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Transcend in a sentence

1. That will cause you to transcend.
2. The secret of life is to transcend.
3. Therein no fairy's arm can transcend it.
4. This allows you to transcend other planes.
5. The coach helps client transcend barriers.
6. What does it mean to transcend and end?
7. Transcend politics and economies #FuckMoney.
8. Cal Farley’s values transcend time and have.
9. A love to transcend conservative conformity.
10. Transcend occupation, move beyond economies of power.
11. True mystics transcend apparent manifestations of the.
12. Then you have learned to transmute and transcend anger.
13. The spirit of education attempts to transcend this duality.
14. How can one transcend singularly when Eartheart is dying?
15. We have so much more to offer when it is time to transcend.
16. Transcend your fears to live the life you are meant to live.
17. It is this deep love that enabled Shri Maharaj to transcend the.
18. And the greater the more, until it, you, and they transcend self.
19. At this level you transcend the emotional facets of the lower levels.
20. It is free, when I overcome myself and I transcend myself, because I can.
21. Humans will not transcend until chine emergence transganically occurs.
22. Therefore, the first step in transcending government is to transcend money.
23. Time itself can provide them with the free will choice to transcend hatred.
24. Thus to transcend to an unnamed realm, unframed because game is not named, i.
25. You must become the driving essence at each level before you can transcend it.
26. Faith can make a man transcend pain, forgo pleasure, and rush headlong into death.
27. It is time to let the EGO go and transcend the third dimension Beta limitation wave.
28. The inability to transcend beyond money is a failure of both imagination and will.
29. You cannot transcend the Level 3 drive to connect unless you first become that drive.
30. Augustine, said that the only way to transcend the limitations brought on by sensory.
31. He showed how to transcend the concepts of past and future and reside in the Eternal Now.
32. In other words, the brain can sometimes transcend the barriers of space, time and matter.
33. This is the only way to truly transcend the country and cultural biases that have created.
34. We can transcend our entire being simply by utilizing the tools set in place for its growth.
35. By entering into the conditions of the world, love enables us to transcend them by loving all.
36. He said something much bigger was going to happen, something that would transcend the moment.
37. To be beyond time is not to be beyond measurement, but to transcend to another form of mension.
38. Stay with it long enough and you will transcend the ego and experience Reality directly for the.
39. Space is not empty, and the only thing man knows which can even partially transcend space is mind.
40. They look up to people who can transcend the intellect – to poets, artists, musicians and mystics.
41. To transcend from enlightened self-interest – Care Profits! – we must eliminate competition.
42. Those who can transcend the intellect are Gemini’s natural superiors – and a Gemini realizes this.
43. Passion is not aggression, yet it drives us to transcend ourselves via another medium other than self.
44. If only there were no invisible barriers, if only you were… ‘allowed’… to transcend time and space.
45. She’d have to transcend gradually into the new image while still having to occasionally play to the legend.
46. Indeed, the highest aspiration would be to eventually transcend karma altogether on the path towards enlightenment.
47. As one opens themselves to meditation they can easily transcend from one inter-dimensional consciousness to another.
48. Why did you not transcend into the dimension of the dead? Why did you remain on Hroon in your spectral state?
49. Mystics intuitively know we can transcend our self to live through the soul, reunited with the essence of the divine.
50. Does anything last? Do goodness and love transcend this vale of tears? Or does everything rot along with the flesh?
51. Yes, it will transcend the current state, replacing it with a vision of the new desired state, a state of mindfulness.
52. The purpose of life is to transcend separateness and awaken to the metaphysical truth of Oneness, and of Death as Life.
53. The one purpose behind every spiritual practice is to bring you to the point where you can completely transcend the mind.
54. He did not desire too far to transcend the concept of the human as it was held in the minds of his apostles and disciples.
55. These competing ideas seem more important than this moment and this life because they transcend and include this lifetime.
56. If a Buddhist refused his dentist’s Novocain during root canal work, is that because he wanted to transcend dental medication?
57. The FAT file system was a holdover from the DOS days that the developers of the original Windows NT product were seeking to transcend.
58. The idea is that nationalism and the nation state are outmoded and need to be replaced by institutions that transcend national borders.
59. Blessed with a vampire's soul that seems to transcend the mortal form and be un-killable even when in a form so like a mortal being dead.
60. When orgasm is the goal, when it defines sexual satisfaction, it limits sex and the types of intimacies integrated lovers can transcend to.
61. When we transcend to radical equality, government will descend to maintenance and the hero sustainer or overturner of injustice will be passe.
62. They never mention any kind of humane value that might transcend their own sacred, exclusive, religion or culture, or race… except in lip service.
63. When you transcend, you don't see nothing, you experience the horrors and the beauty and the endless spectrum of colors, grays and yet to be blendeds.
64. They see artists of an earlier time as searching merely for the beautiful while the new art seeks to transcend mere beauty and capture the eternal sublime.
65. Using a human mind set, the motivation for preserving particular cultures, and humans in general, would have to transcend merely favoring those communities.
66. Without this boost, we would be reluctant to transcend limits or explore new ground because our motivation would depend solely upon old ways of being and doing.
67. Therefore, traditional religions are prisons, since they not only cannot transcend the system, but, in fact, also are guardians, promoters, and investors in it.
68. The ultimate goal of society's most advanced achievement can never hope to transcend Jesus' brotherhood of men based on the recognition of the fatherhood of God.
69. In this paradoxical way we can transcend the usual dichotomy (the division into two; the binary split) between emptiness and form, or existence and non-existence.
70. The verses you just quoted require God and or Jesus himself to transcend towards earth twice, once for the Rapture and the other to judge the living and the dead.
71. The reason he even knew about those movies was because they are the only human achievement to transcend the barrier between planet Earth and Rip's own home planet.
72. Yet in reality those personal interests of the moment so much transcend the general interests that they always prevent the public interest from being felt or even noticed.
73. There may be local variations in tastes and laws, but the fundamental economics of producing, marketing, and distributing most goods and services transcend national boundaries.
74. The theory is, if I understand it correctly, is that by empowering each basic unit, meaning each of us, a new order will emerge that will transcend that which has come before it.
75. A rote, unreflected, and uncritical mastery of an act makes us oblivious to its frame, trapped by the nature of the game and unable to transcend the language rules we are embedded in.
76. When the whole body politic is so corrupt that there are no eyes on our rulers to see when they transcend the powers of the constitution, all is lost, and no paper reservations can save us.
77. Any parent who has teenagers will know what I am saying is true, therefore, out of happiness can come unhappiness? The challenge in life is to transcend happiness, by using a different model.
78. Through detachment from the personal Ego, the Yogi, or follower of a particular path of Yoga, is able to transcend his mortality and attachment from the material world, and see the Infinite.
79. If the human element is to remain relevant it has to transcend beyond being a mere demonstrator of the emerging smart educational system to become a wisdom teacher of its culture's attractors.
80. To transcend from sharing the excesses of wealth to cure the excesses of wealth production to sharing all is to willfully evolve socially instinctive empathy into globally motivated compassion.
81. Thus, the quest to be like x is to live mythically as that which is beyond self, but to be x is divine, for it is to transcend to the not yet self calling the immanent self to a re-unity beyond.
82. Art seeks to transcend the culture that gives it flight to comment upon its hidden structures, to have insight into its unseen dysfunctions, to envision idealizations of its collective potentials.
83. From such vantage points of high living, man is able to transcend the material irritations of the lower levels of thinking -- worry, jealousy, envy, revenge, and the pride of immature personality.
84. Possibly, for the salvation of his creatures, he might accelerate natural law, but to transcend his own laws, either for the benefit of himself or the overawing of his fellow men, that he would not do.
85. The less tangible pleasures also: a oneness with life itself; nothing more than the carefree enjoyment of a summer garden, a scented breeze, and music so sublime it seemed to transcend any human art-form.
86. Religion implies the existence of undiscovered ideals which far transcend the known standards of ethics and morality embodied in even the highest social usages of the most mature institutions of civilization.
87. It is the power struggle between the forces of the inertia that bind us to the plane of forgetfulness and our ability to transcend them that ultimately defines the territorial boundaries of our human awakening.
88. Only in imaginative games can empathy transcend into love, by quitting the Game to try to help the co-operant find their own voice by creating their own language which creates them, face and tongue, mouth and speech.
89. Instead of transcending our limits in all ways, instead of going beyond our limits on all levels, we want to only transcend our physical limitations mechanically… as machines, wanting more, higher, faster, farther, bigger.
90. We can't transcend separately, but we need group reflection, not mass trance; we must posit an ideal attracting us beyond the gravity of economic crisis, not an I'mage hypnotizing us into a spiral consent to P2entrepreneurial collapse.
91. Variances in tonal frequency and vibratory consonance provide the appearance of what we call here and there; but we transcend this illusion through the experience of bilocation, where we perceive other places, while maintaining body consciousness.
92. The reason of this incompetency was, that some of the most important powers of sovereignty inherently possessed a geographical influence beyond the geographical limits of the several States individually, and their jurisdiction could not transcend their geographical limits.
93. While in the experience of this God-man there was always the possibility that the divine mind would transcend the human intellect, nonetheless, when, and as, his human mind functioned, it did perform as would a true mortal mind under the conditions of the human environment of that day.
94. If U can transcend to the vanishing Ωmega Point of NOT HING, then U can gain advantage over the competitors of |NOW| and |~NOW|, by controlling them with the gravitational black hole of NOT HING – the never to be nuniqueness that Ii, iI, ii, II's of iville are all pursuing unto Xtinction.
95. Are these (mystical) unitary experiences merely the result of neurological function or are they genuine experiences which the brain is able to perceive? Could it be that the brain has evolved the ability to transcend material existence and experience a higher plane of being that actually exists?
96. But arbitrary conversations about the wasp, and so forth, or problems within the limit of 10,—its decomposition in every manner possible,—cannot form a subject of instruction, because, in the first place, they transcend the subject and, in the second place, because they do not treat of its laws.
97. As far as his personal necessities were concerned, and in general even in his relations with other personalities, he now deliberately chose to pursue the path of normal earthly existence; he definitely decided against a policy which would transcend, violate, or outrage his own established natural laws.
98. How does one god damn fucking transcend and not hear Earth's cries of pain? How does one see love and not will the health of all? How does one experience god and not give all to creation? It's easy if you transcend alone, by yourself or class, because you have fallen into the hole of self-absorption, justification and aggrandizement.
99. Therefore, any menace that threatens the native sovereignty or damages the economic, the political or the security sides makes the state brandishes to use that deadly weapons against those who threaten its benefit, though the danger of these weapons will not be limited to the opponent power only, yet it will transcend it to spread almost over all the humanity.
100. Its central doctrine of salvation by the Incarnation and Sacrifice of the Son of God is wholly foreign to the 'wisdom of this world’; and its contradiction of the popular faith in man's native immortality, while attributing man’s immortal life to Christ, is only another example of the general rule that its revelations transcend every anticipation of nature.
1. Love has a way of transcending death.
2. It is a transcending art because it is an art that sustains.
3. Therefore, the first step in transcending government is to transcend money.
4. Transcending space and time because patterns are formed that persist beyond their.
5. Myth sometimes presages science, transcending from belief to fact via formula, reproduction and falsifiability.
6. We are indeed his loyal subjects, but far transcending that fact is the transforming truth that we are his sons.
7. Animals know only this blind and instinctive urge; man is capable of transcending this urge to natural function.
8. When we are heartmind, our transcending spirit shall be this liberating Love and its Beautiful Unfolding in the world.
9. Sexual performance does not produce integrated transcendence; yet, transcending into unity makes any performance seem divine.
10. Movement to a higher level involves the transcending of an unconscious drive that is the essence of the self at the lower level.
11. It never disappears, but always exists, in minds and hearts and has the spiritual characteristics of transcending all time, all places and all spaces.
12. Here we are; it, iT, IT is here now and we are the makers and made, as all creation is – up and down the transcending transformation mobius stairloop.
13. The Now of Power is the practice of dictating the present for the purpose of transcending time and becoming, not simply virtually, but actually immortal.
14. Existing political tensions transcending the boundaries of American Society have steadily undermined America‘s fragile alliance with Europe in recent years.
15. Such a relationship is particularly remarkable because of its intimacy, an intimacy far transcending that of friendship, love of parents, or any earthly emotion.
16. The first is the more perfect realization of our own present life; the second, the abnegation of it: the one, limited by experience, the other, transcending it.
17. The goal of democracy is to eliminate the need for endlessly amending rights of access to a broken system by transcending majority rule with universal equality.
18. But he sensed here a cosmic vileness transcending mere human degeneracy—a perverse branch on the tree of Life, developed along lines outside human comprehension.
19. There is something quite oddly necessary for survival about insincerity, which makes sincerity such a vulnerable, fragile and powerfully transcending comformication.
20. The evolution of economics, transcending money, ownership and power, is the movement from a convoluted energy, resources and labor wasting system of financial 262.
21. The ideal government, like military and police, is to become obsolete by transcending itself as empowerer and protector of human life via the equality of a shareconomy.
22. It is the language of love that can both transition us through this epoch of crisis and also be the ethic that creates a world transcending these cycles of social cannibalism.
23. After one becomes the act by acting, then one can become aware of the act of becoming – this is transcending intentionality; it is being towards the world, regardless the world.
24. Ladies and gentlemen! The phenomenon we are investigating to-night is regarded, on the one hand, as something new; and, on the other, as something transcending the limits of natural conditions.
25. The ready explanation for the universal nature of the Muslim agitation is that in them it is cultivated that Islam in essence is a brotherhood of believers transcending races, cultures, and nations.
26. We may not be conscious of it, but our consciousness, thoughts and emotions are invisible, transcending time and space, flashing within and before us, almost instantly, faster than the speed of light.
27. If you can have fun eating a bowl of soup differently each time you do it: then what you are doing is transcending any repetitive duplication or ritualized behavior that tools tend to force human existence into.
28. At this time, I feel the need to dispel the illusion of wisdom and stature which so easily overcomes us when we realize our potential in transcending that which in the past has always kept us deaf, dumb and blind.
29. The power transcending all others which has influenced individuals and nations since time began, that power which is the convergence of the invisible, intangible, spiritual forces of all humanity, is public opinion.
30. Instead of transcending our limits in all ways, instead of going beyond our limits on all levels, we want to only transcend our physical limitations mechanically… as machines, wanting more, higher, faster, farther, bigger.
31. Even the existence of an Eternal Being is plausible in theory when one is willing to allow, however far-fetched to some, a (supreme) being transcending beginning and end; that is to say, the ―possibility‖ of eternal life.
32. You remain beneath, enduring the onslaught of the furied outpouring, leaning into the baptism, swimming standing still, getting out where you got in, washed and cleansed – a purity transcending, but never moved and never moving.
33. PROFESSOR [rising and addressing the Fat Lady—then reseating himself] Ladies and gentlemen! The phenomenon we are investigating to-night is regarded, on the one hand, as something new; and, on the other, as something transcending the limits of natural conditions.
34. These organizational systems can interact with other organizational systems, either of greater or lesser complexity, by cooperating, integrating, conflicting, annihilating, synthesizing, mutating, hybridizing or transcending together into higher inter-intra-organizations.
35. The flexibility of a share-ready meshed platform uses techno-communication to create a wider cast pitch of opportunity: Come share and we can all save and make money rather than transcending into the voice of invitation Come share and we can all work less and enjoy life more.
36. No miracle, ministry of mercy, or any other possible event occurring in connection with Jesus' remaining earth labors could possibly be of the nature or character of an act transcending the natural laws established and regularly working in the affairs of man as he lives on Urantia except in this expressly stated matter of time.
37. Although laws are not in every respect universally binding, many generally underscore the nature of time-honored (moral) precepts; that is to say, eternal truths and timeless values transcending the limits of parochial custom(s) and tradition(s); whose eternal precedence have been intuitively understood by a (variety) of people among a (variety) of cultures across the course of History.
38. The committee, however, are of opinion that, should the petitioners have been guilty of a crime against the United States by a voluntary or otherwise culpable infraction of its laws, the dictates of humanity no less than the principles of justice, ought to influence the Legislature of the United States to adopt the proper means of restoring them to their country, in order that they may expiate the offence by a punishment suited to but not transcending the magnitude of their crime.
39. Standing before massive crowds, a rhetorical master in action, a brown-faced man chanting yes we can a phenomenon unheard, Closing generational gaps and transcending racial lines drawn in the hot political sands, men, women, boys and girls…it was Barack’s world, his international political stage sparked bigoted outrage, vet him strong but treat him wrong because white is the only right in these United States of America, Mock his children, attack his wife, call him a nigger and manufacture strife, reduce him to a symbol of terrorism, Extremists rise, haters tell lies to stop him in his tracks, Because Barack’s too dark, his white ain’t right, his wife’s too ethnic, and his swag’s too light to be a U.
40. Standing before massive crowds, a rhetorical master in action, a brown-faced man chanting yes we can a phenomenon unheard, Closing genera¬tional gaps and transcending racial lines drawn in the hot political sands, men, women, boys and girls…it was Barack’s world, his interna¬tional political stage sparked bigoted outrage, vet him strong but treat him wrong because white is the only right in these United States of America, Mock his children, attack his wife, call him a nigger and manufacture strife, reduce him to a symbol of terrorism, Extremists rise, haters tell lies to stop him in his tracks, Because Barack’s too dark, his white ain’t right, his wife’s too ethnic, and his swag’s too light to be a U.
41. What is it to experience the GlobalMind not as we idealize it, but as it is trying to present itself to us, not its meta-I'mage, but its self-conception, perhaps even self-creation, generation, and perpetuation? Why meditate beyond this GlobalMind of our Eartheart? What is the purpose of transcending this unique awakening? If meditation is eliminating the ego's filter so as to bathe naked in Awareness, if we can find interface – comformicating enlightenment, not silent ignorance – then we can EMerge within the awakening consciousness of the GlobalMind, electric with the incoherent transcendence that is the mechanism of evevolutionary change leaping mutations and skipping genius-rations of creation's serendipitous accidents.
42. Is it fitting that the only two nations among whom the worship of the true God has been maintained with any thing like truth and freedom from corruption; that the only two nations among whom this worship has been preserved unstained, shall be the two now arrayed against each other in hostile arms in a conflict in which, let who will conquer in the fight, his success in one point, if that be an object, will have been attained: so much of human life, liberty, and happiness, will have perished in the affray—in the service of this scourge with which it has pleased God, in his wisdom and justice, not in his mercy, to inflict mankind? Is it fitting that those hands which unite in giving to idolaters and to the heathen the Word of God, the Book of Life—that those hands, and those alone, should be thus drenched in each other's blood? Will you unite as a Christian with your Protestant brother across the Atlantic for these noble purposes, and then plunge the dagger into his breast with whom you are associated in a cause so holy—one so infinitely transcending the low, the little, the dirty business we are called upon here to transact? I hope that the sacrifice may be stopped.
43. What histories, rulers, heroes, perhaps transcending all others,.
1. I transcended the boundaries of.
2. A thing recognized is a thing transcended.
3. In the act of loving, meaning is transcended.
4. My head has transcended the power of getting.
5. Audiences best loved heroes who transcended life.
6. His voice was gentle, but transcended authority, a.
7. But her radiant features transcended the stereotype.
8. In level 6 awareness even this agenda is transcended.
9. The hideousness of its face transcended mere bestiality.
10. No law of nature was modified, abrogated, or even transcended.
11. It was a gift, her mother had explained, that transcended the.
12. Whenever their GI transcended itself, it vanished – code and all.
13. Radner’s humor transcended the stage, screen and television studio.
14. You have transcended all superstition; you know that a man may find the.
15. It transcended the desperation of today and cast him far away, into his past.
16. He thought he even caught a glimpse of himself, as the wave transcended time.
17. From these larger than me crises, we emerge either traumatized or transcended.
18. He had found a way to contact her that transcended the limitations of time and space.
19. As she wiped her hands they squealed with horrified delight at the torture transcended.
20. The mystics say that only when concepts and beliefs are transcended, can true union with.
21. These were the last moments he had with his father before his soul transcended his universe.
22. The public’s thirst for news obviously transcended a mere accident involving a city official.
23. To say one has transcended to nothing and was aware of it is not simply a paradox, but an absurdity.
24. Brennan gave a poorly disguised Melioran argument to prove intellectual pursuits transcended suffering.
25. Perhaps Claude has transcended this physical limitation due to his experience and preternatural strength.
26. My body and the process became one and the same, and I could watch it from above as I transcended into the mist.
27. He theorized that if a sufficiently dynamic event occurred, something which by its nature transcended linear time--.
28. There were no words, as the chant was intended to communicate that which transcended the power of mere words to describe.
29. The question then would be, whether the President in issuing this proclamation has not transcended the limits of his powers.
30. This something concerns the unconscious drive of the level of awareness being transcended in the transition that is underway.
31. The discipline of transcendence is in paradigm perception, not of the one being transcended, but the one being transcended to.
32. Democracies attempt to exist as correctives to inequality; when inequalities are eclipsed, then democracies can be transcended.
33. Dress, because of its ―uniformity‖ (Ha Ha) was once considered society‘s equalizer; that is to say, Dress transcended Class.
34. He breathed easily and he did not tire – the death-lust had transcended his body's limitations – and yet he was getting no closer.
35. Marx held that social class transcended national boundaries: Your nationality was unimportant; what mattered was that you were a worker.
36. The mastermind who carried out The Dark’s conspiracy transcended long ago under mysterious circumstances, and so has one of his followers.
37. This strategy to further his quest transcended his mortal end, for unrest over Roman rule would generate an inescapable momentum for change.
38. Unfortunately for them, their desires often transcended stated cause and they quarreled among themselves and with Alexius of Constantinople.
39. God breathed into history a second breath of life, and vividly confirmed another mode of existence, which wholly transcended physical life: spiritual life.
40. For a boy who grew up in the flat farmlands of Lambton County in Ontario, Canada, the southern coast of England had a fascination that transcended its natural beauty.
41. As the Accept Call button on his monitor transcended from a bright yellow to an I wish my lawn was this color green, Phillip couldn’t help but let out a short laugh.
42. Nirvana may be entered when we are in elevated states of spiritual consciousness or in any true state of meditation during which, by definition, the ego has been transcended.
43. Then he thought about the fact that he’d given these twenty-six veterans another lease on their lives, a purpose that transcended the bitterness they had brought back from Viet Nam.
44. He thought about how they had met in college, how they had fallen in love heedless of anyone else’s opinion and how, by the time the troubles started, their love transcended all barriers.
45. The mystical experience … is one in which the subject - object relationship is transcended, in which there is a sense of complete solidarity of the subject with other human beings and with the universe in general.
46. There, in the Q-verse, one was truly vireal – where both the physical and imaginative were delimited and thus inhabitable by virtizens: those who had transcended poly-virtualism with the Q-plane InfoFacer, the IFQ.
47. And Money as a religion insists that its followers perceive their future self, their transcended glorious I'mage, as a financial self, which can only be achieved through the ritualizing routines of material acquisition.
48. When one transcended, they would have been aware of silence, because there wasn't any thought, because there wasn't any language center from which Earth could evolve self-speak, because Its brain hadn't yet gone global.
49. But rather, has been unequivocally and categorically without a whisper of doubt, transcended all transgressions, winning victory over all that which may have been perceived as originating from any super natural and supreme evil being.
50. And Shakespeare’s prodigous talents transcended his work as an actor and producer of plays, to that of the World’s most reknowned author, with mastery and innovation of a rapidly evolving language, and rich portrayal of mood and character.
51. But believing, as your committee do, that, in granting the original charter to the stockholders, Congress transcended the legitimate powers of the constitution; the same objection now presents itself to the extension of any of their corporate capacities.
52. The child is always within his rights when he presumes to petition the parent; and the parent is always within his parental obligations to the immature child when his superior wisdom dictates that the answer to the child's prayer be delayed, modified, segregated, transcended, or postponed to another stage of spiritual ascension.
53. Consciousness, the soul and spirit, the ability to possess invisible thoughts and emotions the Self and humans experience, have transcended from another world, created from another dimension, but now exist on Earth as if within a sub world, situated within a larger and incredibly different invisible dimension as that world belonging to the Creator.
1. The ethic of humanism transcends.
2. Such a man transcends feelings of love and hatred.
3. Your achievement far transcends any race or creed.
4. This is what money socially transcends us to –.
5. This is a truth which transcends everything else if.
6. Eternal Now which transcends both the past and future.
7. It is it, or the Truth that transcends space and time.
8. As you can see working smart transcends the business world.
9. Knowing this secret, the yogi transcends the rewards of Vedic.
10. The forgiveness of love utterly transcends the forgiveness of mercy.
11. There is a field of awareness that transcends the limits of the body.
12. Or do they have a god besides God? God transcends what they associate.
13. Revolution changes the system, but only evolution transcends the system.
14. You alone have been made in the image of the Reality that transcends all.
15. Love transcends all distinctions, because it is caring for a, not caring because x.
16. The need to win transcends all other considerations, thereby corrupting ones humanity.
17. The name was not given, they only referred to him as the one who transcends time and space.
18. In doing that, our beliefs include a divine presence that transcends the nature of humanity.
19. The very globe continually transcends and translates itself, and becomes winged in its orbit.
20. It transcends human wit to give any scientific explanation which could cover the alleged facts.
21. God is a thought; God is an idea, but its reference is to something that transcends all thinking.
22. Some on a spiritual path believe that a law of grace, or forgiveness, transcends the law of karma.
23. When one transcends to NOT HING, they claim to have found a gap between the |NOW| and the |~NOW|.
24. The quality of love is truly universal – as it literally transcends peoples, nations, and religions.
25. Love's purpose is health, which transcends healing by eliminating the art works of illness and disease.
26. In the silence we become conscious of "that something" which transcends thought and which uses thought.
27. While classical Aristotelian logic adheres to the law of non-contradiction, superposed logic transcends it.
28. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
29. Yes, love is an emotion, but there’s also an intellectual component to love that transcends emotion and….
30. Now, the truth is that we are not an absolute and the SELF transcends the I and has a power that the I does not have.
31. The Soul and Spirit of the Will of the architect permeates and transcends throughout the universe and all of creation.
32. Even man is more than, and transcends, any thought that may rise in him and that he may witness, deal with or dismiss.
33. When love is idealized as the god of love, love transcends by becoming universally immanent – the idealized realized.
34. You must never realize that the culture of the robber baron transcends all other religious-ethnic-racial-national boundaries.
35. Why the circle? Why the wheel? Because the turning of the wheel transcends time and embraces all action and inaction simultaneously.
36. The third stage is marked with a state when mantra transcends its constituent parts and even there remains no performer of the mantra.
37. These recollections need to be fully explored so you can comprehend and understand love that transcends any and all time restrictions.
38. The impulse of friendship transcends all convictions of duty, and the service of a friend for a friend can never be called a sacrifice.
39. When taste transcends into savor and eating becomes aesthetic enjoyment, cooking becomes food not only for the body, but also for the spirit.
40. When soul transcends the plane of lower intelligence, the consciousness merges with the realm of pure subjectivity, leaving the human ego behind.
41. Thus metaphors, Time is money, create attractors, money transcends time, which brings about the particle formation of social realities –.
42. The second is that there exists a grand cooperation between all things, at levels of awareness that far transcends man’s focus on physical reality.
43. Seeking the extension of self into comformicating relationships with others, the immanent tool-bodymind transcends, again pointing at the entourage.
44. A shareconomy transcends the political arena by creating functional institutions that care for the totality of the collective via its diverse individuals.
45. Jesus sought neither victory over government or economy, but rather offered liberation of the heart, where love transcends both the government and economy.
46. To believe that the girl herself transcends all lies (for Jacob was not such a fool as to believe implicitly), to wonder enviously at the unanchored life--.
47. God is neither the content of any idea nor an object of mental search, but the supra-mental infinite being that transcends all mental phenomena while supporting them.
48. The central conception transcends all thought that has been trained simply under the course of natural law,—'Eye has not seen the things prepared by God for them that love Him.
49. Once it transcends its need for us, then like any brain evolving into new functions, it will shed millions of cells as it evolves from identity acquisition to will implementation.
50. For this reason, I separate the terms perception and awareness, in order to emphasize the fact of a perception which transcends awareness, and adds an unusual element of cognizance to it.
51. Man is a material fact of nature, but his life is a phenomenon which transcends the material levels of nature in that it exhibits the control attributes of mind and the creative qualities of spirit.
52. The joy and love I felt for him transcends any other emotions I’ve ever had, but it faded and died when I was forced to remain in prison with no protection and no hope of rescue from my tormentors.
53. The goal of a wise culture's educational system is to midwife the birth of a self-creating student; not a student that graduated from education, but a student that transcends to Everything teaches.
54. Knowledge pertains to things observed, but truth transcends such purely material levels in that it consorts with wisdom and embraces such imponderables as human experience, even spiritual and living realities.
55. All populist, charismatic leaders believe that they have a "special connection" with the "people": a relationship that is direct, almost mystical, and transcends the normal channels of communication (such as the.
56. The spontaneous turning of any moment into the leisurely celebration of the joy of being alive, it transcends time by escaping the gravity of game, she let loose the vine and it bounced gentle waves to stillness.
57. Since the common-stock investor must form some fairly satisfactory opinion of average earning power, which transcends the annual fluctuations, he may as readily accustom himself to forming a similar idea of average income.
58. In their search for the sublime, says Carol Iannone, an editor at the journal of the National Association of Scholars, modern artists seek to confront a limitless unknown abstraction that transcends everyday experience.
59. The story of clans and families, unending tribal struggles for power and wealth; generations of intermarriages and conspiracies which have running themes, feuds, grudges, which transcends and goes beyond the short lives of the living.
60. The subject transcends in its scope the narrow field of security analysis, but we shall discuss it here briefly because there is a distinct relationship between the value of securities and the intelligence and alertness of those who own them.
61. But I do believe that in every age there are people whose consciousness transcends their own time and that these people, whether fictional or historical, are those with whom we most closely identify and those about whom we most enjoy reading.
62. A virtualnism is a social construction that arises from the activity of its self-organizing members, but transcends the collective acts of those members by necessitating an external meta-organization that evolves it into a living virtual system.
63. Meditate on death because there is no way to know life unless you stand face to face with death – and it is everywhere; wherever life is death is also; they are really two aspects of one and the same phenomenon, and when one comes to know this, he transcends both.
64. By this argument alone, worldly and eternal cannot be separated otherwise such equivocations that must inevitably follow would negate the eternal order of things that transcends, although embracing, the worldly order of things each in conjunction with Eternal Designs.
65. This acceptance transcends the moral perceptual judgement of good people and bad behavior, and its ethical condition of the deserving winner being rewarded with the benefits of the indulgent, while the equally deserving loser is punished with the imprisonment of poverty.
66. Moving towards the center of the very same wheel, rotating in space and time, do we not find ourselves approaching stillness? We conceive that once we reach the very essence of the center, we would find ourselves in a motionless dimension that transcends the movement of the wheel.
67. But he who in the rightly regal and intelligent spirit presides over his own private dinner-table of invited guests, that man's unchallenged power and dominion of individual influence for the time; that man's royalty of state transcends Belshazzar's, for Belshazzar was not the greatest.
68. Since Hope found in the Infinite has no limits, its outcome isn’t determined by one’s mental fortitude; instead, Hope that is derived from the Infinite has a lasting impact on one’s mental fortitude, strengthening it and propelling it into a dimension that transcends time and space.
69. To this Don Quixote made answer, Senora, your highness must know that everything or almost everything that happens me transcends the ordinary limits of what happens to other knights-errant; whether it be that it is directed by the inscrutable will of destiny, or by the malice of some jealous enchanter.
70. Not all souls are destined to reach exactly the same level of realization, but we can make the generalization that although there are many stages of awakening, the ultimate frontier of enlightenment for a human consciousness is its liberation, the point at which it transcends its personalized identity and earthly ties.
71. An ordinary white man such as any of you—pardon me, I did not mean just that—rather, a white man above the ordinary in physique and intelligence could never, I grant you, have lived a year alone and naked in this tropical jungle; but this man not only surpasses the average white man in strength and agility, but as far transcends our trained athletes and 'strong men' as they surpass a day-old babe; and his courage and ferocity in battle are those of the wild beast.
72. Can it, then, be thought incredible,—since the very essence of Christianity is thus in its spiritual quality and physical aims a work not of law but of pardon, from its beginning to its end a miracle of new creation,—if the evidence of its truth be miraculous also? What we term the miracles of the Scripture history are but the bright cloud overshadowing that Savior who is Himself 'the Wonderful, the Counsellor, the Mighty God,’ and whose work transcends all that Nature can know.
73. An individual, irrespective of his or her material status, should be (otherwise) measured by the quality of that individual‘s Character and that ―fundamental‖ arguments of questionable design have less to do with that individual‘s economic standing but that individual‘s moral content, rather, that transcends class distinctions; that is to say, that individual‘s (natural) state of goodness; and that an individual, however rich or poor, may be either meanly disposed or kind and generous in consonance with his or her Nature.
74. This is the house of praise people! Tell me which one of you woke up this morning and meditated on the majesty of God? Which one of you came into this holy sanctuary bearing on your person the garment of praise? Is God not worthy of praise? Is not your purpose, your created purpose, that transcends everything else, to bring praise, honor and glory to the Creator of us all? Where are your hearts? Have you remembered what Jesus did for you on the cross or have you come here seeking a show, a production of meaningless ritual? That’s right.
75. It transcends all levels of reality,.
76. To thee, great hero who all praise transcends,.
77. Seeing how the internet manifestly transcends the concept of international boundaries,.

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