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Topic in a sentence

That is the topic here.
She searches for a topic.
A related topic is the.
It was the topic of Paris.
The topic was bush tucker.
I wanted to end the topic.
This topic is reviewed in.

She again changed the topic.
Why this topic is important.
That was her unfailing topic.
I happen to like that topic.
McKaskill on a specific topic.
One less topic to worry about.
For more on this topic, see P.
I decided to change the topic.
Th is topic has been studied.
Faith is a topic worth defining.
Oxygen had another topic in mind.
Martin about the topic of this.
In the topic of an Enlightenment.
The topic was Sheila Montgomery.
Washington are not the topic here.
The ancients conceived the topic.
However, that is outside our topic.
Another hot topic is relationships.
The topic of this article is the.
I explore the topic of angels in.
That’s a topic for a whole book.
Now I resented touching that topic.
Bring up an old topic in a new way.
She had brought the topic back now.
He quickly warmed up to that topic.
But, that's a topic for another day.
Pick the Topic of Your Website, then.
The topic shifted to likings and all.
But it is an advanced topic and it.
Cathy got into this same topic.
This topic is best done with a tutor.
But that introduces a happy topic.
But that’s a topic for another day.

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