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Transcend in a sentence

transcend even the Self.
Infinity it will transcend.
both to transcend the souls.
ability to transcend ourselves.
That will cause you to transcend.
that will cause you to transcend.
The secret of life is to transcend.

social agendas that transcend the cause.
transcend to heaven after they die?.
This allows you to transcend other planes.
something that would transcend my lifetime.
The coach helps client transcend barriers.
What does it mean to transcend and end?.
Transcend politics and economies #FuckMoney.
Cal Farley’s values transcend time and have.
brain can sometimes transcend the barriers of.
A love to transcend conservative conformity.
knowledge of the universe – and can it transcend.
terfly, we will transcend this earthbound existence.
transcend the concept and the boundaries of morality.
Transcend occupation, move beyond economies of power.
True mystics transcend apparent manifestations of the.
Then you have learned to transmute and transcend anger.
way to transcend the limitations brought on by sensory.
The spirit of education attempts to transcend this duality.
We have so much more to offer when it is time to transcend.
How can one transcend singularly when Eartheart is dying?.
Transcend your fears to live the life you are meant to live.
It is this deep love that enabled Shri Maharaj to transcend the.
individual and the community at large; we manage to transcend the.
boredom), or we can transcend those worldly states by finding the.
Love has a way of transcending death.
transcending both the body and the soul.
transcending themselves and recreating themselves.
the Spirit transcending both the body and the soul.
transcending appearances to realize the One essence in All.
It is a transcending art because it is an art that sustains.
and outer worlds, transcending the sense that they are opposites.
there is but one state of being, including and transcending the.
What histories, rulers, heroes, perhaps transcending all others,.
cosmos at large; a sense of transcending the boundaries of time and.
child and a child of the stars, capable of creating, transcending and.
self? And what is the way of transcending the three properties? Replying.
Therefore, the first step in transcending government is to transcend money.
itself and, by transcending itself, to unify with the others and transmute into.
Transcending space and time because patterns are formed that persist beyond their.
transcending joy that can be felt only by a refined and subtle intellect; and… ’’.
Myth sometimes presages science, transcending from belief to fact via formula, reproduction and falsifiability.
We are indeed his loyal subjects, but far transcending that fact is the transforming truth that we are his sons.
Animals know only this blind and instinctive urge; man is capable of transcending this urge to natural function.
When we are heartmind, our transcending spirit shall be this liberating Love and its Beautiful Unfolding in the world.
Sexual performance does not produce integrated transcendence; yet, transcending into unity makes any performance seem divine.
Movement to a higher level involves the transcending of an unconscious drive that is the essence of the self at the lower level.
…predicated upon an intuitive understanding transcending the broadest limits of the imagination understood as the ―will to vision‖.
It never disappears, but always exists, in minds and hearts and has the spiritual characteristics of transcending all time, all places and all spaces.
Here we are; it, iT, IT is here now and we are the makers and made, as all creation is – up and down the transcending transformation mobius stairloop.
The Now of Power is the practice of dictating the present for the purpose of transcending time and becoming, not simply virtually, but actually immortal.
Existing political tensions transcending the boundaries of American Society have steadily undermined America‘s fragile alliance with Europe in recent years.
Such a relationship is particularly remarkable because of its intimacy, an intimacy far transcending that of friendship, love of parents, or any earthly emotion.
The first is the more perfect realization of our own present life; the second, the abnegation of it: the one, limited by experience, the other, transcending it.
The goal of democracy is to eliminate the need for endlessly amending rights of access to a broken system by transcending majority rule with universal equality.
But he sensed here a cosmic vileness transcending mere human degeneracy—a perverse branch on the tree of Life, developed along lines outside human comprehension.
Suddenly you have transcended.
I transcended the boundaries of.
Prez Porn had transcended to the.
A thing recognized is a thing transcended.
transcended that of the child's simple loss.
In the act of loving, meaning is transcended.
My head has transcended the power of getting.
wholly transcended physical life: spiritual life.
Audiences best loved heroes who transcended life.
transformed me, transcended, terminated, recreated.
His voice was gentle, but transcended authority, a.
In level 6 awareness even this agenda is transcended.
But her radiant features transcended the stereotype.
action is said to have transcended all the properties.
The hideousness of its face transcended mere bestiality.
transcended the perimeters of my mind when my body becomes.
No law of nature was modified, abrogated, or even transcended.
It was a gift, her mother had explained, that transcended the.
existence, which wholly transcended physical life: spiritual life.
knew that at that moment, the Pay-Khoy tribe had transcended the.
Whenever their GI transcended itself, it vanished – code and all.
Radner’s humor transcended the stage, screen and television studio.
happenings of the world is so popular because we haven’t transcended.
visible, as does the way in which they can be synthesized and transcended.
he felt he’d transcended this world into a dimension without time, one.
You have transcended all superstition; you know that a man may find the.
transcended by following the teachings and inspiration of Jesus of Nazareth.
He thought he even caught a glimpse of himself, as the wave transcended time.
It transcended the desperation of today and cast him far away, into his past.
And love transcends time.
law transcends the law of Karma.
preme Spirit that transcends it.
The ethic of humanism transcends.
It transcends all levels of reality,.
that that law transcends the law of Karma.
eternally transcends into force of will,.
whose love transcends lifetimes, and they.
transcends the Ved, and that man is a Brahmin.
which transcends the transitory life of nature.
To thee, great hero who all praise transcends,.
our higher goals, in itself, transcends the ego.
state of consciousness that transcends the body.
Such a man transcends feelings of love and hatred.
Your achievement far transcends any race or creed.
This is what money socially transcends us to –.
This is a truth which transcends everything else if.
Eternal Now which transcends both the past and future.
reference is to something that transcends all thinking.
that transcends genres, boundaries and time into something.
It is it, or the Truth that transcends space and time.
state of connectedness that transcends physical sensations or.
As you can see working smart transcends the business world.
integral and which transcends the national borders created by men.
conscience escapes self and transcends to meditate upon the needs.
Knowing this secret, the yogi transcends the rewards of Vedic.
The forgiveness of love utterly transcends the forgiveness of mercy.
There is a field of awareness that transcends the limits of the body.
Or do they have a god besides God? God transcends what they associate.
going beyond them? Krishn says that as a man transcends the Ved, even.

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exceed overstep pass top transcend surpass