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Languish in a sentence

nets on the waters shall languish.
so that they will languish no more.
Others will be sent to prisons to languish.
as the flesh leads the soul, we shall languish in the.
8 For the fields of Heshbon languish, and the vine of.
2 Judah mourns, and the gates of it languish; they are black to.
Why do you languish in futile yearning? Because you obey not the truth.

, dozens breaking out while the averages languish following a correction).
Art, like life, is apt to languish if it gets too far away from primitive conditions.
The third — the one who had suffered the gash to its head — continued to languish.
evil things to prosper and flourish while good and good things struggle, suffer and languish.
The earth mourns and withers; the world languishes and withers; the highest people of the earth languish.
For the beasts of the earth languish, and the creatures of flight fail to soar, for they know what is coming.
31 For we and our fathers do languish of such diseases but because of us sinners you shall be called merciful.
Before Summer’s End, most of ’em would languish in a Brothel or a Workhouse, Bridewell or e’en Newgate itself.
She didn’t want the issue of Jason to languish on the collective agenda of teachers who clearly had critical feelings.
Once the market retreats back into the consolidation box after a fake-out, price will often languish inside the box for some time.
with languish; 12 therefore his body-guards being troubled at this longing of the king, two valiant young soldiers, reverencing the.
For he was not one of those gentlemen who languish after the unattainable Sappho's apple that laughs from the topmost bough—the charms which.
Mason knew that prisoners were kept in suspended animation during their sentences, unlike the dark days when they were allowed to languish in comfortable cells.
Ah what Vanity are our Dreams of Immortality thro’ Books! I’faith, most Books perish thus, e’en those that languish in a dusty Bookseller’s Stall in St.
And still she cried, at times silently with tears welling up in her eyes and at other times fitfully, with sobs that she could not contain released in languish.
reality dictates that in many cases the returns will not substantiate the risk incurred, and a portfolio can languish for many years without moving toward the line.
The best pullbacks are pauses in strong trends; there should be enough interest in the market that the pullback does not languish too long near support or resistance.
be in their positions of service today, many churches would not be in existence, and most congregations would languish! Women have taught other women, their own children, and.
5 The majority of the Jews believed that they continued to languish under Roman rule because of their national sins and because of the halfheartedness of the gentile proselytes.
What matters really, not only to me, but to officers of justice and the king, is that an innocent man should languish in prison, the victim of an infamous denunciation, to die here cursing his executioners.
He also knew LanCoste would watch him closely, for it was one thing to stand beside each other on the battle field but entirely another to languish at their current task…and Ravan, even more than LanCoste, would suffer the situation.
stoking the languishing fire.
These (morally) languishing and (personally).
But there are primates languishing in hell-holes around the.
languishing in prison and decided to throw a match into the.
In the daylight you could see the Sleeping Giant languishing.
my eyes were as black as can be imagined, and rather languishing than.
It was a time when gold prices and gold mining stocks were languishing.
And there was no such thing as languishing for years on death row either.
The stock may have been buying or selling or languishing at the closing bell.
recommendation of the rich and respectable, and was several weeks languishing.
languishing in a small rabbit hutch, without exercise, without care, only for breeding.
Every so often I returned to my Bolaño poem, still languishing between 96 and 104 lines.
3 The Lord will strengthen him on the bed of languishing: you will make all his bed in his sickness.
(3) The Lord will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness.
He slowly made his way near the marketplace, glancing at his fellow merchants languishing in their boredom.
Her mind drifted off languishing in the memory of her pretty lilac bedroom with her king sized dream easy bed.
But when the novelty wears off, he’s prone to cross over to fresher pastures, leaving you languishing for sexual love.
childbirth because the hospitals lack the facilities; the children are languishing because there is no proper care for them.
Being young and amorous, she might be having the time of her life, even as he was languishing for a mate in the hell of a cell.
I am certain of it; his languishing looks and modulated tones when addressing Mademoiselle Danglars fully proclaim his intentions.
After years of languishing, The Diary of Mary Bradford is in its second edition; she’s regular material now, in courses on American lit.
It is not my place to tell you how to treat your patient, she wrote, but, truly, I am concerned that she is languishing in her misery.
On the way home, he dreamt up a plausible approach to go chat with the jobless neighbour, and conveniently found him languishing in his garage.
Lomita Flight Strip, which had been renamed Zamperini Field while Louie was languishing in Naoetsu, was rededicated to him not once more, but twice.
She did not fail, in truth, to lavish all sorts of attentions upon him, from the delicacies of food to the coquettries of dress and languishing looks.
Knobby protrusions above the waterline gave silent witness to the alligators languishing beneath the mirror-like surface; no matter which direction one looked.
When you spent 15-20 intense minutes pumping weights, your metabolic rate is stimulated more than languishing on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes while watching TV.
Near it, chipped at all the corners, was a miniature given him by Emma: her toilette seemed to him pretentious, and her languishing look in the worst possible taste.
She Languished In The.
On her side, Cosette languished.
Only if he languished there for years.
And languished in the pool of my faith.
I languished in the wet burn as the rain.
The months drag on but still Joseph languished in jail.
9 The stock languished, a victim of a dead takeover market.
prisons will be opened wide, and those who have languished.
was going to make it or not, but he just languished away in a.
Something to make sense of all the time she’d languished here.
in one breath, expiring and ejaculating, languished not long in the.
years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American.
I was soon laid in bed, and scarce languished an instant for the darling.
The two steward boys were holding the languished hands of Lalit and guiding him to the van.
Your straddle would have languished as the price of Philip Morris’ stock went nowhere for weeks.
Circuit Courts languished for a year, with none of those nominees ultimately even being granted a hearing.
That the industry of Scotland languished for want of money to employ it, was the opinion of the famous Mr Law.
The conversation languished; Madame Bovary gave it up every few minutes, whilst he himself seemed quite embarrassed.
He reached back into the cradle of equality where democratic histories and fables languished, forgotten and ridiculed.
The new’ coke languished on the shelves until they simply discontinued it because not enough customers were buying it.
Metro deemed it unworthy of copyright renewal and it languished in the public domain until Marilyn’s fans rediscovered it.
Before Father Madeleine's arrival, everything had languished in the country; now everything lived with a healthy life of toil.
He called for a fête champêtre with a ribboned swing and a Negro page and a shepherd playing the pipes, but the thing languished.
The bill then languished on the President’s desk for three or four days while he took an extended weekend off before he signed it.
issued; spirits of purity seemed to guard them, while all the enchanting graces of love sported on her cheeks, and languished in her eyes.
The letters, like so many others, languished in the glacial mail system, and wouldn’t make it to America until long after the war’s end.
For ten years, this division had languished under the leadership of an executive who paid little attention to on-going business efficiencies and customer focus.
I stripped off and crawled under the covers and my head had only just touched the pillow when I went out like a light and languished in a state of unconsciousness.
It was not uncommon for the temple treasury to hold upwards of ten million dollars while the common people languished in poverty and continued to pay these unjust levies.
Man languishes in isolation.
Michael languishes in my shadow.
new wine mourns, the vine languishes, all the merry hearted do sigh.
languishes and requires more investment with little return, the probability of default will.
withstanding all its natural resources, languishes under an oppressive load of the same kind.
The earth mourns and withers; the world languishes and withers; the highest people of the earth languish.
She languishes there near six Months ere the Assizes, an’ whilst in Gaol grows greater-an’ greater-bellied—fer me own Infant Self was bloomin’ in her Womb—an’ when the Assizes comes ’round, the Mistress o’ the House relents, havin’ taken Pity on the Maid, an’ decides not to press Charges, an’ so the Maid is set free, an’ soon after brings me to me Birth.

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fade languish waste ache pine yearn yen