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Venomous en una oración (en ingles)

The man giggled in his venomous way.
These flowers were venomous to the touch.
This matched with the venomous anger that.
This venomous mutual assault went on and on.
I swung around and shot him a venomous look.
Long Fei was surrounded by tens of venomous snakes.
Cap’n reiterated his venomous view of the situation.

He could now distinctly hear their hissing, venomous.
Well, he happened across a snake—a venomous snake.
I was anaesthetised with a far more venomous fear that.
Some fish are dangerous and all sea snakes are venomous.
She put her hands on her hips and gave me a venomous look.
Venomous spines on back and gills produce disabling pain.
The venomous Toadfish, Stonefish and Zebrafish are edible.
The last word sounded unusually venomous for the good doctor.
The hiss of a venomous serpent considering whether to strike.
She could easily have told the doctor the name of the venomous.
There was no mercy for her; a fierce mistress and venomous master.
Timing was all-important when dealing with this large venomous creature.
Pueng later informed me that the snake was a ‘Sing’ and is venomous.
Venomous spines in the tail can inflict severe, sometimes fatal, injury.
It was always Bolsheviks, and she hissed the word with venomous loathing.
See how dark and murky they run? Only venomous reptiles live in that river.
The dorsal fins on this fish are venomous so we need to handle them with care.
A core rationalization for the venomous Democratic hatred of president George W.
Whether because Frodo was so worn by his long pains, wound of knife, and venomous.
Much has been said and written about antidotes to the venomous bites of snakes, and Mr.
That police lieutenant was also quite venomous about his opinion of Spacers in general.
Jenny Kryss was venomous, you would have killed him if he hadn’t already offed himself.
Won't he? Then why are you dressed up like that? said Rakitin, with a venomous sneer.
But this reptile was venomous; he saw the great fangs, a foot long, curved like scimitars.
Suzhymahga darted a venomous look at one of the Temple Guardsmen and Khapahr shook his head.
Agrippa seemed infuriated at what the machine had just said and spat back a venomous reply:.
He didn’t say anything, just stared at Cordus, shot me a venomous glance, then stalked out.
If she hated me before, now I’d be living rent free in her head; every last venomous thought.
We would rock ourselves to sleep on bedrock, gladly eat dry bread, shun money as if it were venomous.
Hence, too, the poet likens it to a toad, ugly and venomous, which bears a precious jewel in his head.
He accepted the dagger as if it were a venomous snake, unlocked the gate, and trotted into the courtyard.
It gave her the same cold, venomous stare she had seen just before from the man in the nightmarish vision.
While not an overly talkative sort, the little he did say often involved a venomous indictment of the Thalmor.

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