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Yap in a sentence | yap example sentences

  1. You yap away on something.
  2. Don’t open your big yap again, or I’ll bandage it up.
  3. So you just give up and shut up your yap and everything stops.
  4. That poodle gave a final yap, then, not hearing any yips or yipes in response, 147.
  5. The real question is, ‘Is it safe for you to eat here?’ Please keep your yap closed.

  6. Georgie Porgie gave a yap and ran across the sand, almost entering the sea, but not quite.
  7. They glided noiselessly away from the occasional whinny, sometimes accompanied by the yap of a now-alerted hound.
  8. Johnny said nothing, but a sharp yap from Nigger who was now wrapped between his legs, served its purpose in betraying her master's feelings.

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