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Gull in a sentence

The Hawk and the Gull.
The Crab and the Gull.
I rule in favour of the gull.
It was the lone gull that would.
And the gull said, Because of.
But it was too late for the gull.
But just then, a gull came out of.

But something about that gull was wrong.
A gull overhead cried out and startled her.
It is the Law of the Great Gull, the Law that Is.
That stinking policeman took the side of the gull.
He would not hear of the gull going out to forage.
I had expected someone larger, the gull said.
The hungry famished gull Flaps o'er the waters dull.
Where dreamy creamy gull waves o'er the waters dull.
Behind them, a gull leaped up quickly from the dunes.
As soon as the gull finished her sentence a new, more.
The Gull Dong will hold its ground against a small or.
And now this irritating gull was waiting for an answer.
The modern day Gull Dong is a combination of the Bully.
The gull was quite as large as Chica and showed no fear.
As soon as the shooting ended I gave the gull two crisp.
The gull naturally told a series of lies and fabrications.
A gull moved soundlessly, not beating its wings—a shadow.
He, in turn, grinned at me and then waved down a gull that.
In all the raucous neither I nor the gull heard the police.
The crow gave Chica a dirty look and then followed the gull.
He pointed to the gull and then nodded his head, indicating.
The gull was flying so high the elevation caused me to puke.
The gull, although without any justification, felt the same way.
Thane cursed as the sea gull swooped down towards him yet again.
Thankfully, plant life and gull breathing creatures will not be.
As such the Gull Dong has the best of both worlds; hence it is a.
Seagull grows tired of the dull, routine life of his sea gull clan.
The gull was away several days -- longer than the rabbits had expected.
A new purchase at some monster sale for which a gull has been mulcted.
There were gull feathers everywhere, enough for an elaborate headdress.
Captain Roland Bryan sent out a distress call 12 miles from Gull Island.
Gull shadows sailed over and kited their faces with sudden passing coolness.
A white-winged gull flew by, with the flash of sunshine on its silvery breast.
There may be coarse hypocrites, who consciously affect beliefs and emotions for the sake of gulling the world, but Bulstrode was not one of them.
No man or set of men ever can or will get this country at war, or continue it long in war, without keeping on hand a stout, round stock of gulling matter.
The question is: how gullible are you? If someone rings you up on the phone and tells you they are god or the devil: are you going to believe them just because they tell you this? If an unseen voice or communication comes to you: can you instantly recognize whether the hidden undead thing is good or evil? If an unseen foul thing tells you it is a good angel and tells you to go fight the infidel because they worship Satan: Are you aware that the filthy thing contacting you is indeed Satan, and is gulling you to kill living innocent humans who have never done you any harm? If an undead filthy thing contacts you and tells you to kill all Christians because the god of Mohammed is the only true god and the god of the Christians is a false prophet: can you see what or who is telling you this? While all of these unspeakable filthy stinking undead cackle in insane glee at the spectacle of living people killing each other over imaginary differences which they the undead have created, preserved and perpetuated.
The whole world has been brainwashed and gulled and fooled into admiring all sorts of unfair advantages.
To accuse Jews for making too much of a profit from stupid, gullible, gulled Germans; would not only humiliate the entire modern German Nation.
Humans have been gulled and fooled into believing that the unfair advantage of tools and technology makes them in some way superior or better than other living creatures.
So now the gulled rich people want to bomb all the poor nations into rubble, and make the top class even moiré powerful while destroying the civil liberties of the poor.
They are the reason living humans are programmed, brainwashed, forced, blackmailed, lured, paid, encited, persuaded, fooled, gulled, deluded, tricked, into committing evil.
The reason the culture of all ancient tribes were ‘spiritual’ was because they knew these undead things were hiding inside things all around them, and feared and hated them, and were gulled and fooled into worshipping them.
Now these newer walking apes have not only never walked over it: they have laid the land to waste, and destroyed it beyond recognition in a short 300 years… the original American natives paid a heavy historical price for how easily they were conquered and gulled.
For thousands and thousands of years: the entire civilized world: all civilizations, in all periods of history and also prehistory going back tens of thousands of years before permanent settlements were invented… this was the universal way in which humans served the undead and were gulled by the undead and were fooled by them.
Then coincidentally and conveniently, after the lower class dupes had lost all their money …just when the colony finally showed a proven ability to make a profit … zip! All the pamphlets disappeared and the public rejected the offering of the fourth renewed charter, which severely reduced the Company's ability to make decisions in the governing of the colony, thereby predictably making the offering of the new charter unpalatable to the gulled masses.
Am I or am I not candid? What do you think? It seems to me that a man could hardly be more so—for do I not reveal confidence, and that without the prospect of reward? But, to continue, acuteness of mind is, in my opinion, a very fine thing; it is to all intents and purposes an ornament of nature, one of the consolations of life by means of which it would appear a poor magistrate can be easily gulled, who, after all, is often misled by his own imagination, for he is only human.
Science’s idea of foregoing all human morality, and replacing the morality of supernatural entities with an amoral, non-moral inhuman uncritical idiocy which treats Nature as if all Nature is an omniscient god, and there is no GOOD and no evil within Nature, and that whatever happens; and especially everything that happened in the past was and is both natural and good form of ‘natural selection’, is another way these undead have programmed, brainwashed, and gulled the latest crop of modern humans into remaining unaware of their foul, destructive evil existence.
Now the barking of gulls.
Gulls glided high above them.
A flock of gulls squalls overhead.
The gulls seeing that the little.
But the other gulls have seen the.
I like peeps better than the gulls.
However, the gulls are the lowest.
I looked up and saw sea gulls circling.
Some, such as gulls, guard nests tenaciously.
The stillness at the moor, as sea gulls sing.
Sea gulls floated against a cloudless blue sky.
That oddly plaintive cry made by laughing gulls.
Gulls flew in front of the pastel-colored clouds.
Families, the sound of gulls, the sea air off the bay.
On the other hand, gulls are the most fearful of humans.
The wailing of the gulls it bears, and at the gate it moans.
The squirrels and gulls stopped eating and then approached.
However, gulls are also the most weary and apprehensive of.
The stink was incredible; gulls were swooping low overhead.
But you came not with the wailing gulls from the grey sea's mouth.
He missed the sea and the noisy sea gulls chattering in the half-light of dawn.
She ran up the beach half a mile and came back, having startled only the gulls.
The waves still moved, and the sea gulls still cried, but I could hear nothing.
A flock of gulls scattered, keening loudly and interrupting their conversation.
Gulls bobbed around on the swell, unfazed by the movement of the water beneath them.
The sea gulls come flapping in to sit on the cannery roofs to await the day of refuse.
Petra thought of the Royal city dump, heaps of trash swarming with sea gulls and rodents.
He glanced at Will's drawing, which consisted of two gulls hovering above a tranquil sea.
All I felt now was the cold of the wind, the sound of the sea and the gulls crying my pain.
I went by the water’s edge and stood with some gulls who seemed undaunted by my presence.
On the ceiling were carved figures of dolphins, sea lions, whales, pelicans, gulls, and foxes.
Most would get taken by the gulls if you didn’t so you’re doing the little buggers a favor.
She should have been posed against a background of sea-clouds, painted masts and wheeling gulls.
The beach sounds, like the gulls, made for interesting contrast to the crisp tones of the trean.
Just beyond its environs, you could smell the salt air and hear the lonely cries of the curlews and gulls.
Carol fidgets in her seat and turns her head, watching one of the gulls ripping at a slice of crispy bacon.
Alas for the wailing of the gulls! Did not the Lady tell me to beware of them? And now I cannot forget them.
Sammy barked at the sea gulls that caw-cawed and swooped above his head, but Will was quite deaf to his yelps.
More than thirty gulls descended on the small group of little monsters, giving them strong pecks with their beaks.
The gulls were screaming above their heads, the sound of shattering water was in their ears, as they rode forward.

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