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Victim in a sentence

1. I have been a victim.
2. But I’m not a victim.
3. She was a tragic victim.
4. He cut each victim deep.
5. Victim One was Kay Roberts.
6. He chose no special victim.
7. This is the second victim.

8. He had been a victim of it.
9. She often falls victim to.
10. The victim had bled out fast.
11. Don't be the victim of fears.
12. Victim Two was Maxine Hughes.
13. Hey, I could be that victim.
14. They play the victim whilst.
15. Bf Ay, I’m the victim here.
16. Were you the victim of a.
17. I wonder who the victim is.
18. Stop blaming the victim, bears.
19. No one knew the victim, Bob.
20. Victim: Yes, I saw you clearly.
21. Helped her actually be a victim.
22. Although you’re a victim of.
23. In this case I was the victim.
24. He was just an innocent victim.
25. We can’t ID the other victim.
26. Shrank was not the next victim.
27. Jayson tries to play the victim.
28. I have decided on my next victim.
29. The victim had undressed and a.
30. The brother was the victim?
31. And as a loser you are a victim.
32. I wasn’t going to be a victim.
33. He’d moved on to a new victim.
34. You’ll never guess his victim.
35. The victim can be attacked, or.
36. You have learned to be a victim.
37. I was a victim of every single.
38. The victim wasn’t a Catholic.
39. The victim may want to keep her.
40. Being a victim of the whims and.
41. That victim was her unborn child.
42. Unfortunately, the victim is dead.
43. And he blames the victim….
44. Can I ask you who the victim is?
45. I’m the victim, she whined.
46. I was victim number one, you know.
47. The victim was a tall woman, with.
48. The guy said, I’m not a victim.
49. We chose a boy of ten as our victim.
50. The victim was crossing the street.
51. I’ve been a victim and a hostage.
52. Kings don't have a victim mentality.
53. Screaming? Was it the victim?
54. Preparing maybe for his next victim.
55. Two million dollars for each victim.
56. And this victim is never seen again.
57. He would be an innocent victim here.
58. Did you see the victim? asked A.
59. All those shots, and only one victim.
60. He had followed the next victim here.
61. Mischief is a victim of declined mind.
62. He could not think of her as a victim.
63. You’re the victim; you’re number.
64. And a victim child stumbling out of it.
65. You should never move a traffic victim.
66. He may have buried the victim out here.
67. Nobody is ever a victim without cause.
68. It falls a victim to time and big lies.
69. And hath consigned Boris to be my victim.
70. You need a victim to vent your wrath on.
71. I felt what a victim when his head was.
72. En route to the station with the victim.
73. His current victim was having none of it.
74. GPA, however, was a victim of bad timing.
75. The hunt is over and the victim cornered.
76. Raymond would have wanted the victim dead.
77. Jason this time as victim, at the wrong.
78. We have another on the victim brought in.
79. But that is only the anger of the victim.
80. I am no witch, if anything I am a victim.
81. I just can’t accept myself as a victim.
82. Tennessee turned out to be the next victim.
83. She is afraid of being Dana's next victim.
84. I always wanted my first victim to be you.
85. If she hurt herself, she would be a victim.
86. Explain that you have been the victim of.
87. They’re making him look like the victim.
88. He had been the victim of a very vicious.
89. Mass and leave my second victim unavailable.
90. You play the terrified victim, ‘kay?
91. I have heard the testimony of the victim.
92. The man falling a victim was a certain man.
93. You will be seen as a victim, and attract.
94. As fate would have it, I am his next victim.
95. The ultimate victim is the public at large.
96. You were the victim of a terrible mind game.
97. Why was the host (victim predestined) sad?
98. Del Rio went to the house of the victim, Ms.
99. She was Alice Howland, Alzheimer’s victim.
100. In many cases, that victim will be yourself.

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