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Yen in a sentence

The yen fell from 140 to the pound to 146.
They are going to lower the quality of the yen.
Example of common gaps in the Japanese yen chart.
Example of a runaway gap in the Japanese Yen chart.
As the carry trade was taken off and yen and U.
Example of a bullish trend in the Japanese yen chart.
The Japanese yen also moves very closely with the dollar.

As far back as I can remember Russell had a yen for speed.
Example of an exhaustion island in the Japanese yen chart.
My flags are yen v dollar, weak yen equals strong equities.
This ruthless yen to stay alive at all costs seemed foreign.
Krone, marks, yen and all the other versions of filthy lucre.
However, this is purely the result of the collapse of the yen.
A real example of a bearish pennant in the Japanese yen chart.
An example of a triple-top formation in the Japanese yen chart.
An example of a rounded top formation in the Japanese yen chart.
A pure currency investment into the yen mildly underperformed U.
The Japanese yen spot exchange rate strengthened the most, by 2.
An example of a triple-bottom formation in the Japanese yen chart.
Chart 6, 7 and 8 are the German mark, Japanese yen and Swiss franc.
Rolls Royce of cameras so we hocked it for a few thousand yen, the.
Example of support turned into resistance in the Japanese yen chart.
Example of a falling wedge in a bullish trend in the Japanese yen chart.
The yen, for instance, often may exhibit a bias of weakness against the U.
What was it? Dollars? Sterling? Japanese yen? Or was it carnal delights?
Example of a bearish channel and his break plotted in the Japanese yen chart.
To the end of the harbor breakwater wall, he said, putting a thousand yen note.
There were opium lay-outs with pipes, lamps, yen haucks, and other paraphernalia in some.
Intuitively, low-yielding currencies like the yen can serve as useful recession hedges for U.
I believe you gave him ten thousand yen and a fine residence in Kyushu, where he now keeps bees.
What is this, no credit cards, nothing of value, only 700 yen? How poor are you? He asked.
I searched and found an express coffee shop—nine hundred yen for coffee and miniature croissants.
Think about the various ways in which you typically exchange US dollars for Japanese yen or Mexican pesos.
And when the carry trade is being taken off, AUDJPY will fall as Australian dollars are sold to pay back the yen loans.
Billions of francs, yen, pesos, deutschemarks have flowed into our economy to the’ sum of eighty-five billion dollars.
However, it does represent one very common carry trade, which is to borrow Japanese yen and then put that money into Australian dollars.
They would have tarred and feathered him if they could have caught him, but he was safe in Monterey, cooking his yen shi over a peanut-oil lamp.
For example, the reason that the yen forward premium is so high (3% over six months, or 6% per year) is that Japanese interest rates are so low.
For last week, prior to my interviews on Monday, the bulk of my winnings had been converted through money exchange markets from dollars to Euros and yen.
Kiyomura restaurant owners reckon that this fish will cut up into about 10,000 sushi pieces which they will sell at their regular price of 128 yen each ($1.

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Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

Bank3Sector of Japan acquires the foreign debt securities of Brazil with discount in yens, even if the securities have nominal value in dollar, euro or other coin with free world circulation.

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