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Sulphurous en una oración (en ingles)

The air was full of sulphurous thunder.
the wonder stuff of sulphurous cauldrons.
When I to sulphurous and tormenting flames.
It is a spa of sulphurous water supposed to have medicinal properties.
As the panic subsided I smelt the sulphurous odour of a slow fuse being lit.
It seemed as if there was some sulphurous fume, which at times made me dizzy.
the sulphurous fires of a thousand hells before they dared face my brother’s blades.

Oh I could smell the smells also, the sulphurous stink of the dactyls, the bowels torn open.
I repeat only what he said—that Morgan could fire bullets from his finger-tips—that he breathed out sulphurous flames.
, that the sulphurous rain 'destroyed there all!’ 'Even thus,’ He adds, 'shall it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed.
My father rented a house here, long ago, so that my mother, who had severe lumbago pains, would take daily baths at the Cabritage, a sulphurous spa with a horrid, putrid smell extending far beyond the immediate vicinity of the sanitarium.
In the distance the transports, more in a bunch now, held on straight for Sulaco, with their air of friendly contest, of nautical sport, of a regatta; and the united smoke of their funnels drove like a thin, sulphurous fogbank right over his head.
I can only speculate on the metabolism of the creatures that depend on this funnel for life – it is my learned opinion, owing to the sulphurous smell, that these creatures conserve the gasses that we would otherwise emit when we break wind, and, these being flammable, slowly combust them for their energy.

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Sinónimos para sulphurous

stifling sulfurous sulphurous sultry acerbic acid acrid bitter blistering caustic virulent vitriolic