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Curve in a sentence

1. A curve in the circle.
2. Sell ahead of the curve.
3. Up ahead was a curve in.
4. Being Ahead of the Curve.
5. He slunk back in a curve.
6. On a curve, the inside Mr.
7. On a curve, the inside Mr H.

8. I stroked the forlorn curve of.
9. It’s called the Laffer Curve.
10. Percentage of the Curve Covered.
11. He stroked the curve of her cheek.
12. Herod was way ahead of the curve.
13. Corey threw a beautiful curve ball.
14. In essence, the flat yield curve.
15. Turning the curve he waved his hand.
16. They vanished around a curve, silent.
17. For me, every curve of their female.
18. She rounded a curve and surprised a.
19. She composed herself in the curve of.
20. His learning curve was really amazing.
21. The curve moves up or down constantly.
22. We stay far ahead of the curve so that.
23. Karimov proved to be capable to curve.
24. The internet involved a learning curve.
25. Therefore, the shape of the curve is a.
26. She moved back into the curve of his arm.
27. After a curve, the golden gates appeared.
28. He threw a mean curve, but Joey nailed it.
29. She felt his lips curve against her throat.
30. Life is constantly throwing us curve balls.
31. His chin formed a ragged, pixellated curve.
33. The learning curve could be steep sometimes.
34. A slight curve appeared on Arkaneh's mouth.
36. She had to reach the curve in the road ahead.
37. Note the steepness of the curve in Figure 14.
38. Then the curve descends down to its minimum.
39. Thus on a normal curve, if I have a mean of.
40. There was a pronounced curve to his shoulders.
1. In a cool curving world he lies.
2. The 747 was making a wide curving.
3. Where the rounding Pi curving lines.
4. Even through we know that the curving.
5. He stepped back against the curving wall.
6. Curving curses fold on stretching vocal.
7. At that point there can be no more curving.
8. The curving blade was edged only on one side.
9. What they had was a curving cone of probability.
10. I could see the cruel smile curving her elegant lips.
11. The torchlight bent around the curving walls as she.
12. Its seven story curving glass wall faced Boston Harbor.
13. He had long curving yellow teeth and a little short tail.
14. She got close enough to reach for the curving brass handle.
15. Bring it on, Garcia said, his open hands curving into.
16. The Fife grinned, thin curving lips cutting into his cheeks.
17. He shook his head the beginnings of a smile curving his lips.
18. The angels had their wings vertical and curving over the lid.
19. Sadly she twined in sauntering gold hair behind a curving ear.
20. Now he turned suddenly, curving his procession into a circle.
21. This means that the curving of space caused by the nearest star.
22. To properly describe this curving one would have to use pi in the.
23. But most of it is converted into the curving of space itself and.
24. When it comes to the fifth dimension the curving of space and the.
25. He saw no one as he approached a tall archway in the curving wall.
26. When the energy is converted to the curving of space itself, this.
27. He turned into a long curving driveway lined with weeping redwoods.
28. Work? What work? he asked astonishingly curving his eyebrows.
29. The field is a flat field, not affected in anyway by any curving of.
30. They rose up a curving road onto a wild moor that was parched and dry.
31. It just keeps on curving until eventually you realise you're descending.
32. He knelt and lifted her off the floor, curving his arm behind her knees.
33. The fifth dimension is also a curving around an object and again in this.
34. At the center of the moon the curving of space caused by the moon itself.
35. Large bulbous lips flung wide open to reveal sharp, inward curving teeth.
36. The wide curving driveway was full of saddle horses and carriages and guests.
37. Going up the curving hill towards the Perla Restaurent that panorama of high.
38. A cobblestone path started at the back of the house, curving off into dense foliage.
39. In a curving mound of earth and rocks left by a retreating glacier stands a great stone.
40. Joshua watched as the first few chariots came into view, curving away to the south and.
1. It was curved very slightly.
2. A steep and curved mesa is.
3. His long eyebrows were curved.
4. A tired smile curved her lips.
5. It curved round a large square.
6. Space is curved not only in a.
7. The handle was black and curved.
8. Her lips curved into a sly smile.
9. The other end had a curved edge.
10. Not to mention large and curved.
11. His scar curved as he smiled at them.
12. The flare curved up and lit the canyon.
13. Her body curved up into his, and she.
14. It means the straight slightly curved.
15. There was a shorter non curved one at.
16. The Luggage had landed on its curved lid.
17. Instead it is curved in a gradual manner.
18. Everything you see attached to the curved.
19. Charms curved and whistled through the air.
20. Puller looked down the road where it curved.
21. Even the closed door was curved to the wall.
22. To the north, the beach curved out of sight.
23. Mitchell sized it up, noticing the curved end.
24. It curved partway round a big traffic circle.
25. And that her neck curved down in such a way;.
26. The path curved a few times, quickly hiding.
27. It went in a straight line and then it curved.
28. An impudent grin curved the corners of his lips.
29. Gerald’s lips curved as he sipped his Cabernet.
30. But before they could start, Jim's mouth curved.
31. Pa drew a curved line in the air with his finger.
32. The Chevette curved over a valley outside of town.
33. A metal spiral staircase curved in front of them.
34. He looked at her, his lips curved in a half smile.
35. It is a tight, curved squeeze, but you are small.
36. She found herself looking at a long curved cellar.
37. Each individual lane is curved at two ends and the.
38. It traveled another twenty feet, then curved upward.
39. Her lips curved, So you have read the Bible!.
40. The wallet was curved in the shape of his.
1. The bold curves in Figure 3.
2. Curves of Trisection, by Rev.
3. It’ll show off your curves.
4. She touched the curves of the.
5. How to observe the Shape of Curves.
6. Curves and turns were never sudden.
7. The dress had settled on her curves.
8. His hands moulded ample curves of air.
9. The road is dark, with lots of curves.
10. Slow down on the curves over the surf.
11. I was always throwing curves at my boys.
12. His hands began wandering over her curves.
13. Felt for the curves inside her deshabillé.
14. Map of the Magnetic Isodynamic Curves in N.
15. She had curves like an ocean in a windstorm.
16. Her curves were generous, soft and friendly.
17. Curves his white bastions with projected roof.
18. Angles had everywhere taken the place of curves.
19. Ultimately it’s just a set of parabolic curves.
20. I could feel all his hard line against my curves.
21. I pulled her tight, felt her curves with my hands.
22. Curves, how to observe the shape of, 90, 162, 209.
23. But when dealing with curves, all sorts of issues.
24. While standing there (in the side road that curves.
25. HH2s have steep learning curves in the new business.
26. Integration of the below curves does yield the $43T.
27. His tires squealed a little as we rounded the curves.
28. Instrument for drawing Curves of Conic Sections, 368.
29. A band saw is another saw designed to cut curves in a.
30. The color of the dress complimented my eyes and curves.
31. Inside curves can be sanded by hand or with a spindle or.
32. She smelled pretty and the curves of her dress said the.
33. It fell to the floor, exposing delicate curves, soft skin.
34. Note that curves on previous chart are straight lines here.
35. The way the fore-hatch curves is like the back of the cap.
36. Lyconas was watching them, especially the ripe curves of.
37. In its practice the law drew curves inhaling then exhaling.
38. And there it was, the curves matched and the machine beeped.
39. His eyes beating looked steadfastly at cream curves of stone.
40. She’s got curves and she knows how to use them, Jennifer.

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