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War in a sentence

Is a call to war.
War of the Roses, n.
The war with the U.
We will win the war.
Horus was a war god.
The War on Terror, n.
We are at war, Eva.

Let him have his war.
You guys went to war.
This is a cold war.
Navy in times of war.
The Iraq war was on.
You have won the war.
War and even into 1867.
I had to stop the war.
Poetry in Times of War.
He was in the Boer War.
Above the drone of war.
You mind the war next.
So the Civil War began.
Cold War, the, 353, 371.
I was through with war.
Who says this is a war.
There is a war going on.
The Great War was over.
I will war with others.
The war was going badly.
He saved us from war.
They were ready for war.
It was not a war at all.
Truman and the Cold War.
You'd start a bloody war.
Navy at War (1941- 1945).
God is of peace, not war.
We will go to war and win.
The First World War ended.
Questioner: The war is on.
The War in Afghanistan, n.
We would not win the war.
Mantis, war is upon us.
Boots: Warring in the Spirit.
I couldn't go on with all that warring.
Hunger and stress warring with each other.
The warring brutes had touched off the bomb.
Warring was disbanded, but still small wars.
She’d seen this with other warring couples.
Megan could see the warring emotions in his eyes.
The three have been warring since long before your.
Its leadership was ageing and warring with each other.
I have to confess that my faith is warring with my heart.
These modern humans were nomadic, warlike, warring bands.
You have been caught in a net of warring duties that you did not weave.
Many battles result from different priorities held by the warring parties.
Suddenly, the whole sky above the mountain were filled with warring angels.
These warring thoughts kept him behind the fence, watching instead of acting.
Warring groups: Christians in the south versus Muslims in the rest of Sudan.
Peace is both the practice of not warring coupled with the act of sharing all.
Again he raises his head to look at me, astonishment and hope warring in his eyes.
Are you telling me that Kirk should have left them in their warring state?
Jews were killed by warring bands of Jews in Jerusalem, and Josephus says the Jews.
It's spiritual class warfare: the spirit of money warring against the spirit of love.
We were just a dead leaf trampled under the feet of those warring mountains of water.
My warring halves wanted simultaneously to rip him to pieces and rip his clothes off.
The budding nation of Israel was left undisturbed and untouched by the warring factions.
So, the three sides of the warring factions shared an uneasy alliance with one another.
You poor child, he murmured, looking down at me, pity and hunger warring in his eyes.
Ra was a powerful demon and had great strength, but the powerful warring angel dwarfed him.
But he couldn’t ignore the emotions warring inside him: frustration, anger, disappointment.
What do you mean? I whispered, swaying slightly as I fought the warring urges within me.
Constantine called three councils to forge compromises between the warring Christian factions.
I had been a victim of their soft warring differences and that I had never taken the helm of.
Great care had to be taken to avoid putting members of warring Men’s Library were all involved.
One who could galvanize warring fractions into a formidable force through a soul stirring speech.
This discovery led to the significant expansion of the body of surviving Warring States military theory.
There are various cases of friends fighting and nations warring because of anger or differences of opinion.
My experience in the recent war has convinced me that we can no longer engage ourselves in a warring attitude.
Intuiting their design the warring Deva continuously turned aside either blade using his jewel-encrusted saber.
Endlessly fighting and warring with their immediate neighbors: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and France, and Holland.
They said that treason meant warring against the United States, siding with her enemies, or assisting her enemies.
This did not stop them from constantly warring against each other in-between the Olympic games as they were called.
Emotions warred across his face.
Pain and guilt warred in his gut.
While the earth warred with the land.
His forces then warred with them and pro-.
Christians and Muslims had warred to eliminate each.
Fear and uncertainty warred with the nervous excitement.
Furious thinking and giddy excitement warred on his face.
No beings warred, hunted each other or killed each other.
Our races have warred with one another for many generations.
Certainly, Christianity has warred against more than science.
I regret the years that our races have warred with one another.
Panic and hysteria warred within her, and she screamed, Em!.
And when their time was up, these people stole guns and warred on Spain.
A cramp shot up his leg as the muscles locked and warred with each other.
The neighboring country, with which our country had warred with before, began invading the.
In a daze with my heart numb, I struggled with the jealousy, anger, and pain that warred for my attention.
I looked down as the question weighed down upon me and I warred within myself as to what to say in return.
It hovered, shaking, over his upturned palm as the muscles in his other arm locked and warred with one another.
Murphy’s face was a battleground of indecision: years of EMT training warred with a whole new set of concerns.
The frigid air warred with my breathe to create a milky steam, while the hairs on the back of my arms stiffened.
I fell backward and the desire to let go and nurse my busted up hand was a palpable emotion to be warred against.
But conditions are not as they were then, when all kingdoms were broken into principalities which warred with each other.
The planet’s remaining inhabitants were limited to two groups of religious fanatics who constantly warred with each other.
Leora thought out what she was to say next, though frustration warred within her, she was wise enough not to speak through it.
Species of humanoids that have warred between themselves will be encouraged to unite to repel the ongoing threat of the Harad Ghul.
Some feared that they might be warred upon by these strange chariot people, but somehow they had been left to wander about the land.
It would end all too soon and then what? The two extremes of his inner-self warred with each other as he held her with a grip that would not loosen.
It was said of a famous general[22] of old, when he could have taken the city[23] he warred against, he would not, and by and by when he would, he could not.
I did want her, but I warred within myself against the forbidden desires that attacked my remembrance of the past and threatened to overwhelm them with something new.
In Shakespeare, tragedy was the flame struck from the clash of moral principles; here her maternal desire to see him meaningfully employed warred with her Old Testament mistrust of cities.
Ever since men—reasoning beings—have existed, they have distinguished good from evil, and have profited by the fact that men have made this distinction before them; they have warred against evil, and have sought the good, and have slowly but uninterruptedly advanced in that path.
He picked up his bow, warred, won,.
I'm off to the wars.
No one wins in wars.
The theme is Star Wars.
Wars have been and are.
We had wars between pods.
The Wars of the Iroquois.
I do not choose the wars.
It led to two World Wars.
After all, all wars are.
It worked for three wars.
All wars are created equal.
In all of those wars our.
Wars are not won by axioms.
Both wars were started by.
Wars are often based on a.
Wars have been less than a.
I have witnessed these wars.
Wars To End, To Forgive Them.
They have not prevented wars.
War to End All Wars Revisited.
Wars and Battles (Shawn - II).
Wars of the Iroquois, The, 334.
Some of the wars have already.
You can even have spit wars or.
Cease the wars, the hate, the.
Years / ongoing wars / new wars.
No poverty, no wars, no armies.
Embrace the Love, end the wars.
There are no wars and no fights.
I’ve lived through three wars.
What did the two World Wars do?
Poseidon: But we had wars before.
But wars are not won in a day.
I started wars and stopped wars.
Its related to more wars, yes.
The slave trader wars were very.
They have won wars because of it.
This was Star Wars at its finest.
Yugoslav Wars of the mid Nineties.

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