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    1. Ordinarily ‘Rest’ means stopping all voluntary activities (you still have to breath or digest food or cause the blood to circulate)

    2. " She had to digest that awhile

    3. Settled in her seat at my elbow sat a young woman reading what looked like a medical digest and out of the corner of my eye I could see her book had labelled diagrams of the human body and the text was all in Greek

    4. I nod to him as I digest this information, comparing it with the small knowledge I have of worship on Earth

    5. She gave him a moment to digest this and then continued in a mocking voice

    6. I digest this in silence, my hand firmly clasped in his as we walk up the road

    7. She seemed to take a long time to digest that

    8. Alistair again fell silent, leaving Tom to digest what he had just

    9. He paused giving Kev time to digest this information before going on

    10. ” He paused to allow them sufficient time to digest their new positions

    11. “My brain is full, I have to digest all this

    12. digest Carl’s story with the potent acid in his mind

    13. He tried his best to digest that

    14. He needed some time to digest that, but while he was here he had to pursue the opportunity to find out what he could about the case

    15. digest this information, then shrugged again

    16. overload with them they are not able to digest the

    17. to digest any more

    18. A 296-letter ELS has been discovered by Bible Code Digest researcher Moshe Aharon Shak

    19. day to day issues were always essential to digest before the main

    20. I nodded yes, and he sat back to digest this

    21. the body to digest and will hold you back ultimately

    22. digest and will provide the necessary nutrition

    23. You do not want your fruit juices to have more than 8 percent carbohydrates or electrolytes as this will make them harder for your body to digest

    24. He was another!" Pausing again Grindel let the crowd digest this information for a moment

    25. One was for them to be able to digest plastics—”

    26. Hilderich took a few moments to digest that information, and asked Amonas again:

    27. I still find all this impossible to digest; yet it seems I will have to

    28. Brett could imagine his father seated right there beside Andy, intently focused on all the same data he had access to, but with far more time to digest and assess the readings

    29. Ethan slept on and off that night, trying to digest the events of the day before with little success

    30. Theology appears to have discerned the destination, but in my opinion, in its quest for stability it has become sclerotic in its ability to digest new answers to age-old questions of just how we’re meant to get there

    31. In rereading an article carrying this “Angels” title in the April 2006 edition of the Reader’s Digest (p

    32. I read The Digest, looked at the morning lines in the program, and picked a two to one shot in the next race

    33. Simultaneously, I enrolled in a course on Library Science via UNISA – Distance education again, but now as a student, with lectures to digest, required reading and assignments, doing all this work in the evenings

    34. No one said anything, as we were trying to digest what he had said

    35. they would digest in its enormous stomach

    36. The strong stomach acid tries to digest the UFO along with other half-digested alien creatures

    37. The sharks are quickly ripping away pieces of the throat with their sharp teeth, but slow down as the strong acid digest their skin and inside mouth area

    38. For those who find salads very difficult to digest, it is best to begin with French or cabbage lettuce and skinned tomatoes only, or, as an alternative, a saucer full of watercress chopped very finely, as one chops parsley

    39. Charged electrical particles in the clouds enable them to digest their foods faster

    40. energy to digest what you eat

    41. It will be a way to keep us safe while they digest the news

    42. Making fun of cooking was a routine, so also with housekeeping—though she liked to read “The Hindu” aloud in English, and also “Reader’s Digest” at the top of her voice as she turned a corner eye and a stifled giggle on the uneasy neighbor on a recipe-collecting errand


    44. My eyes well up with tears, my chest tightening as I digest what’s just happened as well as Zachary’s response

    45. annoying and hard to digest so the poor reader

    46. Reprinted from Reader’s Digest, XXXV (November, 1939), 21–25

    47. I tried to digest what he had said

    48. One would have to read many, many books to get to this educational digest

    49. The Readers’ Digest is right: Laughter Is

    50. ” He paused for a moment to allow his guest to digest the news

    1. Victoria digested the meaning of his words

    2. coughing up fur balls and a half digested mouse,

    3. Duncan sat back and digested all that Lord Tarak had said

    4. Both Tom and Alistair digested this in silence for a few minutes

    5. Confident that, like the rest of the material, once digested he would be able to make a more critical exposition of it

    6. His throat burns and he gags uncontrollably, depositing bile and half digested coffee over the sill and the tarmac

    7. digested the importance of the information just imparted

    8. While Kev digested this information, Jarvis tried to weigh the man up

    9. His mind digested the meaning of that

    10. Emma often wondered if she could’ve digested the food from it before she ate breakfast

    11. The reader will find at the end of this chapter all the prices of wheat which have been collected by Fleetwood, from l202 to 1597, both inclusive, reduced to the money of the present times, and digested, according to the order of time, into seven divisions of twelve years each

    12. Her mouth hung open as she digested all that Crissy was saying

    13. Sweet foods and drinks when properly digested are reduced to saline and the blood becomes alkaline

    14. This is necessary to add saliva to the food, for it is only in saliva that the sugar is digested

    15. We should always remember that it is not more quantity or heavy food but the food that is digested gives us energy

    16. His last meal, an adder that he'd stumbled across four moons earlier, was long digested

    17. Sylvia digested his words, hoping her interpretation of his incomplete statement was wrong

    18. I digested that thought

    19. The doctor digested all this silently

    20. Dawley digested that for a moment

    21. They digested that, and were unsatisfied

    22. There was a silence while Brendan digested this

    23. He loved the crackling sound of wood being digested by a fire

    24. Sim shut up for thirty seconds while he digested this

    25. There was a brief silence while they digested that one

    26. Now it lay churning and boiling as it digested the mammoth meal of saltwater, rock, mud, and vegetation that had so greatly swelled its bulk, and had carried it into the distance as far as the eye could see

    27. Now it lay churning and boiling as it digested the gigantic meal of saltwater, rock, mud and vegetation that had so greatly swelled its bulk, and had carried it into the distance as far as the eye could see

    28. He explained that if she were to swallow them, they would be digested and of no effect

    29. It makes no difference whether the body was buried and decomposes in a natural way or if it was cremated, digested by wild animals or fish

    30. which cannot be digested by the macrophages are expelled into the

    31. Jaden sees shreds of glowing, digested material that resembles feces around this huge mountain that extends a mile high

    32. The school of jellyfish in the clouds has several ingested fish that can be seen being digested from the outside

    33. Before the “stimulus” could be digested, or even read, the next urgent matter was health care, Obamacare as it has come to be called

    34. banana has completely digested, you ate another banana, your system would not have

    35. can be easily digested by the recipient

    36. ensure that the message is not only clear and concise but can be easily digested by

    37. the time whether you digested it or rubbed it on the wound the

    38. It was a pleasant night in the Tanarian forest, the creatures of the night had finished their hunting and a stillness settled across the trees as the victors digested their meals

    39. Again the mob quieted as they digested this latest, but still surged and pushed, if less strenuously

    40. We sat in silence while he digested what I just said

    41. As for Ra, he shal die within me, slowly digested

    42. digested by the twisted stomach

    43. Only later, as my host quietly digested the upshot of a satisfying fellatio, did I wonder if I'd been subjected to the ‘Casting couch’ – or in this case casting mattress

    44. If the acid had leaked I‘d have digested myself

    45. Tania Torqs will not be very happy although she has digested photographs

    46. As Gordon digested the information that his dream could be built upon a mass grave, his eyes shifted to the right

    47. Here I digested all that had been said

    48. They are definitely digested faster

    49. The smell of shit and digested food filled the air

    50. The past is being digested on a new level – in light of your present knowledge and understanding

    1. She was digesting that

    2. He tried to appear that he was digesting that

    3. James sat digesting this for several minutes

    4. The Voice was silent, but Johnson could feel it thinking, digesting his

    5. "They're testing us," she stated, her ashen face calm, her eyes digesting the darkness

    6. To see ore in your dream indicates that you are still in the process of digesting certain concepts that you have learned in your life

    7. Please observe the motto that the fire in the stomach should be well preserved and should remain capable of digesting the food you eat

    8. Can you believe this? - she told me that digesting

    9. ” Is this merely a new version of the earlier experience with plurality, only now, just a resubmersion into a lessor pantheon? Or, is it a tacit admission that Man has difficulty digesting this God in a single gulp? What about the more ancient others? Complexity does seem to breed plurality, but plurality seems also to breed confusion, and that fosters a lack of concentration

    10. A bit like digesting food—before it gets through your stomach, it’s just a bulk of food

    11. They were digesting the new and not altogether palatable ideas Mary had suggested to them

    12. between brothers/sisters in Christ; to ingest a teaching; to consume the Word; to meditate on God’s Word; digesting the Word of God;

    13. Squishing, farting and digesting sounds are all around him

    14. He paused, digesting this piece of information

    15. On the evening of the first day, still digesting Johan’s tales, Simon surprised a buck-rabbit on the path, took a stone and killed it as it ran for cover

    16. "They've caught plenty of fish for their dinner, and they're sitting there digesting it

    17. Joseph sat very still digesting this news and said

    18. the tiresome process of cooking, eating and digesting food is not a neces-

    19. he was digesting the information and weighing it

    20. He was silent for a full minute, digesting the indigestible, then asked quietly, „What did you mean when you said, sort of

    21. Chris sat back digesting this information and trying to get his rebellious stomach under control

    22. All the organs of his body were working: digesting food, skin renewing, hair growing, tissues forming

    23. So you are digesting the past career year and now the psyche, the deeper mind, will prepare the ground for the coming day (your coming year)

    24. The fish digesting in his innards was testimony to his bountiful kingdom and hypnotic to his senses It was with great effort that he turned his fist sized head toward the opposite bank at the sound of lapping water

    25. ’ he said after a couple of moments digesting what she’d asked of him, ‘I can see some positives in that

    26. This time they had ordered and enjoyed a fine infinity fish fillet and were sitting digesting and supping an equally fine cognac

    27. 'Negative calorie' means that you use more calories in eating and digesting the food than it contains, keeping in mind that we burn calories all of the time by simply living, even when we sleep

    28. Mousavi nodded slowly his head while digesting that information

    29. Jack Crawford, still digesting what the new Farah had said, pointed at his uniform’s shoulder patch

    30. Veck was silent for a moment, digesting the bad news and trying to figure out what to do next

    31. digesting the things it tells us

    32. The more he read, the more he became unsettled: a German girl adopted by Nancy Laplante, the Canadian time traveler? Genda was still digesting that fact when the last pilot to have returned was introduced into Omonishi’s office

    33. Genda was digesting that piece of news when a young officer brought a message for Nagumo, who read it quickly

    34. Still digesting that information, Wilson watched as Nancy put on a gun belt supporting her holstered Glock 26 pistol and two spare magazine holders, then covered it with the bottom of her baggy combat shirt

    35. Lisa and the other newcomers kept silent for a moment, digesting this

    36. After a moment of digesting the information, he looked

    37. Nancy shook slowly her head, still digesting what had happened to her and all the new things she now knew thanks to her brief mental contact with The One

    38. “The irony,” Alex said, digesting the possibilities as Marie

    39. Canaris was silent for a second, digesting that information

    40. Boran Kern was silent for a long moment, digesting those words

    41. Breckenridge nodded skeptically, as if he was digesting the

    42. The three senators then stayed silent for a moment, digesting how difficult the situation was

    43. “Well,” Wickland said, still digesting the extensive personal information that revealed some about the mysterious Mr

    44. If you are too full the stomach digestive juices have trouble properly digesting food efficiently

    45. 'All right …' he said slowly, his mind obviously preoccupied with digesting the information, 'All right … We can't cut the wires to the detonators, I suppose, as that would change the resistance in the electrical system

    46. Richilde was then silent while digesting that information

    47. ‘’I see!’’ Said Humbert, digesting those words

    48. digesting (which means you’re losing out on time spent in deep sleep)

    49. Priya was still standing in front of the bar counter, still digesting that announcement as the other patrons exchanged excited comments, when a catchy tune and young female singing voices started to play on the speakers, being unlike anything she had heard before

    50. periods, filled with pain, my inability to breathe properly and the problems I have with digesting food

    1. The vegetation slowly digests the sun;

    2. When you realize these things, instead of manifesting externally, your anger digests itself

    3. Tentacles are hanging out of its mouth as it also quickly digests the octopus head

    4. An MBE -- Member of the British Empire -- a chunk of metal tagged with ribbon that had been stuffed away in an old tea-caddy behind a pile of Readers Digests

    5. It is best to eat fruit on an empty stomach because it passes through the stomach quickly and digests in the intestines

    6. The stomach digests food the size of about 2 fists the best

    7. Fruit digests best by themselves so keep in mind to not eat

    8. Prana digests the food, turns it into chyle and blood and sends it into the brain and mind

    9. It digests the food, burnt in the fire of Pran and circulates its

    10. God seated in the region of heart transmits knowledge and digests all the four kinds of combined

    11. The stomach digests foods, and the liver secrets the bile, stores the albuminous substances and the sugar then brings them out at appropriate deals when necessary

    12. “Money is the growth of nothing, a mysterious appetite that digests all, creating waste from life

    13. to chew, the digestive system digests what it was not designed to digest, the air, the sounds,

    14. “And what does it matter? I’ll be dead before it digests

    15. Although the stomach of the whale almost digests everything it swallows, it is even said that it digests iron; Allah stops it from causing him any harm because our sir Yunos said to Allah:

    16. Once a person digests an experience: learns from it, connects it in context to all their other experiences: then they have no need or urge to repeat that experience, much less re-live it endlessly

    17. effort to make sure his student hears and digests what he is saying through his body language

    18. Cheese digests all but itself

    19. These include comprehensive manuals published annually with periodic supplements (Poor’s, Moody’s); descriptive stock and bond cards, and manuals frequently revised (Standard & Poor’s, Fitch); daily digests of news relating to individual companies (Standard Corporation Records, Fitch)

    20. Numerous cases could be given among the lower animals of the same organ performing at the same time wholly distinct functions; thus in the larva of the dragon-fly and in the fish Cobites the alimentary canal respires, digests, and excretes

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