

But, here we accommodate all the.
It could easily accommodate a minibus.
Yet, when physics can’t accommodate.
His knees bent to accommodate his height.
Daniel was only too happy to accommodate her.
Please don't let truth accommodate preference.
It can accommodate upto 29 alternative values.

This they can accommodate by faking common sense.
Think and imagine what your power can accommodate.
There were blocks on the pedals to accommodate his.
The system should accommodate it without any trouble.
This slot will accommodate the top support that runs.
One compartment would accommodate the wireless outfit.
He always has to slowly stretch me to accommodate him.
Generally, Pages accommodate regions and the style of.
Abery is large enough to accommodate you both … ’.
The apostolic camp could accommodate about five hundred.
The city had struggled the past few days to accommodate.
It was a hobby that relied on an ability to accommodate.
On a normal day, he might be able to accommodate himself.
They had just moved to a new big home to accommodate all.
Tolerance : The y have the capacity to easily accommodate.
The Maitre d' will usually always try to accommodate your.
Thankfully, Rebecca was more than willing to accommodate me.
As a good value investor, he has learned to accommodate Mr.
It was a large hall that could accommodate plenty of people.
Luke's, which will accommodate from thirty to sixty persons.
Then the rule must be adjusted to accommodate this exception.
This base must be fully ready to accommodate and support them.
The reception center just could not accommodate 22,000 people.
The militias also need cooks and stewards to accommodate them.
One other ship was ransomed in order to accommodate the large.
It shouldn’t hold just a few either, it should accommodate.
As you are aware pages can accommodate many regions and few of.
The clinic was too small to accommodate more than three Warriors.
It shouldn’t hold just a few either, it should accommodate ALL.
A vacancy in the heart does not accommodate itself to a stop-gap.
You want to teach your mind and body to accommodate to relaxation.
Dave loved Italian food, so I tried to accommodate him on that end.
In a nutshell, the eyes can’t react to light but can accommodate.
The Queen has been very accommodating.
And he’s a very accommodating man as well.
He suggested that would be most accommodating.
The church is certainly capable of accommodating.
When shooting in Alaska, you have to be more accommodating.
Grandpa was more than accommodating; of course it was okay.
I really did not expect them to be so helpful and accommodating.
The Wallers were trying to be accommodating, and i know it was.
They were accommodating the inner structural octaves' notations.
Oh, certainly, Ronald answered in an accommodating tone of voice.
While it may sound accommodating, nothing was farther from the truth.
Engler is pretty accommodating, and I think he likes what he sees in me.
Thank you for accommodating my requests for materials and the delivery and such.
The inn had room although the keeper was not pleased about accommodating the bird.
That’s where you and your most accommodating friend come in the picture, Hilderich.
But above all, Henry Kissinger is an accommodating man and soon joins Nixon on the floor.
Success in warfare is gained by carefully accommodating ourselves to the enemy's purpose.
Not all designers achieve the results of accommodating an area within their backyard landscaping.
This created an urgency that was unwarranted, had they been more accommodating earlier in the week.
This busy modern city is very accommodating with many comforts for visitors and residents to enjoy.
In that small house, unless the inhabitants were accommodating and adaptable, daily life would be a trial.
Lorene was a very accommodating lady, but it was the Hatfields who nearly brought this thing crashing down.
With those she loved—with Charlie, or with Dad himself—she could be, by her own standards, accommodating.
I tell you what; I have an uncle, I must introduce him to you (a most accommodating and respectable old man).
She had a great sense of working with space and the rooms appeared functional and accommodating enough for a child.
Sir Anthony was used to the adoration of women; he wouldn't expect his previously accommodating wife to want him dead.
Washington accommodating whites’ segregation, Proctor became an accommodationist to his white benefactors’ liberal doctrine.
The bank has been more than accommodating in granting me the time off; one of the perks, perhaps of being the assistant manager.
That form of aggressive intensity can generate pleasure, but will never enculture attentive kindness or accommodating gentleness.
I recognize several of the names that came up as suspicious, most are very accommodating individuals who never cause any trouble.
At this time there were about seventy-five teachers on the faculty, and they lived in cottages each accommodating about a dozen persons.
As for him, the need of accommodating himself to her nature, which was inflexible in proportion to its negations, held him as with pincers.
Though she was born in Virginia, Ella and her brother and sister grew up in Littleton, North Carolina, which was more accommodating that Norfolk.
The weather could have been more accommodating with nasty winds blowing, but that didn’t prevent 75,000 people from attending the five pm concert.
Although both she and Joe were eternally grateful to his parents for accommodating them for such a long period, they longed for their privacy once more.
The friendliness of his disposition made him happy in accommodating those, whose situation might be considered, in comparison with the past, as unfortunate.
Accommodating to the tension in her relationship with her husband, Toby tells me that she becomes about an inch tall when she backs away from a confrontation.
However, I will thank my men on your behalf for helping her through such a tough and trying time - and you should too, for she is now a lot more accommodating.
A number of groups of chairs and benches were arranged at intervals round the sides and in the centre of the room, each group of seats accommodating a separate class.
Ingrid's body, delicate and soft beneath him, shifted with his weight, taking him in deep with accommodating gasps of air before letting him out again with sweet sighs.
The horses are well accommodated here.
SWM accommodated me in every way conceivable.
That difference, however, was amicably accommodated.
Honolulu with as many prisoners as could be accommodated.
There were not enough huts to have accommodated them all.
Although most of these parties have recently accommodated.
I was assured that I could be accommodated with their software.
Rory smiled and accommodated his friend, then with a wave, pushed.
Any ill or injured animal shall be isolated and accommodated in a.
On the whole, he accommodated himself very well to his new position.
An eye for an eye is God’s final judgment law accommodated by consistency.
LanCoste seldom and Ravan never had been so finely accommodated in their pasts.
The church grounds also accommodated an old cemetery that dated back to the 60s.
Most of the conquered tribes are quite accommodated to their role in the Khakhanate.
This go- down was empty at the time, and it was here that the party was accommodated.
However, we at the CHA feel your needs will be best accommodated at one of our centres.
NOT imply that "anything goes" but rather allows diversity to be accommodated in analysis.
There was no room for another inmate but since he was here now, he had to be accommodated.
The companions of Paradise on that Day will be better lodged, and more fairly accommodated.
Thus, have only the amount of plants that would be accommodated by your garden effectively.
The servant accommodated the quilted pillows in its place and kept on dusting the furniture.
Barracks, where sailors from ships which were in refit or building were accommodated and the.
It wasn’t an actual path but the soft chalk accommodated them with foot rests and handholds.
The school had been intended for up to seven hundred pupils, so thirty were easily accommodated.
The people there at the post office boxes were somewhat amused but they always accommodated her.
Within seconds, the area outside the bank of lifts on the second floor accommodated the two teams.
The rest of the Alena crew were confined in the topgallant forecastle while the officers were accommodated.
The Spelmans and Kaitlyn were handsomely accommodated as well, with Kaitlyn's room adjacent to Chloe's boudoir.
Mayor Gaynor estimated that more than 5000 persons could be accommodated in quarters offered through his orders.
The I 35 bridge was a major thoroughfare for the Twin Cities and accommodated tens of thousands of cars each day.
Park lunches were traditionally work sessions but accommodated and encouraged lively give-and-take conversation.
The field accommodated a few heifers that appeared to be oblivious to his presence, but nevertheless unnerved him.
Purchases that require cash payments may still be accommodated by the credit card through the cash advance feature.
There was a wreath of Middlemarch ladies accommodated with seats round the large table in the dining-room, where Mr.
What divinity is the requited love! Such precious feeling can only be accommodated in the fertile space of two hearts.
It proceeded along this narrow strip of dry land for five hundred meters before it widened and accommodated Puerto Viejo.
PW had accommodated me in the meantime by finding a very old clunky 21 PC monitor that I could read with only one eye.
The staff in the areas where the surrogates were accommodated were encouraged to mix freely with the mildly sedated girls.
This delicacy accommodated itself to the serge gown, finding in this harsh contact a continual reminder of heaven and of God.
Then again, four holodecks wouldn’t have accommodated all of these people at the same time, so there were always trade offs.
Inhabited since 1950, Alert accommodates a weather station and signals intelligence base.
Jo had sex with Lor! Ryodan saw it happening, and it turns out he’s actually got a code of ethics that accommodates humans.
Not so much because you thought really long and hard about the metaphysical concerns associated with your ideology, but because it accommodates your perversion.
The building is named after the chained portcullis used to symbolise the Houses of Parliament on letterheads and official documents, and today it accommodates about a third of members of parliament.
To make it simple for you, for roleplay purposes, the ID is the State as the infrastructure of your social being; the superego is the panopticonic security State, and you, like IM is to IT, are an egozen, a resident of a State sanctioned subculture that accommodates itself to the ill state by inhabiting a sick cultural psyche.
The ISO standard accommodates missing components, so it is legal to have the value "2012-11," which clearly indicates, "During the month of November, but the exact day is unknown," and, "At some time on the day of…" The SAS datetime value has to provide both exact date and exact time, so "2012-11" is set to 12:00 AM, November 1, 2012, using the default replacements for missing components.

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