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Unfounded in a sentence

1. Sometimes that faith was unfounded.
2. The anxiety was, however, unfounded.
3. An unfounded presumption, it turned out.
4. He couldn’t let word of the unfounded.
5. King on this subject was entirely unfounded.
6. Stilwell’s hopes proved unfounded, however.
7. It was totally unfounded, but probably eminent.

8. Quick connections may be inaccurate or unfounded.
9. The Losers' unfounded expectation of equality, i.
10. I give only the unfounded when it is that they would take.
11. And believe it or not, that idea is not unfounded either.
12. As far as I can tell, your parents’ fears are unfounded.
13. Turns out, their fears were unfounded, as nobody really cared.
14. You know yourself that all you suspected is quite unfounded.
15. Any suggestions to the contrary are unfounded, malicious accusations.
16. He could not voice his concerns as they were unfounded for the moment.
17. People still complain about them, with all kinds of unfounded concerns.
18. While we certainly oppose unfounded prejudice and bias we recognise that.
19. He’d scorned her, dismissed her theories as being stupid and unfounded.
20. Just to make the paranoia complete, these fears weren’t entirely unfounded:.
21. He did not offer anything that could be interpreted as imaginary or unfounded.
22. It could be based on lies, unfounded rumors, gossip, insane jealousy, prejudice.
23. In summation, although the fear of a German invasion was real, it was unfounded.
24. Such a doctrine, sir, is as unfounded, as it is degrading to the American character.
25. The allegations of disunity between the Allied commanders were not entirely unfounded.
26. My worries about the McAllisters taking over the whole dance appeared to be unfounded.
27. Shoot, I can't even kill a box of cereal anymore, so her fears were definitely unfounded.
28. Zolla’s level of concern had been raised to a state of anxiety, even if this was unfounded.
29. I’m thinking this is probably unfounded panic on my part and she’s going to be blistering mad.
30. Even though Colling continued to argue, Elizabeth also continued to respond that his fears were unfounded.
31. Not only do you guys contradict yourselves, but she also believes that your beliefs are totally unfounded.
32. General William Wilkes at your service, and I feel I should have a chance to explain my unfounded actions.
33. Because someone has been spreading unfounded malicious rumours that we are pimps, replied Roger angrily.
34. When one considers what happened years later in Vietnam, perhaps this hopeful speculation was not entirely unfounded.
35. Your Honor, Pratt continued, this witness’s testimony is unfounded, but I need a day to provide proof of that.
36. She will see soon that her fears are unfounded, and her life won’t be as different as it was before, Trox said.
37. There are reports of the whirring of the turbines having caused some people to become zombies, but there’re unfounded.
38. There were one hundred and twenty thousand of us when we rode south on our quest of unfounded vengeance against the East.
39. All the stories about Solomon (pth) which suggest that he achieved what he achieved by use of magic are untrue and unfounded.
40. He assured me that my worry about leaving Hailey was normal but unfounded and that vacations are what keep people healthy and sane.
41. It appears that you have chosen well, my brother, and I hope that what we have just heard means that Youssaf’s fears are unfounded.
42. Chantry turned all of his attention on Elon, Now come on Elon that’s the most unfounded accusation I’ve ever heard you make!.
43. And the story of a messianic Jesus would have ended with his inglorious execution among thieves had it not been for one unfounded claim.
44. The issue before us in this work is that unfounded theory of ―natural immortality, or the deathless nature of the soul,‖ which if ever.
45. The inquiry is interesting; and many theories have arisen; but although plausible and ingenious, they are, in my opinion, unfounded in fact.
46. If, then, we are not grossly ignorant of our true interest, nothing can be more unfounded than the accusation of the gentleman from New York, (Mr.
47. This fear is largely unfounded because, statistically, there’s no greater risk in investing in commodities than there is in investing in stocks.
48. Ford personally perpetrated the fraudulent act of protecting the unfounded conclusion of the Warren Commission report on the Assassination of John F.
49. Jackson had really uttered an unfounded insinuation, he here certainly repeats it, because he adheres to all he had before said, and retracts nothing.
50. Many complaints were unfounded (short positions did not exist), and a number of the companies later showed losses or had regulatory actions taken against them.
51. But, sir, I trust that time, and a further consideration of the subject, will convince them that my objections to the rejected sections have not been unfounded.
52. If you continue your association, and persist with unfounded accusations against the good name of not only the dead but the living, you will face grave consequences.
53. An unfounded rumor reached us that near the city of Kielce, a group of Poles rounded up some Jews, locked them in a barn and set it alight, killing all the people inside.
54. The despair and desire to overcome misfortune and death were so great that mankind was vulnerable to false hope and unfounded speculations of anyone claiming special knowledge.
55. This belief is unfounded; however, if there is one exchange in particular that trades much larger sizes relative to other exchanges, it may be beneficial to route to that exchange.
56. Even the state owned newspaper The Herald carried reports of the unrest caused by ‘the unfounded rumours about the President’, but their appeals for calm went largely unheeded.
57. They judged it best that Lady Bertram should not be harassed by alarms which, it was to be hoped, would prove unfounded; but there was no reason why Fanny should not know the truth.
58. But their anxiety was unfounded; Nekhludoff, without knowing it, loved Katiousha, as innocent people love, and this very love was the principal safeguard against either his or her fall.
59. I’m not claiming that the transition will be silk-smooth, but I can promise you that half of your fears will be unfounded, and many of your anticipated problems simply will not happen.
60. I suffered from a constant paranoid fear of physical attack, a fear totally unfounded in a law abiding city like Ottawa, and a condition surely grown out of my early need to avoid bullies.
61. He had not personally experienced such a bizarre withdrawal symptom, but in light of all the anxiety and unfounded fear he was feeling, he could certainly understand how someone could go that far.
62. But the positive philosophy, which was accepted by the crowd, was founded on an arbitrary and erroneous basis, was in itself too unfounded, and therefore unsteady, and could not support itself alone.
63. But, as the little girl enthusiastically greeted her Uncle with a leap from a nearby tabletop into his arms, he soon discovered that any lingering concerns he had over her health were completely unfounded.
64. Bemis's old, unfounded opinion, which calumniates Christ in assuming that Christ's expulsion of the cattle from the temple means that he struck the men with a whip, and commanded his disciples to do likewise.
65. Though I am well aware of the respectability of the names which the theory of moonstones can summon to its support, yet I have always regarded it as unfounded and unphilosophical for the following reasons, viz.
66. It was only when she joined the political prisoners that he saw how unfounded his fears were, and at each interview he noticed that inner change he so strongly desired to see in her becoming more and more marked.
67. But she was made to swear to an oath, drank the water used in birthing the corpse of her husband and worst of all, ridiculed by the community on account of an unfounded accusation of bewitching her husband to death.
68. His trepidation was unfounded, for as he passed through the open doors the speed seemed to evaporate into the air and he stepped gently down onto a soft mattress of moss and leaves, and out into the sun-dappled afternoon.
69. How ironical it was that her moral decline should’ve assuaged my fears about her feared sexual fall; whatever, as if they served their purpose, my unfounded fears about her affection for him were put to rest in my mind.
70. There were a number of possibilities, the most likely being that Lady Jane was having an affair and that she was meeting her lover here, though he attempted not to speculate, since he was unsure of his unfounded suspicions.
71. The explanation of this strange fact given by Russian military historians (to the effect that Kutuzov hindered an attack) is unfounded, for we know that he could not restrain the troops from attacking at Vyazma and Tarutino.
72. The explanation of this strange fact given by Russian military historians (to the effect that Kutúzov hindered an attack) is unfounded, for we know that he could not restrain the troops from attacking at Vyázma and Tarútino.
73. Feltus noted the sudden metamorphosis the young man had made for those gathered to scrutinize and analyze the actions of an anguished husband as if he refused to give them anything with which to start unfounded gossip and rumours.
74. Now Sir Richard would be forced to use all his efforts - costing Triplet International and the Ecuadorian government time and money - to convince the Foreign Secretary that whatever evidence he’d been provided with was unfounded.
75. If a theory justifies the false position in which a certain part of a society is living, then, however unfounded or even obviously false the theory may be, it is accepted, and becomes an article of faith to that section of society.
76. Though she reproached herself at once for this unfounded, superstitious dread, nevertheless she could not enter wholeheartedly into the spirit of Lelechka's favourite game, and she tried to divert Lelechka's attention to something else.
77. It appeared that all was lost, yet they had this unfounded hope that the Stibmit would some how save them! What could she do? She had to do something, but what? Ranger appeared, We need to talk, the council needs to see you immediately.
78. In addition, in time of war, many did not believe that it is logical to elect a senator who in 1971 vilified, with unfounded allegations before Congress, the armed forces of the country he was now aspiring to govern as commander-in-chief.
79. Not extravagantly, to spoil the young man, or delude him with unfounded hopes of heirship; but by a college course, Columbia bien entendu! and when he determined to become an architect, the Beaux Arts was naturally the only correct place.
80. To show you how mistaken you are, and what an unfounded assumption yours is, I will lay before you a certificate of Cly's burial, which I happened to have carried in my pocket-book," with a hurried hand he produced and opened it, "ever since.
81. At first glance, the claim seemed utterly unfounded, as there was no indication that the woman’s death had been anything other than an accident, whether that entailed being thrown from her horse or inadvertently straying into quicksand on her own.
82. That optimism proved unfounded however, and contrary to what military and political figureheads would say in the following years, America’s experience in Vietnam was the result of poor judgement and poor diplomacy; resulting in almost unmitigated disaster.
83. Whenever anyone chose to respond, "That would be wonderful" to the question I asked: "What would happen if you found out that every negative thought and feeling you ever had about yourself were unfounded, unfair, and untrue?" they gained a new vision of themselves and the story of their past.
84. This investigation seeks to advance the rational understanding of a subject that is powerfully emotive and more often than not carries with it pseudo transcendent expectations underpinned by the social conditioning of superstitions and myths, and unfounded traditional, cultural beliefs and faiths.
85. What, then, were the causes of the war? They were principally new and before unheard-of blockades—the Orders in Council, which have been generally so called, by way of pre-eminence; the spoliations of our commerce under various unfounded and insulting pretexts, and the impressment of our seamen.
86. But whence arose that marvellous manifestation, that sensible people should preach with the greatest assurance, and that the crowd should accept with devotion, such unfounded and unsupportable teachings? There is but one reason,—that the teachings thus inculcated justified people in their evil life.
87. When Wolf concluded his arguments Bay stopped drawing his garland and began in a sad and gentle voice (he was sad because he was obliged to demonstrate such truisms) concisely, simply and convincingly to show how unfounded the accusation was, and then, bending his white head, he continued drawing his garland.
88. It had been touch and go for a while but he’d finally managed to convince the Old Man that terrorists had been responsible for releasing the virus into the general cat population, and that the rumours circulating through the news media that it was the result of some balls up at a government experimental facility were just that - unfounded rumours.
89. However unfounded such theories are, however contrary to all that is known and confessed by humanity, and however obviously immoral they may be, they are accepted with credulity, pass uncriticized, and are preached, perchance for centuries, until the conditions are destroyed which they served to justify, or until their absurdity has become too evident.
90. But the wide range which the present discussion had taken, involving considerations of great national interest, and calling forth the cruel asperities of political intolerance, seemed to leave him no alternative in the discharge of his duty, but to repel the unfounded insinuations which had flown in so copious a stream from the other side of the House.
91. Engaging in transformative learning, a kind of learning that comes naturally when the opportunity arises, can lead us to the joyous answer to that question: "What would happen if you found out that every negative thought and feeling you ever had about yourself were unfounded, unfair, and untrue?"� It can assist in getting us out of the dominator model and conformity.
92. Such, for instance, was the celebrated and unfounded theory, expounded by Malthus, of the tendency of that population of the world to increase in geometrical progression, but of the means of sustenance to increase only in arithmetical progression, and of the consequent over-population of the world; such, also, was the theory (an outgrowth of the Malthusian) of selection and struggle for existence as the basis of human progress.
93. That mere cruising blockades, and every other blockade not supported by an actual investing force, is unwarranted by the laws of nations, is my clear conviction; it is the result of examination and reflection on the subject; but unfounded in public law as is the doctrine set up by Great Britain, its abandonment or modification can only be expected from treaty, and not by an isolated declaration at the threshold, under the threat of a specific alternative.
94. Were gentlemen to confine themselves to a temperate investigation of the propriety of adopting measures either recommended by the Executive, or proposed by the majority, who is there that would not listen with pleasure and satisfaction? But when the liberty of debate was prostituted in disseminating the most unfounded charges, in the indiscriminate abuse of the constituted authorities of the nation, he confessed he could not always be a hearer, and never reply.
95. I am certain that the good sisters of Saint Cecilia‘s properly explained to young Ian that Pilate was never convinced, ―I find no guilt in him‖, of Christ‘s guilt and that the trumped-up charges of Treason and Sedition leveled against Him by the High Priests were unfounded and unsupported by so-called ―witnesses‖ brought to bear testimony against Him; but manufactured, however, by religious leaders who considered Him (Christ) a threat to their ecclesiastical authority.
96. Had this have been a French editor, and acted toward the Federal party as he did toward the Republican, and the subscribers to his paper Republicans, could not those who look at every thing now done to find French influence, have had as good a field to hunt in as any they have yet found? At the very time these events took place, the majority talked as much about French influence as the minority now does; they had clues, sub-plots, ocean massacres, and a hundred other equally ridiculous and unfounded tales, which circulated for a day.
97. I couldn’t help myself I burst out laughing, this laughter acted as a release from the pressure of trying to meld a friendly, a semi friendly and an outright belligerent community to the same ends, this to my way of thinking was a task even the gods weren’t equipped for, I contemplated becoming an out and out despot but could not see myself as a tyrant overlord, it was then I thought of Coatl, I hadn’t seen him for some time, his advice would be invaluable, we had to get the city up and running as soon as possible, the flow of people leaving the city had stopped and a lot of the people who, believing the lies spread by the Teoti, and had left in fear were now returning, having found those fears to be unfounded.
98. I fear the sentiments contained in his farewell address to the nation are getting out of fashion with those who claim to be his exclusive followers; or why do we hear within these walls, the foundation of which he laid for union, union, union; disunion spoken of, "peaceably if we can, forcibly if we must;" and why listen to idle and unfounded tales about foreign influence, which can never injure us as long as we stick to the old maxim—united we stand, divided we fall? Straws show which way the wind blows! What has become of the newspaper called the Washington Federalist? The name was, I have understood, changed to the Independent American; out of that, I believe, was raised the Federal Republican—all good names; but why lose the name of Washington to a paper supported by his exclusive followers? And this is the first time to my recollection that they have adopted Republican in their calendar.
99. The issue before us in this work is that unfounded theory of natural immortality, or the deathless nature of the soul,.

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