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    1. a direct result of the vague hope I had felt on hearing that the Inspector believed me …

    2. I have a vague idea that I have seen her in something or other on the stage

    3. The feeling in my fingers drifted away, giving me a vague sense of having been swallowed by a monstrous, mechanical snake

    4. Finally, I offer a vague answer in hopes that it will satisfy him, "She died so we all could live

    5. I had a vague idea of maps beyond the boundaries of London

    6. For the most part we relied on the vague memory of days and the scratched marks that we made to count them on the walls of our cell

    7. Kara moved her head gingerly on the pillow trying to differentiate between the bruising and the vague migraine aftermath … no, it was only bruising now

    8. fabricated out of some vague memory

    9. ‘The garden is the only memory I have and that is pretty vague

    10. Wiesse, in true organiser style, had been somewhat vague about the practical side of locating this man

    11. I’d a vague memory of lots of rocky hills … almost mountains … but it was pointed out to me by a somewhat tetchy Berndt that I had doubtless travelled to the Naveta from the other end of the island along the spine of hills which runs along the centre of the island

    12. Vague remembrances of dinosaur films I have seen spring to mind … birds are closely related to dinosaurs, I read somewhere

    13. She had a vague and hazy image in her head of one of her early ancestors running his opponents through with a large sword, and in her more candid moments she secretly approved of this approach

    14. Gingerly I move my head and find that the pounding has now reduced to a vague ache

    15. remain at least two steps behind her, partly out of a vague sense of

    16. She had a vague and hazy image in her head

    17. 'Wasn't she into Wicca or some such thing last year?' I asked, a vague memory of Joanna hugging trees coming to mind

    18. ‘I think you’ll find everything you need in there …’ he said, reaching for his dressing gown and waving a hand in the vague direction of the shower room

    19. I have a vague impression that I know where this conversation is going and am not at all certain I know how I feel about it

    20. 'John was a little vague when he told me you had called

    21. Vague memories of religious education lessons in school flitted through his mind, but none of it made any sense

    22. “Which?” White Feathers intentionally vague, “The cabinet?” he paused, “Or the ice?” still keeping his lack of expression innocently

    23. The men continued digging for the titanium; Chrissie heard vague comments from them occasionally suggesting that the results were less than exciting

    24. Billy walks out of the canteen with a vague wave in the direction of Carol's table and turns left

    25. It was vague in the

    26. It’s all rather vague and misty after that … she frowns as she struggles to remember … Ozzie’s voice calling to her, though she can’t make out the words … a sort of slithering noise … and then she had arrived here at the house

    27. He has a vague recollection of a conversation in the kitchen, a conversation about survival and knowledge

    28. He has a vague impression of shapes, of coastal bulges and inlets, but the place names on the road signs might as well be written in ancient Greek

    29. The music is dead, the words a vague shade of grey, the melody a childhood memory

    30. Vague impressions of height and weight

    31. I don’t know this part of the country very well and although I had a vague feeling that we were heading for the coast, I was lost

    32. Something in the tone, some vague sense of timing and cadence overcomes her sense of displacement and turns the amplifier up a notch

    33. And get rid of that vague feeling that you ought to be doing something useful, like housework

    34. I have a vague idea that one can see three counties from here but my geography is a bit shaky and I can only think of two – Dorset and Wiltshire – so maybe that is not so

    35. He wasn't intentionally vague about what else he had 'been up to,' except to ask if Chloe had any practical experience in the maintenance of a house, beyond its management

    36. Half the time, all Mike and Andy have is a vague scribble on their running order of what the key is for an item, but they always come in perfectly, blending their line in with whatever else is going on

    37. glass was only a vague, dark mass behind the altar, where

    38. Any information and data still vague, for whatever reasons, was individually determined and corrected

    39. He tried to get the vague data from B to fit a favorable cost structure

    40. ' The old gentleman was only a little vague on the precise methodology of the regimen, that it was passed generation to generation through certain families unchanged was very clear

    41. ‘It is a vague area of the law, and I’m not aware if it

    42. and I embraced and attempted a vague approximation of

    43. Sometimes I will get a rather vague word, but at other times I will receive a very strong and specific word

    44. directions we had were vague - and in German - and the

    45. " Then in an instant his sudden strength departed, and his talk droned away into the low, vague murmurings of a semi-delirious man

    46. The Prof stayed sitting at the dining table, a look of vague bemusement on his face

    47. Janice waved her hand in a vague Northerly direction

    48. Something vague registered within him, and

    49. Road, Pune in a vague semicircle

    50. Surely even you must find that deliberately vague - nor would you find it acceptable if it concerned your father

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