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Unhappy in a sentence

1. And is he unhappy? No.
2. He is so unhappy again.
3. Phil and I to be unhappy.
4. Fox was unhappy about it.
5. He was unhappy with it.
6. Why? I should be unhappy.
7. If he is unhappy, ought.

8. He was an unhappy youth.
9. Find out why you are unhappy.
10. It makes most people unhappy.
11. She glanced up at me, unhappy.
12. It makes me feel so unhappy.
13. What an unhappy bunch of lads.
14. I was most unhappy with them.
15. Like: why are people unhappy.
16. To be unhappy for certain.
17. His wife is extremely unhappy.
18. Suzy was restless and unhappy.
19. It was, in fact, that unhappy.
20. It's unhappy and not what you.
21. Unhappy as a lion in a monsoon.
22. I had a very unhappy childhood.
23. That will make him very unhappy.
24. He was unhappy with his health.
25. Dad looked grey and very unhappy.
26. I am never unhappy long together.
27. Elias unhappy with all his demons.
28. She wrote, I am ill and unhappy.
29. He was deeply, grievingly unhappy.
30. Again she spoke of being unhappy.
31. But he was both happy and unhappy.
32. PHIL - It was my unhappy childhood.
33. The unhappy woman glanced about her.
34. Ashley looked unhappy but obdurate.
35. No, you have not made me unhappy.
36. Morrel unhappy? exclaimed the abbe.
37. Such is the infelicity and unhappy.
38. I am only too unhappy at losing you.
39. We were not unhappy in our courtyard.
40. The book really has made me unhappy.
41. The silence was a long, unhappy thing.
42. He wouldn’t want her to be unhappy.
43. I should certainly have been unhappy.
44. Ellen: he has such an unhappy temper.
45. So unhappy that Johnston thought it.
46. I unhappy? No, this is my unhappiness.
47. But the warden wasn't unhappy for long.
48. It was the unhappy face of her mother.
49. It’s Scott—he’s unhappy with her.
50. But that offers another unhappy choice.
51. He couldn't bear to see her so unhappy.
52. Ah! unhappy that we are—insensate!.
53. I heard her say, 'Poor, unhappy Erik!'.
54. Consider what makes you unhappy in life.
55. He understood that she was unhappy and.
56. I suppose he is rather unhappy about it.
57. There were a number of unhappy looking.
58. It pains me to see my son so unhappy.
59. Ech! You think he is unhappy about it.
60. At that moment he was thoroughly unhappy.
61. He got a chance to evaluate how unhappy.
62. This was an unhappy way to manage a ball.
63. She is too unhappy and I can't endure it.
64. My mother was charmed, my father unhappy.
65. Even teachers were very unhappy with him.
66. He told me what his unhappy son had done.
67. Then she meets a lion who is so unhappy.
68. When it is unhappy or denied anything it.
69. I unhappy? No, this is my unhappiness….
70. Otherwise, I should feel more then unhappy.
71. Pierre’s gloomy, unhappy look struck her.
72. He seemed very unhappy and also very edgy.
73. I am unhappy about Lucy and about Jonathan.
74. Others said it was because of unhappy love.
75. He is so unhappy because he hasn't a brain.
76. You will become ostracized, alone, unhappy.
77. But my mother was always there — unhappy.
78. If you're that unhappy here— She stopped.
79. It wrenched his heart to see her so unhappy.
80. Sónya, how happy I am, and how unhappy!.
81. Jean Valjean was the more unhappy of the two.
82. I knew that unhappy gentleman a little, too.
83. Heredia was most unhappy in the United States.
84. It made her angry and unhappy at times that.
85. No matter how miserable and unhappy they are.
86. That is the only thing that makes me unhappy.
87. If you’re unhappy, she’ll be unhappy too.
88. There are many Southerners unhappy with the.
89. The unhappy young man had not thought of this.
90. But when she stayed home, she was unhappy too.
91. It seems you are unhappy with me as your Sage.
92. Isolated from my colleagues, I became unhappy.
93. The unhappy creature uttered a cry of despair.
94. Jane, on the other hand, was happy and unhappy.
95. Clutch on hope to abandon the unhappy thought.
96. She was sluggish and unhappy most of the time.
97. Even from behind she looked profoundly unhappy.
98. Most people in her circle were unhappy about it.
99. He must have been the most unhappy man alive.
100. The unhappy butler, hovering behind, said nothing.

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