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Move in a sentence

I move in.
On the move.
Do not move.
Move in here.
I try to move.
Lets move on.
I shall move.

It won't move.
'Can you move.
He had to move.
But we move on.
He makes a move.
And on the move.
I can’t move.
To move slowly.
bad move for me.
Stick and move.
Make that move.
He didnt move.
I did not move.
He did not move.
He doesn't move.
move to dodge it.
To move her.
It did not move.
move on with Him.
Let‘s move on.
Of a moving.
It was moving.
Was moving on.
A fast moving.
He was moving.
They are moving.
Are we moving?.
Moving off the.
Both were moving.
Moving on is not.
They were moving.
Of moving images.
He’s moving on.
She began moving.
He isn’t moving.
Stop moving, and.
Are we moving.
I was moving fast.
He was not moving.
moving waterfall.
Nobody was moving.
not moving an inch.
Start it moving.
Kate wasn't moving.
Moving out of the.
The wheel is moving.
That set me moving.
Moving was a chore.
We are moving fast.
I moved on.
It moved me.
So I moved.
I moved the.
No one moved.
As he moved.
We had moved.
They moved in.
We all moved.
He moved back.
up when I moved.
She moved away.
We moved into.
So we moved in.
She then moved.
She moved into.
It moved slowly.
Her mouth moved.
The boat moved.
The seats moved.
As we moved, my.
One is moved by.
She had moved on.
He was moved by.
She moved a few.
Ruth never moved.
moved to help Mrs.
The bodies moved.
She moved closer.
As he moves.
and moves on.
And it moves.
So, it moves.
Alex moves on.
He moves my arm.
with a few moves.
The bulge moves.
moves to level 6.
He moves in for.
00 and moves by 1.
History moves on.
He moves slightly.
moves in your mind.
If the fly moves.
And then she moves.
moves it, is right.
But life moves on.
She really moves.
He moves toward me.
and moves up to air.
moves in the future.
moves to keep that.
Whenever it moves.
moves onto the next.
Duncan moves first.

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