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Worried in a sentence

I was worried.
It worried him.
He was worried.
That worried me.
You are worried.
Tony is worried.
She was worried.

It worried Kate.
Cook was worried.
I was worried too.
That worried him.
But she worried.
Son was worried.
Worried now, he.
I wasn't worried.
When I'm worried.
I was so worried.
Darek was worried.
He worried for her.
I worried for her.
So stop worrying.
A worrying sight.
That was worrying.
It was worrying me.
Worrying about him.
A bit worrying that.
I am not worrying.
Now THAT's worrying.
I'd stopped worrying.
The really worrying.
worrying day in and out.
Relax and stop worrying.
Have fun, stop worrying.
That's what's worrying us.
over worrying about money.
Stop worrying about the.
and stop worrying about it.
Stop worrying about worry.
worrying about being eaten.
It was all a bit worrying.
worrying until a later time.
Stop worrying about that.
Which was worrying, I guess.
It was a very worrying time.
worrying about their payments.
These days worrying thoughts.
Stop worrying, he said.
Worrying is natural, but to.
So no worries.
That worries me.
That worries us.
I had no worries.
I have no worries.
No worries, man.
She always worries.
He worries too much.
You have no worries.
No worries then?.
No money, no worries.
worries of the unknown.
Her worries ate at her.
of my worries and fear.
Bad trade? No worries.
no worries and no fears.
That man worries me.
No problem, no worries.
Cass worries about them.
pushed her worries aside.
Her worries melted away.
the least of his worries.
No worries, he said.
Well, no worries here.
nights, worries and tears.
Yes? That worries Alexey.
Your worries are over!.
"No worries," Apollo said.
That worries me as well.
That worries me a little.
Not to worry.
I just worry.
Do not worry.
But worry not.
worry is a sin.
I won't worry.
Worry and fear.
To worry about.
more of a worry.
a tear of worry.
Not to worry,.
But we worry,.
We worry about.
I worry for her.
up a worry stone.
He’s a worry!.
I said, No worry.
No don’t worry.
So don’t worry.
No need to worry.
But not to worry.

Synonyms for worried

apprehensive worried disquieted distressed disturbed upset