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    1. When I was young, the criteria for getting a job tended to be linked to how good you looked in a mini skirt … okay, that is a sweeping statement, but I clearly remember one job where it was definitely the reason I got the job

    2. The skirt that she was wearing was a last throw of a summer wardrobe

    3. narratives creation proceeds with an Earth mother, Coatlique, the Lady of the Skirt of

    4. It's about three months since I first noticed a radical change in Persephone's behaviour: She is always shouting and laughing at top voice, she is trying to be clever and expert in all subjects, she is constantly asking for favours: “Type these poems for me” … “Tell your mother to sew this skirt of mine” … “Will you paint this picture for me?” … “Go to that public service and ask this or that” and so on

    5. Deciding that, as it is my day off, I shall wear something different, I trawl through the wardrobe, digging out a flattering, mid-calf length woollen skirt in a pretty shade of deep blue that Nick hasn’t seen yet … with a pretty light blue top and my best gold necklace (a present from the school when I left) it would look smart and it would make me feel partyish

    6. They stared at her, adding up the gashes in her head and limbs, the mess of her skirt and her lack of shoes into an algebra of puzzlement

    7. The skirt that she was wearing was a last throw of a summer wardrobe designed for hot, sultry Greek nights, and barely covered her modesty

    8. In the bloody annals of Aztec narratives creation proceeds with an Earth mother, Coatlique, the Lady of the Skirt of Snakes

    9. It was hot but not as humid this Afternoonday, her sheer skirt would dry soon

    10. Her thin skirt was already dry enough so she wrapped that around her and strolled forward to find Alan trying to convince Luray to tell of her adventures in the Troubled Times

    11. It felt good to toss her skirt and lay down

    12. Men will clutch to the skirt of a Jew and say, “Take us with you, for you know God,” Zechariah 8:23

    13. She had her skirt on, but it was low on her hip on that side and her smooth curve was most pleasant

    14. Suddenly struck by a thought, I go through my clothes, trying to find something to wear … there’s a skirt and top I haven’t worn yet … I hold them up against myself, rising on to my toes in an attempt to see what they look like in the small mirror on the wall … at least they are clean

    15. I compromise on taking a complete change of clothing for riding and a spare set incorporating a skirt in case I need it … enough knickers for the duration of the trip and more socks than I could ever need … I hope

    16. Desa already had a skirt around her and had the door open

    17. As we skirt the woodland, a loud thumping noise attacks my ears; Sefir registers her distrust of the noise by skipping sideways across the track

    18. Alessandra took a key from the pocket in her skirt and opened a cavern of serenity, and a surprise

    19. She looked good but not gaudy today, in a white peasant blouse and big colorful skirt, both of a gauzy material, both without underwear

    20. "Sure," she said, and her jersey disappeared, to be replaced by an open-fronted blouse and a long and billowy flounced skirt with a thick bronze belt

    21. She had on a long skirt and a turtleneck sweater and boots

    22. Her skirt was the most elaborate she had seen yet

    23. They had the local uniform on, but one of the girls removed the heavy flounced skirt as the old woman talked and tossed it into her cubicle

    24. Mother Superior eyed the one who tossed her skirt and pressed her lips, but went on with her lecture

    25. She was the one who had shed her skirt

    26. She put her skirt back on while heading toward the door

    27. Her body was responding and she was kicking up her skirt in time with the music even better than she had ever done it in class when she had no idea the reason for it

    28. She was glad he didn’t have to put his face in it and smell it, instead he tossed it with the skirt on the bench

    29. “I can’t,” she wheezed, dragging her skirt and bodice onto the bench at the side of the room

    30. This peasant’s wife was pretty but not as voluptuous as the temple girls, she appeared to be no more than eighteen, and was dressed only in a plain skirt that was cut off well above the ankles of her bare feet

    31. I could wear that little black skirt with a casual top, I’ve got a nice long sleeved one which isn’t too dressy

    32. my long black boots look rather good with that skirt

    33. Below that was an orchid color silk skirt that stopped above her ankles

    34. ” He unfastened her skirt and it slipped to the ground around her ankles

    35. By the time the sausages had all gone, Mickey was sitting by Sheila, one of his hands out of sight under the table – by the look of it, busy investigating what was under her skirt

    36. He opened the eye wider and saw a small ankle that disappeared into the folds of a brown skirt

    37. The skirt, faded from age and wear, but clean, ended at the woman’s waist, and was topped by a yellowed white blouse, partially covered with a light brown cloak

    38. She crossed her legs and spread out her skirt

    39. She looks for help again, looks for the boys, but Jim and Darren have cut and run, making a snap decision that no bit of skirt is worth this much shit

    40. Hipolyta had indeed received a new skirt and made a point of waving the flouncing hem every few steps

    41. She was dressed in practical, unflattering skirt and jumper and sensible shoes, her tone was sensible – the combination created the sort of person Andy wouldn’t dream of arguing with … he’d had a school teacher a bit like this woman

    42. Suddenly, a young woman dressed in a beautiful skirt edged with lace came between them

    43. The sharp spears almost touched her body, but she, with an air of disregard, remained calm and simply shook her skirt as if clearing the dust of the road from her hems

    44. They stopped advancing upon each other, and even slowly lowered their arms, transfixed as under a spell, watching the woman's waving skirt

    45. “And do you think those kids,” he motioned up the boardwalk from where they sat, “have ever heard the word, No?” A tall lady in an immaculate skirt and waistcoat was followed haltingly by a boy and a girl

    46. Helen throws him his shirt and, holding her skirt in front of her chest, she scuttles into a corner, away from the glass eye in the wall

    47. ” she had a floor length soft wrap skirt and bulky flannel over a shapely but skimpy work dress, but Shaney was on her way with a ‘yeah right’ about saying something stupid

    48. 'He tried to put his hand up her skirt

    49. And then, the minute he was back on his leash, he pushed over a garbage can all over her skirt

    50. She was an attractive young woman dressed only in a wrap-around skirt that didn’t wrap around anywhere near far enough around for it left a clear view of the soft brown curls tucked neatly between the tops of her thighs

    1. They skirted round a collection of rocks half sunk in the sand, keeping the sun on their left

    2. The pathway skirted a considerable expanse of well-trimmed

    3. He skirted its shores and noticed several good positions from which he might wet a line casting for fish

    4. So the group, hand in hand skirted the heights of the mount, or tried to, for the rocks seemed to getting larger and the pathway steeper, until squeezing between huge boulder pillars they reached the summit

    5. They followed the track down to the canyon and carefully skirted the fallen rocks and irregular path until by midday they met a waterfall and grassy area

    6. But wanting to avoid trouble, Father skirted the island’s populated side

    7. Her nostrils twitched as she skirted the pews

    8. They’d found several holes in the rocks and several more demons, whom they had skirted without being noticed

    9. that question, or that he was entirely sure of the answer, so he skirted around it

    10. By February 29, the Milo had skirted around the western side Cape Horn and was located at 54° south latitude and 80° west

    11. I skirted around the

    12. himself relaxing somewhat, convinced as he was that they’d now skirted at least one potential

    13. On the way to join the crowd, Amaranthe and Maldynado skirted a second pit, a recent excavation with a mound of dirt piled next to it

    14. Amaranthe skirted the head and approached the bodies

    15. They skirted the Trentino Altobegan, passing through Bressanone, Bolzano and Trento, then turning west towards Brescia, past Bergamo, and then into Milan

    16. Man and wife stood by the front door watching the youth’s gangly gait as he disappeared from view on the footpath that skirted the river

    17. Elizabeth skirted the main street through Zapieskowa and led Colling to a cottage set back from the road among a stand of trees on the southern edge of the town

    18. He promised Elizabeth he would keep to a path that skirted the marshes, and not go into the town if he saw anything suspicious

    19. The defiant Casella skirted mafia turf,

    20. I kept heading towards the DJ booth, vending machines, and restroom area where I thought I had last seen the short skirted, neon green socked, sexy seductress

    21. We started out early the next morning and picked up the pace as we skirted the lava bed stretching northeast from the volcano named after the rain god, Tlaloc

    22. Some four days later we crossed over a pass to the western side of the mountain range and gained the road that skirted the coastal desert by hugging the slopes of the mountains

    23. Her eyes skirted past the dark, unfamiliar faces to Nicolas

    24. We skirted the mountainside of the valley and suddenly came upon a tiny town

    25. Now, tumbling in a controlled motion, Merilee managed to loosen the belt from the full skirted dress she was wearing

    26. Without stopping to think, Jesse skirted an overturned chair to rush across the room toward an open doorway

    27. It is skirted around

    28. Moshe, with Gad in tow, moved to intercept them as they skirted the much larger outer edges of the encampment

    29. Most of the activity he saw was very much as would happen in the few other castles dotted over their world, although even in his travels Simon had only skirted the edge of them

    30. Moshe, with Gad in tow, moved to intercept them as they skirted the much larger outer edges

    31. wait for our guard to drop? Their eyes probably skirted around

    32. his eyes skirted to his right and focused on the knife in Toivo’s

    33. She quickly skirted around the edge of the courtyard, the noise in the mine had indeed attracted some attention and a detachment of solders moved to investigate

    34. As Calvin moved through the silent empty halls, he skirted the corners carefully

    35. The few rain clouds I’d seen had skirted right around the edges of the valley

    36. Nearby, a handful of Canadians in loud plaid jackets and ill-fitting trousers were trying not to sound like their south pacific neighbours, while a small group of Nigerians in pillbox hats and colourful robes ogled mini skirted girls boasting bouffant hair, pancake makeup, frilly petticoats and spike heels

    37. Under cover of a hedge of grevilleas and banksias I"d planted along the back wall of the cottage, I skirted westwards

    38. The pink boat skirted up and down the crests of the waves, a leaf on the wind

    39. They skirted along the coastal valley of the Slieve Mish Mountains looking at the golden stretches of sand below and headed into the Dingle Peninsula

    40. We’re almost to the tunnels, having skirted around Okta several bells before, when the rest of the army catches up to us

    41. Instead they left by an emergency exit in the factory, skirted the building avoiding the security cameras and went straight to Eddie’s car

    42. I could talk a lot about my business, but skirted around any facts concerning my personal life

    43. They skirted the green to tread down a lane laid with red brick and two storied cottages that were part business and part residential

    44. The cave we had been sheltering in wasn’t a cave at all but a mine with a narrow overgrown path that skirted its entrance and led both to and away from the village

    45. The bus driver, mouth hanging open skirted around James’ car and drove off – all eyes on the bus were riveted upon James and Marianne…someone whistled!…a few even clapped!

    46. She skirted the wall until she reached a certain point where the spire of the tower was visible above the battlements

    47. It skirted the perimeter fence that stated it was Parkland and not open to hunting or trapping

    48. I was desperate to find out what had happened to Arianell and skirted the thoughts of the horses

    49. They followed on horses but could not keep up as we ran across the glacial shelf that skirted the actual field

    50. He suspected the guards were going to take Jesus to the home of Annas, the high priest emeritus; so he skirted around through the olive orchards and was there ahead of the mob, hiding near the entrance to the gate of the high priest's palace

    1. It was a pity that no-one had thought it worthwhile to worry that the skirting boards didn’t line up where the dividing wall had obviously been taken out

    2. Keeping my eyes down, I mull over the statement … the last Element? What is he talking about? I haven’t retrieved the last one yet … He goes on to describe how we were pursued by Antis, escaping through Joris’ skill, though stopping short of mentioning that Joris actually killed two men and completely skirting over the actual cause of Joris’ death

    3. Without a word, Berndt turns along a trackway skirting the edge of Gloster, leaving the town on our right and striking across the valley towards the river

    4. In no time at all, I was skirting pot-holes and diggers, tearing down the new road past sunlit villages towards the airport

    5. He is skirting the Ohmu Inn and running directly for Miner’s Hold

    6. The torch gave good light and he made reasonable time for about half an hour, striding across the rough grass and moss, skirting any reeds he came across

    7. He tramped on, skirting pools of stagnant water – thanking his stars that he hadn’t blundered into one of those in the darkness

    8. They parted on the road skirting the amphitheatre - the

    9. Though it was actually skirting an ancient burial ground of block-shaped crypts, she’d pretend it was the crossroads

    10. During the day, when Shelagh was busy tending her garden, or working in her greenhouse or dealing with her 'callers', as she preferred to call her patients, Rosemary would take long walks, skirting the village as much as possible

    11. She stood on a dark stage with dark silk skirting where she danced in front of the three musicians who were also Torvellen

    12. Ten minutes later, I was heading around the backside of the house, skirting the wood-line like I always have, making my way up past the garden where I had helped plant, weed, and spread manure throughout the years

    13. By midday they were in the bottom of the valley, after skirting the forest

    14. They passed the last of the city’s industrial buildings and crossed the railroad tracks skirting the lake

    15. The enemy crossed the Cobre Hills at daybreak, and skirting the bay, entered the city during the truce

    16. Over the next two weeks they proceeded to strip the wallpaper in all the rooms, remove all the skirting boards and clear the house of all the furniture

    17. The cottage should be on the other side of the field he was skirting

    18. He crossed over a long ridge of moorland skirting the side of a high hill

    19. ous waters, skirting disaster

    20. trees skirting tremorously the shining earth

    21. Skirting the screen was a honeybee, trying to find an opening into which he could fly

    22. Skirting the truth to be sure, yet true enough to avoid compromising my honor, I think, because even before you passed the border I could tell that the Illusions and Force barriers of the Wards were not affecting you

    23. Once out the gate, they turned left skirting the edge of the town of Bien Hoa

    24. The path from the cave would lead them away from the village and round to the south-west, skirting the winter fields and the edge of the wood, but this would take longer

    25. Focusing on the other man’s face, he concentrated again, this time more deeply, and found himself skirting the forefront of the Overlord’s mind

    26. skirting behind buildings to listen for where the two children

    27. Niels, with his eyes skirting restlessly around the room,

    28. You drive through a traffic light skirting through just on the yellow to red transition

    29. Then I will probably head west, skirting around the south of the city by backroads and then taking the Freeway

    30. It was a strange journey, in that black, slim craft down the great river for nearly two hundred miles to where the Khorotas swings eastward, skirting the Poitanian mountains

    31. Skirting the extremities of the hills that locked the Valley of Lions, they swung wide to the west

    32. The Hyrkanians were not convinced; three more invasions burst upon the Zamorian borders, and the Lands of Shem, and were hurled back by the Aquilonians, though the Turanian armies grew larger as hordes of steel-clad riders rode out of the east, skirting the southern extremity of the inland sea

    33. Before the attacks of the Nordheimr and the Cimmerians, they destroyed all their cities, butchered such captives as were not fit to make the long march, and then, herding thousands of slaves before them, rode back into the mysterious east, skirting the northern edge of the sea, and vanishing from western history, until they rode out of the east again, thousands of years later, as Huns, Mongols, Tatars and Turks

    34. Quickly skirting the first building the pair headed for the second structure about 100 yards away

    35. He made no comment when the nurse fell but did stop as she struggled to her feet, then with a grunt continued in a southeasterly direction skirting the edge of a dank patch of saw grass interspersed with patches of dark water

    36. Skirting the eastern edge of the deeper water, the Indian plunged into knee deep water and felt a tremendous relief as his moccasins sank into the Everglades muck

    37. Curly Pete searches the floor frantically and finds the screw up against the skirting board

    38. back, skirting the town as best they could

    39. Skirting the wrap-around porch were beds of flowers

    40. She felt excitement rise in her as her group approached the eastern coast of Luzon, skirting the coastal town of Mauban from the North

    41. After skirting around Teotihuacan, we caught up with the rear guard Jodas had posted

    42. Avoiding all State Weight Inspection stations by carefully skirting around them on

    43. My bet is that this is an enemy solitary plane, probably a reconnaissance aircraft, skirting the Spanish border and using the Pyreneans to confuse our radars

    44. A frightened stag might move thus through forest and briar, skirting old growth oaks

    45. By the time that someone answered her after her third call, she was skirting the eastern coast of Spain at an altitude of forty kilometers and a speed of 8,300 kilometers per hour

    46. They are skirting the outer permiter, gauging defensive capabilities and security sensors

    47. much longer than he would have wished skirting Amazon Country

    48. flaking out and skirting her duties to the company

    49. It wasn’t the most scenic of routes, as they travelled along the north shore of the lake, skirting the foothills, but there were occasional spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains across the water

    50. ‘If you have nothing to do, the skirting boards need a wash

    1. Tennis,” the child begged, pulling on his mother’s skirts and Hermann Schulz wondered why

    2. Already there was a fair bit of activity in the streets – people wandering around in what she could only assume was special holiday attire for men of brightly coloured shorts and tops, some women in absurdly brief skirts, others in long muslin affairs that wouldn’t look out of place on Errd, most of them carrying bags of towels and dragging small noisy children laden with buckets and spades

    3. an’ the run of my skirts in Stone’ouse Lane’s shadows

    4. After a somewhat heated discussion between us, Gilla got her way, this time persuading me to pack several skirts as well as the sensible hosen and shirts which have accompanied me on my journeys so far

    5. It was another foot, but tiny, belonging to a little old lady entirely over-dressed in black headscarf, ankle-length skirts, embroidered waistcoat and leather boots

    6. On either side of the first step a few young scallywags had positioned themselves in such a way to have a clear view up the skirts and dresses of any visiting females

    7. By arranging the suits, shirts, blouses and skirts by label, size and colour she managed to shift most of the better items to middle class bargain hunters and a good deal of the less fashionable items to the local student population

    8. At the communal village oven in the open air, another local lady in her ankle length skirts and headscarf was busily shovelling out pastries from the oven with a long-handled hoe onto a wide wooden tray on a table standing freely in the road

    9. Their garb is similar to the men’s with skirts instead of trousers

    10. They stand erect, responsible and confident with hands on hips in ankle length skirts and boots of leather, amused by the fashions of the visitors on the quayside

    11. The young lady, who was famous, as is every “glamourista”, for the skimpiness of her skirts and the translucency of her pure silk blouses, stood there dripping from head to toe

    12. There was a pretty nice bed in it, she showed Ava a chest of clothing, which had some of those flounced skirts, plain but colorful skirts and open-fronted blouses in it, several long strips of soft cloth, a bronze hand mirror and an oil lamp

    13. They tried to ask a more complex question, showed her the stitching in her sundress, showed her the stitching in one of their skirts

    14. The skirts were heavy things, in spite of being open-weave

    15. For everyday the skirts had plain leather belts, but for the ceremony they would have wide and decorated belts shaped to resemble the bronze corsets and almost as tight

    16. skimpiness of her skirts and the translucency of her pure silk

    17. Their hair was piled and curled, and their heeled riding boots were barely visible beneath the full black Anabel skirts

    18. Each wore Lady Hadleigh vests to match the skirts

    19. The villas were once substantial residences, a world or parlours and roast meat, of the girl in service and the rustle of long skirts, but now they host the two-ring lives of students and people like Ted, people screaming silently, inwardly, as splinters drive under their fingernails as they claw their way up or slide their way down life's serpentine ladders

    20. There were quite a few people passing on the street, enough for him to see that the clothes these people wore were typical for the area, except that the other women wore skirts that actually reached all the way around

    21. She was still with her mother then, only blocks from lake Yyleendaah, a much different environment to grow up in than the bleak skirts of the Kinsheeta

    22. The two girls with Dalzor were just wearing skirts and had his arms over their shoulders for tops

    23. "I hated that skirt, but Grandpa always said a girl should wear skirts, so that weekend I did

    24. It is like precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard; that went down to the skirts of his garment

    25. One winter's day, when the flakes of snow were flying about, he spread the skirts of his blue coat, and caught the snow as it fell

    26. Dotted around were people, some with their trouser legs rolled up or skirts hitched up above their knees; couples soaking up the sun together or rolled in an intimate embrace

    27. Also we began to see women working in the fields of potatoes and beetroot, they were dressed in black skirts tucked up showing there petticoats and bare legs

    28. street and grinding their skirts on the speed

    29. The woman never wore skirts or dresses

    30. Plus sized women should opt for skirts that are A-lined and high waisted

    31. The pretty young woman would pocket two of those coins and change which Adem suspected was the source of the warm smile she gave him and his friends as she said, “You enjoy our special brew then?” She and the other barmaids all wore dark skirts and aprons with white silk blouses

    32. She wore high- heeled red-leather hiking boots under the divided skirts which he had suggested for her

    33. “When the history of this abortion is written, I want our skirts clean

    34. short skirts of silken gauze, in which golden sparkles appeared as they

    35. she said, gathering up her silk skirts as she prepared to step down

    36. "I wouldn't so much mind the hot water pipes leaking now and then," the ladies would remark in the vestibule, rustling their skirts to show

    37. danced all around the room, whirling her little skirts about her to

    38. ‘This too shall pass,’ Evelyn said as we walked to our cars to head out for the day, holding onto our skirts as a gust of wind circled the parking lot, teasing our garments willingly

    39. We lifted up the skirts of our dresses and made our way to the car that would be our carriage to get us to the church not on time but at a respectable time…On my time

    40. It was dark with streetlights still aglow, but there was full sun on the high skirts of the mountains

    41. The girl clung to her mother’s skirts, looking shyly at the strangers

    42. A brass band led a procession of women with red ribbons and flowers in their hair, beautifully embroidered blouses, wide, ankle-length skirts, and men in the traditional white of the campesino

    43. Helga proved to be a skilled seamstress, and she shortened the hems of the skirts to conform to the current style

    44. We are greeted by a bevy of scantily clad young ladies with shorter skirts than Wah Wah, which are not ideal for playing pool in but brilliant for customer retention

    45. 2 It is like the precious ointment on the head that ran down on the beard even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his

    46. 34 Also in your skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents; I have not found it by secret search, but on all these

    47. Virginia shivered with the cold, fully human again, as water dripped from her skirts onto the sand

    48. Libuse gathered her skirts and stood

    49. There was Marilyn the young woman, not a Mormon, who wore ankle length skirts with long cuffed sleeves to hide the needle tracks up and down her arms and legs to her arm pits and groin

    50. (At this time, priests wore skirts and by going up the steps, his nakedness

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    Synonyms for "skirt"

    skirt bird chick dame doll wench annulus circumvent dodge duck elude evade fudge hedge parry put off sidestep border environ ring surround by-pass circumnavigate detour dress gown robe kilt frock flank side rest

    "skirt" definitions

    cloth covering that forms the part of a garment below the waist

    a garment hanging from the waist; worn mainly by girls and women

    (Fungi) a remnant of the partial veil that in mature mushrooms surrounds the stem like a collar

    informal terms for a (young) woman

    avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues)

    pass around or about; move along the border

    form the edge of

    extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle