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Transit in a sentence

1. I am nowhere but transit.
2. This is a very nice transit.
3. We watch the transit in awe.
4. The transit from where he was.
5. Davie can hear the Transit idling.
6. City transit and taxis flourished.
7. The time in transit passed quickly.

8. It was in transit during the attack.
9. The months in transit passed quickly.
10. Cadets stand by to transit the portal.
11. Nothing is coming out of that transit.
12. For the hypermass transit calculations.
13. We wed reached a major transit station.
14. The Sun and Mars transit eclipse points.
15. Bogart gave the two letters of transit to.
16. Technically the ship has to be in transit.
17. There is another way to read this transit.
18. The Transit needs a minute or two to warm up.
19. Ships only make money when they are in transit.
20. So the insertion must be happening in transit.
21. Sometimes this transit brings power blackouts.
22. Without phase-shifting the transit points were.
23. The decline of mass transit is another casualty.
24. The other two were either in transit or loading.
25. Do humans here use any for mass transit? Zem.
26. All he knew was that as they exited the transit.
27. Pay rises often happen under this kind of transit.
28. On the side of the Transit there is a bright flash.
29. His normal transit is one and a half to two months.
30. This transit also shows the power of detox regimes.
31. It’s a bloody transit visa! The bastards!.
32. Blasting Officer & countersigned in the Transit slip.
33. We will fill the time in transit building our ships.
34. Mercury, observations on the transit of, May, 1845, D.
35. But one was lost without trace with her transit crew.
36. I just do the calculations for the transit targeting.
37. Quick, get a transit probe on her! Ordered Ingrid.
38. Data that is being transmitted is said to be in transit.
39. Public transit was more orderly than this flying circus.
40. A Transit painted in the lurid colours of the God Squad.
41. Locking the door, he set off toward the transit station.
42. Rapid transit in the business atmosphere may come later.
43. The battered white Transit van was the perfect disguise.
44. Toby drove behind with all their equipment in the Transit.
45. Household goods may be partially covered while in transit.
46. Transit is one of the most secure departments in the city.
47. This is an important transit that indicates career success.
48. Kurt looked at the transit bridge that he would need to cross.
49. Mars will transit an eclipse point from the 4th to the 7th.
50. Sometimes this transit shows a demanding or overbearing boss.
51. Mars will transit an eclipse point from the 11th to the 18th.
52. Seems to stand that we should get in on those Transit passes.
53. Timms already laid in coordinates for the Algol-Mizar transit.
54. I could have visited with her longer but the night’s transit.
55. The addition of mass transit entered into the equation as well.
56. Health and energy are also affected by this transit of Saturn.
57. Venus will transit an eclipse point from the 21st to the 23rd.
58. The Acheron was a transit river on which Charon moved his ferry.
59. There is a small nuclear device in transit somewhere in the.
60. They are an obligation of the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit System.
61. He knew she only called him in transit when it was an emergency.
62. Used in subways and highways for entry into mass transit systems.
63. I just plot microchanges in interstellar transit point locations.
64. In time, more such transit points will be opened as trade develops.
65. Good relationships can survive this transit, but it won’t be easy.
66. There was no guarantee when you came out of that transit point that.
67. But as the Confederation narrowed the gap between it and the transit.
68. Or they could have decelerated in transit, before exiting the Matrix.
69. Mercury’s transit of Neptune is a spiritual period for you as well.
70. For the time being, a platoon of replacements is in transit by train.
71. Instead we decided to take local transit and cut straight through town.
72. For pity’s sake, Captain! T’Ching is Chastity’s transit point.
73. This transit shows foreign travel and happy educational opportunities.
74. A ship in transit encountering such a body on the same plane would be as.
75. This transit also shows the importance of the social dimension in earnings.
76. It’s on neither Main Street nor Transit Road but rather on Sheridan Drive.
77. A policeman was helping him to his feet and guiding him back to the Transit.
78. How much closer does the ship have to be to the Transit when we discharge?
79. I mentioned Chicago Transit Authority’s Free Form Guitar in the introduction.
80. The main re-activation for you is Venus’s transit from the 18th to the 20th.
81. They’re the most frequented transit points in all Unity space! he cried.
82. The junk drifted close to the twisting stars and the waving wall of the transit.
83. We will advise the Belgian, Dutch and German authorities of your imminent transit.
84. Often this transit shows money from the government, either directly or indirectly.
85. This transit also shows that you are going deeper into this area in the year ahead.
86. Larry was singing to himself along with the tinny sound on the radio in the Transit.
87. Baruch tells of his first notable short sale, Brooklyn Rapid Transit, in My Own Story.
88. Sometimes this transit brings new financial responsibilities which can’t be avoided.
89. The lump under the bonnet of the Transit takes four twists of the ignition key to fire.
90. Life on the station settled back to routine and convoys resumed their transit as before.
91. This is a wonderful transit and bodes well for happiness in this area of life this year.
92. The message inside was coded and they brought it to Peter for him to work on in transit.
93. Mass transit could have been a great ally if it had been capable of handling the crowds.
94. Whether it is the kid who doesn't give up his seat on public transit for the elderly or.
95. Sometimes this transit shows that a parent or parent figure is abusing drugs or alcohol.
96. It's that Pluto transit to my Midheaven I've been wondering about for months, she realized.
97. Panamax: Oil tanker that gets its name from its ability to transit through the Panama Canal.
98. This transit is also wonderful for the personal appearance and image, and for the health too.
99. I borrowed a tally card from her to pay for the train and transit fares from there to Gurnee.
100. Like the AltaEnthilé, we can transit whither we will throughout all the Orchards of the One.
1. Sun-Venus: Transiting Venus’ superior conjunction with the sun on 2/18/1890.
2. Transiting Uranus tends to produce events sharply-defined both in nature and in timing.
3. There is a slight possibility of gastric discombulation after transiting the portal.
4. But by only taking transiting conjunctions and oppositions into account we are obeying Dr.
5. You have been practicing transiting from place to place, and quite proficiently I might add.
6. Transiting Jupiter and Mars can be quite effective, especially when transiting their own positions in the natal chart.
7. Only transiting conjunctions and oppositions are taken into account here; not because other aspects cannot be effective –.
8. Generally speaking, however, transiting Pluto conjunct Neptune presents a major challenge: important new responsibilities or commitments.
9. Transiting Planets: In a general way, the transiting conjunctions and oppositions of Uranus and Saturn, respectively, are the most effective.
10. Do, however, pay attention to any aspect in the natal chart between the planet which is transiting and the planet or point being transited, since e.
11. Another example: Transiting Saturn conjoined TR’s natal moon and opposed his Mars between summer 1886 and late spring 1887, which augured a CHALLENGING.
12. This system of interpretation is based upon the fundamental idea that when a transiting planet conjoins or opposes a significant point (planet, angle, etc.
13. Transits, transiting: This refers to the current positions of the planets in the solar system and what aspects they form with the planets in your natal chart.
14. Transiting Neptune produces UNUSUAL events – odd, out-of-the-ordinary occurrences; strange vibrations and undercurrents; which provoke powerful attractions or repulsions on his part.
15. House positions and rulerships do not seem to be as important in determining how a transit will operate as do the essential meanings of the transiting planets and natal points involved.
16. At the same time the interpretation for transiting Pluto conjunct Ascendant is a REVEALING (disorienting, transformative) event which forced him to take command, rise to the occasion, get on top of things.
17. Transiting Neptune is vaguer (of course); transiting Pluto can produce definitive, transformative events (like 180 degree changes – deaths and rebirths), whose repercussions go on over a year or two of time.
18. The specific events triggered by transiting Pluto conjunct Neptune can occur anytime during that period; but the general tendency is for them to occur at the beginning or at the end (rather than in the middle).
19. Jupiter: Transiting Jupiter’s return to its natal place every twelve years usually brings a month of serendipitous events – new spiritual or business connections, new ideas, new relationships – which become of great importance in the future.
20. Transiting Saturn produces events which – albeit sometimes associated with a particular moment in time – even then spread their effects out over a period from a few months before, to a year or two after, the exact date of the first direct transit.
21. Since it's transiting Pluto, it tends to extremes: thus transiting Pluto conjunct Neptune is either extremely joyous and fulfilling (the usual case, since the planets are natally sextile); or else it's an extreme bummer (if concurrent transit and progressions are unfavorable); but it's rarely in-between.
22. For everyone born in this Neptune sextile Pluto generation there comes a point in time when transiting Pluto arrives at the point that Neptune occupied in the natal horoscope (for those born in the twentieth century, this occurs at some time during one's twenties); and because of Pluto's retrograde (back-and-forth) motion the effect lasts for almost a year.
23. Mars: Transiting Mars conjoined its natal place on 3/2/1879, bringing a FORCEFUL event: intense involvements with other people (though not necessarily conflictive) in which he had to take a position, stand up for himself, be willing to fully commit himself; the upshot of which brought him ADVANCEMENT: impelling him forward, motivating him with a sense of progress, accomplishment, and hope for the future.
24. All these individual Forms of Thoughts and Form of Feelings synthesized in psychological experience are grouped into duvuyllerrtly transiting (one into another) VVU-Configurations of all possible Karmo-Forms of Desires (SFUURMM-Forms of conglomerates of UU-VVU-copies), and also into more global and general Conceptions — Thought-Complexes that structure an innumerable set of all possible Egregors.
1. The American planes must have transited via Iran, which presently had rather tense relations with Great Britain, then via Turkey.
2. Do, however, pay attention to any aspect in the natal chart between the planet which is transiting and the planet or point being transited, since e.
3. They transited back to the bridge where the other girls were playing with the 'statues,' fixing their hair, coloring nails and generally playing dress-up with the frozen figures.
4. It had been originally sent from the personnel office of the Army Air Force headquarters in the Pentagon, then had transited through the headquarters of the 5th Air Force in Brisbane, Australia.
1. Venus transits an eclipse point on the 5th and 6th.
2. Venus transits this point from the 18th to the 20th.
3. These things come from the short-term planetary transits.
4. Mars transits an eclipse point from the 11th to the 18th.
5. Jupiter transits an eclipse point from the 21st to the 26th.
6. Venus also transits an eclipse point from the 17th to the 19th.
7. Finally, Jupiter transits this point from the 24th to the 31st.
8. An ephemeris is used to calculate birth charts as well as transits.
9. Transits – unlike zodiacal primary directions – fail frequently.
10. I watched two Phobos transits yesterday and sighted Deneb last night.
11. When the stressful transits pass, your normal health and vitality return.
12. Also, in this position the sun transits the air and then goes beneath the.
13. The Sun transits an eclipse point (in Square aspect) on the 1st and 2nd of the month.
14. Exact dates of transits by the slower planets to TR’s chart are given in Appendix III.
15. Mercury also transits an eclipse point from the 8th to the 10th and on the 18th and 19th.
16. Mercury transits this same eclipse point (the Solar Eclipse of April 29) on the 5th and 6th.
17. The basic system for interpretation of transits given here is meant to be suggestive, not definitive.
18. Sagittarians are always great travellers, regardless of the transits and aspects of the Horoscope.
19. Mercury transits this same eclipse point (the Lunar Eclipse of October 8) from the 8th to the 10th.
20. And be more patient with family members from the 24th to the 31st as Jupiter transits an eclipse point.
21. Your financial planet Mercury transits eclipse points from the 8th to the 11th and on the 18th and 19th.
22. These periods come because of short-term planetary transits – they are temporary things and not trends for the year.
23. Kepler would look at over a hundred thousand distant stars continuously, searching for transits by earth-sized planets.
24. Being in unknown territory does have its drawbacks, as you learn from the 14th to the 17th when Mars transits a previous eclipse point.
25. Short-term stressful transits to Jupiter can give you a false impression of the state of a current relationship and to your love prospects in general.
26. Sure, there will be periods in the year when health is less easy than usual, thanks to temporary planetary transits, but they are not trends for the year.
27. Transits, transiting: This refers to the current positions of the planets in the solar system and what aspects they form with the planets in your natal chart.
28. Meant for beginning to intermediate students of astrology, it includes chapter on each of the planets in the zodiac, the twelve houses, aspects, and transits.
29. I can usually get an antagonistic or dubious client to loosen up by starting (in a friendly and easy manner) with his or her current progressions and transits.
30. The Sun transits a previous eclipse point on the 1st and 2nd, which can bring disturbance at the job, while Mercury transits an eclipse point on the 5th and 6th.
31. Finally, Jupiter transits an eclipse point from the 24th to the 31st, bringing dramas in the career and in the lives of bosses, parents, parent figures and elders.
32. In progressions, directions, and transits, look to the house ruled by the moving body (rather than that ruled by the aspected natal planet) to see what areas of life will be affected.
33. The Natal Chart: It is often said that transits cannot bring events which are not promised in the natal chart; but I haven’t found this guideline especially useful in interpretation.
34. However, as I learned later, Zoroastro hadn’t always been like that: the terrible creature that transits evil and violence fairways, by distilling sorrows and calamities everywhere he goes.
35. You would discover your transits by consulting a reference book called an ephemeris that gives these positions on a daily basis or by ordering a computerized printout of your personal transits.
36. Mars transits an eclipse point from the 10th to the 14th, bringing financial dramas and changes, and you should be more careful driving between the 18th and the 20th, as Venus transits an eclipse point.
37. I had always regarded secondary progressions to intermediate house cusps to be the acid test of proof for a house system (transits, because of retrogradation, are too uncertain to use as a test for timing).
38. It is determined by the precise time and place of birth and changes by a degree every four minutes, and is so sensitive that transits to that point can correlate with profound changes in our career and status in the world.
39. While the age of 120-140, in those conditions of existence, is perceived by “us” approximately in the same way as we “now” perceive a 70-80-year age, and adolescence starts at the age of 4-6 and very quickly transits into maturity.
40. For example, an informal study of the Demi-Uranus Return (Uranus’ transit to opposition its natal place) – which occurs in early 40-something natives – shows that the expected SURPRISING event which brings LIBERATION can occur anywhere between the first and last direct transits.
41. Overall Expectation: The technique of transits – like that of zodiacal primary directions – tends to produce concrete physical events in one’s outward life (whereas secondary progressions tend to produce emotional or psychological states – karmic lessons – rather than actual events per se.
42. Any “material” object that displaces in Space and Time moves through impulses: at first, it disappears completely for an instant in one point of space (all its physical parameters “fluctuate” partially and determine its frequency dynamics, and the object transits at this instant into another “adjacent” dimension).
43. Outer planets which transit the same natal position three times (direct, retrograde, direct) or five times (direct, retrograde, direct, retrograde, direct) may produce an event anywhere within the time frame between the first and last direct transits; but the overall tendency is for the event to occur at – or shortly after – the first direct transit (and in the case of the slower planets, the following year or two is spent in clean-up or reorganizing in response to the effect of the first direct transit).

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