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    1. I'm giving you the abbreviated version

    2. Days of the week are abbreviated as follows:

    3. I swear Prinz would leap up in the air with all four paws stretched wide, his mouth fully open, and spit an abbreviated mewrt that mimicked Dad’s “boo!”

    4. In the written form, usted can be abbreviated to Ud or Vd

    5. Similarly, ustedes can be abbreviated to Uds or Vds

    6. One of the advantages of abbreviated life expectancies is our being able to pass the buck to Posterity for all our thoughtless indiscretions!

    7. They are the abbreviated typed notes from my notebook that I managed to put together during the last two days

    8. (Luke 15:11–32) The first, as told in the Bible, although greatly abbreviated, sounds like a story of real people

    9. This fictionalized account would have to be seen as a parable in itself, as it of necessity has to be an abbreviated account of what any real-life encounter, or series of them, must have involved

    10. ” Again his husky-sounding answer was abbreviated

    11. After the wondering fear of this strangeness had abated, I would present a small portion of my personification for his edification, instilling in him an urgency to share, knowing that he would only be able to do so through the limitations of his very abbreviated, tunnel-like viewing repertoire

    12. The Greek Bible, commonly called the Septuagint Bible or Bible of the Seventy, and often simply abbreviated LXX, was translated from Hebrew and Aramaic texts older than the subsequent series of issues that centuries later were settled in the current form of the Hebrew-Aramaic text the Tanakh or the Hebrew Bible

    13. is abbreviated for dark energy knight

    14. How come "abbreviated" is such a long word?

    15. With abbreviated ablutions and breakfast done, and the sun a few fingers above the horizon, Dimarico and party left for the abbey and whatever other errands they could accomplish

    16. There is a voice missing from this abbreviated synopsis

    17. When the tiles neared the top of the abbreviated chimney, Carl switched to laying brick, sending Trask down to mix more mortar

    18. This is an extremely abbreviated description of all the

    19. When he finally realised I wasn’t an Arab, had understood nothing, and my abbreviated swimwear didn't mean I was touting for business on his patch, he calmed down and in sexily accented English asked if I would like to be fucked for five dirhams, shaking his head in disbelief at my refusal

    20. Problems in abbreviated and lay terms

    21. Abbreviated wheels do not cover everything

    22. Not that she was a crack shot, but from six metres even with the abbreviated barrel she couldn’t miss

    23. My abbreviated California vacation was over with and it was time to get back into harness again

    24. even if only for an abbreviated Orthros or a few hymns for Vespers, the Compline, or the Salutations to the

    25. Much abbreviated and incomplete, the felony murder rule says that one committing a felony may be guilty of murder if someone, including the felony victim, a bystander or a co-felon, dies as a result of his acts, regardless his intent—or lack thereof—to kill

    26. little he couldn’t say Fasano so he called my mother by the abbreviated

    27. The list of files was staggering and each one was labeled with abbreviated words that made no sense to her

    28. Answerable to the United Nations, his team would soon be in a position to submit a highly detailed strategy for the survival of humanity with the code name, ‘The Blessings of Shiva’, abbreviated to TBOS

    29. ‘Very well, do we have a proposer for the motion for the said recommendations to be submitted by this assembly as an advisory document in the process of compiling a directive of the Emergency Action Department of the United Nations, which, if you can believe it, abbreviates as DEADUN

    30. An abbreviated list of hunted, fished, or trapped animals

    31. An abbreviated list of zoo jobs includes: zoo director,

    32. It was a rapturan model assault rifle, the Raurus Assault Rifle, or RAR as it had been abbreviated

    33. I conducted an abbreviated scan of the area

    34. Add as an annex an abbreviated list of the materiel and planes contained in the convoy and the list of ships in the convoy, along with the planned route to the Philippines

    35. Ingrid then spent a couple minutes telling an abbreviated story of her life to Jacques, who listened to her with genuine interest as they rolled through the streets of Saigon

    36. Wanting to get this story over with, I’m going to give the abbreviated version

    37. Unabbreviated ugliness was mostly what Nancy had to hear

    38. Don’t you think that we have heard that song long enough and now is the time to quit dancing with that same serpent? What does a membership have to do with anything? Why do so many continue with this idolatrous, abbreviated alterative for Jesus, when in actuality many are hindered severely from that train of thought? There is no other way, but the Way, there is no other truth, but the Truth, and certainly we have no other true life, but His Life

    39. Though his father wasn’t Jewish, Muhammad adopted the precepts of Judaism, and dictated an abbreviated version of Judaism to an assistant that wrote it down as the foundation of Islam

    40. Although Alexander would spend his abbreviated adult life fighting for fortune and fame, he was never able to outgrow the destructive state of conflict into which he was born

    41. In most cases, messages had to be short due to the cost of sending lengthy posts, and also, common messages were abbreviated to shorten response time, as well as to create code to block parents from decyphering

    42. They gave the embarrassed Bachetti an abbreviated overview of what had

    43. Indeed, there had been a particular scandal when one of their number had changed her name to “Grunt-and-Runt-and-Crug-and-Slurp-and- Farg-mate”, but they had all abbreviated her name to “Slut” to make it less of a mouthful

    44. the "Double Win”, the abbreviated outline is as follows;

    45. Suddenly, in March, the agency was told that the new focus was to be the so-called ‘sandwich class’—not rich, not middle class, not BPL (abbreviated to NRMB)

    46. We�re just giving him an abbreviated tour of Iathera

    47. But Isla stuck to the abbreviated version

    48. Born into Concentrated Animal Farming Operations, tens of thousands spend their lives standing in their excrement, force-fed antibiotic laced GMO feed, waiting to die an accelerated and abbreviated life for a hungry and hurried diner

    49. for acronyms and other all caps abbreviated forms, or when quoting text that includes all caps

    50. The literal ( abbreviated to lit

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