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War in a sentence

1. Is a call to war.
2. The war with the U.
3. War of the Roses, n.
4. Horus was a war god.
5. The War on Terror, n.
6. We are at war, Eva.
7. We will win the war.

8. The Iraq war was on.
9. You guys went to war.
10. This is a cold war.
11. Let him have his war.
12. Navy in times of war.
13. You have won the war.
14. War and even into 1867.
15. I had to stop the war.
16. Above the drone of war.
17. He was in the Boer War.
18. Poetry in Times of War.
19. You mind the war next.
20. I was through with war.
21. So the Civil War began.
22. I will war with others.
23. Who says this is a war.
24. Cold War, the, 353, 371.
25. There is a war going on.
26. The Great War was over.
27. The war was going badly.
28. They were ready for war.
29. Truman and the Cold War.
30. He saved us from war.
31. It was not a war at all.
32. We’ve got a war to win.
33. You'd start a bloody war.
34. God is of peace, not war.
35. The War in Afghanistan, n.
36. We will go to war and win.
37. Mantis, war is upon us.
38. Questioner: The war is on.
39. We would not win the war.
40. The First World War ended.
41. Only then the Civil War.
42. Navy at War (1941- 1945).
43. A noble war well fought.
44. Be careful of a price war.
45. Mexican War would be free.
46. The war god seemed to be.
47. I followed the war closely.
48. To free the war prisoners.
49. I wish this war would end.
50. Bush and the Long War.
51. That’s how I win my war.
52. Germany for the entire War.
53. The sea was at war today.
54. The war for titans was hard.
55. We never mentioned the war.
56. We must prepare for War.
57. A war; to save love itself.
58. We had been at war too long.
59. During World War 2, he was.
60. The War of Alien Aggression.
61. That would be an act of war.
62. The Mighty Men of War.
63. War broke out in the Realms.
64. He is worried about the war.
65. The war helped to galvanise.
66. Oh, they'd love the war, too.
67. During World War Two 10,000.
68. The Philistines won the war;.
69. For a war, he needs soldiers.
70. This was from before the war.
71. There was a war to be fought.
72. It looks like we’re at war.
73. I Consult the Pigeon of War.
74. Tell him to call off the war.
75. Early in the war years, the U.
76. Stop your war heal the earth.
77. I’m trying to end this war.
78. She did not think of the war.
79. But we didn’t call it a war.
80. This war can’t last forever.
81. This shows the war beginning.
82. After the war, I just wanted.
83. The War of 1812 killed 19,000.
84. But this is all part of war.
85. It was a popular war for most.
86. We will survive this war, Evy.
87. Wouldn’t want the war to end.
88. There is bound to be a war now.
89. This is a real war story…….
90. I do not wish a full-scale war.
91. Another war, begun before any.
92. We’re in the middle of a war.
93. They are World War Two vintage.
94. All’s fair in love and war.
95. I went to war believing in my.
96. It also needed capital for war.
97. It was his last council of war.
98. Hawes replied that the war was.
99. Drafted into the war of my life.
100. During the 2nd World War, they.
1. Boots: Warring in the Spirit.
2. I couldn't go on with all that warring.
3. Hunger and stress warring with each other.
4. The warring brutes had touched off the bomb.
5. She’d seen this with other warring couples.
6. Warring was disbanded, but still small wars.
7. Megan could see the warring emotions in his eyes.
8. The three have been warring since long before your.
9. Its leadership was ageing and warring with each other.
10. I have to confess that my faith is warring with my heart.
11. These modern humans were nomadic, warlike, warring bands.
12. You have been caught in a net of warring duties that you did not weave.
13. Many battles result from different priorities held by the warring parties.
14. Suddenly, the whole sky above the mountain were filled with warring angels.
15. These warring thoughts kept him behind the fence, watching instead of acting.
16. Peace is both the practice of not warring coupled with the act of sharing all.
17. Warring groups: Christians in the south versus Muslims in the rest of Sudan.
18. Again he raises his head to look at me, astonishment and hope warring in his eyes.
19. Are you telling me that Kirk should have left them in their warring state?
20. Jews were killed by warring bands of Jews in Jerusalem, and Josephus says the Jews.
21. We were just a dead leaf trampled under the feet of those warring mountains of water.
22. It's spiritual class warfare: the spirit of money warring against the spirit of love.
23. My warring halves wanted simultaneously to rip him to pieces and rip his clothes off.
24. The budding nation of Israel was left undisturbed and untouched by the warring factions.
25. So, the three sides of the warring factions shared an uneasy alliance with one another.
26. You poor child, he murmured, looking down at me, pity and hunger warring in his eyes.
27. Ra was a powerful demon and had great strength, but the powerful warring angel dwarfed him.
28. But he couldn’t ignore the emotions warring inside him: frustration, anger, disappointment.
29. I had been a victim of their soft warring differences and that I had never taken the helm of.
30. What do you mean? I whispered, swaying slightly as I fought the warring urges within me.
31. Constantine called three councils to forge compromises between the warring Christian factions.
32. One who could galvanize warring fractions into a formidable force through a soul stirring speech.
33. Great care had to be taken to avoid putting members of warring Men’s Library were all involved.
34. This discovery led to the significant expansion of the body of surviving Warring States military theory.
35. There are various cases of friends fighting and nations warring because of anger or differences of opinion.
36. My experience in the recent war has convinced me that we can no longer engage ourselves in a warring attitude.
37. Intuiting their design the warring Deva continuously turned aside either blade using his jewel-encrusted saber.
38. Endlessly fighting and warring with their immediate neighbors: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and France, and Holland.
39. This did not stop them from constantly warring against each other in-between the Olympic games as they were called.
40. They said that treason meant warring against the United States, siding with her enemies, or assisting her enemies.
41. The man is mad! The other Lords would never accept him; they would rebel, and Aura would become a warring ground.
42. All across the city, thin plumes of gray-blue smoke rose determinedly and blended with the high, subtly warring skies.
43. As much as I wish that I could avenge my dead brother, our warring season is over for this year, at least for many of us.
44. In the subsequent Warring States Period (475-221 BC), �The Art of War� became the most widely read military treatise.
45. Unfortunately, this caused a raise in hormone levels and caused warring factions to break out on his planet that lasted centuries.
46. It moved every feeling of wonder and awe that the picture of an omnipotent God warring with his creatures was capable of exciting.
47. Like my old Beta chapter at Emory, that fraternity had two warring factions, the Crusaders for Christ and the Crusaders for Coors.
48. And in the far north, the Nordic tribes are restless, warring continually with the Cimmerians, and sweeping the Hyperborean frontiers.
49. He was safely sheltered, and yet he felt dizzy in the midst of the warring of the elements and the dazzling brightness of the lightning.
50. There was no reason for raiding or warring upon people who did not own anything and who did not accumulate anything including territory.
51. I was certainly going to need a large portion of Divine intervention to achieve a reunion of the warring factions at play within this setting.
52. The reason the central Asians were not a touching culture is because they had already been warring against each other for at least 35,000 years.
53. We are strangers from a warring nation whose ways are against a lot of what Islam stands for (modesty, sobriety, sex in marriage only, holiness.
54. Almost as a backdrop to Marilyn Monroe’s search for herself in both her life and career was the legal warring that was going on between her and Fox.
55. One of the earliest accounts was of the first emperor of a unified China, Qin Shi Huang, who considered the book had ended the Age of Warring States.
56. Playing an Instrument: Prophesying; worship and praising Him; warring in the Spirit; soothing the soul; worship of self; idolatry; activity or action.
57. Behind these were two rows of vertical wings which rose from the upper deck, one above each hull, giving the impression of two warring square riggers.
58. Internal strifes cease only in proportion as the pressure of the power is exerted upon individuals who heretofore have been warring against one another.
59. Lord Wesley's eyes are so wide they might fall out of his head at any moment, and his face is warring with itself, unsure if it should turn red or white.
60. This unilateral and undemocratic action threw the city of Brea into political turmoil, dividing it into warring factions and turning friends into enemies.
61. He sat at the desk across the room, but his gaze remained steady on hers, concern and curiosity warring in their depths as he stared solemnly back at her.
62. This is not unlike the citizens of the United States who eventually wound up suffering for their country’s arms support of two warring nations in the Middle East.
63. For centuries, the clans had been warring with each other over boundary rights, hunting territory, water rights, stealing of women, and more recently mining territory.
64. To what purpose may I ask? The American Government has been drawn into a quagmire of warring factions, each of questionable character, for no apparent (political) reason.
65. These two warring factions were far removed from the instigations of a bygone war on the surface, but down here they were still apparently locked in a bitter proverbial war.
66. UN peacekeeping forces have a very mixed record: They kept the warring sides apart in the Middle East but they stood by during the massacres in Bosnia and Rwanda in the 1990s.
67. Of course the news got suppressed so as Hutton could have a square chance of selling the land – intersects three clans of warring tribes not loyal to the white man, apparently.
68. One of the chieftains jumped up and yelled, "I will!" And then a neighboring Chieftain, who had been warring with him for as long as he could remember, jumped up and yelled, "Me too!".
69. Is that then the divine substance wherein Father and Son are consubstantial? Where is poor dear Arius to try conclusions? Warring his life long upon the contransmagnificandjewbangtantiality.
70. When we reach Revelation 21 and 22, we are no longer flesh and spirit warring against one another, but are now a unified Body – corporately – that is neither ruled by flesh, nor by spirit.
71. Warring States Period was period of constant war fought between seven nations (Zhao, Qi, Qin, Chu, Han, Wei and Yan) to gain control over the vast expanse of fertile territory in Eastern China.
72. During the siege many more Jews were killed by warring bands of Jews in Jerusalem, and Josephus says the Jews suffered far more from one another inside the walls of the city than form the Romans outside.
73. So, if the public is not scared, where is the terrorism and the need for warring against it? When the people are attacked, they can respond either as vengeful terror victims or reflective wounded healers.
74. During the siege many more Jews were killed by warring bands of Jews in Jerusalem, and Josephus says the Jews suffered far more from one another inside the walls of the city than from the Romans outside.
75. Love? Between warring factions? In a living human culture based upon hate and feuds? Living human culture… that is based upon keeping hate alive for hundreds and thousands of years? Ha! Easily destroyed.
76. If we had a warrior culture, if we raised our children to be spartans or beserkers, then warring would be the skill we would want to inculcate, and pillaging and raping would be the rewards for a campaign won.
77. The remnants of the Bossonians were swept out of existence, and the blood-mad barbarians swarmed into Aquilonia, looting and burning, before the legions, warring again with the Nemedians, could be marched into the west.
78. Sun Bin�s text, apart from being the only surviving military text from the Warring States period discovered in the twentieth century, also contains the closest similarity to �The Art of War� among all surviving texts.
79. Sure, there could be others, but in order for the Spirit of the Well to return to its rightful place at the forefront of mankind, there must be an easy truce between the warring factions of The Eternal Order of the Time Walker.
80. King of the Atrebates, he should have made a show of support, but he did not seem capable of standing between warring warriors; the old guard, the Clan Bear, Felix Quintus, prefect, and he looked at us all as Arthur stood in his face.
81. But, also in 300 years from Constantine’s institution of the new faith in AD 325, a source of extreme threat arose to smite Christians who seemed more diligent in their warring with each other than they were with those who surrounded them.
82. Both men stood motionless as images, except for the expanding of their muscles on rigid arms and braced legs, but strength beyond common conception was warring there—strength that might have uprooted trees and crushed the skulls of bullocks.
83. A warring culture sees every intersection as a conflict to be decided by competition – Let the best x, y, z win! What name we give The Game defines the gravity its language is sculpted by, which determines what ideas may or may not emerge.
84. They had increasingly become the followers of men, not the Word as the Apostle Paul had warned against many times, and their strivings divided the very strength of the movement into warring factions that weakened the core around which they orbited.
85. Nations each fighting for their own autonomy without being invaded and destroyed by huge imperial powers that had no interest in their quarrels and no way to profit from them… would have allowed the warring parties to work out their differences locally.
86. Based on the description of warfare in "The Art of War" and the striking similarity of the text's prose to other works from Warring States period led the modern scholars to place the completion of "The Art of War" in the Warring States Period (476-221 BC).
87. The motive of this prolonged strife—so attractive to Shakespeare—had much the same dignity which distinguishes the family intrigues of the Sublime Porte, and Shakespeare presents the history of his country as a mere pageant of warring royalties and their trains.
88. Without such a course, the consequences to our peace and prosperity, from the jealousy and violence of warring nations, are inevitable, and, with it, we can hardly promise ourselves exemption from aggressions and spoliation; such and so destructive is the spirit of the times.
89. His deep chest heaved as with a ground-swell; his tossed arms seemed the warring elements at work; and the thunders that rolled away from off his swarthy brow, and the light leaping from his eye, made all his simple hearers look on him with a quick fear that was strange to them.
90. Under the sea the music-makers lie, still in their fingers clutching the broken and battered means of melody; but over the strident voice of warring winds and the sound of many waters there rises their chant eternally; and though the musicians lie hushed and cold at the sea's heart, their music is heard forevermore.
91. If this commerce were the mushroom growth of a night—if it had its vigor from the temporary excitement and the accumulated nutriment which warring elements in Europe had swept from the places of their natural deposit—then, indeed, there might be some excuse for a temporizing policy touching so transitory an interest.
92. It absorbed one of the two empires that had exhausted themselves warring against each other for generations, and then, renewed its assault upon the remaining eastern lands of the survivor, whose capital Constantinople was observed by its founder to be the cultural and economic center of gravity of the whole Roman Empire.
93. The polarization of the already existing inequities of the system would be drawn into such a sharp, unmistakably clarified contrast between what happens to poor people when they steal and what happens to rich people when they steal; that it would rip our entire society apart into warring factions that for once… Start honestly hating each other.
94. Before Cortez, the Aztecs were sacrificing their neighbors to their sun god; before Portuguese sailors transported African slaves, the slaves were kidnapped by warring tribes; before Rome annexed Judah, the Israelites were at war with each other; and before Japan invaded China in the 20th century, Chinese had invaded Japan under Kublai Khan in the 13th century.
95. Thus the prediction that the time will come when all men shall be instructed by God, shall stop warring, shall forge the swords into ploughshares and the spears into pruning-hooks, that is, translating into our language, when all the prisons, fortresses, barracks, palaces, churches, shall remain empty, and all the gallows, guns, cannon, shall remain unused, is no longer a dream, but a definite, new form of life, toward which humanity is moving with ever increasing rapidity.
96. There is so much written and said about you! I came here today with anxious curiosity; I wished to see for myself and form my own convictions as to whether it were true that the whole of this upper stratum of Russian society is worthless, has outlived its time, has existed too long, and is only fit to die—and yet is dying with petty, spiteful warring against that which is destined to supersede it and take its place—hindering the Coming Men, and knowing not that itself is in a dying condition.
97. As the population of the masses grew and grew; as plagues could not keep their growing numbers in check, as warring and rapine and murder could not keep their numbers in check, as the aristocrats withered into indolence with no enemies to fight, no religious power to press against and oppose; as colonies were established where the most ambitious and the outcasts of society could escape to, as maritime trade exploded and the lure of becoming a sailor on a ship promised adventure and riches and freedom.
98. After they went out out of paradise Adam took Eve his wife and went up into the east; And he remained there eighteen years and two months; and Eve conceived and brought out two sons Diaphotus called Cain and Amilabes called Abel; And after this Adam and Eve were with one another; and when they lay down Eve said to Adam her Lord: My Lord I have seen in a dream this night the blood of my son Amilabes who is called Abel thrown into the mouth of Cain his brother and he drank it without pity; And he entreated him to grant him a little of it but he did not listen to him but drank it all up; and it did not remain in his belly but came out out of his mouth; And Adam said to Eve: Let us arise and go and see what has happened to them lest perchance the enemy should be in any way warring against them.
99. After they went out out of paradise, Adam took Eve his wife, and went up into the east; And he remained there eighteen years and two months; and Eve conceived and brought out two sons, Diaphotus called Cain, and Amilabes called Abel; And after this, Adam and Eve were with one another; and when they lay down, Eve said to Adam her Lord: My Lord, I have seen in a dream this night the blood of my son Amilabes, who is called Abel, thrown into the mouth of Cain his brother, and he drank it without pity; And he entreated him to grant him a little of it, but he did not listen to him, but drank it all up; and it did not remain in his belly, but came out out of his mouth; And Adam said to Eve: Let us arise, and go and see what has happened to them, lest perchance the enemy should be in any way warring against them.
100. What I am saying is that the warring state that the Iotians created,.
1. Emotions warred across his face.
2. Pain and guilt warred in his gut.
3. While the earth warred with the land.
4. His forces then warred with them and pro-.
5. Christians and Muslims had warred to eliminate each.
6. Furious thinking and giddy excitement warred on his face.
7. Fear and uncertainty warred with the nervous excitement.
8. No beings warred, hunted each other or killed each other.
9. Certainly, Christianity has warred against more than science.
10. Our races have warred with one another for many generations.
11. I regret the years that our races have warred with one another.
12. Panic and hysteria warred within her, and she screamed, Em!.
13. And when their time was up, these people stole guns and warred on Spain.
14. A cramp shot up his leg as the muscles locked and warred with each other.
15. The neighboring country, with which our country had warred with before, began invading the.
16. In a daze with my heart numb, I struggled with the jealousy, anger, and pain that warred for my attention.
17. I looked down as the question weighed down upon me and I warred within myself as to what to say in return.
18. Murphy’s face was a battleground of indecision: years of EMT training warred with a whole new set of concerns.
19. It hovered, shaking, over his upturned palm as the muscles in his other arm locked and warred with one another.
20. The frigid air warred with my breathe to create a milky steam, while the hairs on the back of my arms stiffened.
21. I fell backward and the desire to let go and nurse my busted up hand was a palpable emotion to be warred against.
22. But conditions are not as they were then, when all kingdoms were broken into principalities which warred with each other.
23. The planet’s remaining inhabitants were limited to two groups of religious fanatics who constantly warred with each other.
24. Leora thought out what she was to say next, though frustration warred within her, she was wise enough not to speak through it.
25. Species of humanoids that have warred between themselves will be encouraged to unite to repel the ongoing threat of the Harad Ghul.
26. Some feared that they might be warred upon by these strange chariot people, but somehow they had been left to wander about the land.
27. It would end all too soon and then what? The two extremes of his inner-self warred with each other as he held her with a grip that would not loosen.
28. It was said of a famous general[22] of old, when he could have taken the city[23] he warred against, he would not, and by and by when he would, he could not.
29. I did want her, but I warred within myself against the forbidden desires that attacked my remembrance of the past and threatened to overwhelm them with something new.
30. In Shakespeare, tragedy was the flame struck from the clash of moral principles; here her maternal desire to see him meaningfully employed warred with her Old Testament mistrust of cities.
31. Ever since men—reasoning beings—have existed, they have distinguished good from evil, and have profited by the fact that men have made this distinction before them; they have warred against evil, and have sought the good, and have slowly but uninterruptedly advanced in that path.
32. He picked up his bow, warred, won,.
1. No one wins in wars.
2. I'm off to the wars.
4. The theme is Star Wars.
5. Wars have been and are.
6. I do not choose the wars.
7. We had wars between pods.
8. After all, all wars are.
9. It led to two World Wars.
10. It worked for three wars.
11. The Wars of the Iroquois.
12. Wars are not won by axioms.
13. In all of those wars our.
14. All wars are created equal.
15. Both wars were started by.
16. Wars are often based on a.
17. I have witnessed these wars.
18. Wars have been less than a.
19. Wars To End, To Forgive Them.
20. They have not prevented wars.
21. War to End All Wars Revisited.
22. Wars and Battles (Shawn - II).
23. Wars of the Iroquois, The, 334.
24. Cease the wars, the hate, the.
25. Embrace the Love, end the wars.
26. Years / ongoing wars / new wars.
27. No poverty, no wars, no armies.
28. You can even have spit wars or.
29. Some of the wars have already.
30. I started wars and stopped wars.
31. I’ve lived through three wars.
32. Poseidon: But we had wars before.
33. What did the two World Wars do?
34. But wars are not won in a day.
35. There are no wars and no fights.
36. Its related to more wars, yes.
37. They have won wars because of it.
38. Yugoslav Wars of the mid Nineties.
39. This was Star Wars at its finest.
40. The slave trader wars were very.
41. Look at all of the wars, at the.
42. Riots occurred and several wars.
43. The civil wars, security threats.
44. In the Black Mountain wars?
45. Another casualty in the coal wars.
46. Some wars, however, are justified.
47. Slaves were only survivors of wars.
48. Wars on terror only fuel the flame.
49. Who was Who in the Napoleonic Wars.
50. Around the time of the Dragon wars.
51. That wars and conflict are natural.
52. Mankind has set wars on his planet.
53. I fought in wars when I was twelve.
54. Allons! through struggles and wars!.
55. These reports come from other wars.
56. No one wins in wars, Meir said.
57. When the pirate wars began in 6520 B.
58. Josephus (compare Wars, book V, chap.
59. He smiled at the Star Wars reference.
60. Those who feel that God causes wars.
61. In previous wars civilians may have.
62. HTML the name of a robot in Star Wars.
63. Avoided Wars with Britain and France.
64. It is axiomatic that wars are costly.
65. Wars burn its children to save pride.
66. We worry about wars and rumors of wars.
67. The two wars of Europe are a guarantee.
68. Of course, since there were wars and.
69. They persecuted us after the wars of.
70. Loved the Star Wars video, asshole.
71. In the history of wars there had not.
72. Regular wars sprang up over this idea.
73. More wars will equal more destruction.
74. The wars against Napoleon allowed the.
75. Criminal turf wars had already started.
76. There are wars going on, wars going on!.
77. I've been through wars and plagues and.
78. Like all wars, for the ultimate prize.
79. Grief at the wars that had ravaged them.
80. They have no more wars among themselves.
81. Hence the necessity of tocsins and wars.
82. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars.
83. These wars lasted from 264 BC until 146.
84. I had survived two civil wars and a war.
85. Souls have roots in wars and gloomy life.
86. Were there wars, oppression, struggles?
87. These encroachments resisted led to wars.
88. You will hear of wars and rumours of wars.
89. Not up on his current wars, Jess thought.
90. Shortly thereafter, wars began to erupt.
91. GW Bush and the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.
92. Lancaster and York: The Wars of the Roses.
93. Pogroms, Wars, Genocide, the Fall of the.
94. Even in wars and battles and at deathbed:.
95. But there’s only been two world wars.
96. We too feel duty bound to wage no wars.
97. Bombing, wars, conflicts have spin fruits.
98. The wars caused three to six million deaths.
99. But the wars are the large scale happenings.
100. Because wars are not won with suppositions.

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