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Writhe in a sentence

I can see her literally writhe.
Her body started to writhe as moans.
Then they would writhe hideously in.
About his head writhe eels and elvers.
Nerissa struggled to writhe free, but couldn’t.
I'm going to enjoy watching you writhe in agony.

Vinny twisted the knife causing her to writhe in pain.
No, no, it is impossible, he added in Russian with a writhe.
I want to see you suffer! To see you writhe on the floor in agony!.
He was beginning to writhe in pleasure as she rhythmically squeezed him.
The crimson depths of the Red Sea writhe and boil with strange aquatic life.
As the candidate saw this aura writhe and harden, saw all its fair promise.
His countrymen shouted and fell around him, and the hillside began to writhe.
Her lips could writhe like slender, twisting serpents or bloom like red flowers.
Over by the ram’s pen, the severed half of her right foot seemed to writhe in torment.
It represented snakes gathering in the thousands to writhe and wriggle in their sex-lust.
Behind a wrought-iron park fence black guys with sweaty chests writhe around to disco music.
As he pressed his palm into her withered fleshed hand, Zar trembled, shook and began to writhe.
She began to writhe as much as she could, being tied down, once she realized where he was headed.
I writhe on his legs, not because I want to escape the blows, but I want more… release, something.
While he lay on the ground moaning, the grass seemed to writhe beneath him, bearing him upwards off the ground.
And the two last words, shouted in a bullying fashion, usually at Annie, made the family writhe with hate of the man.
He told him he would enjoy seeing him writhe in one of their bilubous chairs until it crumbled underneath him from his great weight.
Murderer! the voice roared with a vivacity that suggested satisfaction at seeing this tortured man writhe in anguish and distress.
She was of a merry disposition, but her laughter was always noiseless, an internal convulsion which made her actually writhe with pain.
The stories about him that came back to Atlanta from Richmond and Wilmington made those who had received him in other days writhe with shame.
These ramifications of pipes with their hundred elbows imitated those old leafless vine-stocks which writhe over the fronts of old farm-houses.
The guests, against their better judgments were persuaded to stay and listen as they watched Harry writhe in agony on the floor in front of them.
Watching that little poofter writhe as the poison burned his gullet had been excellent, but this was going to be perfect! He smiled as a new idea surfaced.
But nothing had ever caused her stomach to twist and writhe like the sight of that small yet very clearly visible mole which sat at the corner of his mouth.
A peculiar churning began to writhe in Raven’s stomach, a tight, constricting pressure rising up to his throat, a sensation of weight bearing down upon his shoulders.
Will's father noted the muscles cord along the arms, roping and unroping themselves with a writhe like the puff adders and sidewinders doubtless inked and venomous there.
What if she changed her mind about waiting to execute me? What if this is when I die? Peter’s hands clamp around my arms and I writhe, throwing all my strength into the struggle.
She could feel every muscle in his chiseled abdomen writhe as her hands went lower; his buttocks clenched against her thighs as she undid his button and slid the zipper halfway down.
You’d let out a yelp of pain if it happened again and there would be nothing you could do but writhe like a lamb on the slaughtering block it out or dwell in it, again it won’t matter.
I have no pity! I have no pity! The more the worms writhe, the more I yearn to crush out their entrails! It is a moral teething; and I grind with greater energy, in proportion to the increase of pain.
The mills had been losing money ever since It was not only the desire to be with him that made her writhe with helpless impatience she retired from active supervision, leaving Hugh and Ashley in charge.
The beautiful face in the disk was convulsed with the aspect of a fury; so hellish became its expression that Taramis, cowering back, half expected to see snaky locks writhe hissing about the ivory brow.
The whirling dark cloud of energy was completely ensnared by the light cords cast off by the sword in my father’s hand and the mass of darkness began to writhe and moan, as it was chained in by the light.
A few fell writhing on.
It was writhing in the waters.
A writhing mass of Spriggans waited.
She was writhing in his arms, weeping.
And writhing prone in thine affliction.
When I was on the hard floor writhing.
I watched the writhing mass for a short time.
Fairies littered the floor, writhing in agony.
John is in bed writhing in pain or exercising.
Shoop was on the armchair grunting and writhing.
Some were naked or semi-naked, writhing in pain.
My heart was writhing with pain, I had done this.
Yes! he confessed, writhing in embarrassment.
Writhing in agony, again the tearing at the throat.
He was writhing and moaning as he looked at Jenks.
Beneath his paws a man's mangled body was writhing.
Then click!--he was wide awake and writhing in torment.
Big mistake; she was writhing around in agony and her.
Our Sun, that writhing nuclear holocaust high above the.
In an instant the alley was littered with writhing forms.
It is the twisted writhing of a snake in its death-agony.
The writhing creature landed on her leg and bit her again.
Writhing in agony, the accusations flew from Assir's mouth.
Writhing back and forth, he could not believe it possible.
The willow beside it tossed long, writhing arms spectrally.
I was bucking and writhing around but I was a sitting duck.
You know what happens when you're screaming and writhing in.
She fell back onto the bed, into her body, writhing in pain.
Writhing in agony, the accusations flew from Assir’s mouth.
He towered over Anon, his appendages writhing in excitement.
Mad Cousin was now writhing about and his eyes were watering.
He’ll kill you, the man snarled, writhing on the floor.
Darek had the wind knocked out of him, leaving him writhing on.
Shut up! Please SHUT UP! Katie covered her ears, writhing.
It was the snakes writhing over the body, playing with my mind.
He shifted around in his chair, writhing and wriggling his hips.
It seems as if the Black Land has became a slimy, writhing mass.
The door flew open and I saw the poor soul on his bed, writhing.
I stood there fascinated, watching the intestines writhing slowly.
All around him were lying the Palikares, writhing in convulsive.
Jim writhed in the dark.
Anger writhed in my stomach.
Scarlett writhed at his words.
He writhed in pain as Emily.
The gypsy moaned and writhed.
He choked and writhed in her.
She writhed, but remained silent.
The criosphinx hissed and writhed.
She writhed and moaned in his grasp.
She writhed in guilty embarrassment.
Electric bolts writhed from the rift.
I stared in disbelief as they writhed.
Again the giant writhed with laughter.
The mosquitoes writhed, as if on fire.
A spasm writhed through her diaphragm.
The man writhed briefly and stiffened.
Rather, the shadow writhed across the.
I fell out of the wheelchair and writhed.
His mouth writhed, and he licked his lips.
His lips writhed, but no sound came forth.
As he writhed on the ground he looked up.
The bridge writhed; everything was a muddle.
He almost writhed with delight at my voice.
Lunarey writhed in pain, holding back tears.
He writhed in his own pale skin, underneath.
The man's body writhed in strange convulsions.
In his hand the wooden shaft suddenly writhed.
Swansea! he repeated as I writhed in pain.
In front of them, Hell’s Gate writhed in fury.
The bark on the tree shimmered and writhed and.
From knee to elbow, her body writhed with tattoos.
Liam writhed in pleasure; it was better than any.
It was debilitating and she writhed on the ground.
The man in her possession floundered and writhed.
She writhed under this inquisitorial manner of his.
They writhed, each groping for a devastating hold.
Tongues of fire writhed lawlessly over their meal.
He watched her intently as she writhed with desire.
Confronted with the prospect of writhed helplessly.
Arthrun squirmed and writhed on the floor for a while.
It might be said that agony writhes.
He drops the RoboBoxes as he writhes in pain.
She writhes, soft snores, and rolls over to face you.
What little remains standing writhes in poverty and despondence.
It twitches, writhes, itches and generally plays havoc with my guts.
He howls into the night and writhes on the ground as arms and legs form once more.
The afflicted spirit of this ill-hearted one writhes with great pain, as if it had been shocked with violent electricity.
Every plant, even the smaller ones, curls and writhes to the green surface, twining itself round its stronger and taller brethren in the effort.
Next moment, he puts his finger in the dog's vagina and the animal writhes accordingly for a few seconds, while Alexander is looking at us with a mockingly.
The giant pachyderm writhes his serpent-like trunk in air and plunges forward open-mouthed, trumpeting with pain from the keen claws of the tigers hanging on his flanks.
Marcus’ body comes to a stop several yards away as he screams out, “Aaaaah!” He tightly holds himself as he writhes on the floor in agony and screams out, “Aaaah!” He starts to cry hard! He screams as he painfully turns his body over!.
This modern European world of ours, apparently so sure of itself, so bold, so decided, and within so preyed upon by terror and despair, is exactly in the situation of a newly born animal: it writhes, it cries aloud, it is perplexed, it knows not what to do; it feels that its former source of nourishment is withdrawn, but it knows not where to seek for another.
But this obligation is increased, and is less doubtful when any of the sovereign rights of a nation are infringed, as in gross and reiterated insults to the national flag, habitual violations of the personal liberty of its subjects, invasion of its territories, and the like; these are assaults upon its independence, and there is no room left for an inquiry into the fitness of resistance; it may indeed be supposed to change from a question of expediency to an act of necessity; it is a struggle for self-preservation; the nation acts upon a principle which is inherent in the meanest insect, and of which inanimate matter is not divested; the worm, when trodden on, writhes in resistance as well as anguish, and the reaction of inanimate matter seems to be the repulsive act of self-preservation.

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