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Drag in a sentence | drag example sentences

  1. Sorry to drag you in.
  2. Time began to drag then.
  3. I would have to drag my.
  4. She could hardly drag it.
  5. She would drag a siphon.

  6. Help me drag her, boys.
  7. And he would drag him out.
  8. Help me drag it over here.
  9. I took a drag and coughed.
  10. That I have to drag around.
  11. I could not drag it longer.
  13. Time does not drag with him.
  14. She’ll just drag you down.
  15. I was barely able to drag it.

  16. But then I was able to drag.
  17. This is a drag, he said.
  18. Kristie smiled and took a drag.
  19. We can drag him by his throat.
  20. The evacuation seemed to drag.
  21. The two men drag the crate off.
  22. Don’t let him drag you down.
  23. Net or drag them from the water.
  24. Hayden took a drag, acting casual.
  25. General y, he was a bit of a drag.

  26. I’ve managed to drag this out.
  27. I had to drag the truth from him.
  28. To minimize drag from the dead No.
  29. The coyotes will drag her away.
  30. Too heavy to carry easier to drag.
  31. Bino took a long drag on his smoke.
  32. He began to drag Vamenos with him.
  33. The Holy Spirit will draw or drag.
  34. Let me see if I can drag him along.
  35. Help me drag her out to her car.
  36. He was needed to drag out the dead.
  37. We drag the rucksack forward again.
  38. So she tried to drag it as much as.
  39. They each hold or drag a Roadrunner.
  40. I handed it back and he took a drag.
  41. Let him drag that confusion to his.
  42. I fall backward and drag Glacia under.
  43. These types of Gang Ups can drag us.
  44. When Liz came down to drag him away.
  45. He had let this affair drag too long.
  46. Drag the bouncy seat into the bathroom.
  47. She knew she was letting time drag on.
  48. But it was a great drag, nevertheless.
  49. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.
  50. I drag a chair over to sit next to her.
  51. Drag it this wa—NO, LEFT, LEFT!.
  52. Help me drag this monster to my car.
  53. She let him drag her down on the grass.
  54. It will drag you down and wear you out.
  55. Got to really drag it up there, now.
  56. He struggled to drag himself out of bed.
  57. The guards moved forward to drag her out.
  58. Hands would drag bombs forward on carts.
  59. You will need to click on it and drag it.
  60. I couldn’t drag myself away from Patty.
  61. I drag the heel of my hand over my cheeks.
  62. It was enough to drag me into the present.
  63. You call police to come drag me to jail.
  64. You could barely drag yourself out of bed.
  65. He took another long drag on the cigarette.
  66. Drag the app where you want it in the list.
  67. Don’t drag your fights out, Millicent.
  68. This thing could drag out a few more days.
  69. Some of his cases could drag on for years.
  70. Beth took a drag like she did this sort of.
  71. I took the joint from Harold and took a drag.
  72. Drag and drop to move items within a menu:.
  73. She couldn’t drag her out of the classroom.
  74. I drag my gaze away, force it to the princess.
  75. And he tried to drag her away, then and there.
  76. He didn’t let the silence drag on too long.
  77. They had tried, but in vain, to drag him out.
  78. They can get ugly and seem to drag on forever.
  79. It wouldn’t look bad on him, the drag queen.
  80. But the talk soon began to drag, and then died.
  81. Or the rapists at the drag race < or you and I.
  82. Seize him and drag him into the midst of Hell!.
  83. They’re gonna have to drag me out of this bed.
  84. She tried to drag him along, but he did not move.
  85. Ben nodded, taking another drag of his cigarette.
  86. I flinch as they drag me outside, to the garden.
  87. Aww, Annie, there’s no need to drag that up.
  88. The main drag was lined with shops and galleries.
  89. She never tried to drag him into the middle of it.
  90. You Macneils, drag that large branch over here.
  91. It has the strength and power to drag an animal.
  92. The seconds seemed to drag on and by the time I.
  93. When the gruff cowboys drag you out on the floor.
  94. I thought I was going to have to drag you back.
  95. So why would you drag it up to the train station.
  96. If the text is not exactly in the middle, drag it.
  97. He took a drag of the cigarette before he replied.
  98. Their game, his brilliance, by the collar did drag.
  99. You don’t have to worry I will drag you into it.
  100. Brian sat back, took another drag on his cigarette.
  1. He was dragging me somewhere.
  2. He was virtually dragging her now.
  3. Knuckle dragging cavemen did not.
  4. Look,’ he said, dragging a hand.
  5. Rosie started dragging me but quit.
  6. By dragging and dropping with the.
  7. I tire and slow, dragging my feed.
  8. He enters slowly, dragging his feet.
  9. Secondly you might end up dragging.
  10. The TV showed them dragging it out.
  11. Bev said, You do a lot of dragging.
  12. And then he comes dragging Scarlett, Mrs.
  13. It was all dragging around on the floor.
  14. With the day dragging past, the parent's.
  15. I reckon that saucer is dragging us round.
  16. She could not risk dragging it any longer.
  17. Yes, I have been dragging the Serpentine.
  18. After two hours of mindlessly dragging his.
  19. Dragging the white vapour with its luring.
  20. Having been through this dragging business.
  21. Within seconds Janelle was back dragging Mick.
  22. Something heaved it's dragging way out of it.
  23. I hate that the days are dragging on too long.
  24. She kicked at the sand, her footsteps dragging.
  25. After a long walk dragging, I felt a presence.
  26. Back at the boutique, the afternoon was dragging.
  27. But what on earth did Carreen mean dragging Mrs.
  28. Come, he murmurs and rises, dragging me up.
  29. I scrambled outside, dragging Grover from the car.
  30. The Team was dragging its feet, for God knows why.
  31. He scowled at me, and began dragging me to the car.
  32. The sound he heard was the dragging of the table!.
  33. The clowns grabbed her again, dragging her toward.
  34. Her father stepped into the house, dragging the old.
  35. The boatmen are dragging vessels against the stream.
  36. It was hard work with a lot of dragging and lugging.
  37. Elowen heard a shriek and then saw the wolf dragging.
  38. Cloud yawned and, dragging his feet over the sticky.
  39. Dragging Roman’s dead weight—even though he was.
  40. Gulping air, he began to wade, still dragging Roland.
  41. I waded into the dark water, dragging the skin behind.
  42. We saw no sense in dragging him all the way back here.
  43. What have I done? Where are you dragging me to?
  44. Dragging Woola after me I crouched low in the darkness.
  45. Bino wrestled with his oxygen, dragging it to the booth.
  46. I continued dragging the Sergeant through the forested.
  47. The main irritation is the skirts dragging on my thighs.
  48. Kiera realized that Chance was slowly dragging her along.
  49. The pistol slips a millimetre, dragging against his skin.
  50. Harry stepped through the doorway, dragging himself along.
  51. I don't want Indio dragging me around the rest of the day.
  52. Despite my shouts of protest, he continued dragging me in.
  53. Locke hustled to catch up, dragging his things behind him.
  54. Ebira and she took turns in dragging the men out to dance.
  55. With Roger dragging a case along the pavement towards the.
  56. Caius approached her, dragging the chains through the dirt.
  57. Lucy grabbed Eric's other arm and started dragging him back.
  58. Garcia surfaced, dragging Kristin up and towards the shore.
  59. Hogg was close to exhaustion and was dragging Whitton under.
  60. I intercepted their conversation by dragging Sharon back to.
  61. Mick was practically dragging Ashi by the time they made it.
  62. However, I did not stop my dragging and continued as I could.
  63. Progress was slow, dragging a sniveling Reverend didn't help.
  64. PLEASE NOTE: Clicking and dragging is not the best long term.
  65. A long arrow flew out from the weapon dragging a rope behind.
  66. Then he strode towards the lantern, dragging me by the wrist.
  67. Hush, Verity! she hissed, dragging me out of the throng.
  68. I felt bony arms around me, dragging me back into the coffin.
  69. Her strong, passionate nature, too, was dragging her thither.
  70. In one incident my two nieces were dragging out a large chest.
  71. He was in shallow water and the line was dragging to the side.
  72. He barked, then hurried off into the woods, dragging me along.
  73. McCoy maneuvered around the crowd, with Tammas dragging behind.
  74. At the sharp bang, I burst into a run, dragging Caleb with me.
  75. Frodo's head was bowed; his burden was dragging him down again.
  76. But now, here I am, dragging a frayed line, and my anchor gone.
  77. It’s for the Butte! Alvin said, dragging his pouty lip.
  78. Fred walked toward him with his head down and his tail dragging.
  79. A woman fell to the deck in his wake, dragging Ivanna with her.
  80. Nathaniel nodded and started walking, dragging me along with him.
  81. He packed up his knapsack, dragging a few essentials out of the.
  82. Bill Tender was one of the men dragging Stuart across the tarmac.
  83. You can leave that here, no sense in dragging it all over town.
  84. He was dragging a garden hose, which he dropped into the bathtub.
  85. Dragging his pack to him he opened it upon the hol ow tree, from.
  86. As they had all giggled at the idea of Ashi dragging a pink baby.
  87. They were dragging him as you would drag a heavy bag of potatoes.
  88. He crossed the track several times, dragging the rope behind him.
  89. The sound he heard was the dragging of the table! Outrageous! He.
  90. He trudged up the driveway to the manor, feet dragging in the dirt.
  91. He does care, after all, and he's sorry for dragging me into this.
  92. He pulled her hair back and started dragging her back to the house.
  93. Men scurried around the area, dragging supplies, lining up weapons.
  94. She knew he was stalling her, dragging her into a long conversation.
  95. Piers was in the water, every wave dragging him farther out to sea.
  96. An index without a futures or options contract dragging it around.
  97. She creased her forehead, dragging her thoughts back to her problem.
  98. He’s always dragging me into hardware stores and auto part stores.
  99. Everything stays the same, Rapp said, dragging him to his feet.
  100. A Fairy fluttered across the sky dragging a large sprig of Foxglove.
  1. I am being dragged away.
  2. Oh, they dragged me out.
  3. He dragged her into the.
  4. It had been dragged away.
  5. He dragged me out of there.
  6. Rudd had dragged the local.
  7. His friends dragged me away.
  8. The men dragged Hedy away.
  9. The next two days dragged on.
  10. So I dragged it to the rover.
  11. Thus the afternoon dragged on.
  12. Nate dragged on his cigarette.
  13. We dressed and then dragged.
  14. He dragged her to the shower.
  15. The militia dragged us outside.
  16. The rest of the day dragged on.
  17. The morning dragged on for Kady.
  18. I dragged Bill back to our tent.
  19. He dragged her by a forest road.
  20. The evening dragged on and on.
  21. He started to dragged the dead.
  22. I basically got dragged here.
  23. The rest of that week dragged by.
  24. Suddenly, he was being dragged.
  25. Look what the cat dragged in.
  26. He dragged me towards him again.
  27. We were dragged along the streets.
  28. Our session had dragged too long.
  29. I dragged her through the lounge.
  30. An hour dragged by as with every.
  31. Ferec dragged him into the bedroom.
  32. They dragged her another sugar-loaf.
  33. He dragged the inert Alien out of.
  34. No, you dragged me in now I'm in.
  35. It dragged too slowly on the paper.
  36. The day dragged on and finally ended.
  37. At last he is dragged, carried away.
  38. He barged in here and dragged me.
  39. A whirlpool dragged Sebastian under.
  40. They dragged on till the next summer.
  41. I dragged the blanket into the hole.
  42. Baba dragged his head off the pillow.
  43. I dragged in a hot breath and held it.
  44. Even his wife was dragged into these.
  45. Not that he needed to be dragged or.
  46. Victor went and dragged Eric off her.
  47. I smiled as his friend dragged him off.
  48. The weeks dragged on slower than ever.
  49. Three more times he was dragged pool-.
  50. You've dragged me all the way out here.
  51. Louie dragged the animal onto the raft.
  52. Then tied him to a horse, dragged his.
  53. The soldiers dragged him away from the.
  54. He kicked me and dragged me by the hair.
  55. One dragged aside: an old woman peeping.
  56. The attacker dragged her into the woods.
  57. His footsteps had dragged as he returned.
  58. At least he was, when I dragged him out.
  59. Another Warrior dragged her to the cave.
  60. Directly she had disappeared I dragged.
  61. And she dragged him up toward the summit.
  62. I dragged him to his knees in a headlock.
  63. That had to be dragged, it was too long.
  64. Tracey reluctantly dragged herself away.
  65. We dragged in a tame ostrich, the bird.
  66. Euther dragged his fi nger across the map.
  67. Probably some scavengers dragged it away.
  68. He dragged Chessy into the clothes closet.
  69. Halfdan dragged him towards the ice-hole.
  70. Rostov, too, dragged himself to the fire.
  71. My tongue dragged and I could hardly see.
  72. I shouldn’t have dragged you into this.
  73. Christine dragged her away from the tree.
  74. I dragged myself out of the car and inside.
  75. I then abruptly dragged back my tongue up.
  76. Caesar felt himself dragged from the horse.
  77. Or dragged under by a current and drowned.
  78. They dragged Charles away and tossed him.
  79. As the day dragged on it got hot, very hot.
  80. Reluctantly she dragged herself out of bed.
  81. That is why they dragged the plane away.
  82. They dragged in a dead horse in the night.
  83. Rostóv, too, dragged himself to the fire.
  84. Monday dragged on with its usual excitement.
  85. After this they dragged Him to Pilate again.
  86. His hand dragged hers in a downward sweep.
  87. I shouldn't have dragged you out like this.
  88. He dragged the dresser to the foot of his.
  89. The dead leader was dragged off and buried.
  90. The carriage stopped and I was dragged out.
  91. They dragged him down into the sitting-room.
  92. He tore open the flap and dragged them out.
  93. She dragged herself out of bed with a groan.
  94. But it was a pity they dragged the valet in.
  95. Rachel nodded, and Mimi dragged over a chair.
  96. He went to his brother and dragged him away.
  97. Then he was dragged out of the holding cell.
  98. I'm so sorry that you got dragged into this.
  99. The two soldiers dragged the weeping girl off.
  100. Ben saw Viella being dragged across the floor.
  1. But drags to the great fall.
  2. Time drags by slowly for Yeshua.
  3. He just drags me along with him.
  4. But as the winter drags along.
  5. He drags it along to the counter.
  6. Willie drags the crate labeled R.
  7. A loud voice drags a dragon fight.
  8. He could now, but he still drags them.
  9. He drags it with him and yields to it.
  10. The truck drags the deflated blimp behind it.
  11. If you noticed, I took maybe three drags tops.
  12. He drags Unks up and angrily stares in his eyes.
  13. She puts me in a headlock and drags me upstairs.
  14. Christina screams and drags one of her arms free.
  15. God was it three days ago? Time drags without him.
  16. Cooper all but drags her along, and the kid is crying.
  17. The crew notices the change in Cass as the day drags on.
  18. He drags his thumb under his eyes, catching the moisture.
  19. He drags her over near the bed and lays her out properly.
  20. She drags her eyes open; she’d shut them at some point.
  21. And whoever was strongest, drags the rest along behind him.
  22. Duncan drags air into his lungs, but cannot get enough of it.
  23. With an exhausted grunt, he drags himself next to my turret.
  24. He groans, and drags himself away from the opening to recover.
  25. He drags open big, low drawers; he jangles dozens of key rings.
  26. Andrew waited until he'd had three drags before calling out to.
  27. Mitch waited as the man took a number of long drags on the smoke.
  28. Other moments he drags himself to his new pub he’s decorating.
  29. Selena drags me out of the room on my handcuffs and up the stairs.
  30. He said, ‘You come here because Toby drags you along, don’t.
  31. It is mass that drags you down because the mass is in charge of.
  32. Zachary drags his friend to the edge of Sean’s car, away from me.
  33. Mari says nothing, but her sudden movement drags me from my thoughts.
  34. Ana, please, I murmur as she drags me into the large vestibule.
  35. Jay drags his dagger through the pilot’s controls on their way out.
  36. Tori is trying to walk, but one of her legs drags behind her, useless.
  37. Drags are the part of the reel that creates pressure and prevents the.
  38. Amy grabs your arm and drags you over to some crappy little airport cafe.
  39. The woman coughs and drags herself into the circle of light, inch by inch.
  40. Al pulls Will’s arm across his shoulders and drags him out of the arena.
  41. This becomes the question that drags its teeth through Marie-Laure’s mind.
  42. I give in, and my mind drags me back to Zachary Van-Bailey and those images.
  43. With all the money this place drags in, you can’t pay for insurance?
  44. He bites hold of my clothes and drags me across the room and down the stairs.
  45. Tears form in my eyes, but Sean’s hand on my waist drags me out of the house.
  46. He half-lifts the old man in his arms and drags him across the stone courtyard.
  47. Ciere waits until they’re both gone, then grabs a vacant chair and drags it over.
  48. What the hell? He drags the hair tie painfully out of my hair, but I don’t care.
  49. That would be cool! Terry took the cigarette from Vinny and took a few drags.
  50. But the women are going; and she rises with a groan, and drags herself after them.
  51. Gaining confidence he drags on the cigarette again and settles back onto the bench.
  52. She grabs the victim gently under the shoulders and drags her to the mysterious car.
  53. And there’s a young woman with her head hanging, drags a baby bassinet behind her.
  54. Then he took two drags from his smoke, leaving it in his mouth to free up his hands.
  55. Instead, there's nothing as Hookhand drags him inside and glares around the little room.
  56. Fozzie giggles at her listless resistance, then drags her by the head down a dark alley.
  57. Darren drags Bex back onto the dance floor and they work their way over to Jim and Leona.
  58. But if mass drags you down then what lift you up in the air balloon? If mass gives the.
  59. The Razumovskis wanted to buy his house and his estate near Moscow, but it drags on and on.
  60. He drags me into a side room, an office, shuts the door on Emily, and turns back to face me.
  61. The Razumóvskis wanted to buy his house and his estate near Moscow, but it drags on and on.
  62. He smells of body wash and Christian, an inebriating mix, and that drags me back into the now.
  63. He drags me over to an elevator shaft and, after tapping a number into a keypad, the doors open.
  64. He drags his mouth away from mine, and he’s staring down at me, gripped by some unnamed emotion.
  65. It drags them in like flies according to Harry Steiner who runs the place and the car is there now.
  66. He hates getting up, drags his heels, throws tantrums, and winds up late for the bus half the time.
  67. The selkies find that clothing drags on them when they swim, which is their normal mode of travel.
  68. She’s still got a husband, she loves her husband, but he drags her away, gives her to another man.
  69. The Sun gets a grip on the comet by mass inflicting gravity and as it gets hold of the comet it drags the.
  70. It’s not long before she excitedly drags me upstairs to show me the dress she’s bought for the wedding.
  71. And with fury, as it were with passion, the murderer falls on the body, and drags it and hacks at it; so he.
  72. Sean is about turning to look at us when Zachary moves his hand over his shoulder and drags him further away.
  73. I whipped off the sacking and burned the cigarette down to the butt in two or three long, lung busting drags.
  74. Mind you, the only times I’ve seen him previously is when Phil drags him back from the pub for a more-beer.
  75. When the boat is grounded, the person sitting in the bow jumps out and drags it as high as he can up the beach.
  76. Is that what you wanna hear Molloy? Worried your fuckin’ dinner will go cold in case this thing drags on?
  77. However, the compound average real growth rate is much lower, only 1% to 2%, due to volatility and inflation drags.
  78. Or maybe the invention gets stolen by a giant corporation and the legal battle drags on til the inventor grows old.
  79. She flattens out the creases as well as she can and drags the floor lamp closer and places the print before her son.
  80. So watch open-mouthed as the rope tightens and drags the main ship towards the black dilation at the heart of the maelstrom.
  81. And, sir, from domestic influence, Rome had her Cæsar, England her Cromwell, and France now drags the chains of Bonaparte.
  82. The animal drags him backwards, releasing its grip on his leg for one blessed moment before burying its teeth in his flesh again.
  83. The old woman of fifty rakes away without stopping, and with her kerchief awry she drags the hay, breathing heavily and tottering.
  84. Tom bends down, slips his hands into the waistband of my jeans, grabs hold of them and drags me along the floor into the kitchen.
  85. It's when the whining or crying drags on and on and becomes a long term persistent habit that it becomes a problem for us dog lovers.
  86. He grabs a free chair, drags it to the head of the room, spins it around, and flops into it, resting his elbows against the chair back.
  87. On his hands and knees, he drags the aerial around the circumference of the cellar, as though roping Volkheimer into the golden armchair.
  88. Harpoons used for hunting whales are usually attached to a very long rope that pays out quickly when the wounded animal drags it with him.
  89. I dance, socialize and perform what is required of me with a painted on smile as the evening drags on so slowly I feel like I’m in hell.
  90. Everything is open and everything is known, and all the time, the wild plunging sensation drags them through the tunnel into another realm.
  91. The crowd stands in silence as she grabs fistfuls of fabric from both of the Gooch's shoulders then drags his heavy lifeless body to her car.
  92. Marie-Laure drags the heavy rag rug from the floor of Madame Manec’s apartment all the way to the sixth floor and drapes it over her quilt.
  93. When an insect visits a flower of this kind, it rubs off some of the viscid matter, and thus at the same time drags away some of the pollen-grains.
  94. For as the swift monster drags you deeper and deeper into the frantic shoal, you bid adieu to circumspect life and only exist in a delirious throb.
  95. As the receivership drags on, the market decline becomes accentuated, since investors are constitutionally averse to buying into a troubled situation.
  96. And with fury, as it were with passion, the murderer falls on the body, and drags it and hacks at it; so he covered her face and shoulders with kisses.
  97. The truth is, she comes, by her press gangs, on board of our vessels, seizes our native seamen, as well as naturalized, and drags them into her service.
  98. Eagerly, she grabs his arms and drags them around her, and she looks up at him through her eyelashes while biting her lip to attempt to control her excitement.
  99. It is precisely a failure to remember that drags down form the heights the soul that has walked with God and had some vision of the truths, but cannot retain it.
  100. In a squad car parked over by the far barn wall two detectives are talking to a sallow-skinned youth, who is taking long drags on a bottle of still mineral water.

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