Oraciones con la palabra "poor"

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Poor en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I grew up dirt poor.
  2. He was a very poor.
  3. Poor guy, he had a.
  4. He was a poor loser.
  5. Rich Man, Poor Man, n.

  6. A poor boy was hungry.
  7. Where the poor is free.
  8. The poor of them, in.
  9. But how can the poor.
  10. I know, the poor thing.
  11. It was a poor showing.
  12. Of men must stay poor.
  13. You are as poor as job.
  14. The poor man spoke in.
  15. The poor fellow got a.

  16. They are a poor people.
  17. He Helps The Poor Ones.
  18. That you should be poor.
  19. He preferred to be poor.
  20. And a Poor Boy sandwich.
  21. Better is the poor who.
  22. The Poor, (when Grow in.
  23. I was a poor sheepherder.
  25. The poor little child is.

  26. But the poor Sea Serpent.
  27. To-day, all day the poor.
  28. To the rich, to the poor.
  29. The poor bastard is dead.
  30. We are too poor for that.
  31. Then, the poor doggy died.
  32. The poor family is cursed.
  33. Tell that to poor old Bob.
  34. He who oppresses the poor.
  35. His poor master was shot.
  36. Tell it to poor old Vince.
  37. Poor woman, she was crazy.
  38. But this is a poor excuse.
  40. Poor Wishy, whoever he was.
  41. I'm a poor sort of father.
  42. My poor girl, he said.
  43. We are all poor these days.
  44. Poor Russell and I had to.
  45. Poor child, you were abused.
  46. Don't be the stinking poor.
  47. And always ennobles the poor.
  48. The poor kid was in shambles.
  49. I just thought, poor girl!.
  50. I was the blank face poor.
  51. The poor do not need charity.
  52. Poor guy said the commander.
  53. And if you have a poor eye.
  54. You are strength to the poor.
  55. That is her case, poor girl.
  56. The poorest of the poor then.
  57. Poor little man— She was.
  58. You poor thing he said.
  59. When Tragus bent over poor.
  60. The poor want to believe it.
  61. It's not only the poor kids.
  62. The neighbors said, poor man.
  63. Some poor kid has a bad trip.
  64. Probably what gave the poor.
  65. Jean could tell he was poor.
  66. I'm a Poor House for the.
  67. He that giveth unto the poor.
  68. He 'lynched' the poor kitty.
  69. My poor mum was an old widow.
  70. Poor Paul, so unlucky in love.
  71. Lookout for the sick and poor.
  72. Poor Mama Earth, she thought.
  73. What choice did the poor man.
  74. What will happen to poor Paul.
  75. Keep on speaking! Poor Tussie.
  76. Her dress is very old and poor.
  77. Whats the matter, poor thing?
  78. Everybody stared at poor Howdy.
  79. They didn't sound so poor now.
  80. The poor dog yelped and cried.
  81. That poor man, Jesus said.
  82. He raises poor out of the dust.
  83. Which never can the poor annoy.
  84. Poor sweet Willow what can I do.
  85. Poor Tony - he is lost by now!.
  86. Blessed are the poor in spirit.
  87. That poor man and his children.
  88. Poor bastard: term of affection.
  89. This poor boy was starving to.
  90. Exploit their poor ability to.
  91. Poor guy, how was he going to.
  92. He is a poor man, he said.
  93. The movies for the poor would.
  94. Poor, dumb, and ignorant, the.
  95. Their health was abysmally poor.
  96. Blessed are the poor in spirit:.
  97. She was from a very poor family.
  98. He didn't share Steiner's poor.
  99. Poor thing, she's trying so hard.
  100. She'll feel betrayed, poor baby.

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