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Vision in a sentence | vision example sentences

  1. It was not a vision.
  2. A vision came to him.
  3. They gave me a vision.
  4. Do you have a vision?
  5. But my vision came to.

  6. The memory of a vision.
  7. A doozy of a vision.
  8. Hold to the one vision.
  9. A vision to the future.
  10. But now the vision had.
  11. But the vision was gone.
  12. It began with a vision.
  13. The vision was a warning.
  14. The seed of vision has.
  15. When you have a vision.

  16. It is only by the vision.
  17. I saw you in my vision.
  18. The vision of the 14th?
  19. A vision of you my lady.
  20. The scaffold is a vision.
  21. It may have been a vision.
  22. It is no vision, old man.
  23. My vision came back slowly.
  24. You must hold your vision.
  25. What did that vision say?

  26. Tools do not teach vision.
  27. Enzo not having his vision.
  28. He could see that vision.
  29. My vision has been clouded.
  30. My vision went hazy but I.
  31. My vision was getting dark.
  32. In a vision I saw a plateau.
  33. A fog obscured his vision.
  34. The vision slammed into her.
  35. A vision of a winged being.
  36. Vision is about taking aim.
  37. Heather was truly a vision.
  38. But your vision did Brock.
  39. I saw a vision of my mother.
  40. Pray! Make the vision plain.
  41. I was the screaming vision.
  43. A narrow vision is divisive.
  44. The vision of water softened.
  45. A vision of beautiful bare.
  47. Vision is much more focused.
  48. She had the vision of a cat.
  49. It was in my line of vision.
  50. The vision of a warrior bold.
  51. And tomorrow is only a vision.
  52. The vision loosened its grip.
  53. That’s when I had my vision.
  54. His tunnel vision was stuck.
  55. Out of my peripheral vision.
  56. It is a vision I will never.
  57. The ego lacks the vision to.
  58. This is the vision of Isaiah.
  59. But I had a vision of my son.
  60. The vision spurs my spirit on.
  61. In another vision my mom saw.
  62. In another vision my mom was.
  63. Kay’s vision swam into focus.
  64. My vision was becoming blurry.
  65. ON the vision of what you want.
  66. You have fulfilled the vision.
  67. The prophet in my vision was.
  68. Greyness crept over my vision.
  69. I saw a vision of the forest.
  70. Ailia said she had a vision.
  71. Bruce had lost his rear vision.
  72. My vision closed in on itself.
  73. A vision overwhelmed her then.
  74. Now, his vision began to 'fog'.
  75. He blinked to clear the vision.
  76. It’s a vision, that’s all.
  77. I saw his studio in my vision.
  78. That you may share the vision.
  79. Thus when the vision of mind.
  80. Sam blinked to clear his vision.
  81. Vision your toes and continue.
  82. Have A Vision and Stay Focused.
  83. We have a clear vision on them.
  84. It gives me quadruple vision.
  85. Our vision of our goal falters.
  87. I had a vision earlier with Dr.
  88. The reason for this vision or.
  89. He’s running with the vision.
  90. Paul also had a similar vision.
  91. The start of an impaired vision.
  92. Please, do not kill my vision.
  93. I had a vision this past Sunday.
  94. As you create your vision, the.
  95. And that vision of his mom ….
  96. I can learn to trust the vision.
  97. Sudden tears blurred his vision.
  98. In another vision my mom saw me.
  99. I took at the time of the vision.
  100. His vision was filled with fire.
  1. Each alone is interesting, and you may remember many fads that relate to these disciplines: visioning,.
  1. He hazily visioned a police car racing down the road.
  2. He visioned many things as he stared over the moonlit waters.
  1. I see murky visions of.
  2. The first two visions my.
  3. The visions began to fade.
  4. The visions can do one of.
  5. This man, Rob, had visions.
  6. His visions had been right.
  7. The visions of February 15?
  8. With dark visions in my head.
  9. I’ll step into the visions.
  10. When I got these visions and.
  11. When we returned the visions.
  12. With puffs of phantom visions.
  13. In anguish, I had visions of.
  14. While these visions did appear.
  15. I had one of my awful visions.
  16. I had two visions last night.
  17. A few days after the visions we.
  18. Such is the work of the visions.
  19. For visions of my childish years.
  20. Many have dreams and visions of.
  21. You have visions of the future.
  22. Spirituality 101: Visions of the.
  23. Visions of your mother as a child.
  24. Seeing visions of my visions dying.
  25. They grew into dreams and visions.
  26. Paul’s visions, the cross seen.
  27. Not only had her nightly visions.
  28. Virginia could not stop the visions.
  29. Hoping time would fulfil my visions.
  30. That's why I can see these visions.
  31. These visions now occurred in the.
  32. But the visions were gone for good.
  33. In another one of my visions I saw.
  34. He had visions of the dissolution.
  35. I was just having one of my visions.
  36. The Devil And Demons In Visions And.
  37. With visions crossing to Doggerland.
  38. The horrific visions of South Afri-.
  39. The visions hadn’t occurred while.
  40. With visions of how far it’ll soar.
  41. Corruption fills the visions of soul.
  42. They have visions of their unwanted.
  43. Meaninglessness is the womb of visions.
  44. Creating the local and global visions.
  45. Brad and I have divergent visions on.
  46. I have had visions since I was a child.
  48. Visions are turned into projects, and.
  49. The same is right for the local visions.
  50. Visions of a hostile and angry landlady.
  51. The supreme floating visions are abject.
  52. You can imagine the visions it conjured.
  53. Visions of the Future: 2010 through 2015.
  54. Witnessing visions of hope and strength.
  55. I'm not scared of having visions anymore.
  56. Visions of the vibrant, young men she had.
  57. Dark dreams and visions fill me with dread.
  58. Those earlier visions consisted of still.
  59. His sleep was haunted by visions of terror.
  60. I have seen the chosen one in my visions.
  61. God spoke to Israel in the visions of the.
  62. It’s strong enough to inhibit my visions.
  63. I now know for sure that the visions were.
  64. None of these visions ever quite deluded him.
  65. Words failed as I tried to shake the visions.
  66. Visions of gold and treasure filled her head.
  67. And I had told William all about my visions.
  68. In June 2001, I used to receive many visions.
  69. Is this one of the dragons from my visions?
  70. The visions left as quickly as they had begun.
  71. I had visions of you trapping me for revenge.
  72. I'm seeing visions and dreaming dreams, Pris.
  73. My visions were only a few seconds’ length.
  74. One only needs to allow the visions to appear.
  75. Merthin rubbed his eyes as if to erase visions.
  76. Visions of freedom pushed the dark specter of.
  77. That's what I saw in visions of scarlet velvet.
  78. It is full of visions and sounds, colours and.
  79. Somehow I saw them as corroborating my visions.
  80. Those words snapped Gordon back from his visions.
  81. Were these visions that I was having unique or.
  82. On showing me these visions she wished to retire.
  83. Visions of her recent life came unbidden to her.
  84. I have visions and I can throw fireballs as well.
  85. For there are creative visions for you to achieve.
  86. His head was swimming with visions from the book.
  87. He had a tendency to tense up during the visions.
  88. A swirl of visions were running in front of his.
  89. Your visions are usually clearer and easier to.
  90. He even has absolute faith in his own visions now.
  91. These two visions show two sides of the same truth.
  92. I had visions of myself making license plates in.
  93. I had visions of a woman—a proud, aristocratic.
  94. In addition to her nighttime visions came another.
  95. No, it couldn't be a vision--I don't HAVE visions.
  96. I wanted to stay longer because the visions kept.
  97. All three had unique encounters and visions of God.
  98. Then the visions disappeared and left me in utter.
  99. Marie’s mind that her visions were based in truth.
  100. How do you like that? I have long had visions of it.

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