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Whet in a sentence | whet example sentences

  1. Not come: whet appetite.
  2. Then she began to whet her knife.
  3. Is but to whet thy almost blunted purpose.
  4. They did everything that could whet people’s appetites.
  5. Hint at a warning and at the same time whet the appetite.

  6. Whet, whoiver knew yah wur coming? Yah sud ha' send word.
  7. Repeat the entire process when using the Nakato whet stone.
  8. These fragments of nourishment served only to whet my hunger.
  9. To sharpen using the Shiageto whet stone, hold the handle of the.
  10. Keep in mind as well that Japanese whet stones are not the only ones.
  11. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use whet stones for sharpening.
  12. Whet: To sharpen; to rub for the purpose of sharpening, as an edged tool.
  13. His glimpse that he have had, whet his appetite only and enkeen his desire.
  14. The gut wrenching orgasm he had given her had only served to whet her appetite.
  15. He resolved to whet it in the galleys and to bear it away with him when he departed.

  16. The master showed him how to weld the bristle, and how to whet, and Mikháyla learned it all at once.
  17. I have an idea that Van Helsing thinks he knows, too, but he will only let out enough at a time to whet curiosity.
  18. Please believe me when I say you have never even seen the true physics behind whet drives the Sound Barrier or gravity for that mater.
  19. I had never eaten a turtle before, but I had heard stories of people eating turtles, and I guess this was enough to whet my appetite for these neighbors of mine.
  20. First, the businesses involved have to be reasonably well financed, have access to credit markets in order to whet the interest of most financial (nonstrategic control buyers), or both.
  21. Don't forget to be on the lookout for the full eBook coming out soon! Whet your appetite for more PUA knowledge, begin honing your skills here, and become a master of the pick-up with the full volume.
  22. The General, who came in to dinner in uniform and with a white cross round his neck, greeted Nekhludoff as a friend, and asked the visitors to the side table to take a glass of vodka and something to whet their appetites.
  23. I was certain he meant what he said and so when I sat down at the computer immediately after the telephone conversation I primed myself mentally to be cautious and in no way go overboard with the descriptions even though there was adequate material to whet the temptation.
  24. He excused himself for being late, and was about to sit down between Missy and Katerina Alexeevna, but old Korchagin insisted that if he would not take a glass of vodka he should at least take a bit of something to whet his appetite, at the side table, on which stood small dishes of lobster, caviare, cheese, and salt herrings.
  1. His muscled rippled, whetting Tracey's appetite.
  2. He glanced at the sky in the interval for whetting the scythes.
  3. Blacky replied, whetting the blade of his knife, I’m for staying.
  4. Whetting the appetite: Historical averages and forward-looking returns.
  5. The old man had been awake a long while, and was sitting up whetting the scythes of the younger lads.
  6. A dead secret! repeated the prince, purposely whetting the curiosity of the ladies, and enjoying the fun.
  7. Dark, the illustration-drenched, superinfested civilization of souls, leaned from the platform, gladly whetting his lips.
  8. He practiced with his rope and played with his sharp knife, which he had learned to keep keen by whetting upon flat stones.
  9. But at that very moment Tit stopped of his own accord, and stooping down picked up some grass, rubbed his scythe, and began whetting it.
  10. His hands are cold as ice, and an hour ago I found him whetting the edge of the great Ghoorka knife which he now always carries with him.
  11. Behind him came a peasant, and he too was evidently tired, for he stopped at once without waiting to mow up to Levin, and began whetting his scythe.
  12. Concentrating, he created a masterpiece, whetting the edges of the arrow tip on the stone before meticulously placing it into a poplar shaft that he’d hand picked and then honed until true.
  1. His exit whetted the questions.
  2. I knew the steely ire I had whetted.
  3. Driving cattle had whetted my appetite.
  4. The poor morsel of food only whetted desire.
  5. His appetite for scripture study whetted, Thomas.
  6. Their gain would come later, with the thirst they only whetted.
  7. I told him the truth, the good and the bad, and it only whetted his enthusiasm.
  8. Mr Halloway whetted his forefinger, tested the wind, and sent a cumulus her way.
  9. Oh yes, it whetted my appetite for more but life is stingy sometimes with its hand-outs.
  10. This Conan felt rather than knew, his whetted primitive instincts sensing unrest about him.
  11. Where other people worried about outcomes his appetite for action and dominance was merely whetted.
  12. How did you meet her? She she sat up a little straighter, her appetite whetted with curiosity.
  13. Both the growth-stock guys and the short sellers got their appetites whetted with a whole new sector.
  14. Iván returned in the morning from the night watch, whetted his scythe, and went out to mow the meadows.
  15. I hope this eBook has whetted your appetite to learn more about the 4i's and to put them into practice in your daily life.
  16. But this anxiety whetted his pleasure, and, all alone in his tub, he congratulated himself on his luck and on his cuteness.
  17. Amalric, his instincts whetted by the night and the circumstances, felt that Xaltotun was opposed by more than physical force.
  18. Almost daily he whetted his keen knife and scraped and whittled at his young beard to eradicate this degrading emblem of apehood.
  19. They gazed until the view was masked by a turn in the road, but their appetites were whetted now and the adventure took hold of them.
  20. With the possibility of her possession having whetted his appetite, he allowed his fascination for her to develop into a grand passion.
  21. His wilderness-bred ears were keener even than the ears of Techotl, whetted though these were by a lifetime of warfare in those silent corridors.
  22. He was keenly alert, not because he consciously suspected hidden danger, but because alertness was a part of him, whetted by the wild existence he followed.
  23. Only the whetted instincts of barbarism could have sensed it, but Conan knew, without seeing or hearing him leave, that the master of Dagon no longer stood outside the door.
  24. They were hardy and robust, but his was the endurance and vitality of a wolf, his thews steeled and his nerves whetted by the hardness of his life in the world's wastelands.
  25. They went outside the village; then the red-haired Tartar took off his coat, rolled up his sleeves,—he had immense arms,—and took out his dagger and whetted it on a steel.
  26. Early in the morning the peasants came to the meadow, took off the coats, whetted their scythes, and started one after another to mow down the grass and to put it down in rows.
  27. Levin followed him, trying not to get left behind, and he found it harder and harder: the moment came when he felt he had no strength left, but at that very moment Tit stopped and whetted the scythes.
  28. A mild curiosity of long standing, whetted by the more current reportage of their opposition to Saddam Hussein following the first Gulf War, was probably why the article held me to more than just a short fleeting perusal.
  29. Colonel Dowe informs us, that the wealth of one of the cities of this wretched country had whetted the avarice of Clive and his associates, and that an offer was made to the Government to pay the public debt for permission to sack it.
  30. When Amy had whetted her tongue and freed her mind she usually got the best of it, for she seldom failed to have common sense on her side, while Jo carried her love of liberty and hate of conventionalities to such an unlimited extent that she naturally found herself worsted in an argument.
  31. Beyond the river the primitive still reigned in shadowy forests, brush-thatched huts where hung the grinning skulls of men, and mud-walled enclosures where fires flickered and drums rumbled, and spears were whetted in the hands of dark, silent men with tangled black hair and the eyes of serpents.
  32. Here and there a brief remark was appended to a date, usually no more than a single word: "double" occurring perhaps six times in a total of several hundred entries; and once very early in the list and followed by several marks of exclamation, "total failure!!!" All this, though it whetted my curiosity, told me little that was definite.
  33. How stupid of him to have killed that fellow! It’s as if the dead soul had left his share of problems to his upkeep as it were! And having earned a sentence for himself, hadn’t he granted her unfettered freedom to have her way, anyway she liked? If anything, the news of her looseness would have whetted the appetites of many in the neighborhood.
  34. The previous night’s pseudo sadism had whetted Amanda’s appetite for the real thing, so to keep her guest happy she placed a pot of strong coffee and three aspirins beside a slice of burnt toast and marmalade on the table, and selected a pair of her own jeans and a pleasant summery top to keep Irma happy in case she was going cold on the idea of revenge.
  1. This naturally whets Arjun’s curiosity to.
  2. This naturally whets Arjun’s curiosity about the nature of sages who ex-.
  3. Difficulty whets the ardor of the truth lover, while obstacles only challenge the exertions of the undaunted kingdom builder.
  4. I was watching to see where he kept his razor, when lo and behold, he takes the harpoon from the bed corner, slips out the long wooden stock, unsheathes the head, whets it a little on his boot, and striding up to the bit of mirror against the wall, begins a vigorous scraping, or rather harpooning of his cheeks.

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