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Venomous in a sentence

His voice was venomous.
Their spines are venomous.
swollen with venomous stings.
Nate’s expression was venomous.
The man giggled in his venomous way.
These flowers were venomous to the touch.
cannot but indulge in venomous fulminations.

This matched with the venomous anger that.
I swung around and shot him a venomous look.
This venomous mutual assault went on and on.
his pale venomous eyes to stare up at the sky.
venomous dorsal spines and so should the hobbyist.
of venomous breath and felt a thin piercing chill.
Long Fei was surrounded by tens of venomous snakes.
"I see your folly," said Taul with a venomous threat.
creatures able to drink from the venomous lila flower.
Cap’n reiterated his venomous view of the situation.
He could now distinctly hear their hissing, venomous.
Well, he happened across a snake—a venomous snake.
I was anaesthetised with a far more venomous fear that.
Some fish are dangerous and all sea snakes are venomous.
Venomous spines on back and gills produce disabling pain.
The venomous Toadfish, Stonefish and Zebrafish are edible.
She put her hands on her hips and gave me a venomous look.
The last word sounded unusually venomous for the good doctor.

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Synonyms for venomous

poisonous venomous vicious deadly virulent