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Swing in a sentence

1. He took a swing at.
2. Then he took a swing.
3. That swing with the air.
4. That looks like a swing.
5. The swing low is 70 cents.
6. The swing of the pendulum.
7. It's this swing from the.

8. His arms swing in over her.
9. I swing out past the big.
10. Take a swing at it!.
11. The work was in full swing.
12. Nigel took a swing at me.
13. The party was in full swing.
14. We glided awhile in the swing.
15. Dip, dip and swing the paddle.
16. He took a swing at the wizard.
17. The lady in the swing seemed.
18. They tried to swing and leap.
19. I’ll swing by the house on.
20. A Swing Trade near the Bottom.
21. I saw an arm swing, a leg kick.
22. I’ll take the first swing.
23. Swing traders cannot be greedy.
24. Rose was letting her legs swing.
25. The Easier Path: Swing Trading.
26. The heat wave was in full swing.
27. I remembered Swing or the Lindy.
28. Swing Trading with Harry Boxer.
29. The children looked at the swing.
30. The performance was in full swing.
31. The operation is in full swing now.
32. What would swing you into action?
33. For now, though, doors swing shut.
34. I swing the knife, and it connects.
35. Soon the banquet was in full swing.
36. When I swing a club, I shoot a gun.
37. I flex my fingers and swing my arms.
38. Ian took another swing at Halfshaft.
39. Popular stocks tend to swing a lot.
40. Do you think you can swing that?
1. Suddenly it was swinging open.
2. We lurched away, swinging left.
3. But he refused to stop swinging.
4. Swinging golf clubs loosening up.
5. Swinging it, he made a leg iron.
6. He walked fast, swinging his arms.
7. He vanished behind swinging doors.
8. Then, seizing on the swinging tail.
9. The time of the swinging pendulum?
10. Douglas stopped swinging the beater.
11. He lunged, swinging a two-handed blow.
12. Swinging round, he faced his pursuers.
13. Franny peeks out of the swinging door.
14. Lov charged in, swinging his ax wildly.
15. Jenks swinging wildly, clearly enraged.
16. She was dancing with swinging her arms.
17. He watched her hands swinging in the air.
18. Each tank had bars with a swinging door.
19. She was on him in an instant, swinging.
20. Swinging that club, was an absolute joy!.
21. Separating the clouds with swinging arms.
22. There Conan halted, swinging off his horse.
23. And other than swinging on that swing up.
24. It hangs there, swinging, as if ready to.
25. I could see the top of the swinging door.
26. A couple had started swinging their clubs.
27. She noticed her swinging hair, matted and.
28. He strode up to them, swinging his shoulders.
29. She thrashed about swinging the knife wildly.
30. Darek would practice by swinging his daggers.
31. Her hair was pulled up in a swinging ponytail.
32. Why did he enjoy swinging that ‘staff’?
33. The man started swinging violently, screaming.
34. Oh, yes, right here at the Swinging G Country.
35. As he ran down the hall toward a swinging door.
36. Aspiration, swinging her hips, playing the vamp.
37. The sound of shop doors swinging open and shut.
38. Swinging round he was surprised to see Vaselly.
39. The swinging barely missed the boys as they ran.
40. This left the cage swinging wildly and Frances.
1. I swung my foot out.
2. He swung to face her.
3. It swung up on a hinge.
4. The gun swung into view.
5. As it swung open, they.
6. A tree swung by overhead.
7. The car door swung open.
8. Swung up behind the wheel.
9. Like a part of me swung.
10. The front door swung open.
11. He swung around the river.
12. Brad swung off his cloak.
13. I haven't swung in years.
14. He swung round on his son.
15. She swung it from one to.
16. Josh swung, and Alex ducked.
17. He swung out, and stood up.
18. Hiss swung the truck around.
19. He let the door swung open.
20. His gaze swung to his twin.
21. A door swung on its hinges.
22. She swung a meaty fist at.
23. Then the car swung on again.
24. He swung his legs out of bed.
25. A high wire gate swung open.
26. The airlock door swung wide.
27. I swung by the smokers and.
28. He swung his head towards Pa.
29. The door unlocked and swung.
30. Sven swung his arm in the air.
31. He swung the claw at her head.
32. Headlights swung to the exits.
33. He gracefully swung her around.
34. He swung around on the bench.
35. We swung and burbled to a stop.
36. Just then the door swung open.
37. The blade swung up from below.
38. The arm swung in his direction.
39. Mac reddened and swung around.
40. Steely eyes swung on the Pastor.
1. He swings a near miss.
2. She spins as she swings it.
3. Ten swings, he’d be there.
4. As the slow sun swings round.
5. He swings it around and stops.
6. A face swings in your direction.
7. The door swings shut behind him.
8. The door shifts and then swings open.
9. She will start by mood swings probably.
10. A deceit swings between world and flesh.
11. You can repeat these swings ad lib but.
12. He swings it over one shoulder with ease.
13. Does the teenager have any mood swings?
14. The door swings open and Selena rushes in.
15. Jayson swings his arm, shattering the lamp.
16. A few more swings freed a couple of chunks.
17. She will probably ignore the intraday swings.
18. Pole swings in this case are hardly neces-.
19. In the wings (sings and swings) Of your mind.
20. Between the energy that swings in funny slice.
21. Then he swings, striking Caleb under the jaw.
22. Although Lucky was hardly one for mood swings.
23. She beams at me and swings our arms between us.
24. This is just another one of your mood swings.
25. The way her crooked skirt swings at each whack.
26. The strength and splendour of our purpose swings.
27. It’s a swing set with four swings, I said.
28. High temperature swings would be very stressful.
29. The robot swings its arm back as it gives off a.
30. Christina swings her arm, fumbling for the railing.
31. Kyol swings as ordered, forcing the rebel to parry.
32. He swings round, casts the emerald towards the dog.
33. Joey took up his baseball bat and made a few swings.
34. Many important swings begin in the most modest way.
35. His mood swings were becoming increasingly intense.
36. Of leisurely pace, of unhurried swings of the golf.
37. The number of swings taken on Tuesday can be huge!.
38. Nearly in unison, every single car door swings open.
39. Keith with his mood swings was highly unpredictable.
40. These are huge swings that materially affect his P&L.

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