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Abject en una oración (en ingles)

1. That is very abject of you.
2. He stared at her with abject horror.
3. And abject slaves who kiss the rod;.
4. Other children are living in abject.
5. Still the man stood silent and abject.
6. Time for abject in your face honesty.
7. The supreme floating visions are abject.

8. It was twenty-two sols of abject misery.
9. Abject grief would have been an indulgence.
10. Not to mention my confusion and abject terror.
11. The captain was abject in his flattery of Kolya.
12. She was a quaking, quivering mold of abject terror.
13. With abject clarity, Larry finally broke the silence.
14. He had been obliged to offer an abject apology to Mr.
15. Marie was reduced to the most abject terror for life.
16. It drives millions upon millions into abject poverty.
17. Yet mine shall not be the submission of abject slavery.
18. That's abject; and that's where the deception comes in.
19. I gazed forward in abject horror as the barbarian hordes.
20. It was in the likeness of an abject and creeping tortoise.
21. I’d—well—I’d have made an abject crawl, to be sure.
22. Kay fought to keep from sinking to her knees in abject horror.
23. Hillary was left in a state of abject confusion and desperation.
24. I cannot lead her to the altar feeling myself an abject wretch.
25. The three men seemed to be living in abject poverty and dire need.
26. She'll consent in the simplest and most abject way, and marry me.
27. To whom could that abject use of "thou" be addressed? To her only.
28. He pulled it off and looked at a very angry Resa in abject confusion.
29. Because Smerdyakov is a man of the most abject character and a coward.
30. Charles Penrose was led away from the restaurant in abject humiliation.
31. I feared what my new status as an abject killer would bring me in life.
32. They span round and saw an abject steel man standing hunched in the doorway.
33. The rest of the people living in the area lived in disparate abject poverty.
34. Abject poverty, abusive Father, abusive husband, little education, on and on.
35. The landlady wanted to complain, but she was in abject terror of the captain.
36. At the same time, her left hand reached into her dress and took out an abject.
37. The men screamed in abject horror, as they realized what their fates would be.
38. That abject hypocrite, Pumblechook, nodded again, and said, with a patronizing.
39. He was grovelling in abject terror before Sotillo, but he remembered that much.
40. And I've been crying for five years, damned fool, abject, shameless I was!.
41. Her father looked from one to the other of them with a kind of abject astonishment.
42. After a few moments collecting his thoughts and parcelling them up with the abject.
43. The boy screamed and dropped the rifle and fell to the ground in abject fright of me.
44. Before long, an abject procession of elites trudged out of the city toward our lines.
45. Stay with me while I tell her, in tones of abject fright; but Ben shook his head.
46. Wild eyes rolling back in abject fear, a leader suddenly bolted and the rest charged.
47. Erik kept his left hand in place as the sleeper opened his eyes, abject horror in them.
48. I blame Catholic schools exclusively for my abject hatred of ties and suits to this day.
49. The den upon which his eye now rested was abject, dirty, fetid, pestiferous, mean, sordid.
50. I took a step toward father even in my abject terror at what I was beholding with my eyes.
51. I call it, and I am mistaken if the people would not call it, base and abject submission.
52. The utterance of that question instantly resurrected me from that tomb of abject fear into a.
53. Gain for me! How so? asked Paul, in the most abject state of confusion and bewilderment.
54. Massingbyrd’s hair has come down, she would have veiled her face with it in abject shame.
55. He would have been strikingly attractive were it not for the look of abject terror on his face.
56. I've found that abject fear and sound analysis can be a very healthy combination for an investor.
57. Ahmed was in a state of abject fright and the stench from the goat did nothing to lessen his fears.
58. She modeled a portrayal of abject misery and resignation as she turned her gaze back to her father.
59. He did not move, but lowered his head in abject appreciation of this kind, kind applauding audience.
60. Those who managed to reach her by telephone couldn’t help but note the abject despondence in her voice.
61. Martha recoiled in abject horror as Nova disappeared leaving her arms holding the filthy rags she had worn.
62. Evans throws his hands up and lets out a sigh which suggests abject frustration to anyone in the same room.
63. Over a billion people, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Latin America, live in abject poverty.
64. As a teacher, I hate feeling like a total, abject failure, but that sort of thing happens from time to time.
65. They cowered in abject terror as she pointed first to the Vassal’s hair and then to the edge of the terrace.
66. The things that keep you in a state of abject fear and terror all your life: are the things that are unspoken.
67. His abject and servile characteristics disappeared, his malicious and sarcastic cynicism was all that remained.
68. His abject terror was mute now, but there was no saying from what cause it might suddenly find vent in shrieks.
69. But, decide it either way, how is trading as far as we have ability, made less abject than not trading at all?
70. In the first place, I observe, that submission is not, to beings constituted as we are, always abject and degrading.
71. The instant the phone rang, the teenager froze, her face one of abject fear, as if she sensed or knew who was calling.
72. Every river in America that has become the subject of the abject ministrations of the Environmental Protection Agency.
73. I have no quarrel with its principles, only with the abject ignorance of its people concerning foreign affairs matters.
74. His parents and his grandparents all loved Communism, apparently never giving a thought to its abject failure worldwide.
75. As I glanced around, I saw nothing but shocked faces, abject confusion, and reporters furiously scribbling in notebooks.
76. Abraham Lincoln had to deal with abject poverty, but he never used it as an excuse to stop him in becoming who he was to be.
77. On the other hand, the Aryan intellectual apartheid pushed the Hindu masses into abject ignorance, not to speak of poverty.
78. In the old days she used to tell him to do this and do that, and with what abject eagerness had he not rushed off to obey her.
79. That was his greatest fear of all wasn't it? Nothing but pain or the threat of pain could cause his most abject acts of cowardice.
80. Saber Cats were something to be defended against by even the weakest of individuals and yet these people had fled in abject terror.
81. A more abject picture of pusillanimity could never be painted than of that despot as he passed, cringing and trembling, down the line.
82. By this selective mass slaughter: Stalin instantly terrorized the remaining millions of ignorant idiots into total abject submission.
83. The bully has been disgraced by an infant; and fear shall no longer restrain an abject world from vindicating its long violated rights.
84. But this first representative, so full of doubt and abject dread, had help in thinking just such thoughts: it came out of the Sesavah.
85. Returning in abject disappointment, they entered the neighborhood of San Francisco de Dos Rios for another check of Herminia’s new home.
86. I turned to peer over the side of the wagon to behold a baby squalling in abject fear as the heat of the flames started to get close to it.
87. Again, it is not true that such trading is abject and disgraceful, and that, too, upon the principles avowed by the advocates of this report.
88. Am I so abject? Shall I run to him or not? And I've been in such a rage with myself all this month that I am worse than I was five years ago.
89. For thousands of years they had not known any other kind of culture except that of abject slavery to overlords and to the church and to Christ.
90. What I am doing here and my handing her over to you, perhaps her bitterest foe, is to my mind something so abject that I shall never get over it.
91. She raised her tear filled blue eyes to meet his glare, her face reddened and strained, as the look of abject misery at her predicament took hold.
92. The more abject of the two victims continued motionless; but the other bounded from the place at the cry, with the activity and swiftness of a deer.
93. At the period of his most abject misery, he had observed that young girls turned round when he passed by, and he fled or hid, with death in his soul.
94. I have never seen Sancho in such a fright as now; were I as superstitious as others his abject fear would cause me some little trepidation of spirit.
95. He subjected his family to abject poverty and was quite happy to take Engels’ offerings of money and later his inheritance for his own subsistence.
96. But one or two generations of vice are essential now; monstrous, abject vice by which a man is transformed into a loathsome, cruel, egoistic reptile.
97. Danglars, who thought himself threatened (certain consciences are never calm),—Danglars even before his guests showed a countenance of abject terror.
98. The girl, looking over his shoulder at the door leading to the hallway let out a scream, her small face contorting into an expression of abject terror.
99. There was little to be gained in the desperate times that they lived in by maintaining the abject secrecy of the ancestor’s still existent technology.
100. Her whoop of victory came out more of a strangled gurgle as she looked down at her stomach and then at me, with a look of both horror and abject hatred.

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