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Flutter in a sentence

To flutter and the bird.
It made his stomach flutter.
My wings would start to flutter.
His eye lids began to flutter shut.
He took the flutter out of the house.
I felt a flutter of hope, even elation.
His hands flutter between his pockets.

A small flutter made her stomach clench.
Beth hurried on in a flutter of suspense.
But Kathleen’s eyelids didn’t flutter.
The guidon flags flutter gayly in the wind.
Jeff’s voice caused her heart to flutter.
A flutter of panic swirled through her heart.
Am I all right, Jo? cried Meg in a flutter.
She fought the flutter that grew in her chest.
Aristides saw a thin sheet flutter in the wind.
Her eyes began to flutter against Scott's shirt.
Jonathan flinched and felt a flutter in his chest.
The furious flutter of fairy wings could be heard.
Libby turned her head, ashamed of the flutter of.
They didn’t have the ability to make her flutter.
The flutter of his breath came forth in short sighs.
My heart continues to flutter, but not out of dread.
She had a nice little crawl and a good flutter kick.
Another flutter of nerves rippled through his limbs.
A flutter of panic clutched at the pit of her stomach.
Like moths, we all love best to flutter in the light.
There was a flutter of Hemmy’s apron in the doorway.
There was a flutter of footsteps and the door burst open.
Hearing it sent a flutter of mixed emotions through her.
Wine! The edges of Monsieur Levitte’s voice flutter.
Surprisingly, a flock of birds flutter on top of a blue sky.
Just then a flutter of flannel pierced his peripheral vision.
Then a flutter near her kayak caused her to jump and squeal.
He made her heart flutter when he was so passionate and kind.
Fanny was all agitation and flutter; all hope and apprehension.
The objects didn’t move, flutter, or spin; they simple were.
As he spoke, a deafening flutter began to build from beyond the.
He couldn't remember when there had been such a flutter over a.
He grinned that wide grin of his, and Leesa felt her heart flutter.
I think his eyes are fluttering.
Fluttering moths and night beetles.
But I could do with a fluttering bird.
Fluttering his eyes and then picking.
Maggie can feel her own heart fluttering.
And birds in the sky, plenty, fluttering.
Kristin smiled at him, fluttering her eyes.
He is waking up and his eyes are fluttering.
The fairies were still fluttering around her.
The fluttering and the screaming did not help.
Buddha paused, gathered his fluttering hair, and.
Bentley's voice brought them to a fluttering rest.
Everything was moving and glancing and fluttering.
A word on a fluttering page caught her attention and.
Fluttering and fluttering, fluttering and fluttering.
A thing with fluttering wings flew near Joey’s face.
Acron leapt into the air, his wings fluttering wildly.
Also arriving on the special car, fluttering around Mr.
She looked with wounded eyes at the fluttering feather.
Dread enclosed fluttering wills, exhaustion taking its toll.
He must be very drunk, she thought with a fluttering heart.
Of course, of course his uncle said fluttering around.
As I leaped into the air I heard a faint sound of fluttering.
Soon I spotted his tiny fluttering a few feet in front of me.
He stared up at the leaves fluttering in the dry, desert wind.
Dark tail squirrels were fluttering on the juicy earthy cloak.
He whinnied and disappeared through the fluttering tarpaulins.
Long eyelashes, after fluttering several times, slowly opened.
Wind bristled through her open window fluttering the curtains.
Branches swayed gently in the wind, leaves fluttering lightly.
Cool and sweeten Ohio's villages with leaves fluttering in the.
The fluttering of his heart and tightness of his trousers told.
You saw the tree leaves fluttering, touched by a soundless wind.
The mynamather’s eyes focused on the fluttering thing before it.
Even longer in a spin or a fluttering, falling-leaf type of state.
To be sure I have understood, Brandor said, heart fluttering.
Hans! Wake up! This time, Hans flinched, his eyes fluttering.
He could smell wevn and heard nightbirds fluttering somewhere above.
Cloud lifted his gaze, the distant sound of fluttering reaching his.
The windows behind Mars gently breezed open, the curtains fluttering.
He eyes fluttered for a.
His eyes fluttered and he.
Panic fluttered in her chest.
Once, a bat fluttered past.
It fluttered, it moved a bit.
She fluttered her long lashes.
Papers fluttered to the floor.
My hair fluttered in the wind.
Gradually one lid fluttered open.
Her eyelids fluttered and opened.
His eyes fluttered, but he could.
The fire fluttered into sleepy ash.
It fluttered badly and was having.
Robyn fluttered her hands helplessly.
A smal platofly fluttered out of it.
His eye lids fluttered then flew open.
The word time fluttered off his sleeve.
Tattle fluttered and led without haste.
Butterflies fluttered this way and that.
Two news helicopters fluttered overhead.
As soon as the flag fluttered above the.
Ben's eyelids fluttered as he opened them.
She fluttered in and out of consciousness.
Acron fluttered to the front of the group.
His eyelids fluttered every time he blinked.
Her hands fluttered; she half-lifted her head.
My heart fluttered as we walked across the hut.
Isabel’s eyelids fluttered and slowly opened.
His scarf fluttered in the nonexistent breeze.
That fluttered hot sweet sobs about her heart;.
Its wings fluttered up and it made a quick cry.
Her heart fluttered; she felt as if she must die.
The bright colors fluttered in the gray snowfall.
He smiled before his eyes fluttered closed again.
Tam’s eyes fluttered and he reached for his head.
Panic fluttered in her chest, her stomach knotted.
The black and white feather in his hat fluttered.
Her thick lashes fluttered and she opened her eyes.
The flamingo hours fluttered softly through the sky.
He had the bird! It fluttered, squalled in his hands.
The moth flutters away.
My stomach flutters delicately.
Mary watches, mystified, as it flutters around the area.
Everyone knows how silk flutters in the wind, and as the.
A business card flutters out of a pocket of the jacket to the floor.
My heart throbs and my stomach flutters, acknowledging his proximity.
My stomach flutters when the elevator ascends upward and again when it stops.
He is all caught up in ‘new love,’ flutters, and he thinks this is a game.
My stomach flutters and my skin feels as if feathers are stroking the undersides of my arms.
When she pulls the door open, a moth flutters out, its white wings carrying it toward her face.
On the bridge the white flag flutters, on the bridge the white flag flutters like in the song of E.
Underwater, this lure will look similar to an ordinary fishmeal, like a small fish that flutters in panic.
Now teach her Hawk Moth Flutters, leading into Maiden Weeps, followed by Right Stirrup, and finish with Crimson Sun.
Mother hurled the newspaper from the stage, and the tempestuous swirls and flutters of her cape only added to her menace.
Something flutters through my chest as I stare back at him, that nagging feeling that I can’t read him, that I don’t know him.
He will not be expecting you, so make sure Carla flutters her eyelashes and turns on her charm, he has a penchant for young girls.
Is there anything else I can say that might grease his truth revealing wheels? Our eyes connect for a moment and my stomach flutters.
A large insect with blue and green wings flutters past us and settles on a flower, then flaps away and hops to a different flower instead.
That accent had caused some flutters in her stomach every time he’d answered a question but she’d just told herself it was indigestion.
Alone in his thoughts he felt the first flutters of anxiety seeping into his stomach, the overwhelming sensation of panic intensified by his pounding heart.
Her will, like the veil of her bonnet, held by a string, flutters in every wind; there is always some desire that draws her, some conventionality that restrains.
A snatch of Scripture, read over and over after the shooting, flutters around inside his skull: The Lord, your God, is in your midst, a warrior who gives victory.
Some investors like to have set profit-taking points, say 30%; some hold on forever while others let their profits run and then jump out when they get the flutters.
This is Hawk Moth Flutters, she said as she swung the sword through the air, twisting the two swipes around her form, another defensive move that was also deadly.
But best of all, we are thankful for the British flag that flutters over every outpost in the country, ensuring the blessings of peace, prosperity and religious liberty to all under its sway.
It was a day compounded from silences of bee and flower and ocean and land, which were not silences at all, but motions, stirs, flutters, risings, fallings, each in its own time and matchless rhythm.
And she could hear her heart beating--if only she needn't have to hear her heart beating--it beat in little irregular beats, little flutters, and then a pause--and then a sudden _ping_--oh, the weak, weak helplessness--nothing to hold on to anywhere in all the world--even the bed hadn't an underneath--she was always dropping downwards, downwards, through it, away.
It takes him several chapters to get back, for he doesn't go straight, being constitutionally unable to resist turning aside down the green lanes of moralizing that branch so seductively off the main road and lead him at last very far afield; and when he does arrive he is rather breathless, and flutters for some time round the impassive giant waiting to be described, jerking out little anecdotes, very pleasant little anecdotes, but quite unconnected with his patient subject, before he has got his wind and can begin.

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