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Topic in a sentence | topic example sentences

  1. That is the topic here.
  2. A related topic is the.
  3. She searches for a topic.
  4. It was the topic of Paris.
  5. I wanted to end the topic.

  6. The topic was bush tucker.
  7. She again changed the topic.
  8. Why this topic is important.
  9. This topic is reviewed in.
  10. That was her unfailing topic.
  11. I decided to change the topic.
  12. Th is topic has been studied.
  13. One less topic to worry about.
  14. For more on this topic, see P.
  15. I happen to like that topic.

  16. McKaskill on a specific topic.
  17. Faith is a topic worth defining.
  18. Martin about the topic of this.
  19. In the topic of an Enlightenment.
  20. Oxygen had another topic in mind.
  21. The topic was Sheila Montgomery.
  22. Washington are not the topic here.
  23. Now I resented touching that topic.
  24. However, that is outside our topic.
  25. The topic of this article is the.

  26. That’s a topic for a whole book.
  27. Another hot topic is relationships.
  28. I explore the topic of angels in.
  29. The ancients conceived the topic.
  30. Bring up an old topic in a new way.
  31. She had brought the topic back now.
  32. He quickly warmed up to that topic.
  33. Pick the Topic of Your Website, then.
  34. Cathy got into this same topic.
  35. But it is an advanced topic and it.
  36. But, that's a topic for another day.
  37. The topic shifted to likings and all.
  38. The idea is to come up with a topic.
  39. This is a somewhat interesting topic.
  40. This topic is best done with a tutor.
  41. But that introduces a happy topic.
  42. At the camp, Birdie pursued the topic.
  43. But that’s a topic for another day.
  44. Elmore let that go and stayed on topic.
  45. He wants to question me on a new topic.
  46. But you avoided the topic of Saturday.
  47. I have done a research on this topic.
  48. Before I leave this topic, however, I.
  49. Maybe my topic is a bit boring for him.
  50. The abrupt change of topic startled him.
  51. We chatted about this topic for an hour.
  52. Still standing my ground on that topic.
  53. That is the topic for your next lesson.
  54. Obviously this topic had already been.
  55. An eBook on a topic may sell for say $9.
  56. You should choose a topic very carefully.
  57. Thus, I leave this topic to the experts.
  58. As we discuss this topic, keep in mind.
  59. I am finishing my thoughts on this topic.
  60. Even if you have covered a topic in the.
  61. Home and garden decorating is a hot topic.
  62. Commonly there will be a specific topic.
  63. Chapter 22 delves deeper into this topic.
  64. This focuses your attention on the topic.
  65. She shook her head at the change in topic.
  66. Garrett seemed glad to have another topic.
  67. That theme is the topic of using one set.
  68. I knew this topic would lead to something.
  69. Clearly this is a topic covered by many-.
  70. The topic of Isis and Osiris is directly.
  71. For more on menopause see the topic below.
  72. Pick subjects within your topic that you.
  73. The web organized by topic into categories.
  74. Final thoughts (Be sure to read this topic.
  75. What could Kiri say? She changed the topic.
  76. This topic is addressed in a later chapter.
  77. That was the topic she confronted him with.
  78. Genesis said, Now onto the topic at hand.
  79. Today’s topic: their means of assessment.
  80. Have someone interview you about your topic.
  81. If you get stuck in a topic that you will.
  82. Here are a few final thoughts on this topic.
  83. His topic read; ‘Best mom in the world’.
  84. Money is the topic that generates the most.
  85. We will come to this topic soon enough but.
  86. Fishing is an extremely broad topic, though.
  87. Gabe and Elle both deliberated on the topic.
  88. And there was more of a lecture on this topic.
  89. Jody, I’ve done much research on this topic.
  90. I think we've spent enough time on this topic.
  91. Unrelated to the topic, but related with the.
  92. Helga interrupted, trying to change the topic.
  93. A personal story or connection to that topic.
  94. We are not offering discussions on this topic.
  95. So having introduced the topic of Heaven and.
  96. He wanted me to stop yapping about the topic.
  97. This is why resurrection is such a hot topic.
  98. On the topic of the suicide paradox—i.
  99. Why is this topic such a sore subject for me?
  100. Now I understand why this is a sensitive topic.

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