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    1. It's best to give them a printed list that they can put in our file

    2. watch in a file in the property

    3. He reaches over and pushes the call button for the nurse, begins to make a notation on a file

    4. She knew that somewhere there were files that she could file compare to backups to notice Glenelle had made changes, but she wasn't here when it was done and might not notice

    5. "And that old torch made it?" he said, seeming to file the previous discussion under 'later

    6. This act will probably be the most difficult; by getting the rank and file of the

    7. All thru it the crew sat and watched, the men of the council all had their pistols out and kept an especially sharp eye out for whispering among the rank and file

    8. He came out a few minutes later with a file

    9. JOYCE: I understand you were reluctant to file the charges

    10. Another cupboard yields a file of papers tied up with string and topped by a folded piece of paper

    1. His death was documented, photographed, and he was filed away in the morgue

    2. Nichols has filed a patent application for a line of equipment that uses a brief exposure to extreme heat and hot water for the control of whitefly, aphids, mealybug, scale and mite infestations

    3. I dreamed the odd dream and filed the plans away, never thinking that there would be

    4. He filed it away as rumored fact and didn't let it thru to his gut

    5. They filed silently to the seats of the amphitheater

    6. As they filed into his parade ground up the grandest colonnade of all, there was music beyond music underneath it all, every patriotic theme there had ever been, somehow fused into one subliminal march

    7. puts his hands over his earth filed ears,

    8. Eventually, armed with the address printed in the rent book, the police handed the kids over to a lady from social services and filed their report, a copy of which was sent to the local police station where Kirk and Ruby lived

    9. As we filed past the basilica, a short line of neighbours were waiting with the bishop

    10. She stood stoney-faced, unyielding, holding the door ajar until they gave in and filed outside, reduced to being naughty boys

    1. carrying his clipboard with attached files and documents

    2. Archimedes had never seen a humpback whale die from harpoons before and so added it to his memory files

    3. Tahlmute's certificates and incantations performed correctly this week and they were admitted to the storage facility after quite a lengthy process of looking up records and cross checking thieves files

    4. She knew that somewhere there were files that she could file compare to backups to notice Glenelle had made changes, but she wasn't here when it was done and might not notice

    5. As the sequence drew closer around the planet and built up more integrations and matches against data files, a better match on that shuttlecraft was building up

    6. He traced those techs all the way back via their financials, going into level after level of files where he technically wasn't allowed and not giving a damn

    7. some of the documents in the files regarding a dragon that was

    8. He had enough conscious to check the aging files first, they were right in the front

    9. It took him awhile to find, it was minimized in the upper left corner of the room behind a stack of personnel files

    10. such as code-behind and markup files, or one that retains the markup files

    1. filing cabinet in my head

    2. He was not down there with them filing onto the cold stone benches of Susa on a blustery evening, forced to bear silent witness to pronouncements they hardly supported

    3. CARRIE: The fact that she wanted to go through with filing the charges, the medical examination, and the embarrassment that she knew was inevitable as a result of a rape trial

    4. If only they could deal with the stiff by clicking a button and filing its life away in some Interweb repository

    5. I spend most of it getting the filing up to date

    6. ‘But in the meantime, you can finish off the filing

    7. ” He locked the filing cabinet and picked up his coat and briefcase when the phone beeped

    8. At the end of the day, he opened his filing cabinet for the third time and took a drink

    9. At the end of the day, he opened his filing cabinet for the third time and took a drink

    10. Now where are those lists? They should be in that filing tray … What a heap of papers! Ah, bingo! Good old Caroline, in one of her moments of sheer genius, went and marked up all the class lists so that younger siblings are crossed out

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    Synonyms for "file"

    file file cabinet filing cabinet data file indian file single file charge lodge file away register document program data base filing system repository card file metal tool rasp rank line column queue row put on file catalogue index classify pigeonhole categorise categorize record apply submit an application petition request submit deposit grind scrape sharpen abrade level off smooth

    "file" definitions

    a set of related records (either written or electronic) kept together

    a line of persons or things ranged one behind the other

    office furniture consisting of a container for keeping papers in order

    a steel hand tool with small sharp teeth on some or all of its surfaces; used for smoothing wood or metal

    record in a public office or in a court of law

    smooth with a file

    proceed in line

    file a formal charge against

    place in a container for keeping records