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Offering in a sentence

Are offering me.
as if in offering.
Was he offering.
an offering of love.
what he was offering.
only offering upon it.
offering a hand shake.

they found an offering.
After the offering, 9.
We tried offering it.
for the burnt offering.
money of their offering.
this offering and torma.
Stop offering me women.
him as a burnt offering.
This offering of blood!.
6% on the offering price.
offering a service to God.
offering a weekly special.
puja, or burning offering.
government was offering.
giving the flesh offering.
and also offering his hand.
of eyes offering me love,.
time offering Aiden a toke.
com or any place offering.
Blessing the tsog offering.
if he was offering sympathy.
offering he had not respect.
sizzled at the new offering.
I offered it.
We offered a.
You offered it.
I was offered.
I am offered it.
Jason offered.
offered me a job.
You are offered.
She offered the.
now offered to us.
She offered me.
He offered her a.
offered me a drink.
You were offered.
Jesus is offered.
and then offered.
and offered me one.
They also offered.
Brooks offered Mrs.
offered by Info Now.
They then offered.
offered it to Rocky.
can also be offered.
He offered her a nod.
If you are offered.
He offered us $ 125.
offered tenure at BU.
offered on the altar.
He had offered his.
She offered the flyer.
Someone offered the.
She all offers.
offers it to me.
It also offers.
She offers to me.
He offers to God.
He offers a truce.
that God offers us.
Offers wise advice.
He offers it to me.
The country offers.
in West Texas offers.
You can make offers.
He offers food and.
Magnus offers his arm.
DED also offers its.
who offers him a beer.
Eugene offers to help.
The best offers are.
The Gita offers the.
He offers his hand.
(offers hand to Haze).
A book only offers a.
This offers the means.
He offers me his hand.
He offers them nothing.
She offers me a refill.
He offers out his hand.
And I offer.
May I offer.
On the offer.
We will offer.
, to offer the.
The offer was.
They offer the.
If you offer a.
I can offer.
He was to offer.
to offer on earth.
the role on offer.
They offer many.
The offer stands.
Can we offer.
Offer a gift of.
They offer EEG,.
your offer to help.
much more to offer.
Nothing we offer.
get a better offer.
you write an offer.
tate to offer hers.
you put the offer.
issue of his offer.
At the offer, Mrs.
After, I offer a.
and offer thy gift.
they drop the offer.
It means to offer.
The offer of food.

Synonyms for offering

oblation offering offer