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Unsound in a sentence

1. He was a peace of my unsound mind.
2. Unsound Policies Followed in Practice.
3. Lalit looked very unsound and lame duck.
4. Repercussions of Unsound Investment Banking.
5. There may be unsound business and financial deals.
6. None of them had noticed that the rope was unsound.
7. A Sound Premise Used to Support an Unsound Conclusion.

8. But such a situation would be unwarranted and unsound.
9. Unsound thoughts and wrong desires will sooner or later.
10. The few exceptions will be treated medically, as of unsound.
11. They know the difference between sound and unsound teaching.
12. I tell you plainly, I think it an unsound and rotten principle.
13. They are offered as exemplars of unsound and even stupid investment policies.
14. It is unsound to think always of investment character as inhering in an issue per se.
15. Nevertheless it was an unsound approach to investment, and one likely to prove costly.
16. Economic difficulties follow because nobody is free to oppose their unsound policies.
17. Australians discovered too late that the fundamentals of the defence policy were unsound.
18. Samuel Clarke, who attempted to show that his extracts were garbled and his argument unsound.
19. An investment in the soundest type of enterprise may be made on unsound and unfavorable terms.
20. It results in the creation and sale to investors of large amounts of unsound senior securities.
21. Thus the profits taken may not offset the losses occasioned by unsound commitments in this field.
22. A foundation that is (intellectually) hollow or (morally) unsound must weaken its structural integrity.
23. As he riffled through the technical data, it became obvious that the building was structurally unsound.
24. This attitude is basically unsound, and on frequent occasions is responsible for serious mistakes and loss.
25. This is not just UDT, but the ultimate Unsound Doctrine Teaching! Let me translate from the Wilsenach translation:.
26. But the investor should not be expected to make unsound commitments for idealistic reasons or to benefit American exporters.
27. The investment still looks unsound even though the index has beaten the great majority of active money managers for many years.
28. The answer to these remonstrances must be that no consideration can justify the purchase of unsound bonds at an investment price.
29. In a previous chapter we pointed out how recklessly unsound were the methods of financing real estate ventures during this period.
30. The sweatings and fevers stop, the throat that was unsound is sound, the lungs of the consumptive are resumed, the poor distress'd.
31. XIV) straight preferred stocks are unsound in theory, and they are therefore likely to prove unsatisfactory investment media as a class.
32. Those of the mentally unsound who were gay, lively, who uttered cries, danced, sang, were greeted at first with enthusiasm by the convicts.
33. It is usually unsound to make blanket recommendations of whole classes of securities, and there are equal objections to broad condemnations.
34. Sadly, many of the resulting loans were unsound or fraudulent and these led to the collapse of many savings and loans and commercial banks.
35. But if it proves unsound, so that it cannot be depended on, then it is worthless, absolutely, and not only so, but misleading and in the way.
36. But an investor may reject any number of good bonds with virtually no penalty at all, provided he does not eventually accept an unsound issue.
37. It is logically unsound, furthermore, to deny investment rating to a strongly entrenched common stock merely because it possesses profit possibilities.
38. An extreme example of quick and unsound empire building, with ultimate collapse practically guaranteed; but helped by indiscriminate bank lending.
39. Yet some ten years later the same unsound practices were introduced once again, but on a larger scale and with correspondingly severer losses to investors.
40. Unfortunately though, unlike the preachers who sooths the ears with unsound doctrine, which they are paid for, we have to ask some other questions as well:.

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