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Acrid en una oración (en ingles)

An acrid smell.
the acrid libation unpleasant.
The cloud of acrid smoke when.
off an acrid scent like burnt hair.
Blowback drenched him in acrid aerosol.
Acrid bleach and ammonia stung his nose.
Fear tasted sharp and acrid in her mouth.

The acrid smell of vodka and rancid puke.
What’s left, but acrid memories of lies.
This ball had an acrid and penetrating odor.
acrid medicine coming from her, but ignored it.
It smelled of dust and sand and acrid celluloid.
and the acrid smell of phosphorus as the match lit.
The air was permeated with an acrid, sulfuric odor.
burning, sending acrid smoke billowing into the sky.
It was an acrid remark, though perfectly legitimate.
There is a smell of blood and flesh, acrid and dark.
faces had turned blue as they choked upon the acrid.
spreading manure, as we could tell by its acrid smell.
A clear, cool winter’s day the air still acrid from.
I could smell the sweetly acrid fumes from the exhaust.
cavern assaulted the nose with a musty acrid aroma that.
Slowly the acrid smoke cleared, once again revealing the.
Although she was beautiful on the outside she was acrid.
A sensation, not pleasant at all: acrid, bitter – harsh.
Nick smelled cordite and the faint, acrid bite of tear gas.
The acrid scent of smoke clawed her throat, burned her eyes.
could smell that same acrid, metallic living fluid here among.

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Sinónimos para acrid

acerbic acid acrid bitter blistering caustic sulfurous sulphurous virulent vitriolic pungent