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Abject en una oración (en ingles)

places in abject terror.
used to such abject poverty.
That is very abject of you.
they lived in abject poverty.
able, is the most abject sinner.
He stared at her with abject horror.
Still the man stood silent and abject.

Time for abject in your face honesty.
Other children are living in abject.
the partaker accompanied by abject fear.
It was twenty-two sols of abject misery.
The supreme floating visions are abject.
he can only remain weak, and abject, and.
Abject grief would have been an indulgence.
ridiculous incompetence and abject absurdity.
shock and abject terror etched into his face.
Not to mention my confusion and abject terror.
and abject ignorance when it comes to the real.
the Dominicans?’ Abject terror now gripped the.
She was a quaking, quivering mold of abject terror.
With abject clarity, Larry finally broke the silence.
He had been obliged to offer an abject apology to Mr.
It drives millions upon millions into abject poverty.
in abject subjugation to the magisterial corporations.
I gazed forward in abject horror as the barbarian hordes.
existed, from that point on, in a state of abject poverty.
the nation crumbled into abject ruin and grinding poverty.

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abject low miserable scummy scurvy unhopeful

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