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Encounter in a sentence

And by this encounter becomes.
But some would encounter his.
This is the direct encounter.
I remember the first encounter.
You encounter suns beyond count.
After my encounter with God in.
That’s how this encounter went.

With every encounter, he saw her.
It was an encounter with a she-cat.
Health to you and all you encounter.
And encounter that fiery man, Mr.
That first encounter of our tongues.
An encounter with a caustic dragon.
King recalled this encounter as well.
I expected to encounter more ghosts.
No, my hero will encounter Heracles.
His last encounter was still fresh in.
Mark the encounter: if he love her not.
The encounter with Calvin bothered her.
And of course I didn’t encounter any.
She didn’t want to encounter a snake.
In this encounter the serpent does not.
A nighttime encounter could be dangerous.
His life has changed after an encounter.
I just had an encounter the other day.
That close encounter with boyhood heroes.
In an unexpected encounter that was too.
You will encounter many things along the.
The encounter is always with the unknown.
The encounter was no different from all.
Q: When did you first encounter the Orbs?
The encounter had not been left to chance.
Certainly he would encounter more of the.
Her last encounter was with the blacksmith.
Since the UFO encounter, Garcia said.
The next creature we encounter is the wolf.
Annie was fortunate to not encounter any.
Liam described the encounter with the Teriz.
I chalked that up as a successful encounter.
You will encounter strong winds that will.
He told Bush that he was encountering resistance.
He had feared encountering a situation such as this.
And yet he remembered nothing of encountering the wave.
He was alone in encountering the government; he had been.
We aren't encountering any that appear to be orbiting Sol.
He owed her some money and felt afraid of encountering her.
That night, as he was going to his room, he kept encountering.
There is no way to get to him without encountering the natives.
They kept on running in the building encountering some zombies.
Wisdom never tasted a kiss as sweet as the one he was encountering.
Clarence was not at all concerned encountering this total stranger.
There is a way of encountering error while on one's way to the truth.
I suppose reading about demons is quite different to encountering one.
A ship in transit encountering such a body on the same plane would be as.
This was enormously helpful, because one of the problems I kept encountering.
Encountering that mysterious Presence at the end of Hanor’s remembrance was.
I travelled only at night, fearful of encountering the visage of a human being.
He took a step back, encountering the uneasy sensation that he was about to fly.
He is not the kind of person you should ever have the misfortune of encountering.
Thom wondered what the odds were of encountering that expedition randomly in the 1.
Encountering nobody else for the rest of the turn, no surprises to test their purpose.
Encountering women at events that he's treated is weird enough, but his ex-fiancée?
These are just a few of the common issues that people report encountering during their.
He had feared encountering aliens, warlike creatures in fast ships with powerful weapons.
Rachel parked the ship in as low an orbit as possible without encountering the planet’s.
There was little danger of encountering a word that wasn't in Alan’s vocabulary however.
It was like encountering in the flesh some dream-image that had haunted one in nightmares.
They reported that the Americans, upon encountering Japanese defenses, had fled in terror.
Instead of encountering friends on this approaching ship, we would find only pitiless enemies.
They reached the grass track which the prisoners had taken into the Great Forest, encountering.
He’d been fascinated by her for decades and had dreamed at times of encountering her socially.
We had a long talk about marketing – what she was doing, the problems she was encountering, etc.
Did he himself never leave the Nautilus? Whole weeks had often gone by without my encountering him.
She dug heels like she hadn't since encountering that skinny theirops cub out in the Kinsheeta pass.
I once heard the word used by a pompous attorney on encountering a co-worker he needed to speak with.
This engine, encountering a split rail one night, leaped a trestle and dived twenty feet into a mudhole.
They got to it without encountering any problems as it was close to the place where they entered the Realm.
The other option was to dress as usual and risk encountering someone who was oblivious to my gender situation.
When lies follow angles that are unfit, then you can be assured that you would be encountering swinging errors.
She felt a fuzzy nervousness, along the corridor; neither encountering nor hearing any other patient or doctor.
The issues they have encountered.
He had encountered no tripwires.
He’d encountered it in TV series.
He encountered a priest on horseback.
In Rainbow Valley he encountered Mr.
But we have encountered disruptions.
When break is encountered inside any.
Every time they’d encountered them.
I have encountered some decent lawyers.
He encountered a great deal of racism.
Before I encountered Garcia, I was.
On our way out, we encountered a horde.
It was like nothing he’d encountered.
The black ship they had encountered was.
He’s someone I encountered recently.
I encountered him only at rare intervals.
He had encountered a lot of homosexuals.
But then, he encountered life’s harsh.
Again we were encountered with each other.
As they charged on they encountered the.
Never had he encountered one such as her.
When he encountered problems even before.
We encountered each other again and again.
So He encountered God at His water baptism.
Olin had encountered him on occasion in Mr.
Wherever they encountered personnel, they.
Ben Heinrichs encountered a fire on his land.
Abraham, the father of faith, encountered God.
Yet he encountered a situation that from all.
Wherever shamanism is still encountered today.
Only meanings actually encountered in the text.
I had never encountered poetry quite like this.
Most of the women I encountered were in their.
I have not yet encountered a suitable candidate.
They encountered many sails, but none was Yankee.
The next day he encountered someone wearing the.
Deeply colored amethyst was rarely encountered.
She was taken by the technology she encountered.
The next tribe we encountered was the Ayawak’a.
These encounters with the Roman.
After that it encounters another.
Close Encounters Of The Third-Kind.
I have had many encounters with it.
I found his flirtatious encounters.
Each time the translator encounters.
There many encounters like this that.
The encounters I mentioned earlier were.
Whenever the Psychological I encounters.
I've had some close encounters with sharks.
This is one of the scariest encounters that.
On the trail, Strayed encounters mostly men.
His MiG encounters with Frederick were legend.
Our evening encounters were impromptu affairs.
It told of lonely hills and strange encounters.
He has had no female encounters for a long time.
Blessed with longevity, such encounters always.
I had the pleasure of two Internet encounters in.
Thus, evidently, as one encounters decisions and.
There are instincts for all the encounters of life.
All three had unique encounters and visions of God.
And he began to enlarge on his encounters with the.
He stands out in the mind of everyone he encounters.
Maybe encounters with the police made them that way.
Volume 2 will be out soon – same wacky encounters!.
Man From Snowy River or Jeff Fahey encounters in the.
In encounters with ghosts, it has been reported that.
His encounters with the servants had exhilarated him.
This requires that encounters of Sophia-Analysis are.
Most of our encounters have been fraught with tension.
This, which is true of all great armed encounters, is.
Encounters with plasma life forms can be classified as.
It’s also the first day in a long life of encounters.
The situation breaks her and this awkward encounters is.
He also builds up to and encounters a Dark Moment within.
It was definitely one of the more interesting encounters.
I’ve had many encounters with members of the opposite.
I didn’t share those encounters with the family, which.
Such encounters were commonplace in his business, he said.
The Vicious Brothers for Grave Encounters win Best Director.

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