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Wager in a sentence | wager example sentences

  1. A wager we had to win.
  2. He'll make a good wager.
  3. How about a wager to.
  4. I’d wager money on that.
  5. A wager would have been fun.

  6. I’ll lay a wager with you.
  7. Would you wager a florin to.
  8. I have nothing left to wager.
  9. Thirty-two seconds is the wager.
  10. In fact, I’d wager that they.
  11. You will lose this wager, my lord.
  12. One of the few left alive I wager.
  13. In the coming days, I would wager.
  14. Would you care to wager on it?
  15. I’ll wager that young Duncan.

  16. A wager? What’s the wager?
  17. I’ll wager even dowagers like Mrs.
  18. He still owes me for our last wager.
  19. Ill wager that by tomorrow instead.
  20. I would not lie to you - the wager.
  21. But he was not referring to the wager.
  22. Not wager, for there is no chance.
  23. Lets try a simple wager, he said.
  24. I’d wager you’re quite the bold one.
  25. And too soon for comfort, I would wager.

  26. I’ll wager you bend over to him, too.
  27. I’d wager that the Tiger knows it well.
  28. And will this brother's wager frankly play.
  29. A winning wager on a long-shot horse with.
  30. I wager that ancient skeptics, with a few.
  31. They owed Big Jim big on a lost wager held.
  32. How many minutes? What’s the wager?
  33. Nor mentioned it being there I'll also wager.
  34. You’re not going to believe it, I’ll wager.
  35. You want to place a wager on the Texas Rangers.
  36. I would lay any wager it is about Miss Williams.
  37. You wouldn’t want to put a little wager on it.
  38. What he proposed to Nicholas was a kind of wager.
  39. Perkins owes me five dollars from a wager on it.
  40. But, it wasn’t really a reward; it was a wager.
  41. You wouldn’t be about to wager florins with.
  42. In fact, I will bet you a wager that I shall do so.
  43. Still,' he added hopefully, 'I wager I could stand.
  44. I’ll wager you it’s no more than a painted stone.
  45. And been in love with him most of it, I would wager.
  46. One splits by placing an equal wager next to the first.
  47. You could wager even if you thought a certain horse was.
  48. You then calculate the wager amount by dividing $50 by 1.
  49. How much would you like to wager? the dealer said.
  50. How about a little wager, then? Help pass the time?
  51. I’d wager it’s faster and less painful for my innards.
  52. Well, they'll remember our visit long enough, I'll wager.
  53. I asked you if you would wager a florin that you could.
  54. If money-related envy causes social ills, I’d wager that.
  55. Starting off with a wager of maybe fifty bucks, they.
  56. In most casinos, your wager is returned to you if you push.
  57. With odds at -180, the amount of the wager should be $3,262.
  58. I’d wager that Ronan would be put in his place quick enough.
  59. IRS and pay the taxes on your wager, and even recant on your.
  60. Willing to wager your life on that? Because that’s what.
  61. I’d wager each household in your valley had dozens of books.
  62. She would be willing to place a large wager on the fact that.
  63. I’ll wager that won’t be the last we see of that vampire.
  64. Ill wager that in his case the ratio was just about one to one.
  65. Not as rapidly as Laurence would like to, I’ll wager, Mr.
  66. I'll wager that the black dress shows a corresponding mark to this.
  67. She nodded and rubbed her tummy, This’ll be a boy, I’d wager.
  68. I’ll wager my lord of Butterwell does not take the field either.
  69. I'l wager that you would have made a good businessman, you have such.
  70. This means that we’ll be getting a profit equals to 83% of our wager.
  71. You can’t have my organs! I need them to wager in future bets!.
  72. We didn’t know about the wager, but it’s another piece in the puzzle.
  73. Crossing the road is a wager with the combustion engine and irrationality.
  74. A winning wager on a long-shot horse with twenty-five grand riding on her.
  75. I’ll wager they’re bringing the payroll over from Governor’s Island.
  76. The USA -120 means that you have to place a wager of $120 for earning $100.
  77. He sets the wager upfront … none of your coward beat around the bush crap.
  78. Each investment is a wager against the party on the other side of the trade.
  79. The way to calculate how much your wager should be is a simple rule of three.
  80. Most current questions, I wager, define amorphous and ambiguous spaces, and.
  81. I’d wager that they don’t control it all, not across the entire planet.
  82. Nangong, then I can even wager that within one year, the entire Central Plains.
  83. The way to calculate how much your wager is again the same simple rule of three.
  84. Just look at it by saying to yourself that those odds are based on a $100 wager.
  85. One last precision in reference to the fourth game wager of the above example:.
  86. Wager calculation is something important in the Sports Betting Reinvented formula.
  87. Now wouldn’t that make an interesting wager? Which one do you guess would climb.
  88. The wager was accepted, but not one of those who bet believed that she would do it.
  89. Let’s try another calculation, but this time we can think of the problem as a wager.
  90. I’d wager you feel no Compulsion from your oath; that you feel exactly the same.
  91. The why is beyond my reach, but Id wager that the Founders would have been astounded.
  92. There was mention of a wager, but the general claimed to have no knowledge of any of it.
  93. What nasty thick skins they have to be sure, but I'll wager there is good juice inside.
  94. You might have the feeling that you can wager more money using the same working capital.
  95. You should have placed a wager of $1,340 but you’ve placed one in the amount of $1,000.
  96. I will… wager these… boots… that you cannot… do it again, slurred a drunken.
  97. As an optician, I would wager that you might provide me with a pair with…how is it said?
  98. True, one can swim or fish in Kawit, but tourism there still remains a wager for the future.
  99. The USA +120 means that if you’re placing a $100 wager, you’ll be earning a $120 profit.
  100. I’d be willing to wager, however, that, like me, he wants nothing to do with ruling Dejon.
  1. Wagering occurs when the.
  2. The hook position is the one who, when wagering.
  3. Wagering was an important aspect of this sport, and.
  4. A lot of wagering had been placed on a four-minute match.
  5. Were I given to wagering, I should place my gold on Gerold Lannister.
  6. He was virtually wagering that the issue would not be called for some years to come.
  7. The Tarmorians, over the years, had devised an intricate and complicated scheme for wagering.
  8. The hook position is the one who, when wagering on any certain number, could possibly be the point.
  9. This will make a day for strategic wagering, he looked at the buttons on the left side of his chair.
  10. They applauded for several minutes before leaving to go to the wagering booths or to go about their business.
  11. At first, you might think it’s no big deal by wagering less but this is where the insurance concept kicks in.
  12. This typically means that your wagering needs at that point will likely be in the area of about $15,000 to $20,000 per game.
  13. The company made sports-wagering and racetrack-betting terminalsdesigned, operated, manufactured, and serviced computerized wagering systems.
  14. On the other hand, there could have been an easy explanation related to a purchase by a client of a wagering system previously used under a service contract.
  15. Cash flow from operations was mysteriously positive at year-end with a new investing line in the cash-flow statement called Expenditures for equipment under wagering systems contracts.
  16. Humane Society of the United States reported only token restrictions in some other states, such as the maximum $50 fine in Alabama and no penalty in Virginia if wagering isn’t involved.
  17. Inventory included equipment held for firm wagering service contracts that would later be transferred to property and equipment-that did not make much sense because inventory was bigger than backlog.
  18. The day before the run each runner was given a complete and rigorous physical and mental examination, which would allow the computers to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each runner and thereby ascertain the odds for wagering.
  19. We are thus led to the question: To what extent is common-stock analysis a valid and truly valuable exercise, and to what extent is it an empty but indispensable ceremony attending the wagering of money on the future of business and of the stock market? We shall ultimately find the answer to run somewhat as follows: As far as the typical common stock is concerned—an issue picked at random from the list—an analysis, however elaborate, is unlikely to yield a dependable conclusion as to its attractiveness or its real value.
  1. See, she is wagered instead.
  2. The money was all wagered on a.
  3. So much money is wagered on these.
  4. The money was all wagered on a long shot.
  5. I wagered he'd come back without his head.
  6. The Cap has wagered their lives he is right.
  7. They were cute enough to settle their nerves he wagered.
  8. There was a whole lot of money being wagered on today’s.
  9. That will give you an idea of how the money was wagered that night.
  10. Clothier had wagered both his money and his shirt (the cowboy one), on the outcome.
  11. It was the same for any denomination that would’ve been wagered on that particular hand.
  12. Then I loudly whispered, Oh yay by the way, I wagered our shoes and fifty smackers each.
  13. Indeed, money is wagered on these fights; what happens to the loser of a match is up for grabs.
  14. Why aren't they pacified by the gift? Even his query had been odds-factored and wagered upon.
  15. There was a whole lot of money being wagered on today’s races, which would start early and finish late.
  16. Well, if you hadn’t told me you were Russian, I should have wagered that you were Parisian! You have that.
  17. I wagered she could very likely make journeys of considerable length by air, but we had no time right now to test it.
  18. It then has to pay back $100 in profit to the winner plus the amount the winning bettor has wagered, in this case, $110.
  19. I quickly ran to the place where the "pazote" was, but when I got there, found that a herd of "grelis" had wagered in the place.
  20. Here, an unexpected calm reigns as billions of dollars are wagered on the spread between light, sweet crude, and heavy crude oil prices.
  21. Each player would be given a token that would match the amount of money that was wagered on a person’s last hand before they went broke.
  22. I assumed he was either too busy and didn’t hear me or that he had bad news and didn’t want to tell me; I would have wagered on the latter.
  23. The "favorite" is the horse that has had the most money wagered on it to win, while the "long-shots" have had the least money wagered on them.
  24. He had seen that same crazed look in other men’s eyes and could recall their having wagered everything on them then forgoing personal property.
  25. Bruiser shouted back with wide eyes, You wagered the whole crews shoes and fifty bucks each?! He yelled it so loud, he hurt my ears this time.
  26. Unless you were betting a very small amount of money at a time or you bet a lot of money up front and then decreased the amount wagered on each hand.
  27. They seemed oblivious to the nine spectators seated and standing around them, cheering and offering advice, who also wagered with each other on the outcome.
  28. And according to his next transaction, that money was immediately wagered on another race, seemingly parlaying his winnings into the second round of horse racing.
  29. A small group was clustered around a backgammon board, and several small piles of silver pennies on the table indicated that money was being wagered on the outcome.
  30. Regardless of the amount wagered or the number of individual bets, the laws of probability specify that in the long run the casino gets to keep 5 percent of everything that is bet at the roulette table.
  31. They had obviously wagered on a short match, and now, those who wagered most accurately, within the fifteen-second window, and on the number of thrusts, feints, parries, and rare maneuvers would be the big winners.
  32. After dinner each evening, there were more formal entertainments—a variety show, an amateur hour, mock trials and mock weddings, bingo games, checkers and chess tournaments, and a casino night during which the athletes wagered stage money.
  33. This drove up the payoff on a horse heavily wagered against, in some cases, up to a hundred to one odds, which were astronomical when betting on any one payoff and the odds of that horse pulling off a winning position according to its modified future payoff.
  34. In his mind he knew he had lost, He wagered everything on Jack’s demise in that melee but now he lost everything, his empire of thugs completely obliterated, his anonymous status lost because he kidnapped Cassandra, New Star’s best detective, he was completely defeated.
  1. No bloody wagers with you.
  2. More guys stepped out of the crowd, kicking in the wagers.
  3. The watching soldiers began to place wagers on the outcome of.
  4. Wagers were placed on how many pigeons the caracal could take.
  5. The track not only featured wagers on the races that were held.
  6. Therefore, the more numbers he wagers on, the better his chance of gain.
  7. We’re not placing any wagers during the playoffs of any of those two sports.
  8. The entire crew looked around, some with the wagers in their hands for the outcome.
  9. Medical journals are filled with reports of silly wagers by would-be heroes anxious to show.
  10. The track not only featured wagers on the races that were held there, but also on the futures.
  11. In that case, you always have the freedom for placing your wagers with the bookmaker offering the best odds.
  12. I surely believe half the women attend the races simply to see him ride, and all of them make wagers on his mounts.
  13. You know exactly, at any given moment on which teams you have to place your wagers as well as the amount of those wagers.
  14. If he distributes his wagers evenly over all the numbers, then whichever one turns up he is certain to win a moderate amount.
  15. There are always teams running good sequences and this allows us to have many teams to select from for placing wagers every day.
  16. Yes, Gentlemen, I’m talking of that moral abyss, the pinball machine! Instrument for sinful wagers to destroy our social fibre.
  17. Even then, for instance, there’s a very good sportsbook we know of that’s accepting wagers of up to $20 000 per game for the MLB.
  18. Every race was averaged out on a scale of eighty-eight percent, so eighty-percent of the wagers bet would be returned to the customer.
  19. He was fleet, too, tho’ I should ne’er take him to a Race-Meeting and let all sorts of scurvy Blackguards lay Wagers upon his Flesh.
  20. Butterwell has thirty dragons for the knight who comes second, that shall suffice for me…along with some goodly ransoms and the proceeds of my wagers.
  21. The way our algorithm generates the picks gives results in such a way that a team we’ve placed wagers on almost never goes through a 4 game losing streak.
  22. Would that I had studied Fencing as I had Horsemanship and Dancing! The Crowd was closing in, shouting Encouragement and already laying Wagers for the Fight.
  23. Thanks to the work of thieves and translators, most captives were well enough informed on the war’s progress that they had wagers riding on when it would end.
  24. The mother ship’s crew often made wagers on the outcomes of the contests, a practice that even Commodore Townsend could occasionally be found supporting financially.
  25. We can then spot those going from a very good sequence to a not so good one in real time and stop placing wagers on those before they are deep into their bad sequences.
  26. If, at that point, you’re still not satisfied with your income, you can also ask bookmakers if they would accept wagers above what they state as the maximum on their website.
  27. Let us assume that, through some equivalent of analysis, a roulette player is able to reverse the odds for a limited number of wagers, so that they are now 18 to 19 in his favor.
  28. There are ransoms to be had as well, for those who win their matches, Ser Uthor said as he hollowed out his trencher, and I have heard it rumored that some men place wagers on the tilts.
  29. Opening on the 19th of April, the entire grandstand was completely covered by anxious spectators who could barely wait to place their wagers, drink beer, and buy pretzels from the peanut venders.
  30. But if the player wagers all his money on a single number, the small odds in his favor are of slight importance compared with the crucial question whether chance will elect the number he has chosen.
  31. This doesn’t seem much, but with hundreds of events taking place every day and sometimes tens of thousands of bettors placing wagers with a single sportsbook, this adds up to pretty impressive numbers.
  32. The main thing is to balance the size of your wagers in reference to the total working capital you have on hand so you always have the necessary cash flow for operating properly and securely, following the plan.
  33. Albeit the early races were fair betting propositions, the most of those who watched them had come to lay wagers on some Far and Near candidate—and the Far and Near candidates had been getting their preliminaries.
  34. You could wager even if you thought a certain horse was going to be in a specific race up to a year in advance, which allowed the track to book hundreds of thousands of wagers on races that hadn’t even been run yet.
  35. They started out with two races a day, except on the weekends, and on Fridays they would hold several different racing events all open for wagers, the odds determined by the premise of eighty-eight percent payout on all profits made.
  36. Using the market study technique together with our 4 cornerstones, we’ve been able to filter most of the noise out of the sophisticated data generated in the sports industry in such a way that you can select the best teams for placing wagers on at any given time.
  37. On the next game they’re playing (home if they lost at home or away if they lost when they were on the road) you’ll be placing a wager in such a way to recoup the previous wager or wagers plus the per win profit you’ve set using the divider we've mentioned earlier.
  38. For those of you wondering if this can be scaled up to interesting proportions, we can tell you that one of the sportsbooks we know, which is listed in the sportsbooks document mentioned above that you can download for free is accepting wagers up to $20,000 for a single baseball game.
  39. My Sword pois’d in my Hand, my Adversary glow’ring at me (he was restrain’d for the Moment only by other Members of the Rabble who wisht to clear an Arena so that all might better see the Fight and better lay their Wagers), I waited for the End of this Best of all Possible Worlds.
  40. Two young females who appeared to be fourteen to sixteen years old and wearing green military fatigues with short swords sat cross-legged over a game board in the middle of the table, each with a fistful of coins they used to make fast and furious wagers as they quickly exchanged moves in their complex and indiscernible game.

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