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Hapless in a sentence

upon the hapless man,.
hapless male into the surf.
The hapless would be suicide.
The hapless Dantes was doomed.
All the hapless silent lovers,.
I was lying helpless and hapless.
And I remain helpless and hapless.

hapless woman who was harming nobody.
His hapless relative wasn’t there.
Among the dead was the hapless Delco.
past the hapless Highland's goalkeeper.
He stole a glance at the dirty, hapless.
She was not a little woman or a hapless gal.
Hapless worshippers trying to assuage their.
I feel only saddened for our hapless infantry.
This hapless crew of money-hungry mercenaries.
hurt or protect her, so true was her hapless win.
Wickham, the hapless victim of a timeshare scheme.
The hapless Corporal Harrington was on duty again.
dragged out the hapless object, gave it a menac-.
In fact, it only takes our hapless bondholder 10.
"Fool!" Lord Preston shouted at the hapless footman.
which the hapless worshipper surrenders himself to God.
the ears, genitals, and tails of their hapless victims.
bench he pointed it at the hapless youngster and cast a.
the hapless, uneducated basket case of a believer in our.
The root hap means luck, as in hapless or haphazard.
Then ten soldiers beat the hapless one as his body swung,.
long, and could find no sign of the hapless skipper of the.

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Synonyms for hapless

hapless miserable misfortunate pathetic piteous pitiable pitiful poor wretched