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    1. But unlike the monsoon seasons of Nepal, you want to be as predictable as the thunder clap after the lightning

    2. The rest of the students, laugh, shout, clap, point, etc

    3. We all had to clap

    4. In a moment's pause, during which they might hope for the performance to continue, it was finally recognized for the end it was, and a wave of applause and genuine pleasure sounded through the room like a clap of thunder as it washed back upon Kaitlyn and her father

    5. Buttworst clap a few soft claps to himself

    6. of my trance and started to clap

    7. He looked around with his all-knowing look and said, ‘Welcome back Dan!’ Then everyone in the room started to clap!

    8. did it again… the loudest clap I had ever heard

    9. He began to clap

    10. He rose from his seat and began to clap

    11. "Clip, clap, clip, clap, I wish I had my wee red cap!" And out of the air there tumbled the neatest cap Teig ever laid his two eyes on

    12. "Clip, clap, clip, clap, for my wee red cap, I wish I was home," he

    13. Another clap of thunder rent the air, this time shaking the ground so violently that a large piece of rock fell from the roof, hitting the floor with a dull thud

    14. At any moment I expected him to clap his hands and oink for a fish

    15. Birds chirping, occasional distant barking and the crow of roosters were the only sounds other than the steady clap of hooves on packed soil

    16. In truth, Colling wanted to mention that there was a good chance that Gambelli could find himself with a good case of the clap in about a week, but he did not do so

    17. Our guys coming back from leave in Paris seem to have some strain of the clap that must have been imported from their North African colonies

    18. resounding clap of thunder and in the span of that

    19. Early this morning there was a loud clap of thunder

    20. But old Randal VanderNorth and his “golf clap laugh” would always laugh along and act as if he got the inside joke but we all knew damn well that he didn’t

    21. A microphone squeals somewhere, so loud I clap my hands over my ears

    22. Instinctively I clap my hand over my mouth

    23. 23 Men shall clap their hands at him, and shall hiss him out of his place

    24. and the hills shall break out before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands

    25. 15 All that pass by clap their hands at you; they hiss

    26. what they first thought was a thunder clap but then saw the giant plume of smoke billow

    27. shall clap the hands over you, for on whom has not your wickedness passed continually? (END OF BOOK OF NAHUM THE

    28. 18 He will shake his head, and clap his hands, and whisper much, and change his expression

    29. willing captives, who shout, dance, caper, clap, stamp their feet, and raise their hands in

    30. A huge clap and hearty cheers rang out within the room as a

    31. egging him on--and with a clap of both palms against the sides of my rear, he shoved

    32. As they pulled onto the main road, a few fat raindrops splashed against the windshield before a clap of thunder rumbled in the distance

    33. ” Whatever he said after that, Ashi didn’t hear as another clap

    34. Places everyone!” Theramin called with a quick double clap

    35. The five began to clap, and all the Spirits did the same, along with the group of children that had just been saved

    36. His tendency to move on when he was through with you, or hoped you were through with him, was capped with, “Is that it!” If he received the hoped-for “Yes,” he would clap his hands together and move on to the next thing on his mind, to the next plane of existence, and whether you were standing there or not, you ceased to exist

    37. Talia gave him a happy little clap as she floated up to give him a quick kiss

    38. She shut the door as a clap of thunder rolled across

    39. The lights flickered as a thunder clap shocked the air out of the club for a heartbeat

    40. The towering wall of water smashed into the rock-strewn outcrop with a tremendous booming sound many times greater than any monstrous clap of thunder

    41. sound many times greater than any monstrous clap of thunder

    42. They loved it and began to clap

    43. Someone in the crowd began to clap in rhythm and the assembly took it up: The

    44. a song or even clap to keep time when it was appropriate

    45. Think of the little captain's reaction tomorrow when, with a clap of thunder, passengers and all would disappear from under his nose

    46. A clap of thunder

    47. With a mighty clap of thunder the lightning bolt struck the sacrifice and instantly devour it

    48. With a thunderous clap fire came from heaven and in an instant consume all fifty men

    49. With a clap of

    50. “Good answer, Doe,” you give a golf clap, “the remote is over there somewhere

    1. Then, a man's voice (Lisa's boyfriend) echoed all over the room: “Bravo Lisa!” and the whole clique clapped their hands in enthusiasm

    2. over and clapped the boy’s back laughing and hugging

    3. Everyfolk all clapped with approval and joy

    4. Again the folk cheered and clapped

    5. The folk cheered and clapped

    6. He was now so angry with the old woman because of her continual sniping about his nose that he stormed out of the bar and strode through the city streets in a foul temper for the rest of the night, but no matter how hard he looked or how many people he questioned, no one seemed to know anything about his stolen lover or about the evil kidnapper and his clapped out motor

    7. I joined the choir and stamped and clapped and started shouting 'Yarriba!' along with everyone else

    8. She clapped her hands together, dreaming of DJ Reckless, the wizard mixer of trance and acid bass at the student union, with whom she was madly in love

    9. “Janis couldn’t have done it any better,” Steve shouted as he clapped loudly, “bravo lady, bravo!”

    10. The crowd clapped as Ish took a

    11. He clapped when Ganguly came to accept the

    12. The VIPs clapped as Adam Gilchrist hit a six

    13. 'I know, give it a burl,' Fred clapped his hands

    14. clapped his hands three times

    15. clapped his hands together three times

    16. kidnapper and his clapped out motor

    17. She clapped her hands together, dreaming of DJ Reckless, the

    18. He clapped his hands loudly,

    19. “Did you ever consider going back for Jessica?” Jalan clapped his friend's shoulder

    20. Rusting Rovers and clapped out Citroens

    21. They clapped and cheered for Heather as we walked down

    22. The others had listened to there dialog with rapt interest as if the players were indeed on a stage, and when Harold played his final metaphor they clapped happily for both

    23. He clapped his hands to get an idea of how big this space was

    24. The Petrol's were a few hundred yards up the road and Stephen Cleary clapped his hands in glee for Richard his elder brother told him that fire races up a slope whereas on a downward slope it takes its time unless blasted by the wind

    25. Some whistled and clapped

    26. " Flitter was still no nearer and raised his eyes in query again until Grandpa clapped his hands for attention

    27. "Well Flitter," Grandpa stood up and clapped his hands, "What did you see at the top meadow then?"

    28. When the whole family had seated themselves around the table and Granny had poured out mugs of raspberry vinegar, Grandpa clapped his hands for silence

    29. finally threw off his melancholy and clapped his hands as

    30. She had come out of her vardo when Mama had clapped and she had walked straight to her seat at the table, aided only with her walking cane, despite the obvious fact that she was totally blind

    31. But then the farmer whistled, a very loud screech, clapped loudly and waved his fingers in the air like grass blown in a strong wind

    32. Legate Duilis clapped a friendly and reassuring hand on Heron’s shoulder

    33. ” They all clapped spontaneously at the verdict

    34. “Yes!”' the Elf clapped and took each of their arms in her hands as her escort and let them lead her out of the hangar

    35. Indeed as soon as the other arrival was mentioned, Penelope clapped a hand over her eyes in disappointment and DRAFTChapter 16 371

    36. " Warming to his subject, he abandoned the egg on a side plate and clapped his hands

    37. That is the most awesome experience of our lives!” The rest of the company on the bridge clapped loudly at her pronouncement; they were genuinely thankful to be part of the Huntress's crew

    38. The crowd clapped, stamped and chanted

    39. ” At hearing the name David, the children clapped and began to sing one of his songs

    40. He clapped Joseph on the back, pointed down the street, then reentered his shop

    41. He clapped his hands over his mouth for Doc's sake to stifle the laughter

    42. But he seemed to enjoy every minute of it, slipping and sliding on the slops on the floor and licking the beer of his arms and throwing himself around in a wild frenzy, while his friends, friends!, clapped and jeered and sang and shouted and danced, danced!, bumping and pulling and shoving until all ended in a drunken heap on the floor

    43. Suddenly, Jacob clapped his hand over my mouth as the thing paused, one clawed foot in the air,

    44. His anger was exacerbated by the crowd, who cheered and clapped at the images, proud of themselves for supporting a genuine guy who did his duty for his country

    45. It made him sick, and he hated them, every single one of those who clapped for him now

    46. ” At that, the guests all clapped, knowing they’d each eaten enough sweets, cakes, and pies to stun a charging bull, yet being Halflings, wondered if there was room for a few more nibbles

    47. Rufus clapped his hands together loudly, making it clear that he’d have no tomfoolery in his class

    48. ” Milana announced then clapped his hands

    49. The judge clapped his hands

    50. ” Every other Negro wished to shake hands, the women clapped their hands and shouted words of welcome, and the youngsters crowded round with their shrill little “Good hevenin, sah!” With the men who had been right to the front, the levies and others, a note of “bonne camaraderie” was at once struck up; but one very side there was a distinct and noticeable difference in the attitude of the people toward Europeans

    1. by clapping and cheering

    2. He came out of the kitchen with his hands in the air, clapping in time to the guitars and shouting, “Yipa, Yipa! Lets dance woman!”

    3. clapping them on the shoulder for the gaol,

    4. Everyone was clapping and shouting

    5. The clapping swelled and swelled until everyone on board, even the crew, was standing round clapping

    6. Behind me the music was mocking and brash and the dancing and clapping against the coloured lights grated on my nerves

    7. The room exploded with shouts and clapping and foot stomping

    8. Chrissie posed, allowing her gaze to wash across the upturned faces in front of her – Sheila, face closed yet unpleasantly appreciative – Mickey and Kev getting into a right going state of excitement – Chas, his eyes stripping off the tiny scraps of fabric clothing her, his hands in his lap, invisible in the shadows – Ozzie, drunk and clapping not quite in time to the music

    9. The crowd in the arena rose to its feet, standing and clapping in ovation

    10. their voices and clapping made a soft moan of perverted satisfaction

    11. Roman stopped the attack, clapping his hands on Bobby’s wrist

    12. They sat the crown on my head as clapping and cheering came from the

    13. The bridge erupted into cheers and clapping

    14. The most well-known of these koans is “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

    15. Adrianus nodded, clapping an encouraging hand on the Imperial’s shoulder once more and wove his way through the lines until Roscius could no longer see him

    16. They were ecstatic, clapping and shouting, stamping their feet

    17. There was a general clapping of hands at this: it was the first really clever

    18. A flurry of clapping ensued, which stopped quickly

    19. ” The rest of the lads wandered over and stood around staring at the body of the sniper and clapping me on the back congratulating me on the shot

    20. So imagine our joy when Tommy Macey turned out to be one of them we shook his hand and welcomed him clapping him on the back

    21. Every man and woman in the crowd faced Raven, clapping in awe

    22. Once in the Protectorate proper we were accorded a warm reception, for the villages had just heard of Prempeh's capture, and as we passed through, the women danced and shouted, clapping their hands in transports of joy at the Ashanti king's overthrow, and various offerings of palm wine, fou-fou and plantains were always ready

    23. For a moment the wonder had him, but the next he was clapping the

    24. Clapping his hands with delight, he ran to

    25. And then there was such clapping of hands, and roars of laughter, and

    26. "Rarely caught, young York," cried Prince Henry, clapping his hands in applause

    27. I well remember the spontaneous clapping of hand when we arrested the community troublemakers

    28. Uncle Hobart had given me one with a bloody great hole in the toe! As we sped towards a row of road cones that marked the beginnings of a road works, the bird's large feet smacked on the surface of the road like a pair of clapping hands

    29. There was a general clapping of hands at this: it was the first really clever thing the King had said that day

    30. “A few more big ones like that,” he cheered, clapping her on the shoulder when the dancing tiny ball came to rest on her number, “and you’re likely to be banned from the casino

    31. The audience was clapping fitfully, and trying to listen to it all at the same time

    32. A loud applause was heard and the announcer’s voice was cut crisply, while the clapping faded away and soon the voice of Paul McCartney came softly through

    33. Loud roaring laughter mingled with the sound of clashing glassware; some danced to the rhythm of half-drunken, clapping hands while others sang at the top of their lungs

    34. I loved every golf clapping laughing minute of it

    35. Quan and I were among the many that stood on our feet, clapping as loudly as we could

    36. “What’d you think?” Shauna says, clapping me on the shoulder

    37. He walked toward the president’s table amidst clapping and a few whistles

    38. Max gasps, his hand clapping over his chest, and stumbles back

    39. I scream, clapping my hand over the wound, and my vision goes spotty at the edges as I throw myself around the corner again, half walking and half stumbling to the blasted-open doors

    40. There was a loud clapping from the boys who were perched on the rail fence, but some of the girls were crying

    41. This last remark got a big laugh from the others and they all agreed clapping me on the back and giving me the red sash of a commander of a jagun

    42. ?” cried Tifa, clapping her hands excitedly

    43. “Noah, please don’t get him started,” Sierra said, clapping a hand over Nik’s mouth

    44. “Good riddance to her,” Sierra said, clapping

    45. “Yes! Yes!” shouted Yurie, clapping her hands and jumping up and down

    46. Jack roused the audience into a huge clapping spectacle whilst Suzy stood there wiping a tear from her eye at the well wishers sentiments

    47. They had finally followed Suzy’s cue as she watched Jack with sheer admiration, clapping her hands furiously to rouse the crowd

    48. He couldn’t take much more of this and to add to it, he could hear Jack’s laughter over the loudspeaker as the guests started clapping at his arrest

    49. 31 And Lamech was very much grieved at having done this, and in clapping his hands together he struck his son and caused his death

    50. The crowd had recognized my song and they were clapping in appreciation of the opening

    1. He claps me on the shoulder and rests it there

    2. He claps me on the back, chuckling

    3. Tobias claps Kevin on the shoulder

    4. We listened for some minutes, timing the thunder claps, and realised that it was a constant noise rather than an intermittent crashing of the heavens

    5. Ted walks on and claps

    6. claps of the onlookers

    7. There were even a few claps and cheers

    8. Their lips meet and the world takes on a soft focus glow for a moment, before thunder claps roar and the heavens open on the dry spring meadows

    9. whispered; I even heard a few claps

    10. Buttworst clap a few soft claps to himself

    11. A couple of claps could be heard—the

    12. The claps died when the rest of the crowd did not join in

    13. were a few claps and before long the entire varsity joined in, expressing their

    14. At first a few claps came and then they

    15. Random claps and a few ‘bride and groom’s’ wafted round the

    16. For by your harlotries have you set the stage for the deceiver, while each one of you claps the hands and offers up praises to your soothsayers!

    17. He claps Four on the shoulder, a little too hard, and gets up

    18. Will and Christina slap hands, and then Will claps me on the back with a hand bigger than my shoulder blade

    19. He claps his hands

    20. Before I can answer, an older woman with lines around her mouth stands in the aisle between the rows of seats and claps her hands

    21. ” Matthew claps his hands together

    22. Even over the chatter of the people around us, I hear the gunfire when it starts, just snaps and claps in the microphones

    23. Christina smiles at me, and Zeke claps me on the shoulder

    24. This time I was given a few dirty looks instead of claps on the back

    25. Claps and cheers again rang out throughout the classroom and

    26. The crowd claps and cheers on hearing the guilty verdict

    27. ” He claps his hands together

    28. The rumbling of a freight train, a tornado, an accelerating jet engine and multiple claps of thunder could not have captured the intensity

    29. In further wide-eyed horror, the Colonel saw that the lieutenant, to the accompaniment of claps and whistles from the pilots gathered around, was obviously about to raise his head into the rapidly revolving ceiling fan directly above him

    30. A flash of light and then more claps of thunder

    31. no matter how loud I yelled, I would be unheard above the tumultuous claps of thunder;

    32. Princess Bithia claps with glee when she sees her cat dragging the bird toward her

    33. They ate in silence to claps of thunder and a steady rain in the dark afternoon

    34. Scorch drops the pipe and claps both her wrist together

    35. Josie claps her hands together in a slow rhythm, cutting across his rant, one hand falling limply on the other

    36. The high waves crashed against the beach with a thunderous roar, which could easily be mistaken for the deafening claps of thunder or the forceful howl of the wind that bent the palms at unnatural angles or the lightning striking some object in the forests surrounding the hotel, and reclaimed much of that which nature had given for the enjoyment of mere mortals

    37. “It’s too late I’m already upset! I really resent what you just said! I resent all you guys asking me these personal questions! First of all, I didn’t come on this show to talk about my personal business inside the hospital! All any of you need to know is that I was in the hospital, that‘s it! Second of all, I don’t appreciate any of you digging into my private business or into my cousin Dana‘s business! And third, how’re you gonna compare me being sick with my cousins and my very close friends caring for me and helping me, to making my private parts public, posing in that damn magazine! Since we’re on the subject and you can’t tell the difference between something that’s private and something that’s public, I’m going to tell you, since you’re all dying to know! When the girls came to the hospital to visit me, they saw the pain and suffering I was in! They didn’t want to just sit there and watch me suffer, they wanted to help me in anyway they can! They wanted to rub mineral ice on my aches and pains, but it says the skin has to be cleansed before any mineral ice can be put on it! Being that my entire body was aching, my whole body would have to be cleaned before mineral ice can be put on it, that’s why they bathed me! My mom was planning to bathe me later on that evening when she came back to the hospital, but the girls decided to bathe me, because they wanted to put the mineral ice on me as soon as possible! The girls called my mom up and told my mom she doesn’t have to worry about bathing me when she comes back to the hospital because they were gonna bathe me! It absolutely has nothing to do with making my private parts public! If I really wanted to make my private parts public you know what I would have done? I would have told the girls to open the curtain all the way so that everybody out in the hallway can see what’s going on! Or I would have told them to go out in the hallway and shout out to everybody to come into the room to see a show or I would have suggested bringing a video camera into the room to film everything then show the video to the public later! But I didn’t do any of that, I did the total opposite! When the girls told me that they were gonna get ready to undress me and bathe me, I told them before they do that, close the curtain all the way and close it tightly so nobody can come in or see and they did! My husband stood outside the doorway, guarding it the whole entire time I was getting bathed to make sure no one else came into the room! So I don’t know how the hell you gonna compare that with making my private parts public! I have morals, just in case you didn’t know! Now for your information Mister, that’s because my cousin and my very, very close friends who I grew up with and known practically my entire life seen me completely naked and bathed me, it does not mean I would allow you or anybody else to see me naked and bathe me! If I’m sick or disabled and can’t do for myself, the only people in this world I would allow to see me completely naked and bathe me or even touch me, are my family and my very, very close friends, that is it, no one else! So if you jerks are thinking about seeing me naked or bathing me, you better get it out of your minds and out of your heads right now, because you will never, ever see me naked or bathe me! Neither will those magazines! Neither will anybody else out there! Not if I can help it! Now if you guys are sooo interested in bathing somebody and seeing them naked, there are plenty of people out there who are willing to do that, don’t expect it from me, because I am not into that shit!” The audience claps and cheers loudly for Diane D’s firm statement

    38. She notices Jonathan standing near the front of the crowd without Candis as he claps and cheers with the rest of the crowd

    39. ” The audience claps and cheers

    40. The crowd in the room stands, claps and cheers as Nicole turns to Ronda and nervously says, “Here she comes!”

    41. ” The man steps away from the microphone as the audience claps

    42. “Diane D, don’t you think that maybe you should stop meditating and stop leaving your physical body altogether?” the man says as the audience claps and cheers

    43. The audience claps and cheers

    44. The audience claps and cheers again

    45. ” The man steps away from the microphone as the audience claps and cheers

    46. The crowd stands, claps and cheers

    47. The crowd claps and cheers for them

    48. An hour later, Arty, Dave, Marlon and Ray finish their performance as the crowd cheers and claps their hands

    49. ” The crowd claps and cheers again

    50. He, Dave, Marlon and Ray leave the stage as the crowd claps again

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    Synonyms for "clap"

    bam bang blast clap eruption clack gonorrhea gonorrhoea spat acclaim applaud cheer praise approve applause blow impact cuff slap swat hit smack jab strike clobber slam

    "clap" definitions

    a sudden very loud noise

    a common venereal disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae; symptoms are painful urination and pain around the urethra

    a sharp abrupt noise as if two objects hit together; may be repeated

    put quickly or forcibly

    cause to strike the air in flight

    clap one's hands or shout after performances to indicate approval

    clap one's hands together

    strike the air in flight

    strike with the flat of the hand; usually in a friendly way, as in encouragement or greeting

    strike together so as to produce a sharp percussive noise