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    1. Hell, he prefers dragons to humans! Hey, maybe she’s a lusty wench, like the dragons

    2. "I know Caro, I know what a party hearty wench she is; and she's familiar

    3. Tarak laughed and called her a saucy wench

    4. The officer's puffy and protruding beady eyes, his distended nostrils and near flopping ears were all very much focused at that instant on the obviously demented wench in front of him

    5. The woman wasn't a wench at all, he realized, she was

    6. You can have the wench back

    7. 17 Now Jonathan and Ahimaaz stayed by Enrogel; for they might not be seen to come into the city, and a wench went and told them;

    8. A burning so deep that Leora didn’t know to where it had come arose in her, at the sight of this wench touching her chosen

    9. She had the sense to know when to make her unpopular decision to leave, but moving in with the busty serving wench was a mistake

    10. “What the hell are you lookin’ at?!” you ask them and laugh, not caring if your one-sided conversation is being monitored by the old wench in the control station/security booth

    11. I sent the wench off with a flea in her ear

    12. She, Yasmina, to be carried on the saddle-bow of a hill chief, like a common wench of the market-place! He merely hardened his massive thews slightly against her writhings, and for the first time in her life she experienced the coercion of superior physical strength

    13. 'This wench will buy the lives of my seven headmen, blast their souls

    14. He plucked his red-stained beard and stared meaningly at the Wazuli girl, and that wench rose and scurried out without delay

    15. 'Are we to squat on our haunches until they smoke us out? They will learn at last in which Wazuli village the wench is held

    16. But this is a good name, and why Totrasmek gave it to me, any temple wench can tell you

    17. Lucky thing for you, too, wench! When you knifed that Stygian officer, you forfeited Zarallo's favor and protection, and you outlawed yourself with the Stygians

    18. "Do you think I've followed you this far, to turn around and ride off empty-handed? Be sensible, wench

    19. "Witch! She-devil! Tecuhltli should have slain you fifty years ago! Begone! I have endured too much from you! This white-skinned wench is mine! Get hence before I slay you!"

    20. Felt sorry for the wench

    21. The young woman had the wench look

    22. in front of my face with a little wench

    23. I figured if that little wench was about to kill me I’d

    24. did you hear what that little wench said to me?

    25. that little wench was handing out Union war secrets to the



    28. a smiling wench; never was

    29. But I can’t blame him without blaming the wench that stole

    30. kind of woman who’d want that is a wench; nothing short of that

    31. “Honey, leave that wench of a wife, or whatever else she

    32. should be sent to the gallows! Yes, especially my wench

    33. with that little wench?

    34. Jody, I’ve been called a wench before

    35. didn’t call me? Was it that Lydia wench? Or was it that Sandra

    36. “Are you sure you didn’t sleep with that little wench

    37. Hopefully, it wasn’t that Sandra wench

    38. hand, should pounce on that little wench, like you’re a cougar!”

    39. That little wench is trying to steal you away from me!”

    40. husband, his wench wife pops up out of nowhere

    41. She’s a little wench! I hate her!

    42. certain that they called me a wench while they were

    43. Andrews is a wench

    44. I don’t believe that this wench has any problems

    45. wench, the police would’ve been called

    46. “Jody, am I as pretty as that wench who works at the

    47. didn’t want that little wench to move in on my territory

    48. “Who is this ‘ him’ you speak of wench,” retorted Josef in a

    49. you tell yourself that she’s a loose wench

    50. is not a wench; and she is not a marriageable age right now

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    Synonyms for "wench"

    bird chick dame doll skirt wench

    "wench" definitions

    informal terms for a (young) woman

    frequent prostitutes