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Action in a sentence

As an action.
If the action.
Action is the.
a man of action.
To your action.
Bones in action.
A is for Action.

It needs action.
a plan of action.
A Call to Action.
means 'No Action.
is love in action.
Is God in action.
Action = Results.
no call to action.
A plan of action.
action on His part.
· Call to action.
Action is the key.
The man of action.
saw love in action.
action based on it.
Lezura took action.
Action with focus.
and skill in action.
He is about action.
not bound by action.
We demand action,.
wards of his action.
The action at the.

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Synonyms for action

action activity litigate process sue accomplish execute fulfil fulfill