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Phantom in a sentence

But not the phantom.
he watches the phantom.
He was like a phantom.
Phantom pain, they call it,.
We have many phantom patients.
island by unseen phantom hands.
"A phantom circuit?" I repeated.

my bunch of keys to the phantom.
The phantom board pocketed his.
The phantom appeared not to notice.
This phantom caused the old world to.
These phantom flames are the orphaned.
unlike the phantom sails that hove to.
That phantom was lying in wait for him.
until I behold the phantom with my own.
This is what is called a phantom circuit.
That lady in The Phantom of the Opera did.
The figure was merely a shadow, a phantom.
Faith? A phantom of something floated.
amid the phantom lights of the capital city.
Maybe he had got rid of some phantom stones.
It is a falcon, said the phantom voice.
The plan they drew up was called Phantom Fury.
Night was void arms and you a phantom still,.
phantom boogeyman that she could never escape.
The two parallel account of this says phantom.
Yeah, got you! You impudent phantom, look at me!.
the phantom pains of a perpetually indentured will.
I went to see Phantom of the Opera with a wonderful.

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Synonyms for phantom

apparition fantasm phantasm phantasma phantom shadow specter spectre