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Wave in a sentence

And the wave came in.
The Making of a Wave.
A wave of energy hit.
You know a wave when.
He is reading her wave.
A huge wave of water.
I could only wave back.

I felt a wave of relief.
I thought he might wave.
There was a heat wave.
Roman gave a brief wave.
I felt a wave of nausea.
Oh wave it high, girl.
They smile and they wave.
Wave to him, my child.
His hand gave a tiny wave.
We think it was a wave.
A wave fell on the shore.
Wave 3 is the powerhouse.
With a wave of his hand.
Like he rode an ocean wave.
TTM Wave C, 248, 250, 342.
It started out as a wave.
And when the wave recedes.
A hungry wave towered up.
He was a part of the wave.
A wave of Love enveloped me.
A wave washed over the deck.
He felt a wave of emotions.
Way out, a huge wave curled.
A wave of panic tore at me.
The next wave was a big one.
The wave tore through the.
Deeper than the sea of wave.
I wave at her and head over.
A second wave is on its way.
I walk pass and wave at her.
Agatha, we all wave at you.
Quietly laid on wave and air.
Rex - waving them on.
He was waving at him.
Jack was waving to us.
But she was not waving.
He stood waving his flag.
I stood there waving her.
Lyre says, waving at him.
Louis was now waving his.
The windy grass was waving.
He started waving his hands.
He was still waving goodbye.
I could see my father waving.
They began waving their arms.
He was waving his cell phone.
I’m waving to the crowd at.
The guys are waving me over.
If there is a history of waving.
He was waving it about in the air.
Hi, Mom, Emily said, waving.
Above, she saw tall, waving grass.
He was smiling toothily and waving.
Oh, she said, waving her hand.
Shatov interrupted, waving his hand.
He was waving for us to come closer.
Hello, Star, Juan said, waving.
Waving here and there as they walked.
Carter shouted while waving his hands.
Pierre began waving his hands about.
Laurence waving his hat on the shore.
He ran towards Diggory waving his arms.
The colonel leaned out, waving one arm.
Patrice shakes her head, waving it off.
It wasn’t waving, as he’d thought.
Pamela was standing, watching, waving.
Follow me, he says, waving a hand.
She ran over to Jakes car waving at me.
There was a show of hands waving goblets.
He wasn’t running after her or waving.
President, Bill said, waving as Hap.
He jumped to his feet waving the ticket.
He waved for me to.
I waved to the pilot.
I too waved her back.
He waved at his load.
They smiled and waved.
I waved at her, shyly.
He waved to Rose and.
As she waved she had.
Joshua waved them away.
Carrie waved her away.
The old man waved at.
Ali waved back at him.
Janelle waved to Gary.
Eliséy waved his hand.
Menendez waved her off.
Sam waved to the space.
Tam stood up and waved.
Why she waved her hand.
She waved at him, and.
She also waved me back.
She waved her arm again.
He waved it in the air.
He waved as he passed.
Annelle waved good-bye.
The driver waved me in.
Kay looked up and waved.
He waved his hands in.
He waved gently, gently.
I waved his concern away.
I waved in his direction.
Li Tianming waved with.
I waved as they sped off.
I waved as he drove away.
I waved away the comment.
I graciously waved back.
I waved at the Door Pig.
The Queen waved her hand.
Petra waved at the manor.
He waved at the others.
He smiled and waved as.
He waves it at the.
He sees me and waves.
It all moves in waves.
The pain came in waves.
I could see the waves.
All of a sudden waves.
The agony came in waves.
Waves as she turns to go.
He dived into the waves.
She waves my thanks away.
God as radio (Ra) waves.
As the ocean waves reach.
As waves lap at the sand.
All things come in waves.
In which waves move a man.
As all waves are in the.
But He waves them back.
He waves at the empty desk.
Waves o'er the waters dull.
On the waves of your love.
Ellin waves and turns away.
Their waves went over her.
Warm waves licked her legs.
Waves 2 and 4 in Figures 7.
Light Waves and Their Uses.
Not all the gravity waves.
The science of radio waves.
Irish riffed the air waves.
The doorman nods and waves.
She felt waves of confusion.
Of undulating waves of stars.
I could only hear the waves.
The university of the waves.
It’s the waves crashing in.
Clouds in the form of waves.
Which the waves try to reach.
Curled waves swirl into bays.
On the bridge it waves flag.
They ran away from the waves.

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