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    1. This formula can also be used to create a paste (slowly add water to mixture, and stir until it turns into a paste)

    2. This assertion has caused a stir in some of the more conservative circles of the unliving that consider Dracula the exalted father of vampirism

    3. He didn't stir

    4. The teachers begin to stir, look about

    5. We shudder to stir in the landscapes the tremendous truth of

    6. For a couple of endless seconds, I watched the two spectral snakes stir as if they were coming to life; they slowly moved in opposite directions, separated and finally disappeared from sight

    7. He slept the rest of the day, and began to stir close to sundown

    8. that found no rest in life and stir still

    9. reluctant to stir, and, head bowed,

    10. Hardly a year ago I couldn't stir interest in an adolescent, so I'm not used to this

    11. The children’s mother woke them shortly after nine the next morning, which was a surprisingly early hour for any of them to stir on a school day

    12. The husband felt something stir inside him, something that told him this was wrong, but he buried it again quickly

    13. "No?" He had to stir that in

    14. "So what do you make of the fact that he's picking up signals from the impactors?" Alan asked, once all he had to do was stir

    15. She began to stir and rolled over, cuddling up next to him, her hand on his chest

    16. The husband felt something stir inside him, something that told

    17. My arrival at the stables caused a bit of a stir

    18. Why on earth should she remember that so clearly? She shrugged lying in the bed – freezing all movement remembering her sleeping husband … but he didn’t stir

    19. “Are you leading to anything with this?” Kulai asked, waving his hand as much to brush Enjteen back as stir the air

    20. beginning to stir, still immobile for the most part, but he was conscious

    21. Seeing him stir, the other man’s

    22. She wished it didn’t stir Tdeshi’s hormones the way it did

    23. Poor Terry, she was in such a frightful state and why? Because some ‘friend’ decided to stir things …that makes me angry … relationships are complicated enough without outside interference

    24. The more we can stir them

    25. will stir up everyone against the

    26. 25“With a large army he will stir up his strength and courage against the

    27. Most of the men in the dirt began to stir again, stumbling to their feet and

    28. " was her only response, as she stepped to the fire to stir it up again

    29. They had some dry food in the house to stir up a good meal with and just stayed home, looked at the lantern's in the courtyard below and listened to a party going on down there

    30. Pray with me that God would stir up this heart in his

    31. This will stir love and

    32. Prophets stir the hearts of people to seek after God and to follow

    33. Nathalia's steps didn't even stir the dusty earth

    34. She could stir it up now and then for a little while, but the animal took over and before the evening ended, they had gone upstairs

    35. When you share stories about yourself it can stir up strong emotions in your

    36. I insisted that Philemon stir his torpid bones into a trot before all three of that monster’s maws came snapping at our flesh

    37. Stir your legs

    38. “And you promise me that you won’t stir things up here and get yourself into any tough binds, especially ones that I can’t save you from

    39. There certainly wasn’t enough wind to stir our heavily patched sails

    40. She complained that the curds would sour if she didn’t stir them

    41. As the noise of bird calls reached them, Nerissa’s captor began to stir

    42. A light breeze caused the drapes to stir lazily, letting beams of light in now and then

    43. She stopped when Zarko began to stir

    44. Hesper would soon stir herself to report the murder

    45. So he tried screeching at her to stir her, to break the spell

    46. He didn’t stir during the time she watched him

    47. Process all ingredients in a juicer, shake or stir and serve

    48. Stir in water and tomatoes

    49. This gravel is pretty dusty, a half-decent wind could stir up a cloud of that size without much difficulty

    50. Firstly they had never experienced anything more than mild winds on the planet, certainly nothing strong to stir up clouds of dust like they could see now, and secondly, the lack of movement was more than a little suspicious

    1. They had eaten all they could of the trap mix over vedn toast by the time Venna finally stirred

    2. While sat on the loo, I had dozed gently before the realisation that the loo roll only had two sheets of paper left stirred what was left of my brain into action

    3. line, stirred on her bed, uncrossing her arms, breathing in deeply the scent of basil and

    4. For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred

    5. the pool when the water is stirred up; but while I am coming, another

    6. Saya's talk of her missing father had stirred up a bunch of emotions that Leonora did not want to deal with, from thoughts of her long-lost mother to memories of her father, whom she hadn't visited in months and felt guilty about

    7. They both stirred in their seats while Vincef leaned back in his, but neither said anything

    8. Something deep within me stirred

    9. Kara squinted, trying to focus on the woman’s face … she ought to know who this was, didn’t she? She moved, trying to get a better look and the figure on the chair stirred

    10. A cockerel somewhere in the village stirred, crowing half heartedly to welcome the day

    11. Catwhiskers on the other hand usually stirred 3 hours later, and

    12. "If there was anything in there don't you think you would have stirred it up doing that?"

    13. spoons of sugar and stirred the cup

    14. With every screech of metal on the wooden floor and with every yelp that came out of his mouth as he smashed his shins into rotting theatre seats, Archibald expected to be attacked by the hounds of hell, but nothing stirred within

    15. Duncan stirred, “How much time do we have?” he asked in a tight voice

    16. Watching her movements as she fought the Scathers stirred him deeply; he found her enticing; almost erotic to watch

    17. hallway, but no one stirred

    18. But all that changed with her arrival; this strange woman/child stirred a passion in him that Serena had not

    19. hell, but nothing stirred within

    20. Rayne stirred and rolled over snuggling up against him

    21. She stirred and opened her eyes to find Naria on the edge of the chair, a concerned look on her face

    22. His words echoed within Brent and stirred something to life

    23. Seeing Chrissie so apparently upset by the death of the bird stirred something deep within Sheila

    24. The smouldering fire of her anger stirred into life again

    25. Chrissie stood at the top of the steps, fascinated by the movement and stirred by the force of the water

    26. He was getting a little worried about all the interest in Ava’s body that was getting stirred up

    27. had stirred up, how much trouble could she be in? She thought of the movie they had seen the previous evening and was reminded of the fact that dozens of councilmen at the Kassikan could cause more trouble for her than the owner of any fashion house

    28. If the girls had stirred during the night, Emma hadn't heard them

    29. execution of la Porete had obviously stirred the emotions

    30. Jim stirred and pulled his transistor from his pocket, unplugging the earphones, so that the oldies overrode Jake's snoring

    31. Richard stirred the

    32. “Most of us were so stirred up we complained when it was our turn to go fill the cups,” Desa said

    33. “And this is the one Desa worked on isn’t it?” She had crushed and stirred the pods and re-topped it after Alan’s first lesson

    34. "I don't think the general population is going to be too stirred up about a little wildlife photography and looking up stuff on the suntowers, at least now that you're not causing interference on someone else's channel

    35. as the sun sparkled off the lake, and hardly a soul stirred

    36. At first Rapunzel was terribly frightened when a man, such as she had never seen, came to her; but the king's son began to talk to her quite like a friend, and told her that his heart had been so stirred , and that he had to see her

    37. A memory stirred - could it be a coincidence? The Bishop

    38. " The voice of Nathalia was somewhat softer on his ears, but the memories it stirred sent cracks running through his skull

    39. He was on the verge of peeling back the elf's hood when Solo Ki's frail fingers stirred and clutched the cup of tea steeping before him

    40. Something stirred within Freds mind, he remembered a grass fire up in the hills, similar conditions

    41. It barely stirred the threads of his black robe

    42. Janice spooned some sugar into the mug, stirred briefly and took it from her host

    43. thought stirred amongst her relief

    44. Even her cold, compassionless heart stirred when their leader ‘cleansed’ his companions

    45. They rose well before the dawn and left our house so silently, Mother never stirred

    46. A presence stirred, one that lingered over the waters there

    47. Stirred by the emotion of the moment she slipped her tongue gently between his lips to taste the forbidden fruit

    48. Again that fear stirred within him, a fear he never wanted to admit but held fast all the same

    49. as he slept, singing louder when he stirred within her belly

    50. After a while Bilkara stirred as she regained consciousness

    1. Stirring the mixture regularly

    2. If you are going to use solarized water, you can add city water to the five gallon container the day before, stirring regularly

    3. 1 If you must use the city water, I would allow it to sit in the sun for a few days, stirring every once in a while

    4. Always provide plenty of oxygen (by stirring pile, aerate it) and plenty of natural nitrogen and trace minerals

    5. Someone has opened the windows in the room and a gentle breeze is stirring

    6. Not a breeze is stirring, no land in sight on the mirror sea

    7. up the water; then whoever stepped in first, after the stirring of the

    8. I could lie on the floor next to the mattress with my head against the grill at the base of the door and feel a faint stirring of cool air in the outside corridor

    9. At first, the blackness was compact and thick; then, it seemed to be stirring slightly, as if it were a living entity inviting me to enter and reveal its secrets

    10. ’ Kara said, stirring some sugar into the murky liquid in her cup in the hope it would make it more palatable

    11. They were in plenty of contact and it was pleasantly stirring her hormones

    12. In the stirring grasses thin threads cover new green shoots

    13. The evidence is in the fact that the nations are already stirring into greater degrees of anti-Semitism and violence and wickedness

    14. Daniel was surprised at his reaction; the ‘General’ was stirring back to life

    15. stirring themselves, they too checked for water

    16. stirring, together, safe again,

    17. cold and grey to the soft stirring sea bed,

    18. The sound of their parents stirring woke the two children

    19. The local paper took pictures of their resident hero and by the time that the fisherman got home to his caravan, his wife had heard all about her brave husband’s stirring deeds that afternoon on the radio

    20. And to his surprise, felt the beginnings of a stirring he had not felt in many years

    21. She turned around and saw him there and felt a stirring also; she wanted to feel his hands on her body, caressing her

    22. Evil bitch that she is! Barrie’s been stirring it too

    23. Ken still grieved for his wife, but the years made the tears taste less bitter and fall less frequently, and with his strapping son rapidly becoming his closest friend, he began to feel in his bones an old, familiar stirring

    24. commissioned epic poems and stirring stories about his ferocious

    25. “He’s stirring up trouble,” Kelvin said about Elmore

    26. Alexei felt an embarrassing stirring as he bowed

    27. Startled, he tried to control his reactions as he felt himself stirring and was taken aback at the intensity of it

    28. He lay there listening to the sounds of the morning; the different guests of the Inn stirring about

    29. ' I told him, my temper stirring

    30. all about her brave husband’s stirring deeds that afternoon on the

    31. For what it was worth, this time was a prelude to trouble because the captains of Atlantean industry were already stirring up trouble by trying to find cheap labor on the mainland

    32. Symphony Orchestra in a stirring rendition of his brand new

    33. In the back of his mind he felt a stirring, a strong feeling that he knew this creature

    34. Alistair put his fingers inside, stirring the dust and pulled out a

    35. standing on a low stool, stirring the contents

    36. ’ He said, his sense of justice stirring

    37. happiest, stirring up old feelings and injecting fresh fear into his thoughts of the

    38. She left him alone for a moment and went to find a bathroom, when she returned he was once again stirring the fire

    39. hope of stirring some memory in Jean

    40. The minute John became bored he could feel him—Max stirring in the

    41. slowly stirring a pot

    42. When you feel a critical spirit stirring in or around you, pray that the people involved would be delivered by the truth instead of

    43. "Who's the deformos?" Dyinholm asked while stirring his fire to a good early crackle

    44. Seconds before stirring from the foliage, Tetloan said that he saw the demons crawling forth from within the hill of rock -- like mist from a lake, as he put it

    45. are often instrumental in stirring prayer, but we all are called to the ministry of prayer

    46. we?’ said Jacques, stirring his broth disinterestedly

    47. His wings stirring to a rapid flutter, he plugged his nose then made haste toward the overwhelming stench of death

    48. The man's only reply was a stirring of gold lace brushed by the wind

    49. It’s equally great, is it not, as the duty toward guests? You described this with such stirring fervor yesterday, I’m certain you’ll have little trouble convincing Tragus

    50. In the ancient state, the little trade that was stirring, and the few homely and coarse manufactures that were carried on, required but very small capitals

    1. She stirs, feels for him, turns and looks at him sitting in the chair

    2. She stirs, snuggles against him

    3. she stirs the mince and onions

    4. She stirs, burrowing deeper,

    5. Ah, he stirs! You had better get down there before he wakes fully

    6. She stirs, pushing back into my warmth, my mould,

    7. He tells a story about an ancient Egyptian ritual, and he stirs the water with his bare hand

    8. To finish he stirs the water one last time, and it becomes completely clear

    9. Spirit of prophecy- is the presence of God that stirs the prophetic in people

    10. For some of us, the surface merely stirs, while others, such as those of the Magi bloodline, they generate disruptions that travel deep within the waters and are often capable of altering the streams course altogether

    11. I’d be lying if I said he stirs no feelings in me

    12. e sides, and stirs up emotions in

    13. These days, Hesper stirs the milk the normal way

    14. Whenever she sees a dog, an old memory stirs, and any dog looks vicious to her

    15. No matter how much I appreciate and value that literary prize, it does not compare with the honor that it represents and the gratitude that stirs up in me the homage that Ponferrada rendered me, at the request of the governing Council of Fuentesnuevas, for naming a street after me in the neighborhood of that locality where I grew up and was reared in my youth

    16. “But he stirs the pot

    17. No one else stirs in their cot—Tobias’s arm is draped over his eyes, but his shoes are now on, like he got up and walked around in the middle of the night

    18. wicked; Hatred stirs up strifes, but love covers all sins; Wisdom is found in the lips of him who has understanding; but the rod is for

    19. one of a stalled ox and hatred with it; The wrathful man stirs up strife, but he who is slow to anger appeases strife; the way of the slow

    20. He who is of the proud heart stirs up strife, but he who

    21. An angry man stirs

    22. you to meet you at your coming; It stirs up the dead for you, even all the chief ones of the Earth; it has raised up from their thrones all

    23. What ails you now, that you are wholly gone up to the housetopse 2 You that are full of stirs, a

    24. there is none who calls on your name that stirs up himself to take hold of you, for you have hid your face from us, and has consumed

    25. The wind of desire stirs the mind and the ‘me’, which is but a re-

    26. One of the reasons this town stirs Roger’s curiosity is that it embraces the southeastern part of Revillagigedo Island

    27. But nothing stirs inside the countless apartment blocks

    28. Something stirs inside me, an unexplained rage

    29. I watch her, wistful as she stirs the teaspoon in her cup

    30. 11 As an eagle stirs up her nest, flutters over her young, spreads abroad her wings, takes them, bears them on her wings:

    31. He stirs and awakes

    32. At the same time, the scribe stirs from his sleep

    33. 5 But they insisted saying "He stirs up the people teaching throughout all Judea beginning from Galilee even to this place

    34. At Simon’s side, the boy stirs but then sleeps on

    35. Now though, he stirs and groans

    36. Whatever woke him the first time stirs again and he sits upright, clutching the thin blanket to his chest

    37. Stirs anguish in the heart of me

    38. You wait; the breeze moves in the trees, and stirs, and calls,

    39. Hope from the past stirs

    40. The giant stirs

    41. The Vatican stirs things up

    42. there is a heavy storm, it is the wind that first stirs the waves; but the waves will continue to swell long after the wind has died down

    43. " And when the Jews heard this, they were moved with great anger, so much so that they wildly shouted that Jesus should die; and one of the Sanhedrists boldly stepped up by the side of Pilate, saying: "This man stirs up the people, beginning in Galilee and continuing throughout all Judea

    44. goes beyond that, the emotions true beauty stirs up are

    45. Stef stirs his coffee and turns the television back on, seeing that he still has over an hour before the shops open he looks through his DVD collection

    46. Stef looks down at the sleeping form in confusion until the anger at having his home invaded stirs him to shout; �What the hell is going on here?�

    47. When the wind stirs soft through the springing grass,

    48. Turning it off just before it boils he pours the hot water into the mug and stirs it briskly

    49. that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind,

    50. and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs

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    Synonyms for "stir"

    ado bustle flurry fuss hustle stir splash arouse bring up call down call forth conjure conjure up evoke invoke put forward raise excite shake shake up stimulate touch agitate budge shift mix move disturb beat excitement commotion disorder tumult uproar agitation awaken incite provoke rouse foment

    "stir" definitions

    a prominent or sensational but short-lived news event

    emotional agitation and excitement

    a rapid active commotion

    move an implement through

    move very slightly

    stir feelings in

    stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of

    affect emotionally

    summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic

    to begin moving

    mix or add by stirring